Shikamaru nursed his drink as he watched the amber liquid flow in his cup as he titled it back and forth. He was already drunk enough that he already started to see faces in his whiskey, but Shikamaru was not drunk enough that he still recognized them. He whipped the drink back and the burning sensation traveled down his throat. He heard the seat next to him squeak loudly as a person thumped down next to him.

"SSSShhhhikamaruuuuu…" He drawled.

In his near drunken state, the lazy ninja was still able to recognize the voice as he turned toward the orange and black blur next to him. "Is that you Naruto?" He asked. "You don't drink."

The Nara's comment was instantly refuted as Naruto waved down the bartender for half a dozen shots of scotch.

"Pervy Sage said that he drank a lot when he sees something that doesn't make a lot of sense." As the six glasses slid into place in front of him, the jinchuriki sullenly sighed as he prepped himself to drink like a fish. "I'm hoping that just wasn't his excuse to shut me up once and a while." Naruto hesitantly leered at the drink in front of him before he squared his shoulders and drank one of the shots slowly.

Naruto's face twisted into a mix of disgust and loathing as he looked down at the rest of the shots he ordered. "People drink this stuff for fun?!" He shouted in the dreary bar, much to Shikamaru's annoyance.

"Don't be such a kid you idiot." Shikamaru stated. He reached toward one amber blurs in his vision. "You are supposed to take a shot in a single go, like this-" Shikamaru demonstrated, and instantly regretted it as his stomach flipped inside of him. His head fell against the bar suddenly, his pineapple flopped forward and back before he raised his head again. The Nara lightly tapped the glass upside down before he turned back to his recent companion. "So what made you of all people turn to drink?"

Naruto's face puckered up in thought. His eyes turned back to the line-up of scotch on the bar. He took one and slammed it back just like Shikamaru did a moment ago. He did not fuss as much about the taste the second go around. "Have you seen Sakura's boyfriend?" He said, his face twisted into a grimace.

The Nara chuunin drank in the silence between them before answering. "Yep." Another pause. "Have you seen Ino's boyfriend?" He asked Naruto.

The grimace on the blond ninja's face became even more pronounced. "Yep."

More drinks filled the counter in front of the two impromptu drinking buddies.

"You see it too right?" Naruto questioned.

"If someone as dense as you could it-" Shikamaru started, "-then everyone can see it." He tried to rub away the pain that had built up behind his eyes.

Uzumaki glared at his friend. "Do Ino and Sakura see it?" Naruto questioned.

Shikamaru's clouded mind brought forth an event from a couple weeks prior when one of the Konoha Twelve attempted to let the girls know about their new partners. "Kiba tried telling them." Phantom sounds of mental and physical pain echoed in his mind. "He's still laid up in the hospital with four broken limbs and is still talking backwards."

Naruto looked absolutely flummoxed. "But-but that tree nymph dude looks like- "


"And the orc guy is basically- "


"And no one can say anything?"

Shikamaru snorted. "You can say whatever you want. I just don't expect you to survive their reprisal."

Another glass emptied down Naruto's gullet, his face flushed with a slight buzz. "Repri-what?" He slurred.

The chuunin groaned. "Never mind."

The door to the bar opened wide, all talking in bar ceased. Many patrons slowly started to edge their way out of the establishment. Two figures overshadowed the doorway and stretched toward the countertop. Neither Naruto nor Shikamaru noticed as the alcohol had loosened their inhibitions and in Naruto's case, his lips.

"But Hisoka looks just like Sakura, but with petals for hair!" Naruto cried out. "How does Ino kiss him and not see Sakura!" The blonde genin started waving his arms franticly. "I almost asked him out on a date when I ran into him because he looks so much like Sakura-chan." He grumbled under his breath, "No man should be that pretty."

The killing intent started to build within the pub, some of the weaker civilians shivered in fear. However, Naruto's complaints triggered Shikamaru's own internal rant that he had kept to himself for weeks on end.

"That Doi guy, is not much better." He said. After all those shots of scotch, the usually calm and composed Shikamaru was overly open and emotional. He slammed his palm against the table. "Sakura goes off on a mission as a mediator between an orc tribe and some far-off daimyo." His hands wave listlessly in the air, "Comes back a month later, with the orc chieftain's son."

The other patrons of the establishment, or at least those who were still conscious despite the overwhelming killing intent focus onto the two men still too drunk to notice. "Apparently," Shikamaru continued, "While helping with the negotiations Sakura got into a tussle with him and won the rite to," He paused. "Court him."

The aghast expression on Naruto's face was almost funny enough for this whole debacle to be worth it. Almost. "So, Sakura's been dating Doi and they have been really hitting it off. She's hasn't said anything about Sasuke for months." Shikamaru said, though his words were lost in the pitiful wail from the blonde ninja. Shikamaru continued, "

A promise of death and despair forced the servers to usher out the drunkards and weak-willed civilians, who've already passed out from the killing intent that had flooded the bar. Sadly, at this point even with the huge amount of alcohol in two chuunin's systems, they felt a very familiar rage targeted toward them.

Both young men shared a look, guzzled down their final shot each. Naruto was the first to speak as pink-haired monstrosity bared down upon him. "It was a good drink we had eh, Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru chuckled. "There's an old saying. Good sake gives rise to a great conversation. See you on the other side Naruto." He could feel a lithe arm, casually wrap across the front of his shoulders, much like a very familiar friend. Until the Nara's throat was in the crook of an elbow with pale skin. "Good night, Naruto."

The sun was high in the deep blue sky over Konoha when Ino and Sakura emerged from the underground pub an hour after they entered. They both squinted their eyes before the adjusted to the large amount of light. Both women took a deep breathe and cleared their lungs from musty pub air.

"That felt good." Sakura commented.

Ino nods. "Teaches them to talk behind our back. They both walk to the end of the street, before Ino pipes in, "Soooo…" she drawled. "Are you and Doi still up for tonight?" The platinum blonde asked with a knowing smirk.

The pink haired woman smiles back before saying, "Of course, as long as you and Doi cook dinner. I swear, last month it took an hour before I can tear him away from your kitchen."

"Oh please, we both know you and Hisoka were busy most of the night tending to all those herbs that suddenly appeared behind my flower garden." Ino replied.

Sakura shrugs with no sign of shame. "What can I say? He makes medicinal herbs way more interesting than Master did. She always preferred to use her hands when it comes to be a doctor."

Ino sighs with deep exhaustion, most likely from the repeated conversation in a different form. "Why do Hisoka and I love you and Doi?"

"Neither you or Hisoka can resist our muscles."


Not my best, but I really wanted to get out a piece about Ino and Sakura have a four-way relationship. Two chapters with guys, so at least another one with a female character before I switch over to the most underappreciated character (My opinion) of the Naruto series.