Got the idea of this based off of Chillman22's Crossover Challenge. Just added my own spin on it, but expect many of the monster halves of these couples from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, and other similar works.

The first thing Neji Hyuuga realized when he woke up was that he couldn't move.

The young jounin kept his eyes shut. He did not want to alert his captors to his return to consciousness so he kept his eyes shut, and his byakugan deactivated. Neji tried to get a feel for his field of movement and was dismayed by his findings.

He felt weightless, suspended in the air like a sack of meat. He could not lift his arms from his side and his legs were bound together tight enough that there was no space between them. Whatever his captors used to bound him, it restricted his movements completely.

"Neji, are you awake?" A familiar voice called out.

"Tenten?" He said. "Is that you?"

"You can open your eyes, whoever grabbed us isn't here right now."

He activated his byakugun as Neji opened his eyes. All around him were members of the Konoha Eleven in the same situation as his own. They were wrapped tightly in cocoons made of spider-like silk and it instantly put him on edge. Had a relative of the sound nin, Kidomaru, come seek revenge against the Leaf for his death?

Through the eyes of the byakugun, he could not see any chakra running through the threads, though they felt far stronger then Kidomaru's. Where did the enemy receive such material?

"Does anyone know what happened before they woke up here?" Shikamaru questioned. Neji knew what he was doing. To figure out an escape plan, they need to figure out how they were captured first to avoid the same mistakes.

Each of them gave their own recollection of their final moments; Ino was working at the family flower shop, Sakura was doing her shift at the hospital, Choji was enjoying the food at one of the weekly feasts for his clan, Kiba took Akumaru on their usual walking route through the woods, and Tenten was working alongside Lee in the training grounds.

Shikamaru thought over their answers. Neji watched the Nara's brow as it twitched before his eyes focused upon him. "What about you Neji?" He asked. Neji felt like he was holding something back, but he had no reason to distrust Shikamaru.

"I had just finished aiding in the instruction of the movements of the Gentle Fist to the younger members of the clan." He answered.

"Is it a regularly scheduled affair?" Shikamaru quieried.

Neji would have nodded if he could move his head. "Yes."

The shadow manipulator grimaced. "That's not good." He continued. "Whoever captured us, clan heirs to half of the village, would have had information on each of our own private schedules."

The Hyuuga male bit back a curse. His fellow comrades on the other hand had no such restraint.

"Shit." Kiba swore. "Konoha has a spy."

"Fufufufu…not quite." A voice sounded from the shadows. It was feminine and her tone carried an undercurrent of danger.

Both Ino and Kiba screamed bloody murder against their captor, who just laughed off their insults. "Now, now. No need to get all huffy. Besides there are still few people you haven't heard from."

Neji saw strands of spider silk bounce and buck and they lead to tied up Hinata and Shino Aburame. Neji felt himself flush in embarrasement that he completely forgot that his cousin was here with him, though he felt no guilt about the Aburame heir.

Through his byakugan, Neji saw that both of them were in the same situation as the rest. Judging from their body language, Hinata seemed more relax than anyone else but Neji had years of watching over Hinata to see her true feelings being portrayed. Her muscles were constantly flexing beneath the strands, as if to wear them down before breaking free. Even small bits of chakra poured out of her tenketsu as she tried to weaken the silk.

After years of his emotional abuse against her, Neji is proud of how far Hinata has come.

From his own knowledge of Hinata's teammates, Neji knew that Shino has always been rather stoic. Only speaking when spoken to. Among the Konoha Eleven, he is the most emotionally controlled, but right now, Shino was catatonic in fear.

Shikamaru turned his attention towards the near silent members of the Konoha Eleven. "What were you two doing before you were knocked out?" With their captor listening into their conversation, there was no point in hiding information they already knew. Neji hated this feeling of helplessness, let alone being at the complete mercy of their kidnapper.

"Hinata what was the last thing you remember?" Shikamaru questioned.

All eyes focused onto the young woman who has grown past her nervousness from her childhood. She met their eyes, despite her restricted movement. "Shino and I were waiting for Kurenai-sensei at the training field 11." She paused. "Shino tried to warn me before I lost consciousness."

All eyes turned to the Aburame, they waited for his input and he did not respond. Being the closest to him, Hinata's face furrowed with concentration. "Shino I can't understand what you are saying. You need to speak up." She said, hoping to coax more from her teammate.

As if broken from a trance, Shino's head whipped upward so fast that his glasses flew off his face. His dark, narrow eyes were wide with fear as they constantly darted around the cavern. His voice rang out with panic, "We need to leave!" His fellow Leaf ninja stared at him with awe and shock. "NOW!" Shino yelled.

The dark laughter from before had returned. "Oh? Do you know what I am little insect?" Skittering echoed throughout the cavern, like shards of broken glass hitting a tiled floor. "I must admit," The woman continued. "That is rather surprising. The Hokage did not even recognize my people. But you-" She laughed. "It makes sense, the old pervert spoke volumes on how much your clan prides itself your vaunted logic knowledge, but in face of a true predator your instincts and fear make themselves known. After all, your only human."

Neji activated his byakugan. "Enough of this! We are done playing your game. Show yourself!" He demanded.

The strands of spider silk tightened around his body and constricted Neji, but not enough to cause him pain.

"No need to get uppity little boy. But you are right, it is time for the grand reveal."

With his byakugan activated, Neji was to first to see their captor. Long red hair flowed from her head, tied into a ponytail with metal pins. Her face framed with bangs that hanged down her cheeks. Her eyes blue, but they held steel behind the icy gaze. This was further enhanced by the other six pairs of pupiless eyes on her forehead. Dark blue chitin-like armour covered her body, it exemplified her curvy figure down to her waist. Below it however…

Gasps of surprise sounded from his comrades as their captor came into their view. Her large adobomen was dark-violet was covered with a black fur cloak. She skittered towards them on top of her six-legs, each step echoed across the cavern with clicks and clacks. The spider-woman gazed up at the hanging ninja with interest. Her two front appendages, pedipalps, dived and poked the empty air in front of her, as if dissecting an invisible prey.

Now in full view of the trapped ninja, Shino was the first to speak. His eyes never left their captor's form and his tone subdued. "An Arachne."

"My name is Tsuki Hanatai." The woman smiled. It was terrifying. "I'll have to keep an eye on you."

Shino shivered.

Shikamaru spoke, "So what do you want with us? You could probably get a decent amount of money for ransom for most of us, but the village wouldn't take too kindly from the fact that you kidnapped us right from under their nose."

Hanatai smirked. "Who said I kidnapped you?"

"What?" Shikamaru questioned.

"But first I need to tell you a story, let me get comfortable." The spider-woman plucked seemingly random strands of silk and pull them toward her, and created a cradle of webbing that rised beneath her. With her added weight to the cradle, Neji felt the strands tighten around his body, and the sensation was certainly shared among his comrades with their gasps of surprise.

Hanatai ignored their protests and begin to weave her tale. "About a year ago, I was minding my business in my homeland. Simply living the life that my ancestors lived before me." She sighed wistfully. "Just a simple silk weaver who toys with travellers that pass through her forest unaware."

She reached out and pulled a strand taunt, and Shino swung through the air only for the arachne to stop him with one hand. She pulled the trapped Shino close to her face, all the while he tried to squirm away fruitlessly. "It was a little boring," Hanatai admitted. "But when you look like me, I was content with what I had." She simply shrugged, as if her monstrous appearance was simply something she has grown to accept.

"One day however, one of you ninja wandered into my domain." Her taunting demeanor faded from her face, only to be replaced with a dreamy smile. "He was a runner. I had to hunt him for three days and three nights." Her face scrunched up with glee. "What a hunt it was! It was the first time I had a prey that had as much fun as I did. I'll never forget the second time he got away from me."

The arachne started to twirl her red hair around her fingers as she remenised. "For a whole day and night, I chased him to the outskirts of my domain. I finally trapped the little mouse high in the canopy of trees within my web. As I gazed down at his futetile struggle, I closed my eyes dreaming of the fun I would have with him in the morning. When the rising sun woke me in the morning, I was laid on the ground, my head in his lap as his fingers stroke through my hair." The spider-woman's cheeks flushed brightly with embarrassment. "He broke out of my trap to catch me as I fell out of the trees when I fell asleep. The sentimental fool also didn't want to take his chance to escape and leave a defenceless girl-" All her eyes shut tightly, as if to relive that very moment in her mind. "Alone in the woods."

With that the woman remembered her audience still wrapped around her. "Of course, I would have been fine without his help." She practically leapt from her seat where her laurels rested on the strands. Neji regained a miniscule amount movement from the removed pressure on their bodies.

"So what's your game?" Neji questioned. "Use us as hostages to draw out this ninja your hunting?" His eyes narrowed dangerously. "I highly doubt you are going to get who you want with us here. The Hokage won't stand for this."

A sigh escaped from Shikamaru's mouth. It was quiet at first, but it built up to a growl of frustration. "Have you had enough fun Tsuki?"

The arachne's taunting demeanor gave way to boredom, like when the hunter catches its prey, but the hunt was made easier than it should be. "So you've figured it out have you?" Hanatei huffed to herself. "The Hokage told me you would figure it out, but I wish I had more time to make you all squirm. Oh well." With almost careless ease, Hanatai reached behind her and with a single sweeping motion her knife cut a dozen strands of silk.

The bonds on the Konoha shinobi loosened and they dropped to the ground in combative stances. All were ready for an attack, with the exception of Shikamaru. He relaxed himself and stuffed his hands into his pockets as he slouched forward. "So why did the Godaime Hokage give you all our personal schedules?" He asked, as he ignored the gobsmacked expressions of his friends.

"Lady Tsunade was rather…crossed with my ninja." The spider-woman glared Sakura with as if to stake a claim on her unnamed prey. "Especially when he didn't tell her of our engagement. So a punishment for him, was for me to introduce myself to his friends." Hanatai plucked a few strings that hung limply from the ceiling of the cave.

"I was given leave to spin this little event my way as both an incentive for me, and a disincentive for his lack of contact. That woman is rather terrifying." Her fanged smile was full of warmth and adoration. "I'm going to like working for her."

"Do you have any proof?" Neji asked, unwillingly to let his guard down.

Before she could reply, a new voice echoed through the cave. "Hanatai-chan? Are you still down here?"

The voice sounded very familiar.

"Coming darling!" She cooed back. "I can't wait to work with you all." With that the red-haired arachne skittered into the shadows, low voices of greeting, love, and a very loud and expressive kiss could be heard, much to Kiba's visible discomfort. The Konoha ninja stood shocked as realization set in.

Choji was the first to speak. "So everyone heard Naruto right?"

"Yep." Tenten answered.

"And that the Hokage was just a bit peeved about him not telling her about his upcoming engagement?" Choji asked again.

"Yes." Shino replied curtly. His head still twisted and turned in small increments made everyone aware that he searched for any sign of the arachne's return.

Neji watched as Choji chewed on his next words and Hinata tried her best not to scream out her frustration. "So Naruto is marrying a giant spider lady?"

"Naruto's flames of passion burn ever brightly even being away from the village for so long. To be in love at such a young age." Lee pumped his arm and clenched his fist as his eyes burned with determination. "I too, must search the world for a someone to complete my heart and join me in the throes of our youth!" He exclaimed.

Neji joined Tenten as they rubbed their foreheads in exasperation. That was going to be a problem in the future.

Ino struggled to pull the last of the spider silk from her long hair. "But why would Naruto would fall for a woman with a bdsm fetish?"

All heads turned to Sakura. "What?" She asked.

Neji has never felt so done with a day since joining Team Nine. "You had to turn him into a masochist."


So expect a few updates every now and then with both male and female monsters with various Naruto characters. Consider this a destressor story that I write every now and then.