The Life of Nancy

Authors Note: So Nancy is such a dream role and a character close to my heart. I'm trying to get the time line right and I've discovered that the story sets place in 1837 and I'm guessing Nancy is around 30… Just to clarify, this chapter takes place a few years after the last, I actually wrote this chapter before the 3rd one… -There's some uncomfortable parts in this chapter, I've tried toning it down as much as possible but still getting the message across- Just a warning-

It was one of those summer nights you didn't want to end, The sun was still slightly shining as it was going down and the sky was that beautiful Orange colour with the stars shining, The tavern was almost full, Nancy was behind the bar serving drinks to all the men, a majority of them trying it on with her, she wasn't the least bit interested and most of the time rolled her eyes, she knew the other girls would offer themselves like always, drunks were singing in the corner, she gave a smile and joined in, Dancing on top of their tables, Nancy knew how to entertain, She was known for the performer, If you wanted a good night Nancy was the one to ask, She knew all sorts of stories and all sorts of songs most of the time people only went to the tavern to see Nancy. Such a young girl yet she made London that little bit brighter.

"Here Nance," Linda, one of the bar maids called, Linda had shown Nancy the ropes when she first started a few months back "When you're little friend Bet starts I want you to Introduce her to everyone and Sadie will make sure she knows what shes doing…Alright?"

"Alright" Nancy smiled, she felt somewhat important like she was finally needed for something and someone other than Fagin

"Good girl, I'm off to bed… See ya Nance"

"Good night Linda" Nancy smiled again and got back to entertaining the crowd

The clock struck Mid-night and it was time for Nancy to get back to Fagin and the lads, her family. Luckily enough the hideout was only 5-10 minutes away, She collected her shawl and as she turned to make her way out of the tavern there he was,

"Oscar!," She was surprised to see him "What're you doing 'ere?"

"I've come to walk you home… Plus I had to get out of there for a bit, the younger boys are driving me mad"

"You were one yerself Ossy boy" Nancy teased as they started walking into the dark streets of London

"I know, I know… Not anymore though"

"Oscar, you're 19 years old… still pretty much a young un" She laughed, There was a comfortable silence for a bit

"You alright Nancy?" Oscar sounded incredibly concerned

"Yeah- Yeah just been a busy night… can't wait to fall into bed though" She yawned, In the hideout a majority of everyone was asleep, just Fagin and a few of the older boys were still awake, It was a nice atmosphere, Chilled.

"Nancy my Girl," Fagin almost whispered "Good night?"

"Yeah, Busy… I'm tired so I'm off to bed…. Goodnight Boys" She gave each of them a goodnights kiss on the cheek and like every night Fagin placed a small kiss on her forehead

"sleep well my Girl"

Nancy got ready for bed, she shared with Bet who was already fast asleep, She put on her nightgown and slipped in beside her trying her hardest not to wake her and succeeding, She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

The morning sun shone through the used little curtains, Nancy woke with no one beside her, She loved waking like this, she sprawled out all over the bed just stretching and waking herself up, The commotion from the main room was just the same as it was everyday, This was home.

The time for Bet to start her new job approached fast, She made her way to the tavern with Nancy, Nancy done her Job and introduced Bet to everyone and left her in the capable and safe hands of Sadie, Nancy got straight to work, entertaining and welcoming the hoards of men arriving, She knew it would be busy as trains and boats were coming in that day filled with tourists, workmen or people just coming back from trips, The Tavern filled up quickly, She was behind the bar serving drinks when she was being called on, well more like being begged to sing a song for the 'slightly' tipsy men, She couldn't resist so off she went, Bet watched, That was Nancy alright. Hours passed and that was another Night by, well not completely for Nancy, she was asked to stay back to do 'extra work' she knew it brought more money her way and although she wasn't completely sure she still done her job, Bet waited behind for her, As they made their way home Nancy was grabbed from behind,

"Run Bet, Get home!," Nancy screamed out "Go!" another guy chased after Bet but quickly gave up as she was to fast, she didn't want to run but the fear took over her and she ran as fast as she could, she felt horrible for leaving Nancy… What no one knew was she hid in an alley not too far away, she couldn't leave Nancy but Bet was still very young and very weak, there was no way she could fight back, One of the men held Nancy from behind while the other was moving his hands up and down her body, the man holding her had his hand over her mouth muffling the sounds of her screams, she kicked her legs and moved as much as she could trying to squirm her way from the mans grip

"Hold her tighter" One called as he began to unzip his trousers, When Nancy saw she squirmed even more this only made the guy hold tighter while the other was trying to unbutton the front of her dress, There was a sudden silence as the man fell to the ground, something hit him on the head, Nancys eyes widened and the man quickly let her go, terrified he ran off leaving his friend unconscious on the pavement with blood dripping from his head, Nancy was so curious as to who her savior was, the figure was in the shadows, with a hat and a scarf covering their face, Nancy squinted trying to figure out who this was,

"Are you alright?" A deep voice came from behind the scarf, Nancy said nothing but nodded, The figure came into the light and removed the hat and scarf

"Bill Sikes?" She questioned, No it couldn't be him, Rumours had it he had died years ago

"How'd you know me?" He was just as shocked as her

"Nancy," She pointed to her self "Wh- What are you doing here? Where were y-"

"Nancy!," He dropped his club and put an arm round her "Why I 'aven't saw you since you was a little girl… Not so little anymore are ye?" He pulled her into a one armed hug, Bet saw it was safe and made her way to Nancy

"Bill Sikes, I can't believe after all these years… I thought you were dead" She looked to the pavement

"Folk talk Nancy… Is Fagin still about?" He looked in the direction of the hideout

"sure is," Nancy loosened from his grip, her smile brightened the whole street "Oh, you'll have to meet Bet" Nancy held her arm out as she saw her friend standing

"Alright?," Bill asked, Bet was shocked, after hearing all the stories for years she was finally meeting the infamous Bill Sikes in person, "There's someone I'd like you to meet Nancy," Bill dug into his large pocket and brought out the tiniest Puppy, "Found him a few days ago, Bullseye… That's his name" his eyes were not yet open and he whimpered searching for heat, Bill quickly but carefully put him back in his pocket

"So where are you staying? Where have you been? Why did You leave" Questions flooded Nancys mind

"Dunno," He shrugged ignoring the rest of her questions "Probably see what space Fagins got left for me" They continued walking, making their way to Fagins, when they arrived Bet walked in first, still in a bit of shock after what just happened AND meeting Bill for the first time, She was silent but Fagin didn't notice,

"Fagin!," Nancy called walking in with Bill "Someones came to see you" At that Fagin looked up, his eyes widened, surely it wasn't real,

"Bill Sikes?," He stood up "Bill Sikes! Clearly the rumors aren't true," He chuckled, Bill smirked "My Boy, How've you been?"

"Ya' know," He shrugged as he sat his bags down "I need a place to stay" He motioned at Nancy to get him a drink, she done just so

"I'm sure I can squeeze you in somewhere, Fagin Looked around at the practically full room"

"I can Squeeze In beside Nancy," He grabbed her waist as she brought him his drink "She won't mind" Bill Smirked

"Miss Bet shares with Nancy" Fagin pointed to the girl, she was terrified and let out

"It's alright, I can go somewhere else" Bet was incredibly scared of Bill, she knew of his reputation

"But Bet My G-" Fagin Was cut off by Bill

"But nothin' The girl said I can have her bed tonight"

"As long as you want" Bet blurted out

"Don't I get a say in all this?" Nancy furrowed her brows

"No," Bill replied with a smirk before he drank the rest of his drink, He took the tiny dog from his pocket and sat it on the chair by the fire "Coming?" He asked Nancy, she gave a one sided smile and followed Bill outside to the landing, The sky was changing to a darker colour and the moon was visible only a crescent moon but still very beautiful

"So… why'd you leave?" Nancy asked leaning against the barrier

"Long story" Bill looked to the sky

"We have all night" She smiled

"I-I got into trouble"

"I know that much" She chuckled

"I killed a man," His response made Nancy gasp, She didn't know what to say "It was run away or be hung"

"Well… I guess… I'd rather run too," She tried making conversation "Where did you go?"

"Traveled to Scotland… Loads of work offers there, I was a carpenter before that a window cleaner," He looked at her, She nodded then she shivered "What's wrong?"

"Oh.. Just cold" She crossed her arms

"C'mere" Bill lifted his arm and put her inside his coat, She smiled and leaned on him, She felt weak and the cold was causing her to be uncomfortable, It was silent for a bit as they both just took in the surroundings, Stars were beginning to appear in the sky as it was getting darker, The streets were getting quieter and the cold air getting harsher

"We should probably get to bed… It's been a long day for me and I can't imagine how tiring yours was" Nancy lifted her head from Bills chest, He said nothing but nodded. The only light from inside was the fire and Fagin curled up beside it on his chair with Bullseye on his lap,