Once Lorelai and Christopher found out they were having a baby they decided that they would raise their child together. When they met with their parents to tell them they decided they had to have a game plan so they could do this their way but still make everyone else happy. They came up with the deal that they get their own place in Hartford and that their parents can help them both finish their studies and raise their child the way they seem fit. When the dinner occurred Straub and Francine along with Richard and Emily seemed quite shocked at what was told and what their proposal was. They were then countered by both their parents. They could have their own place as long as they were married which they agreed to after they had the baby and that Christopher would finish school and work at Richards firm as an insurance man they accepted that term too.

Over the next 6 months they find a great 5 bedroom home with 4 baths a pool and entertaining area outside. Emily gets her way by making sure that Lorelai has a maid and chef on staff to keep the house running so that other than taking care of the baby she is free to finish her studies too.

Lorelai and Christopher have a beautiful baby girl that she decides to name after herself Lorelai Leigh Gilmore-Hayden which they abbreviate to Rory. After they both graduate from high school they marry and Christopher goes off to work for Richard while Lorelai raises their daughter.

Rory is raised to go to Chilton Prepratory School from K-12. While being raised within all the society parties thrown by both of her grandparents. She is one of the most spoilt but down to earth children that loves to read and write and dreams of being a journalist and not of becoming a society wife. She is the pride and joy of her family.

Hey all this is just a foreword to the real story to set up exactly where this story is at so you can see how she was raised.