Change of View 1: Nervous

WARNING: This story contains TCEST!

Rating: M

Pairing: LeoxRaph

Setting: 2k3 Turtles

Summary: A TCestuous continuation to Point of View.

If Master Splinter hadn't woken us, I think we would have spent the entire night sleeping side-by-side in the dojo. I still feel sore and exhausted. It's only by Sensei's prodding that I make it to my feet. Raph isn't too happy about having to move either, but he doesn't argue the order to go clean up and then head to bed.

I'm all too aware of the loss of heat I've suffered since separating from Raph. It's discomforting. Almost as discomforting as this silence that's fallen between us on our walk to the bathroom.

I glance over at Raph and catch him looking at me. My head turns away so fast my neck cricks and I have to bite back a curse of pain.

I don't understand why his gaze is making me nervous.

Maybe because I'm afraid that we're at risk to go right back to behaving the way we always have now that we've left the dojo. One wrong move, one poorly chosen word and all the progress our relationship made tonight will be completely lost.

Maybe Raph is thinking the exact same thing. Maybe he's watching me because he expects me to be the one who ruins everything.

I can't let that happen. I can't break the fragile hold I have on him. If I do, I doubt I'll ever get him back and I…

…I need him.

Every inch of my body is aching as I start peeling off my dirty gear. By the time I reach my belt, my face has heated over with embarrassment and it's then that I realize that Raph has been stealing glances at me the entire time I've been undressing. Why that would suddenly make feel so self-conscious, I don't know. It's nothing new. I've been bathing with my brothers since we were little. And you could hardly call our gear clothing.

Yet the idea of getting into the shower with Raph right now has got my heart pounding….