Sorry, I haven't written for this in more than two years, and I'm not as into One Piece as I was back when I started this, so it might not be the same at all. I only started writing for it again because I suddenly started getting traffic again. My writing style has also changed, so apologies.


The weird girl had broken out of the cage without even breaking a sweat. What she was made of, Nami wasn't sure she wanted to know. It only took her a second to throw a lion several times her size farther than Nami could lob a softball, and then she returned.

Nami was honestly pissed at this girl who thought she could play pirates and nobody would get hurt. She walks over to give the girl a piece of her mind.

"Sorry, I brought this back for you," the girl says to the dog with an apologetic smile.


Luffy hadn't thought too hard before she threw the lion from the pet food store, and it had gotten quite damaged, so when she gets back she apologizes.

The mayor then declares that the hard work they had put into the town made it treasure, and Luffy is proud of him. That doesn't stop her from knocking him out as soon as they make it back to the bar where the big nose has made base.

"Hey, big nose!" she calls.

"Who dares say I have a big nose? Men, fire the special buggy ball!" the big nose demands.

Luffy catches the ball mid-flight and fastball pitches it right back at him, watching impassively as it explodes. Even without haki, she can tell not everyone got knocked out.

"Geez, who raised this kid, the fist?" she hears muttered very quietly just before the smoke clears.

There's an argument about the lion, and Luffy is surprised it got back before her, she went easier on it than she thought. Before she can muse on that too much, Zoro is blocking a sword coming for her throat.

"If it's swords you want, I'm your guy," he challenges.


The swordsmanship of the circus wannabe is clearly lacking, and Zoro almost regrets challenging him, if only because the only challenge as a swordsman is not dying of boredom.

The fake swordsman kicks him in his still open wound, and Zoro is fed up.

"Since you're so insistent on aiming for my weak point," Zoro mocks and slices his own injury open further, "I'll give you a larger target."


Nami tries to ignore the two idiots to steal Buggy's treasure in peace, but finds herself staring when Zoro slices himself open securing his place in Nami's mind as an idiot.

She sneaks off to actually grab the treasure when it becomes clear that this increased handicap isn't slowing Zoro down at all.


Patience, Luffy reminds herself, is an important skill to keep from getting her entire crew killed, but it becomes easier to ignore when she sees big nose's hands crawling toward Zoro to hold him in place. She stomps his hands into the pavement.

"You have no honor and no faith in your crew," Luffy tells him calmly.

"I'm a pirate, who needs honor?" big nose puffs angrily.

Zoro finishes the weakling off while Luffy isn't fully paying attention.

"Fight me," Luffy says, not answering the rhetorical question.

Luffy holds back more than she probably should during her fight. Shanks' hat is knocked from her head. She almost loses her grip on both her haki and her devil fruit when big nose grabs it using his knives.

Luffy darts forward and punches him directly in the face before plucking the hat out of his grip. "Don't touch my hat," she snarls, and she sees big nose pale in fear before covering it up with bravado.

"Seeing this hat reminds me of that stupid red hair," he complains.

"You know Shanks?" Luffy asks, it's something to distract her from anger, and she latches onto it.

Big nose launches into a story which ends with him eating a devil fruit and Shanks diving into the ocean to rescue him. Apparently, this upsets him, and Luffy is a bit confused.

"So he saved you?"

"He ruined my life!"

"By saving you?"

"By making me eat the devil fruit!"

"You didn't have to hide it in your mouth, that's dumb."

Big nose shrieks in rage and Luffy rubs at her ringing ears while he splits into a hundred tiny parts. Luffy dodges without even using observation and notices his feet aren't floating, so she plucks one from the ground and pinches him.

Big nose reforms, but smaller. Luffy doesn't really pay attention to why before launching him into the sky.

It doesn't take long for the townspeople to show up confused about the commotion and up in arms about the pirates destroying it.

"Mayor!" Somebody calls.

"Who did this to him?"

"We did," Luffy says, and the mob begins chasing her and her crew.

Nami hands her a bag of gold to carry, and Luffy leaves it on the docks for the townspeople to rebuild.

Nami is not pleased, but Luffy has a new crew member, so she still is. Nami agrees to fix her hat despite that.