Chapter 1, All The Earth.

In a smoggy city in the distant future, not a ghost of a move can be seen, not a whisper of a sound can be heard, and not even a vapour of a thought can be felt. It can almost be said that no life is present in the city, for the lack of activity.

However, there is life in the city.

In between the destroyed buildings and upturned grounds, in the midst of the aftermath rubble, is a group of seven beings, who for the life them, can't seem to make their bodies move, or let go of the breaths that they tightly held in when the sudden change happened.

From a palely green-skinned Zamasu in the air, to the group of three huddled together, made up of Bulma, Trunks and Mai, and then to the second group of two deities, made up of Gowasu and Supreme Kai, and then lastly to the lone Saiyan Vegeta, with blue hair sticking up towards the sky, none of the seven beings can even dare to think of doing anything.

All of them, from the first one in the sky, to the last one on the ground, can only keep their eyes fixed on the heavy concentration of white smoke in the sky, just a little way to Zamasu's right side, that is the result of the sudden change that just happened.

Hardly any of the six beings on the ground can believe that it really happened, least of all Zamasu in the air, who had been in the process of fusing with himself from another timeline. The change happened so swiftly, so unexpectedly, that no one was given appropriate time to digest the fact that Goku used his Instant Transmission technique to roughly cut Zamasu off from reaching Black, consequently shoving him to the side. It all happened in a fast blur, that even Zamasu didn't realise that Goku ripped the earring off his right ear, before the white smoke suddenly appeared and the very core of the planet vibrated. That vibration, the effect of it, made all seven of the observing beings simultaneously suck in their breaths and keep the exact pose that they held, without moving even a mini fraction of their bodies.

While there could be no mistaking what that vibration meant, they all silently agreed, without consulting each other, that they had to keep their eyes on the smoke to confirm the inevitable truth. None of them could be sure of what really happened. None of them could say with certainty that Goku placed the earring on his ear, neither could they deny that the earring in Goku's hand, simply continued to gravitate to its brother like it had been in the process of doing. All of them could only be sure of the fact that somehow, Black and Goku fused. And now, their waiting in absolute silence, their waiting to see what will appear when the white cloud of smoke disperses, has finally come to an end.

As the smoke thins, signaling the end of whatever had been going on on the other side of the cloud, the ground begins to shake. The shaking is a colossal difference from the earlier vibration that scared all of them enough to root them in place, and consequently more haunting. But even with the shaking ground, no one dares to make a move to grab hold of something to keep them steady.

'All the Earth,' a smoothly calculated and delivered voice breaks through the thinning smoke before any form appears from it, 'behold…'

Although the ground stops shaking, as though yielding to the words spoken from the air, the haunting aura of an ambience that it produced, still lingers in the air, more concentrated in the hearts of the seven observing beings. If any of them could move enough to tremble, they'd surely do it.

'A being supreme,' the smooth voice continues, his words waiting for each other with pristine precision, 'a being finally made complete, a being wholly perfect…'

More of the smoke disperses, first presenting an outline of the figure behind it. Even through the smoke, an eminent power penetrates to reach all the seven observers and plant deeply hallowed fear in their hearts.

'Revere me,' the voice announces in a calm command, 'for I am…'

The cloud of smoke gradually disappears until there's nothing of it left to see, except the reveal that it kept hidden behind it. No longer covered by the smoke, a being dressed in black baggy trousers, a long-sleeved orange shirt and a black short-sleeved garment over it, appears without effort. Both of its arms are outstretched on either side of it, to properly exhibit itself in all its glory; its spiky black hair, its glinting grey eyes and its condescending smirk, enough to send crawling insects down one's spine.

'Zamaku,' it finishes evenly, growing its smirk even wider.

Not a ghost of a move can be seen, not a whisper of a sound can be heard, and not even a vapour of a thought can be felt. It can almost be said that no life is present in the city, for the lack of activity.

However, there is life in the city.

And the life in that smoggy city in the distant future, is terrified to death of the being that just surfaced from the now gone smoke.

Chapter 2, Becoming A Legend.