Change of View 2: Sloth

WARNING: This story contains TCEST!

Rating: M

Pairing: LeoxRaph

Setting: 2k3 Turtles

Summary: A TCestuous continuation to Point of View.


….feels like I just closed my eyes and already someone's shaking me awake….

…go away…I just wanna sleep…


After about a minute, I realize it's Master Splinter rattling me. Another minute and I figure out that I'm in the dojo, not in my room. Then by minute three I notice Leo's wrapped around my left side like a sloth clinging to a tree limb.

Which is weird 'cause the way I remember it, Leo fell asleep with just his head on my shoulder. When did he leech on to me like this?

Splinter keeps telling us that we need to go shower then get to our own rooms. I'd get up and go do what he says, but every time he insists we move, Leo holds on a little tighter and buries his face into my neck. He keeps muttering and I can't hear a damn word he's saying until he turns his head enough to unblock his mouth.

…Raph is mine...

I must still be sleeping. Why the hell would Leo say something like that?

Alright, alright, Sensei. I'm getting up. Sheesh.

Fuuuuuck. There ain't an inch of me that don't hurt. I'll be lucky if I make it to the bathroom let alone my bed.

Leo's barely limping along, too. I'd ask him how he's feeling, but all those bruises and that grimace on his face should make the answer pretty obvious. Besides, he doesn't look like he's got the energy for talking.

Hell, I ain't so sure I do either. I ain't gonna linger in the shower too long. I need some sleep.

But damn that hot water feels good.

Loosens up the muscles. Eases some of the ache. Helps the mind think.

…Raph is mine…

…what did Leo mean by that?