The next two weeks flies by and we end up on campus for orientation.

"Ok freshman, follow me" the guide says as she starts rattling off all the information we were going to need to get by in college and where all the places are but I thought if I really get lost I can call Logan I think but we follow the group me and Steph arm in arm. We approach a coffee cart and we split from the group to see how good the coffee is here.

"2 large caramel macchiato's please" I order and pay and we walk to the other end and wait.

"Have you seen the guys since last night?" I ask Steph

"No" she replies and we look at each other with puzzled expressions just as our coffees are ready I hear a laugh that I could never miss and I turn around and there they are all laughing a joking.

"What's so funny boys?" I ask as they approach us obviously not seeing us.

"Just seeing how some girl tried to come onto Logan and the way he turned her down and the look on her face" Seth says and I give Logan a look.

"Your reputation precedes you I guess" I say as he wraps his arm around me and kisses me.

"And none of them know I have a girlfriend yet" he says

"And after how he spent last year here" Robert says.

"How do you mean? Did he do what I told him to and tried to move on?" I ask

"Yes love but it wasn't moving on it was a distraction if anything and he was drunk most of the time too" Finn tells me as we all walk along.

"So where is a good bar?" Steph asks

"Rich mans shoe" the all chime

"Oh that's your bar?" I ask them

"Yeah why you heard of it?" Logan asks me

"Well it's around the corner from our apartment we ate there after we looked at them all about 6 weeks ago" I tell them.

We all make our way to rich mans shoe for lunch and some drinks. We spent our first day drinking up a storm and then proceeded home in the early hours of the morning. I crashed at Logan's that night, while Steph stayed at ours with Colin.

I awoke the next morning feeling a little fuzzy as I open my eyes I see I am alone in the bed I put on my robe Logan has for me in his closet and walk out of the room. Thank god I put it on because all the guys bar Colin were out there watching something on the tv.

"Morning boys" I say as I make my way to the coffee and pour myself a mug.

"Morning love feeling alright?" Finn asks

"A little fuzzy but nothing a few mugs of coffee can't cure" I reply as Logan gets up from his seat and comes over and gives me a kiss

"Morning beautiful, sleep well?" He asks as I take another gulp of my coffee, "slept really well thank you, but I need to get back to my apartment soon and get ready for first classes I want to see what's available during shopping week I know I'm majoring in journalism but not sure of my minor yet so I want to see what's out there" I tell him and all the guys look at me stunned.

"So you are still part nerd then" Robert says

"Yes Robert I still love school but I know there is a time and place for that and partying" I say as I finish my coffee and walk back to Logan's room and redress in my clothes from yesterday and thinking I really need to leave some clothes here if I stay more often.

10 minutes later I walk out of Logan's room and give Logan a kiss goodbye say bye to the boys and make my way back to my own home.

On the way I get myself a very large black coffee to help ward off the hangover. I get back to our room only to find Colin in the kitchen in one of stephs robes.

"Pink really suits you Colin" I say as I make my way to my room laughing and stop quickly to grab a photo on my phone so I can show Logan he will laugh his ass off.

I head into my bathroom shower and change into a denim skirt with a blue sweater and add some bangles I grab my notepad and book bag and head off to my first day of shopping week.

I spend the next 5 hours hitting class after class that interests me from philosophy to Shakespeare and Russian poetry to the languages and sciences. By the time I get back to the apartment I am spent and fall down on the couch and fall asleep.

I am woken a few hours later by music being blasted from our neighbours. I look at the clock it's 8 pm better grab some dinner. I order some pizza then look at my phone. 5 missed calls and 2 texts from Logan.

*hey babe hope you enjoyed your first day of shopping week call me when your free*

*babe is everything ok I haven't heard back from you*

I call him straight away while I grab a bottle of wine from the fridge and open it up.

"Rory is everything ok?" He asks in a hurried and scared tone.

"It's fine Logan, just fell asleep on the couch when I got home and I just woke up ordered some pizza and I'm now sitting down to a bottle of wine and some trashy tv" I tell him

"Oh that's alright then, so how was your first day of college?" He asks

"Great, so much to learn I'm even thinking I might try to do a double major but then I would lose time with you" I say

"Reach for the stars babe but don't forget about us" he says " I can't make it over tonight have a meeting with some friends so I will see you tomorrow ok" he adds

"Sure that's fine babe, have fun." I say and hang up just then Steph walks in all sad.

"What's wrong?" I ask

"Colin's busy tonight with some 'meeting' and can't hang out, probably some skank" she says

"Logan has a meeting too what could they be up to" I wonder " don't worry about it they love us and we will see them tomorrow I say as the doorbell goes I get the pizza and bring it back Steph has grabbed a glass of wine to and we sit back and enjoy pizza and wine while the guys are out wherever they are.

Another chapter hope your enjoying it.