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A 12 year old girl struggled furiously against her restraints, her mouth despite being covered with a ball gag, let out a defiant resistance.

This girl who had jazzberry jam eyes and long silky black hair was Maya Yotsuba, a valuable member of the elusive Yotsuba Clan, one of the Magician families of Japanese mainland. She was currently strapped into a surgical table with men thrice her age surrounding her, leering on her defenseless and naked figure making her feel filthy and uncomfortable.

She let out a muffled cry of disgust as one of the men began to fondle her left bosom. The second was licking her exposed right nipple while the third one was shoving his fingers inside her genitalia. The 12 year old Maya couldn't help but cry begrudgingly and disgustingly, that her purity would just be taken from her without her consent and to these... old geezers.

She could only wept in silence as her dreams came crashing down in front of her...

...Until a blinding bluish light and an odd sound encapsulated the entire room.

When said light dispersed, her jazzberry jam eyes turned to where a single teen and an odd creature on the person's shoulders that just appeared inside the chamber out of nowhere. It seems that she wasn't the only one doing so, for the three men that were soiling her stared at the unsuspected and uninvited guest.

It appears to be there was a teen that suddenly stumbled in the experimentation chamber. The said person was a male and even despite in her current situation, Maya managed to take account that the boy had an effeminate appearance with spiky black and blue eyes; a pretty boy in Maya's book. He wore a black jacket with skull-motif buttons and sequenced details on pockets, unzipped and the tag on the zipper also has a small skull. Underneath, he wore a steel gray shirt with skull prints, a black cropped trousers and black buckled boots with red soles. On his left hand was a black motorcycle glovelet.

The second guest, which was sitting on the male teen's shoulder, was a creature that resembled like a fennec fox with its large ears and small snout. It has pale blue fur, brown eyes, and a puffy tail. On its forehead was something akin to a small horn, embellished with a ruby red luster. The creature made a small yet cute yip, making the male teen to glimpse at it before scanning the entire room with his eyes, giving off a predatory stare.

Maya felt a sudden jolt of danger swirling in her chest when the boy's eyes fell on her. It was, as if, she was being analyzed and targeted. Before anyone inside the room could utter a single word, the boy with spiky black hair and blue eyes erupted in bluish radiance, leaving a glowing husk and light specks. And before she could blink, the boy was already beside her radiating a bluish glow before it vanished in a split second. The three men that were doing debauchery against her chastity and modesty immediately fell on the floor with a loud thud.

Maya couldn't help but stare at the bodies of the disgusting men lying on the floor and then at the glowing bluish husk still suspended in the air at the corner of the room.

It was her first time seeing something like that. It was magic, that Maya was sure of. Teleportation magic she deduced, a magic that Maya knew was something impossible to procure. But the most peculiar thing was that she didn't even see the boy using a Casting Assistant Device.

Or even feel a single ounce of magic being pulsated.

"Carbuncle." The male teen spoke, his voice calm and controlled, his hands were on the process to remove the gag on her face and the straps on her wrists. Maya could see that the boy was trying his best not to look on her exposed private parts out of respect and modesty.

"Yip!" The fennec fox-like creature yipped cutely as it landed softly beside her and began chewing off the straps restraining her feet.

"Could you move?" The male inquired to her with a concerned tone as he assisted her to sit up.

Maya tried to move her legs and arms but to no avail. She can still feel her limbs and yet she couldn't move them.

The male teen seems to notice this. He took of his jacket and wrapped it around Maya's naked figure before he casually leaned forward, one one of his arms wrapping around her back and the other around her knee, nonchalantly carrying her bridal style with the blue coated fennec fox already on his shoulder.

At the sudden lack of bashful expression from the teen, frustration began to built up in Maya. Most boys her age, and even beyond her age, would fight to carry her in such an intimate manner and they would be privileged for their hands to be near her body, much less touch it. Even his fiance had a cute and bashful expression when she first allowed him to carry her in such a way. On the other hand, this boy who appeared older than her two or three years, did not have any sort of embarrassment marring on his face. Rather it was stoic and indifferent.

Couldn't he see that he was carrying a fine specimen of female beauty on his arms?

With her on his arms, the boy then casually exited the horrible room with a careful stride. The moment that they stepped out, an armed group bearing the highest caliber of weapons were already at the hallway, firearms already pointed at them. Maya felt the sudden tightness of the grip coming from the boy, pulling her closer to him. This course of action allowed Maya to hear the teen's beating heart as her right ear was pressed against his left chest.

There was no any sign of panic coming from it rather, it was beating in a normal pace.

The group of men then proceeded to expel hail of bullets at them yet the boy that was carrying her had the balls to walk straight forward. She felt a pulse of magic being cast yet it was brief, faint and only lasted half of a second, and the next thing Maya knew the bullets that were intended to skewer them didn't even reached them.

Bluish crystalline specks of dust became apparent, the same thing that Maya saw back at the room where she was held, surrounding her and the male teen. The magnificent luminous fragments spun around them in a clockwise manner and Maya could swear that she heard the ratcheting sound of lead being bounced off of an invisible barrier encircling them.

She didn't have any sort of visual of the said barrier however the dancing crystalline fragments and sound of iron hitting against a rain of tiny lead bullets said otherwise. The boy carrying her effortlessly waltz against an onslaught of projectiles casually, as if dismissing the army in front of them like they didn't exist.

Maya then took a quick glimpse of the lad's face.

'He's more handsome at this distance' Maya contemplated, her eyes sparkling out of interest and bewilderment. 'Much more and way more cooler than my fiance. Who is this boy?' Maya asked no one, unaware of the small blush adorning her cheeks.

The clicking sounds coming from the firearms' trigger prompted Maya to direct her attention once again at the men in front of them. From her jazzberry jam eyes, she could see the panic on the gunmen's behavior, hands shakily grabbing at the new batch of magazine on their holster.

However, before they can reload their rifles, Maya sensed a flush of Psion gathering on the soldiers before her surroundings erupted in a white brilliance. The temperature drastically dropped as the air became chilly and cold, snowflakes were falling down from the ceiling, gelid haze flooded and hovered a few centimetres above the ground, and the tiled pavement was frozen solid while giving off a lustrous shine.

The gunmen, on the other hand were turned into an ice statues that could be mistaken as sculptures being chiseled perfectly that can only be seen at a winter theme park.

The sight alone caused Maya to be stupefied, amazed and astonished.

'Teleportation magic and now Freezing magic?' Miya thought as she stared at the pretty boy that was carrying her who started to move. 'What else can you do?'

Maya's rumination on the subject however would be presented an answer that she won't be expecting.

The male teen with spiky black hair stopped in front of a frozen wall. This action caused Maya to look at the boy and at the wall with a questioning look. Then without warning, she felt a sudden rush of Psion encapsulating her before experiencing a funny feeling as she passed through the wall...

Wait, what...!?

Maya was beyond speechless.

If she could only move her body and mouth, she would let out a scream of bewilderment and surprise while repeatedly tapping the lad's shoulder for the ridiculousness and craziness on what he just did. After all, a magic that allows someone to walk through walls was something unheard or unknown of and this teen, showcasing a pretty boy face carrying her like a princess, just did that.

Unfortunately for the young female Yotsuba, it wasn't the case. With her whole frame still in a state of semi-paralysis, Maya could only watch with her own eyes as she found herself outside the institution that held her captive a while ago. The view of the reddening sky, signifying the sun had set in on the western sky...the land that were covered in lush greenery below their feet...

...Wait, that wasn't right.

Before she could process everything though, the youngest Yotsuba twin felt the sudden downward pull of gravity.

They were literally falling, and this made her heart skipped in a beat in panic. That panic-stricken feeling subsided however, when Maya felt the sudden yet brief pulse of Psions and the next thing she knew, they were already on the ground.

'It seems that he teleported us to the ground...' Maya thought inwardly as she stared at the now crouching lad and then at the glowing husk suspended up above where they originally came from. 'To utilize Weight Type, Movement Type, Convergence Type, Dispersal Type and Release Type processes even, in one setting and in just a nanosecond...'

This showcase of rare talent truly astonished Maya. This was her first time seeing a magician that uses a magic that involves four or even five systems. It was already rare to see a magic that involves 3 different types of processes and to see someone who can use 4 or 5 processes within a limited time-frame, such person is a genius on Maya's book. Another thing that Maya noted was that the Teleportation Magic that the lad used wasn't Modern Magic.

Then there's that Phasing Magic earlier. Maya was sure that the said magic also involves four processes similar to the Teleportation Magic; Weight Type, Movement Type, Convergence Type, Dispersal Type, and Release Type. Four or five same processes yet two different utilization on each two different magics. It wasn't Modern Magic similar to the former.

And all of those didn't involve a ritual to initiate, which Maya was sure to notice.

'Is he an Ancient Magician that doesn't utilize any kind of ritual?' Maya mused as the boy carrying her began to sprint forward when a couple of guards appeared on their left side. 'Or a Superpower User? No, that's not possible. He cast a Freezing Magic earlier similar to [Niflheim] but much more potent.'

[Niflheim] is a Wide-Area Deceleration Oscillation Type Magic considered as a Rank A Freezing Magic. It is a Modern Magic that ignores heat and appearance, using magic to uniformly cool down all the objects within a set area. As a result, a large mass of cold air which contains a fog of liquid nitrogen, diamond dust, and dry ice particles is formed. As member of a magician family that prioritize on Modern Magic, Maya Yotsuba had some knowledge of such magic spell.

However the one that the boy cast earlier at the hallway, if Maya have to be honest, was more powerful than the Niflheim she knows. The Rank A Freezing Magic spell she knows of doesn't emit a blinding light, the teen's spell does however. It was like she had just stumbled upon the Ancient Magic version of [Niflheim] out of pure luck.

It is already common knowledge among Modern Magicians that most spells that they utilize were derived from their Ancient Magic counterparts. In terms of superior firepower, secrecy and potency, Ancient Magic boast such dominance when it comes to surprise attacks. Though it is slower and more focused than Modern Magic, it is more capable of different things, most of it is specialized beyond the capabilities of Modern Magic.

Yet the boy didn't use any Ancient Magic devices like talismans or incantations.

A Superpower User on other hand, is a magician that utilize magics that are considered as Superpowers; magics that directly cause phenomenon without Activation Sequences or any other ritual, unlike Modern Magic or Ancient Magic. Superpower Users can only use one type of magic, any differences will just be variations of the original. It can be considered a specialization, to a point where the magics that can only be used are few. Superpowers can be activated with pure thought regardless of intent or will, unlike modern magic, where unintentionally creating a magic sequence and activating it is impossible for magicians using dozens of types of magics, like most Modern Magicians.

Yet the boy was capable of using more than one type of magic.

Maya's ears then picked up a loud booming male voice, angrily sputtering something in Mandarin which she deduced came from the goons behind them before hearing gunshots firing. A sudden rush of Psions then resonated, barely noticeable and insanely swift like the previous ones, and before she knows it her body reacted due to the sudden change of pace and gusts of breeze pressing against her face.


"Ah, sorry Carbuncle but please hold on tight!"


'[Accel] too?' Maya surprisingly thought as the view around her began to blur, 'No, this is different. This isn't just your average [Accel] spell, this is something else. An Ancient Magic version of Acceleration Type perhaps?' She stifled a giggle when she saw the fennec fox's reaction at the sudden burst of speed as it clings for dear life.

The young female was very familiar with [Accel] since she was a practitioner of such spell. She even showcased it during her fight against her captors but since she wasn't trained in physical combat, her abductors managed to overwhelm her through physical prowess. Maya could tell that this Acceleration Magic was more superior than [Accel].

As the two and a half teens dashed away from the horrible facility and gunshots in blinding speed, a random thought occured to Maya as she gazed at the princely visage of the black haired teen lad.

'Would it be possible for him to be my fiance instead?'

It only made her cheeks to puff red.