The dark haired man turned at the sound of his name and was immediately pulled into a bear hug. "B.J.! Look at this, we're back!"

B.J. was grinning, one hand still clasped on his friend's shoulder. "But thank God we're not in Korea!"

"Hawkeye! B.J.!"

Both men turned now to see the camp's head nurse coming toward them. "Margaret!" Hawkeye exclaimed, hugging her tight then holding her at arms distance and taking in a year's worth of changes. "How are you?"

The nurse beamed, studying his face as well. "Oh, I missed you, Hawkeye."

"Not possibly more than I missed you." His voice turned incredulous. "Who would have guessed that?"

"Oho," B.J. called. "I spy a Winchester. Oh, Charles!"

"So how are you?" Margaret asked Hawkeye.

"Good, good, great! You?"

The tall Bostonian made his way over to their circle. "I thought perhaps I was in the wrong place." He paused dramatically, but failed to cover the smile in his eyes. "Now I know I am."

Hawkeye clapped a hand on Charles' shoulder. "You missed us, didn't you?"

B.J. shrugged and smiled. "He must have. He's here, isn't he?"

"Gentlemen," Charles drawled. "It is rude to refuse an invitation when you are acquainted with the host."

Margaret rolled her eyes but was just as full of smiles as the rest of the group. "Oh, Charles."

B.J. grinned at his upperclass friend, memories of their time in the Swamp filling his mind. "Boy, I even missed you, you big lug."

Charles lifted a finger, pointing warningly at the Californian. "Hunnicutt, that title can only be used one way in this friendship.

"Then say it."

There was a pause, but even Charles' mask of composure slipped as he said it. "I missed you, you big lug."

Hawkeye was cackling. "Oh, this is great! The gang's back together!"

"And the situation," Charles pointed out, "is much improved."

"So are the drinks," Margaret added, wrapping an arm around Hawkeye and B.J. who threw an arm around Charles' shoulders. "Come on, boys, we have some catching up to do."