Different DF!Luffy

Not over-relying on his/her DF!Luffy

No DF use before GL!Luffy


Gol D. -insert name here- as Luffy's other parent ("mother")

Raised by Dragon and her "mother" for some time

Gol D. -insert name here- is actually Roger's twin brother who got gender-swapped by Iva


Ace and Luffy are technically cousins

Marines learn about Ace and/or Luffy and try to kill them

Shanks saves them

They get raised by Shanks

And Dragon

I'm not showing most of this stuff because I'm lazy

Starting when Luffy sets sail, and you can't stop me

I may write a prequel, but no promises

Feel free to write something based off of this as long as you credit me

Chapter 1 (Coby and Zoro meet Luffy)


Luffy looked out across the water at the, admittedly large, whirlpool. "Even if I could swim, this would suck," she said aloud. She then knocked her fist into her palm in a gesture of having an idea.


Coby had seen the overly large whirlpool out the window, but he was far more worried about getting killed by Alvida. He again saw the whirlpool as the mean-spirited woman knocked him onto the passenger ship she was raiding.

He dodged the next strike of her mace and hid blow decks. The kitchen held a large barrel that Coby thought would get him at least a few points with Alvida so she wouldn't hit him as much. Too bad the other pirates walked in at that moment.

"What'cha doing here Coby?" One asked mockingly, "Hiding again?"

Another noticed the barrel and grinned, "Oh, you got us some sake?"

Coby stuttered through his next words, "A-Al-Alvida-sama w-would b-b-be mad if you drank it."

"If she finds out," the first said, "You won't tell her, right?" The threat hung over Coby's head.

"N-no, o-o-of c-course not!" Coby frantically shook his head.

The biggest of the three sneered and lifted the barrel, setting it on its bottom, "Time to open this the old-fashioned way!" He made to punch the barrel open.

Before he could, the barrel's top flew off in chunks and a girl popped out like a jack-in-the-box. "Who ever opened a barrel of rum with their fists? Do you want wood chips in it?" She wondered idly; even though when she popped out she had knocked the man out.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" the remaining two pirates of Alvida's crew yelled.

"Monkey D. Luffia. Pirate. You?"

"A scrawny girl like you? A pirate? We're real pirates you know," They said in creepy unison.

"Whatever. Is there any food?" She asked, turning to Coby. The men held up swords and Coby made to tell her to look out, but the swords were broken in the blink of an eye. Luffia sniffed for food and followed her nose, all but deaf to the pink-hair's worrying.


From in the barrel, Luffy heard a coward and two idiots. She carelessly bested them and went in search of food. She ignored the coward worrying that she'd die. She'd been in worse situations. (Shanks' arm being torn off by lord of the coast, chasing Ace through Mt. Colubo, being beaten with spiked gloves, being kidnapped)

She listened with one ear the the boy's story and listened with the other for something interesting. For a challenge… East Blue? More like Easy Blue.

Coby looked dumbfounded when she beat the obese woman with one punch. "I told you I was strong."

Coby nodded dumbly, "How strong are you, Luffy-san?" She had gotten him to call her Luffy instead of Luffia.

"Hmm…" Luffy said, finger resting on her chin, "Not holding back... I don't know."

Coby face-planted in shock.

"There's a marine ship over there. You could go join if you want… I think you'd be good in the revolution, though," Luffy told him, muttering the last part under her breath.


"Then let's go. Hey, get us a boat," Luffy demanded a boat from one of Alvida's former henchman.

The terrified pirate complied immediately. Soon the two were sailing toward Shellstown.


Being tied to a post was boring. It was the twenty-first day in the execution yard. Just ten more days.

A voice cut through the memories. "If I untied him, he could walk away, right?"


"Nah, I'm strong."

A the clank of wood against stone was heard, and then the little girl he had saved ran up to give him onigiri. "I thought you'd be hungry," she told him earnestly.

"Do you want to be killed! Scram!" He yelled.

The bastard son walked up arrogantly, "Picking on children now, Zoro?" He sneered, "Ooooh, onigiri!" The brat snatched one out of the girl's hands. "Blegh! They're supposed to be salty. Salt!" He crushed the other into the ground.

"But… I thought.. I thought they'd taste better sweet," she teared up.

He prattled on about his father for a bit before ordering one of his men, "Throw her over the wall."

The worried Zoro, but he couldn't do anything. He knew better than be relieved when the soldier protested. Helmeppo made him do it anyway. The girl from up on the wall caught her, and then Zoro let out the breath he was holding quietly.

Helmeppo left and Zoro hoped he'd be left to his thoughts. His hopes were abandoned when the girl from the wall stood in front of him.

"They say you're a bad guy," She started in a casual voice.

"You're still here?" He wondered.

"Are you even strong? Stuck to that post as you are?"

"Mind your own business!" He shouted back.

"I'd have taken out the whole base," she told him in an amused voice.

"I've got more willpower than you. I will survive this. Don't you forget it."

"Suit yourself," She shrugged and turned to leave.

"Wait a moment," he stopped her, "Could you give me that?" He motioned toward the crushed onigiri.

"You sure? It's mostly dust," She explained.

"Just give it here!"

She shrugged and fed it to him.

He ate it quickly and choked a bit, but still told her, "It was delicious. Thank you for the food."

Back to his thoughts, then.


"He ate the whole thing and even said it was delicious!" She retold the story.

"Is Zoro really as bad as they say?" Coby wondered aloud.

"NO! It's all my fault he's tied up," Rika, the little girl, explained.

Luffy listened to her retelling of why Zoro got locked up while keeping an eye on the pitiful will that was the bastard son.

Almost as soon as the story was over, Helmeppo came down the street announcing the execution of Zoro. He didn't see the (incredibly light) punch coming before he hit the wall.

"I've decided. Zoro's going to join my crew."


Oh, the weird girl came back.

"Join my crew," she told him.

"I've got a dream of my own to accomplish. I refuse."

"You use a sword, right?"

"Yeah, but that bastard son took it."

"If I get your swords back, join my crew."

"What are you, the child of the devil?"

"... Worse," she grinned and ran off.

The strange pink-haired boy arrived soon after the girl left.

"Is she serious?" Zoro asked.

"I wondered that at first, too, but she's going to be the pirate king," Coby told him without a trace of the doubt he had felt before Luffy beat Alvida.

"Pirate king!? Do you even know what that means?"

"As Luffy-san would say: the pirate king is the pirate king," Coby replied.

Zoro ignored that. He joined Luffy soon after. Not before telling her his dream and explaining that Luffy would find herself dead if she got in the way of it.

Luffy had laughed and said, "World's greatest swordsman? The pirate king wouldn't have any less on her crew."

Morgan gave a speech on defying him and why it was impossible.

Luffy introduced herself and dodged every blow. "I don't even need observation for this," she muttered under her breath, but Zoro caught it. After they beat Morgan and the marines started celebrating, they got food.


"So, Luffia-"

"It's just Luffy"

"Luffy, what did you mean when you said you didn't need observation?"

"I'll try to explain, but I've been told I'm the worst at explaining."


"Everyone has a voice, and when they think about what they are going to do next it tells what that is. With observation haki, you can hear the voice. I felt no need to use observation haki because he was too obvious."

"Do you often have to use observation haki?"

"Not anymore. Not in fights, at least," Luffia replied after a second of thought.

"When else do you use it, then?"

"If I'm following somebody or searching for somebody. I also use it to judge somebody's strength," she explained, then muttered, "but that doesn't always work."

"Because people can hide their voice?" Coby, who was sitting beside them, wondered.

"Partially. Some people have a lot of willpower, so they seem a bit stronger than they are, and vice-versa."

"Wow, this haki stuff is pretty neat. Why have I never heard of it?" Zoro wondered.

"I only knew about it before I reached the end of paradise because my family taught me. A lot of people never hear about it until they reach the new world."

"Paradise? New world? What..? No, where are those places?" Coby asked.

"Oh, I forgot. You'd know them as the first and second halves of the grand line!"

"You've been on the grand line!?"

"Of course! I lived there most of my life."

Before anymore questions could be asked, the marines entered and asked, "Is it true that you're pirates?"

"Yeah, I'm Monkey D. Luffia, and I'll be the pirate king!"

"Then I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave. In return for saving us, we won't tell headquarters that you were here."

The townspeople were enraged by this, but Luffy just got up and started walking away.

"Wait! Is he with you?" the commander gestured to Coby.

"Nah, he was working for this really big pirate woman for two years. I think her name was Alveeeeeda or some-" Coby punched her before she finished. "Why you!" She punched him with a series of very light hits (for the new world).

"Stop! It's clear you aren't friends. Leave!" The marine commanded.

Luffy walked away and Zoro caught the grin. "Wasn't that a bit much, captain?"

"If he can't handle that, then the marines will eat him alive. They don't need more fodder."

They cast off in Luffy's tiny rowboat. Luffy beamed with pride as the slightly battered Coby came running up and saluted, "THANK YOU LUFFY-SAN! I'LL MEET YOU ON THE SEAS!"

The rest of the marines came up and saluted. Luffy laughed as Zoro muttered, "Never seen a marine saluting a pirate before.


There was no sail to set, but the two rowed out to sea.