A/N: Here it is! I still maintain that I will continue my previous story at some point in time. Give the story a chance, Harry will be portrayed as 'weak' in a sense of magical talent at the beginning of the story but believe me, he will grow. There will be the one and only lemon this story will have near the end of the chapter.

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter was someone to be laughed at. His peers would look down on him or laugh whenever he would pass. The problem wasn't his personality, in fact, he would always try and be nice to them which was mistaken as a weakness half the time. No, it wasn't something he had done. He did nothing to deserve the life he had; it was something he was born with, or in this case, without - his magical ability.

He didn't know why it was like this, he came from a family line of powerful witches and wizards, but he was the exception. At certain points he would think he was sick, giving himself false hope that maybe he had some sort of a disease that hindered his magical growth and magical core and could be cured. All the tests he would take would show otherwise; he was perfectly healthy! Well, as healthy as an emotionally abused, food deprived child could be.

His disadvantage affected his school work, as he failed to cast semi-powerful too powerful spells, as they would deplete his energy. He was by no means a squib, even though the population insisted on calling him that. Subjects such as Charms, Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts were his least favorite subjects, they would emphasize the fact that he was weak and things only got harder as the years progressed.

He was not completely untalented, however, he was an excellent dueler, and arguably the best in the school even though physical skill could only go so far. He would mostly side-step or roll out of the way of spells during a duel but most of his attempts of aggression would be in vain if his opponent had a shield up because his spell's would do little do damage it and he could not take spell's with his shield because it would shatter on contact. He had to be smart when he dueled using the few spells he could without exhausting himself too much.

He even had rare abilities. He was a Parselmouth to be exact. He discovered this during the second year when Malfoy summoned a snake during their duel. He had not known about the ability before because he did not know it had even existed - who would want to try and talk to snakes? He was happy because of his new found ability but his Gryffindor housemates started avoiding him as the skill was considered 'dark'. Once people were starting to get petrified and word of the Chamber of Secrets being opened had spread, he was believed to be the heir of Slytherin and that he had opened the chamber.

The purebloods in Slytherin started being nice to Harry, offering to carry his books to the next class and trying to start a conversation with him but when they realized that blood purity played no part in the petrification, they went back to sneering at him.

He had noticed that Ron's little sister Ginny Weasley was acting strangely one night, and wearing his invisibility cloak, he decided to follow her. She led him to a girl's bathroom on the second floor, and was surprised to find that she was the one who was opening the chamber of secrets. He decided to let her be that night but when she wasn't seen the next day, he went down to the chamber himself and found her lying on the floor unconscious.

He went out at night to try and save her only to be confronted by Tom Riddle, who had used a diary to possess Ginny and use her soul to bring himself back. Tom explained his heritage to Harry and told him who he really was and that he was a half blood. He had to fight a basilisk and he successfully killed it using Gryffindor's sword. He then used the sword to stab the diary, destroying the diary and Tom. He carried Ginny's body out of the chambers, leaving her in the corridor's to be found by another student. Ginny recalled nothing of the incident and people wondered why the petrifications suddenly stopped.

He learned accidentally during third year that he had an ability known as Mage sight, when while in Divination, he passed out and knocked his head on the table. When he awoke, he was able to see the magical auras of other people. When he noticed that they had different shades of certain colours, he researched why and found that the lighter the aura was, the more powerful the wizard or witch was. He had no idea why he had the ability because only the most powerful wizards had it in the past.

He was deeply affected by the Dementors that were looking for Sirius Black that year. He sat with the new professor in a compartment on the way back to Hogwarts, when the Dementors stopped the train, one came directly to him and he would have been kissed, had the Professor not saved him with a spell that Harry did not know of.

He later learned the professor was Remus Lupin. After a quidditch accident, Harry asked him to teach the spell to him but was barely able to produce a wisp without fainting. They left it at that as it was clear Harry was unable to do it and remain conscious. He then got the Marauders Map from the Weasley twins who felt sympathy for him when everybody went to Hogsmeade and he was staying behind.

When it was almost dark, he saw Peter Pettigrew, who everyone believed was dead, in the presence of Professor Lupin. Curious, he decided to investigate. He couldn't see Pettigrew with Lupin but the map showed that they were together, so he followed the professor as he went to the old shack. He was shocked to see him conversing with Sirius Black but he was even more surprised to find that Sirius was his godfather and that he had been locked up in Azkaban for a crime he did not commit. He was happy that he could leave the Dursleys and that he had someone to call family.

As it got dark, Dementors surrounded the shack and Remus's patronus could not drive away so many. Harry was unsure of what took over him but all he could think about was protecting the only family he had left. He pulled out his wand and after thinking of leaving the Dursleys to live with his godfather, was able to produce a patronus in the form of a stag that drove away about a hundred Dementors. A normal corporeal patronus could drive away at most twenty Dementors but he had been able to drive away a hundred and he had no magical exhaustion of any sort. However, his wand split unable to handle the power of the spell and he was unable to produce it afterwards. Pettigrew had escaped into the darkness, only Harry ever knowing that Pettigrew was even there.

He got a new and improved wand which had a Phoenix-feather core and he liked more than the Unicorn-tail core he had last time.

He had discovered no new abilities after that and the highlight, for lack of a better word, of his fourth year was being entered into the Triwizard tournament, the death of Cedric and resurrection of Voldemort. He had narrowly escaped with his life from the graveyard, while Voldemort boasted about how Harry wasn't even worth his time. No one believed him however, thinking him crazy and saying, "How could a wizard, with no talent whatsoever, escape from the most feared and powerful dark lord known to wizardkind, with his life?"

Harry would have been sent to Azkaban for Cedric's death if not for Dumbledore's intervention.

During the summer before this year started, he and his cousin were attacked by two Dementors, only then was he able to produce Prongs again to save his and his cousin's life. He was almost expelled and his wand taken from him, but Dumbledore saved him, again. He was taken from the Dursleys that day and moved to 12 Grimmauld Place where he was told of an order called 'The Order of the Phoenix' which Dumbledore had formed in the previous war to fight of Voldemort and his death eaters.

Seeing Sirius again also greatly improved his summer but he kept to himself most of the time there. With Dumbledore's help, he won the trial concerning him using magic outside of Hogwarts in the presence of a muggle and was not expelled.

He sometimes wondered how someone with the power he had even survived the killing curse as an infant but he figured it was something his parents did.

He currently sat alone in a compartment, reflecting on the last four years of school waiting for the train to leave. He didn't really have any friends, though he would sometimes talk to Neville who had somewhat similar magical problems he did but Neville would usually sit with the other Gryffindors where Harry was an outcast. He didn't mind though, it gave him plenty of time to think, which he did quite often. He closed his eyes trying to sleep when the train blew the horn to signal departure. He heard people enter the compartment but decided to pay them no attention and soon drifted off into dreamland.

He woke up when the train was two hours away from Hogwarts. He had no idea why he slept so long because he hadn't felt all that tired when before he slept but the time spent asleep wasn't unwelcome. He rubbed his eyes to try and clear the sleep from them, when he looked around he saw three Slytherins looking intently at him, though he couldn't read their expression.

"Hello," he greeted but they said nothing and just kept looking at him, there were two girls and a boy. One of the girls had dark hair and brown eyes, he felt she was more curious than anything else. The other girl had blonde hair and blue eyes, he remembered her as she was named by the boys as "the school's most desirable witch," and the boy was dark skinned, black hair and brown eyes.

He shrugged, nonplussed by their presence, and laid his head on the window. He looked out to at the countryside flying by as the train moved. He could still feel them looking at him, but they stopped not long after and started talking among themselves.

When it was thirty minutes before they arrived at Hogwarts he left the compartment to go change and put on his robes. Upon arrival it was the same as every year, the only difference was the voice was calling the first years was not Hagrid's, and he wondered what happened to Hagrid. Hagrid was one of the few people he talked to often but it seemed he had lost that privilege this year.

He went on to find a carriage, and as he approached one, he saw a skeletal winged, horse like creature harnessed in front of the carriage. He had never seen them before, but was certain they were never there before, 'You've finally lost it Potter,' he thought, tilting his head in confusion.

"You're not going crazy. I see them too," his head snapped up to the carriage to see a blonde Ravenclaw girl, reading a magazine... upside down.

"Umm... What are they?" he turned back to the animals.

"Thestrals, you can only see them once you've seen death," she told Harry, her voice was airy, as if she didn't have a care in the world.

The memory of Cedric's death came into mind. His mood turned bitter, but he got onto the carriage with the girl. Their ride to Hogwarts was silent, and he couldn't remember the name of the girl but he knew they were in the same year and that she was considered "mental," by the school population because she often claimed to see things no one else could. He decided not to call her crazy as she may be actually seeing those things as he just got proof first hand with the Thestrals that she may actually be seeing those things. When they arrived at Hogwarts and Harry was almost at the Great Hall when Neville appeared next to him.

"Hey mate, where were you?" Neville turned to him.

"In a compartment towards the back of the train," Harry answered his acquaintance.

"Oh... Alone?"

"Well, no, there were three Slytherins there but we didn't talk," he told Neville, who stayed quiet after that, they entered the great hall and Harry turned to Neville "Want to sit with me?"

"Sure," Neville said with a shrug, they sat in the middle of Gryffindor and watched the hall fill up and everyone took their seats. Harry noticed a woman who was at his trial sitting at the head table. To his understanding, she was the Senior Undersecretary to the Ministry of Magic, and it didn't make sense as to why she would be here.

The sorting began and Slytherin got the most of the first-years this year, 'I wonder why,' Harry thought sarcastically. He had developed a dislike for the house, he knew not everyone was the same there but they had been the source of his torment here. The other houses were not as direct as the Slytherins were as they never really did anything except shake their heads at him; the Slytherins openly laughed and made fun of his magical ability.

The feast began and Harry ate his food without talking to Neville who followed Harry's lead. When they were done Dumbledore began his speech.

"Well, now that we are all digesting another magnificent feast, I beg a few moments of your attention for the usual start-of-term notices," said Dumbledore. "First-years ought to know that the Forest in the grounds is out-of-bounds to students - and a few of our older students ought to know by now, too."

"Mr. Filch, the caretaker, has asked me, for what he tells me is the four-hundred-and-sixty-second time, to remind you all that magic is not permitted in corridors between classes, nor are a number of other things, all of which can be checked on the extensive list now fastened to Mr. Filch's office door."

"We have had two changes in staffing this year. We are very pleased to welcome back Professor Grubbly-Plank, who will be taking Care of Magical Creatures lessons," There was a slightly enthusiastic applause to this pronouncement, "we are also delighted to introduce Professor Umbridge to the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher."

There was a round of polite but fairly lethargic applause, during which Harry exchanged a look with Neville.

Dumbledore continued, "Tryouts for the house Quidditch teams will take place on the... "

He broke off, looking inquiringly at Professor Umbridge. As she was not much taller standing than sitting, there was a moment when nobody understood why Dumbledore had stopped talking, but then Professor Umbridge cleared her throat, "Hem, hem," and it became clear that she had got to her feet and was intending to make a speech.

Dumbledore only looked taken aback for a moment, then he sat down smartly and looked alertly at Professor Umbridge but didn't say anything. Other members of staff were not as adept at hiding their surprise. Professor Sprout's eyebrows had disappeared into her flyaway hair and Professor McGonagall's mouth was thin. To Harry's own knowledge, no new teacher had ever interrupted Dumbledore before, and the general demeanor of the rest of the students showed they had the same thought that this woman obviously did not know how things were done at Hogwarts.

"Thank you, Headmaster," Professor Umbridge simpered, "for those kind words of welcome."

Her voice was high-pitched, breathy and little-girlish and, it made Harry feel very uncomfortable and he felt a powerful rush of dislike that he could not explain. She gave another little throat-clearing cough ("hem, hem") and continued.

"Well, it is lovely to be back at Hogwarts, I must say!" She smiled, revealing very pointed teeth. "And to see such happy little faces looking up at me."

Harry glanced around and none of the faces he could see looked happy. On the contrary, they all looked rather taken-aback at being addressed as though they were five years old. All what she seemed to be talking about was a load of rubbish on how the Ministry of Magic wanted to help the students and the changes that will be for the 'better'? He scanned each of the tables to see who was listening but only teachers and a housemate he knew as Hermione were. Cho Chang and her friend Lisa Turpin at the Ravenclaw table had started mumbling to each other, and somehow Fred as well as George had fallen asleep on each other. This showed that no one had that much more respect for her than Harry did, as she had tried to get him expelled and his wand destroyed. After what seemed to be a long winded lecture, she stopped talking and took her seat again. As soon as the interruption ended and Dumbledore began to continue his opening announcements everyone started to listen again.

Harry turned to Neville "What was that about?"

"The ministry is trying to interfere with Hogwarts," Neville said grimly.

Harry nodded and turned to look at the woman with narrowed eyebrows, who stared back at him.

Theywere soon excused to their dorms and Harry wasted no time falling asleep. He was tired for some reason. He didn't know why, but he felt that he had a hard year ahead of him, and how right he was.

"Harry mate, wake up we're going to be late for Potions." Neville nudged Harry to wake him up, because Harry had overslept. "Here's your class schedule."

"Head on without me. I'm going to be late anyway," Harry said to Neville dejectedly as he made his way to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

"Are you sure?" Neville asked.

"Yeah, thanks for waking me." Harry heard Neville leave the dorm. He knew Snape would give him a whole year's worth of detention for being late the first day. He never truly understood why the professor hated him so much. He could not feel anything but intense hatred from him whenever Snape looked at Harry, which angered Harry more as he had never done anything to be hated by him.

He finished taking a shower and then quickly put on his robes. He felt his stomach grumble and cursed to himself. He ran out of the common room and took several shortcuts he knew to make it to the potions classroom. When he made it to the door, he stopped to compose himself, after taking a few deep breaths, he opened the door.

Snape turned to the door, noticing Harry's presence "Potter," he spat, "You're late, twenty points from Gryffindor and a detention with me this Friday," he told him, not even giving him time to explain.

Harry sighed and shook his head. He went and took a seat next to Ron, who gave him a sympathetic look.

Today they were brewing an Advanced Sleeping potion, and Harry was fairly good at Potions but Snape's attitude towards him dampened down his potential at the subject, He would usually get Poor for his potions but if Snape was having a good day, he would get Acceptable.

Today was no different. He finished right after Padma Patil, who finished first in the class. Their potions looked exactly the same. While she got an Outstanding, Harry only got an Acceptable. Harry would have complained to him but he knew that would only make matters worse. Whatever the Professor hated him for it was deep and he would let him sort out his issues on his own.

The next class was charms with the Hufflepuffs. Harry liked the professor of the class but the class itself was draining for him. Flitwick had been trying to help him with his magic, even asking him to try certain charms during class much to Harry's humiliation. He hoped today was going to be an easy lesson but it seemed today was not going to be his day. When everyone was ready Flitwick began his lesson.

"Today we'll be trying to perfect a charm with the incantation 'Aresto Momentum'. Its purpose is to decrease the momentum of any moving object and if you look above you, you will see you each have the snitch but they have been charmed to weigh more than the average. They will repeatedly fall and rise until you manage to slow down their Velocity with the spell. Now remember, the incantation is 'Aresto Momentum."

As the professor finished his lecture, the snitches above everyone started falling and ascending. Harry sighed in frustration, another hard year. The only reason he actually passed the class was because of his knowledge on the theory of the spells, as he couldn't do so well with the practical. He pulled out his wand and pointed it at the moving snitch, he took a deep breath before "Aresto Momentum!" and as expected he felt the magical pull and the need to pass out. The snitch did slow down for a moment, moving at a slower rate but quickly regained its original pace.

Harry hit his head on his desk. He felt like he was going to pass out but he pulled out a vial of the Energy Potions that Dumbledore gave him and drank it. He felt his energy return to him but refrained from attempting to do the spell again.

Flitwick noticed this and frowned. No one had any idea on what was wrong with Harry. James and Lily were both powerful, but Harry did not seem to have inherited any of their skills. What was more worrying was that he would easily get tired when attempting even simple spells.

Harry left the classroom with an annoyed frown, the Puff's were mocking him while they thought he couldn't hear and he was frustrated with himself but he thought, 'It's not my fault.'

The Next class was Defense Against the Dark Arts with the Slytherins. He sat next to Neville this time. The class was making a ruckus. Someone had conjured a paper bird and it was flying around the class. It was suddenly burned into ashes when the door to the classroom swung open.

"Good morning, children," a sickly sweet voice said from behind the class and everyone turned to see Professor Umbridge, with her wand in hand.

She then pointed her wand to the small board in front of the class and started writing on it as she approached it. "Ordinary Wizarding Level examinations, more commonly known as OWLs." She had reached the front of the class at this point and she turned to them before she continued. "Study hard and you will be rewarded, fail to do so and the punishments may be severe!" She looked like she was waiting for a reaction. When she got none, she used her wand to lift the books on the desk behind her and place each one in front of someone on their desks.

"The previous instruction on this subject has been disturbingly uneven, but you will be please to know from now on, you will be following a carefully structured, ministry approved course of Defensive Magic," she continued.

Harry looked at the book labelled 'Dark Arts Defense: Basics for beginners.' He opened it and frowned at it; it had nothing about using defensive spells. He saw Hermione's hand shoot up and he knew other students noticed too.

"Yes?" Professor Umbridge asked pointing towards Hermione.

"There's nothing in our course objectives about using defensive spells," she told Umbridge sounding disappointed.

"Using defensive spells?" she laughed a sickly laugh that made Harry want to cover his ears. "Why, I can't imagine why you would need to use defensive spells in my classroom."

"We're not going to use magic?" Ron blurted from behind Harry.

"You'll be learning about defensive spells in a secure, risk-free way," she replied tersely, eyes narrowing.

"What use is that if we're going to be attacked, it won't be risk free then," Harry frowned at the Defense professor.

She turned and moved away. "Students will raise their hands if they wish to speak in my class, Mr. Potter."

'Ron didn't raise his hand but you answered him,' Harry thought dryly.

She turned back to the class. "It is the view of the ministry, that a theoretical knowledge will be sufficient to get you through your examinations which after all is what school is all about."

"How is theory supposed to prepare us for what's out there," Harry was getting a bit frustrated now, raising his hand.

"There is nothing out there dear. What would you imagine would want to attack children, like yourself?" she questioned.

Harry narrowed his eyes at her and spoke in a stone cold voice. "Voldemort." It had the same effect it always did, gasps and involuntary flinches. Neville looked down to the table next to him and whispers broke out.

Umbridge's smile faltered for a second, then it returned. "Now let me make this clear." Her voice turned cold while her smile was plastered on her face. "You have been told that a certain dark wizard is at large once again. This is a lie." she turned to Harry when she said the last part, putting emphasis on the word lie.

"I suppose Cedric dropped dead then?" Every eye turned to Harry.

"Of course not! Where the prize money was a thousand Galleons, and the glory from being the winner of the Tri-Wizard tournament. I'm sure you-"

"Are you accusing me of killing Cedric for a thousand galleons!? Do you even know which family line I belong to?!" Harry was seething. He knew some blamed him for killing him, but for thousand Galleons?

"That is quite enough! Fifty points from Gryffindor, do not speak to me in such a tone!" Umbridge's voice held a little anger also.

Harry stared at her for a few seconds, seething in rage. Contemplating on what to do, he knew picking a fight with this woman would lead to more trouble he didn't want, and decided to turn back to the book and let Umbridge continue the lesson.

"Besides, squib, it's not like you can do the spells without fainting anyway," Malfoy mocked causing some of the Slytherins to laugh. Harry gripped his book tighter but said nothing. Umbridge smiled at this but didn't make any move to reprimand Malfoy for talking out of turn. Harry was starting to feel like this year would be the worst year he would ever have. He couldn't escape the physical and emotional torture he endured at the Dursleys or at school. Rage built up inside him, as two words flooded his mind, 'freak' and 'squib'.

The rest of the week passed slowly for him, with the same thing happening in the classes. He would do well in theory and fail practically. Umbridge kept on making it a point that Voldemort had not returned.

Soon enough Friday night came and it was time for his detention with Snape. He had plenty of detentions with Snape to know how this would go. He would clean up all the cauldrons used from the classes. He turned the corner of the corridor and saw the blonde girl from the train standing in front of the Potions class, with Snape talking to her. Snape noticed his presence and sneered.

"Potter, you're late for your detention. Ten points from Gryffindor. What are you standing around for? Enter the room," he drawled to Harry who quickly obliged and entered the potions classroom.

"Now, you and Greengrass will clean the cauldrons and pack away all the vials that already have potions in them, and do not drop any of them, Potter, the consequences would be severe." Snape gave a smug smile. "Do not use magic, I will return to check on you both shortly." With that, Snape turned and left the two students alone.

Harry turn to Greengrass and found her looking at him coldly, "Uh-what did you do to get detention?"

She stared at him for a few seconds longer, not saying anything, then turned around to grab a cloth to begin cleaning the cauldrons.

Harry groaned, "Is it a Slytherin thing to ignore people or something?"

She snorted, "No, we just choose to ignore those who we have no need to associate with."

Harry sighed and moved to grab a cloth to clean the cauldrons. They spent thirty minute's cleaning the cauldrons with Snape coming to check on them twice.

When they started packing the vials in a cupboard, Harry had long since stopped his attempts on conversation as she obviously did not want to speak to him. He was walking back towards where the potion vials were when he ran into the corner of a table and stumbled into her, causing her to drop the potion vials she was carrying, and fall to the ground underneath him.

"Potter! You idiot, what the hell were..." she stopped talking when she inhaled the aroma of all the potions that fell. There were different types of potions she was carrying before Harry fell into her, the smell of all the mixed potions caused her to feel a swirl of emotions she couldn't explain but there was at the top of all. Lust.

Harry, affected by the potions also, tried his best not to give into the emotions he was feeling, but all of his restraint was lost when he caught her eye while he was lying on her. He kissed her with a fiery passion and she responded with equal need.

He rolled onto his back and she followed suit, getting onto him with her legs around his waist. He trailed his kisses down her neck as she gave out moans of approval. She was in pure bliss; her nipples hardening. She wanted all of him and he wanted all of her.

Harry pulled off her robe and unknotted her tie and, still kissing her, he started to unbutton her shirt. She started to rub herself on him, causing him to groan softly. He finished unbuttoning her shirt, revealing a white bra. He tried to unclip it from behind but his inexperience was clear and she decided to do it for him. Soon he started caressing her breasts, hot and soft under his hands.

"Harry..." She moaned, she didn't want to stop, even though her brain was screaming for it. She found herself on the floor again and Harry stopped kissing her to unbuckle his pants and to remove his shirt.

He bent down to continue kissing her. Then he started to go down on her, moving from her lips to her neck then to her stomach. When his manhood then sprang loose, she eyed it with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation.

"Ready?" He was panting with need and positioning himself over her. She nodded, tears welling in her eyes, knowing what was happening, and knowing that a part of her wanted it.

Harry slowly started to push into her and she winced. He instantly went still, his heart pounding. Slowly, she adjusted herself and nodded to him again to continue. Pain was all she felt as he went into her and she dug her nails into his back. He started to move into her slowly, but his thrust speed started to increase as she began moving into him, the pain receding. He rolled himself onto his back again pulling her on top of him and continued to kiss her while still moving with her.

"Ahhh - Harry!" she moaned into the kiss as they both approached their climax.

They both reached their climax and Harry paused inside her and she let out a moan when her orgasm took over her and she fell onto his chest, his manhood still in her. Then they both snapped out of their potion induced trance.

His eyes went wide in recognition. He was petrified and he couldn't move.

She put her arms on his chest, lifting her torso, she stared at him wide-eyed, tears rolling down her cheeks. She quickly jumped off him, she tried to run to her clothes but her thighs hurt but when she did, she put on all her clothes and after wearing her robe she left the class stumbling awkwardly.

Harry sat up and put on his robe's as fast as he could. He knew Snape would be here soon and he did not want to have Snape find himself in this state. He cleaned up all the enduring proof of what happened, put away the remaining vials and left for the common room. When he entered, he went straight for the dorms and tried his best to sleep, he eventually fell asleep with a thought.

"What in Merlin's name did I do?"

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