Part I

Blaine, Wes and David were walking back to Kurt's dorm, having left to give him and his father some privacy to say goodbye, when Burt Hummel walked up to them.

"You take care of him. You hear me?" The man spoke with an air of authority they had only ever heard matched by Dalton's headmaster, certainly never their own parents.

"Yes, sir." The three responded knowing that anything less would mean the man would scoop Kurt back up and take him home.

It seemed that they had satisfied Mr. Hummel because he let them continue towards Kurt's room. They were about walk in and sweep Kurt into the customary Warbler "Feel Better" Group Hug when they heard voices inside. Now being the nice respectable boys they were, they knew better than to eavesdrop but it was just too tempting. They would have to help an old lady cross the road later to make up for it. The Dalton boys peered through the crack in the door trying to get an idea about what was going on in there.

"It's not fair. What about Furt?" they heard Kurt chuckle and he grabbed the tall boy who had spoken by the biceps.

"There will always be Furt. From now until the end of time, Finn. It doesn't matter whether I'm here or there. I finally got you, you really think I'm going to let you go?" At that the taller boy, Finn, pulled Kurt into a bear hug.

The Dalton boys were confused. Was this Kurt's boyfriend? Why didn't he tell them?

"I'm going to miss you so much, dude." Finn mumbled into the hug.

"Don't call me dude, Finnigan." Kurt said with no real heat as he sank even deeper into the boy's arms. "I'm going to miss you too." he added softly.

The two boys pulled away from each other, both looking a bit teary.

"You call me if you need me to kick some ass."

"Of course."

When Finn started moving towards the door the Dalton boys dashed back down the hallway. They saw him stop halfway out the door and say "I love you, man." They looked at each other shocked when they heard Kurt reply "I love you too, Finn." With that the taller boy left, nodding to the trio on his way down the hall.

When the Warblers finally walked into Kurt's room he looked a little lost. One look at each other and they swept him into a Warble "Feel Better" Group Hug. Kurt laughed taking in the support of his new friends. When they pulled away Blaine spoke up.

"Brought you a coffee." Kurt's smile was immediate.

"Thanks. You're a life saver."