Ben 10, Primix, the exchange of the omnitrix part 1

The story begins two years after the end of Ben 10 ultimate alien. Ben was at ease after the fight with Diagon. He's now 18 years old. He was fighting the small aliens with his new omnitrix. Gwen went to college and Kevin bought a home so they could live together. Ben got a place of his own. After two years of fighting, he hadn't done much world saving. It was mostly petty crimes everywhere in the universe.

If the persons of view change, it will be written above. It's my first ben 10 sequel so if you have suggestions, thoughts or constructive criticism please write a review for future references.

Disclaimer: I don't own Ben 10 nor the alien species and series.

Bens view:

I was once again kicking someone's butt. A human was trying to smuggle some alien eggs. A small breath of big chill was enough to scare him off. My life became a lot calmer after the fight with Vilgax and Diagon. I used my omnitrix almost never. Well except for petty crimes like this. For some reason all big villains had disappeared. Some say I scared them of, others say that they have been killed. But by who? I haven't seen any of those villains yet. Vilgax would never give up on me, but I hadn't seen him after our fight. I don't believe that I killed him back then. So why? Why did it feel like something was going to go wrong really soon? I looked at the square watch on my wrist. Was it still necessary for me to exist? I hadn't seen any of my former enemies these past two years. Had they forgotten me?

Suddenly my plumbers badge started flashing. I took it out of my pocket. It was Grandpa Max. I flew back to my apartment and changed back. The flash of the omnitrix was still quite bright. I clicked on the message. A small hologram of grandpa was shown. "Benjamin, we have received quite intriguing news. It would explain the peace in the universe for the last two years. Please come to the headquarters." I nodded and dialed jetray on the omnitrix. It was only an hour flight from here with jetray. I was quite fast with it. It felt great to fly like this. Statue of liberty came into view. Since mount-Rushmore's base was destroyed a few years back, they decided on this place. I landed on the torch in her hand and turned back. Grandpa Max was waiting on the platform.

His face seemed tired. I had a feeling that the news wasn't particularly good. We walked towards the elevator in silence. Grandpa max clicked his plumbersbadge into the round circle of the elevator. A robotic voice started talking. "Max Tennyson and Benjamin Tennyson, welcome in the headquarters of the plumbers. Please grab on as we descend towards the lower parts of the base." It felt like a free-fall every time I took this elevator. I'll never eat two hotdogs again in this elevator. Never again! The elevator started to brake and the doors of the elevator opened. All kinds of aliens walked among the humans. Some of them were part of my omnitrix I could use. Others had been scanned for future purposes. Grandpa showed me to his office. It was a large cylinder room with green glass. Grandpa had stuff lying around the room. Some weapons, some new inventions and on his desk was a metal ball.

Grandpa showed me a seat and sat down himself. He sighed. Was he going to ask me to give up the omnitrix? Now that peace had been there for two years? It was very logical. The omnitrix was a weapon of great power, but also the keeper of all alien DNA that had been found. Even I started to doubt the use of the omnitrix for such small matters. Grandpa grabbed the metal ball. "Ben, we have gotten an invitation as earth to join the council of the universe." Weird, why did I never hear about such a council? It's even called the council of the universe. I've been in the universe a lot of times already. Grandpa shook his head. "You couldn't have known Ben. Every person has an absolute pledge of silence till the other planet belongs to the council of the universe. Even I and a lot of coworkers have never heard of its name. They send the plumbers a message to spread among humanity with a very tempting over. Sadly there are also some conditions that must be met."

Grandpa gave the metallic ball a spin. A hologram appeared from it. It was an alien resembling a Tetramand. Like four arms with the exception that he was wearing a white coat. He nodded his head. "Honored plumbers, humanity have finally met our conditions. Rejoice for you have been allowed in the council of the universe. Your planet earth shall officially be recognized as save heaven for alien species. The council and its participants shall come to your aid in times of need, just as you have done for them." Grandpa halted the message. I raised my eyebrow? "I find it hard to believe?" Grandpa nodded. "We did too, until they send us their entire history and laws. Ben, thousands of races that we have met already are part of the council. Many aliens on your watch are part of them. Protected from when their worlds had collapsed. Some of our coworkers finally broke their silence because we were accepted."

That's nice and all, but there must be some catch. Otherwise grandpa wouldn't be so worried. "What is the problem then? Join the council!" Grandpa clicked on the metallic ball again. The Tetramand started talking again. "Before you are a complete member, some conditions must be met. The first few have been completed already: Openness about aliens, save heavens for the weak, protectors above the laws and the willingness to improve. There are still a few others conditions. Most of those issues are small, but this is a slightly big one. The male human child called Benjamin Kirby Tennyson has to give up his rights on the omnitrix. The council believes that such a powerful device should not be in the hands of one person. We wish to store the omnitrix for future generations as an ark for all life in the universe."

I guess I was right. It really was about giving up the omnitrix, but to give it to something as shady as the council? "I understand their reasons, but can we really trust them with the omnitrix? I rather not hand it over to the next villain?" Grandpa let the message play further. "Of course we will provide asylum for the human child and those around him for the enemies he made in his life. As proof of this we have captured all enemies that had threatened to destroy him or the earth. It is time to relieve him of his burden and take safety of the people in our own hands." Grandpa stopped the message again. "I'll be sheltered? It's nice and all grandpa, but I still don't believe them…" Cells were shown in the message, it hold Vilgax, doctor animo, ghostfreak aka Zs'Skayr and all kinds of former enemies. Large and small. Don't tell me that the council was responsible for the peace these last two years?

Grandpa sighed. "The council created a complete prison within the null void. Your enemies couldn't make it out resulting in two peaceful years." Grandpa let the message play further again. The Tetramand and Azmuth showed up. Azmuth began talking. "Benjamin, I have decided to honor their wishes. I will create a pod that will be indestructible. I'll make sure that the omnitrix will be kept safe and unattainable for those that wish harm. Galvin had been part of the council for a long time. The original omnitrix was always meant for this purpose. Now that those who seek such power have been imprisoned, I don't see much use in you holding on to it. It's time to let go." Even Azmuth knew about the council. Wasn't my decision already decided then? I don't believe I could even refuse.

The message ended with a date. "We give you two weeks to decide. The place of exchange will be the waters close to a well-known statue called the statue of liberty. It is only fitting for the new era that will follow for the human race. Information about the council will be delivered together with this message." I suddenly felt something missing. "When exactly did you get this message?" Grandpa sighed. "It was delivered a week ago. All world organizations have been informed about now. I request that you stay on base for the time being. Some people may try to convince or threaten you to give up the omnitrix." I nodded. "It's quite funny. Just when I thought it was time to quit, I'm actually forced to quit." Grandpa nodded.

He stood up and laid his hands on my shoulders. "Are you sure that you wish to give up the omnitrix?" I felt my hearth beating. Was I truly going to make that decision? I brought the omnitrix before my eyes. Azmuth made precautions, so that it would never fall in the wrong hands. I opened my mouth. "Yes, if Azmuth promises that the omnitrix will be kept from harm then so be it. When are we going to remove it?" Grandpa showed six fingers. "I rather keep it on your wrist till the date. Who knows what could happen in between?" He was right about that. Some people couldn't be trusted with power. Even I almost made that mistake when I held the sword Ascalon. Rid the whole world of evil, I was so foolish to not snap out of it by myself.

I just couldn't fully believe the story of this council. "Can the council really be trusted? What were the other conditions?" Grandpa sat down again. He looked worried. "That's the point Ben. It's perfect. All power plants will be remodeled so that it won't harm our planet. Heavy laws about nuclear weapons will be enforced. Education will be changed so that earth truly becomes part of the universe. They are beautiful conditions. Many jurists are reading and judging it, but no backdoors have been found. We have permission from most big countries including Europa and China. Russia is still considering and Africa is almost convinced. Like I said, it's an opportunity we can't refuse."

So my choice didn't matter. I would have been forced by all nations of the world to give up the omnitrix. Guess it helped that I had the same idea. I heard knocking on the door. Gwen and Kevin came in. Gwen's hair had grown even longer. Kevin looked less like a hooligan now. He wore a black shirt and trousers. He even had a short beard. He seemed grown up. Here I was, still wearing my own clothing combination. My green jacket had been bought over and over again. I didn't even count how many I destroyed of them. Gwen hugged me. "I heard the news, we came straight here." Gwen hugged Grandpa Max. Grandpa smiled. "It's good to see you Gwendolyn and Kevin. Ben already made his decision." Gwen nodded.

"Are you really okay with giving up the omnitrix Ben, to return to your normal life after so many years? You've been doing this for almost what eight years?" I corrected her. "Don't forget I lived a normal life till grandpa Max went missing. I guess it's time to leave it behind." Kevin grinned. "So you'll finally be a normal human? That's going to be fun in a fight." I grinned. "I'm pretty sure I can still beat you even as a human." Gwen gave Kevin an elbow. "This is serious Kevin. He still has many enemies. What if they decide to hunt him, now that he's almost powerless?" Grandpa interfered. "No need to worry Gwen, the council will give him asylum till all his enemies have been captured. He'll have to life away from earth for a while."

Wait a sec. That wasn't what I was told. He said asylum. I presumed he meant I was going undercover. "What do you mean by that Grandpa?" Grandpa sat down again. "Your face is known over the whole earth Ben. You can't be safe on this earth. The council has members all over the universe, even in parts you haven't discovered yet. The races there don't know you either. It's perfect for safety reasons. The council has promised that it will only last for around two years, three at most. No contact with earth will be allowed." I felt the blood in my face draining. "Wait a sec. I'm alright with giving up the omnitrix, but not with being sent to the middle of nowhere? How am I going to study, get a diploma?" Everyone in the room raised an eyebrow. "Oh come on, you know I can do better if I actually tried." Grandpa shook his head. "It's only two years Ben. After that you can build up your normal life. You haven't done much these two years either." I snorted at his answer. Sadly he was right about that.

Grandpa looked at Gwen. "Gwen, can I ask for your help when removing the omnitrix? Guarding it till its locked solid in his container?" Gwen nodded. Kevin didn't seem convinced. "Why don't they bring the container here? If it's locked up, it will be a lot safer? Locking it in public is asking for problems." Gwen placed her hand on her chin. "That's true. It would be incredible dangerous with all the people that are going to watch." Grandpa interfered. "It is the perfect display of their power. An object so wanted in the universe can be handed over in such a free manner. How would a world react upon seeing that?" Gwen placed her finger on her cheek. "Still, I find it awfully risky. Who will deliver the watch?" Grandpa pointed at me. "Seeing is believing. They want Ben to hand over the omnitrix. The whole world will be watching you."

After the talk I got shown a room on the base. It was small, the size of my former bedroom. It had an own douche and toilet. I locked the door and let myself fall on the bed. I did not expect the last part. I was fully prepared to give up the omnitrix, but living two years in who knows where? It almost sounded like a punishment. I brought the omnitrix in my view. The small square watch glowed green. I had so many adventures because of this watch, so many encounters with the universe as a hero. I even travelled through time. It suddenly hit me. Time, would my timeline change? I had met Ben 10.000 and other Bens that would still be heroes. Wouldn't that change? If I gave up the watch, it meant that I gave up on that future.

I sighed. Why was I thinking of going back on my decision? I had prepared myself for it. The Omnitrix started talking. Was it a message of Azmuth? "Primus has been betrayed by its creator. Omnitrix shall find replacement for Primus." What was the watch talking about? Primus was the core of the omnitrix. I remember that planet very well. I almost gave the omnitrix to Vilgax back then and Azmuth was its creator. Why did Primus feel betrayed by Azmuth? The watch light turned purple in color. What was it up to? The voice started talking again. "New primus found. All conditions for transfer are to be completed." I walked towards the door. Maybe Grandpa Max knew what was going on.

Just before I could reach the door, the omnitrix talked again. "Specimen known as: Benjamin Kirby Tennyson will be sedated during the process." I tried to shout but I felt an incredible pain running through my body. All my muscles seemed to cramp at the same time. I fell face first on the ground. My whole body trembled. I couldn't shout or move. Why did the omnitrix turn on me? Was it because I decided to give it up? No, the omnitrix never behaved like that. It was just a computer build by Azmuth. I tried to stay consciousness, but the pain kept coming. I only heard a few words before I passed out. "Reconstruction of Primus at 0.001%"