A/N - Hi, this is Ana of Mirkwood here! Um, this is my first fan fiction, like, ever, so please don't be too hard on me, but feel free to criticize. I am addicted to fan fiction, especially Loki-centric ones, so I was like, what the heck? So I just decided to write one too… Reviews welcome :)

Life, thought Loki, considering Midgardian slang, sucked.

He trudged behind Thor, shuffling his feet until he realized that he probably looked like a disobedient child following his parent for a punishment. Immediately, Loki straightened up, shoulders back as he walked in a loose, easy stride.

Everything had seemed to go well, Loki recollected bitterly. Even when the spider had tricked him into revealing his plan, everything had turned out all right. If it hadn't been for the Hulk and the 'nuke'….

He had underestimated the humans…what did they call themselves? Revengers? Avengers? Ah, that was it.

But he wasn't going to underestimate them again.

"Loki!" called Thor in exasperation. Loki narrowed his eyes. Please, don't ask me anything….

"Can you go any faster?!"

Oh, no.

The All-Father, after Loki's humiliating defeat, had stripped Loki of all his magic fully, and then Odin had cast a spell on him so that every mortal he harmed, even pinched, Loki would feel exactly what the human felt. But he hadn't stopped there. Odin had then gone on to unarm him of his greatest weapon - his lies. Now, Loki could only speak the truth.

No, Loki willed himself to say. But that was not what came out. "Yes," replied Loki reluctantly, clenching his teeth. The moment he got out of his punishment, Loki was going to rip out Thor's head and shove it down his throat.

"Then please do hurry, brother," replied Thor. "We don't have all day."

"What kind of genius idea is this, Thor?" asked Loki, finally, ignoring his statement. "Supposedly sheltering me on the realm I just tried to conquer, and in the home of the people who just conquered me."

"We cannot leave you on Asgard with the guard so limited, since they are defending the city against the Chitauri," answered Thor, "And what place is better to house you than the home of those who conquered you?"

Loki was forced to reply Thor's last rhetorical question because of the All-Father's enchantment. "None," mumbled Loki sulkily. Thor looked guilty, and opened his mouth to apologize, but Loki cut him off.

"There is the Man of Iron's house," he said quickly, unwilling to suffer through an angst-ridden Thor apologizing profusely. "You had better have planned well for this, Thor."

"I have," said Thor unconvincingly, uneasy for the first time.

Loki smirked.