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Maya Yotsuba raised her left hand, rolling her wrist as she tried to test the movement of her limb before flexing each of her fingers. She did the same with the other limb and to her shoulders.

Both her arms were fine.

The 12 year old girl then tried to move her legs, tensioning the muscles from her thighs down to her ankles. She then move her hips in a circular motion.

Her lower body seems fine.


Hearing a cute and familiar yelp, Maya smiled at the creature next to her as she picked it up.

"Did I scare you, little fellow?" She patted the blue colored fennec fox's head causing it to purr and earning her a childish giggle, before taking a seat near the campfire. "I'm just stretching my muscles, that's all. Though I wonder when will your owner come back?"

Currently she was at clearing together with a strange fox creature in her arms. It was already night time when they arrived at a clearing a safe distance away from their pursuers. The clearing, in Maya's part, was located somewhere at the heart of the thick tropical forest that she and the male teen had entered. Being carried by that boy was a pleasant experience for Maya, she was able to feel how strong his arms were the entire time they all spent escaping from those old geezers.

As she watched the embers expelling away from the campfire, Maya's thoughts then wondered on the events that took place before her 'savior' went to find some food for them a while ago.

The boy knows Flame Magic.

When they arrived at this part of the greenwood, the boy immediately gather some wood nearby and built a camp site. Using his Flame Magic, the boy incite the gathered branches into a small blaze. Maya was amazed how the boy managed to cast such spell in an eighth of a second without invoking any incantations.

But what made the boy even more astounding in the female Yotsuba's eyes was the fact that he can also use Healing Magic; a branch of magic that Modern Magicians working on the field of medicine valued the most.

As the boy had explained to her, the spell he utilized to cure her semi-paralysis was named [Cure]. It is a Healing Magic that negates or cures ailments and negative status effects like paralysis, poison, petrification, and many others on the affected person. It was like a 'all-in-one' remedy for all the ailments that plagued the world since time immemorial.

'If such effect are true, then maybe he can help my mother...' Maya thought as the face of her beloved mother surfaced on her mind.

Her mother had been suffering an ailment that can't be treated by modern science for 4 years now. The Yotsuba had expended all of their available resources to hire the services of all the best doctors that they can find, magicians even, to no avail. All of them have the same diagnosis; there was nothing wrong with her mother.

Rather, they cannot find the cause of her mother's deteriorating health.

'When we get through this, I will have Father adopt the boy into the family.'

For the young Yotsuba princess, the boy was a jewel that rarely appears in front of someone. A rare gem, while already polished, can be refined more than it already is. Someone like him would be a great addition to her family. One, he can help bolster the reputation of the Yotsuba with his superb magic ability. Two, he can be her bodyguard. Three, with his Healing Magic, there might be a chance to cure her mother's unknown illness. And Four, Maya can set up the lad with her sister Miya.

'I think he's my Ane-ue's ideal type.' Maya mused with a smile remembering how her elder twin prefers boys with prince charming-like qualities. 'And he's also my type.'

Though such latter thought wasn't preferable for someone who had already a fiance like Maya, she was very sure of herself that sooner or later she will procure some feelings for the lad.

He had already left a powerful impression on her when he saved Maya from the gruesome fate that no daughter should have embark.

And that was something that Maya would be grateful of for the rest of her life.

Before any more thoughts can enter her mind, Maya picked up the sound of footsteps echoed in the clearing. Turning her head, Maya was greeted by the sight of a boy carrying fishes skewered by a wood branch and a pelt of fur on his shoulders.

It seems that he went fishing and hunting at the same time.


At the sight of the boy, the fennec fox on Maya's lap yipped in delight, its tail wagging from right to left.

"I hope I didn't make you wait." The boy spoke as he laid the skewered fish near the fire before putting the pelt over Maya's shoulders, an action that caused her to earn a blush. "It took me a while to make sure the fur is clean enough."

Maya's blush grew even more wider when the boy casually move to her side, sitting beside her while enveloping himself the other portion of the pelt. She gazed at the said animal fur draping over her shoulders, noticing how tidy and clean it was. Perhaps the boy did use some magic to eliminate dirt and fleas from the animal pelt.

It even smells nice too.

"I apologize in advance if this make you awkward."

"I don't mind." Maya said, waving her hands. 'Besides, I like it when you're this close to me...'

The sudden yet offhanded latter thought made Maya's face redder than it was before when she realized that. But she couldn't blame herself for having such idea, the boy's presence was very warm and soothing. It was as if he was light itself given form. It was calm, captivating, radiating an atmosphere of tranquility, protectiveness, and assurance. These were the emotions that she had felt earlier when she was carried by this boy in his strong arms.

It was kind of enthralling and comforting, if Maya would have to be honest to herself.

"I have yet to show my thanks for the assistance that you had given me." Maya spoke warmly, her eyes carefully watching the fish slowly being roasted by the fire in front of them.

"You don't have to thank me." The boy shook his head, his voice sounded so comforting. "I only did the right thing. Even the little guy agrees with me."


Though he may said such words, Maya was rather thinking the opposite. With nothing but only a single jacket covering her body that barely covers her healthy thighs, the youngest Yotsuba twin was tempted to give this boy, her savior, a very provocative pose as his reward in saving her.

One careless move and she could give this lad a remarkable sight and a memory that he can use to pleasure himself during some nights. She wasn't wearing anything down there. Of course, such line of thoughts was unbecoming from a refined young lady like her.

But Maya Yotsuba, how refined she may be, was also quite mischievous and teasing.

Though she decided to reconsider her plan of flashing the lad with her 'feminine charms'. Doing that would only give the lad a bad impression on herself. Other than that, Maya could tell that this lad wasn't like the other guys she had met when faced with a beauty like her.

Most of the guys within her age she know of would instantly drool or captivated by her lack of proper clothing. Their eyes would intently stare the accentuated and pronounced parts of her chest and thighs even her fiance Kouichi would also be susceptible with such powerful sight.

But not this lad currently sitting close to her, sharing an animal coat to ward off the cold breeze of the night.

This male was different. Glancing at the black jacket she zipped around her figure...Maya really need to get the boy's name.

"Um, Nii-san." Maya began, causing the lad to look at her with his cool yet vibrant blue eyes. "Can I have the name of the boy who saved my life?"

For a moment, the boy was silent before twitching his mouth slightly upward.

"The name's Tatsuo." The boy named Tatsuo replied in a friendly tone. "And you?"

"Maya." The Yotsuba answered, not giving her surname. Maya was quick to discern that the lad was trying to hide his affiliation by not stating his surname and she just kindly responded in the same kind.

Another thing was that, for a kid with European features having a Japanese name was kindly odd.

'Perhaps he was raised by a Japanese family?' Maya thought as she glimpsed at Tatsuo who was catering on the roasted fish. 'Though his Japanese's fluent, like a native speaker.'

Such outcome wasn't farfetched. After all, the world was still at war and there were a lot of cases where displaced children were being adopted by foreigners.

Having decided to try to get to know more about her savior, Maya then engaged the lad with conversations. It took a while before they were comfortable with each other before they can discuss some topics that was related with magic and their current ordeal. Throughout the conversation, the young female Yotsuba notice some pecularity about Tatsuo.

One thing she noticed was the way Tatsuo presented himself and the way he was speaking. It was as if he has some traits of nobility. Maya made a mental note of that.

Maya also found out that Tatsuo has been stuck in this country for a month now after his experiment with regards to long-distance warping somehow end him inside a diabolical experimentation chamber and how he was raiding all the magic research facilities within the said region after that incident.

That intel prompted the girl to give Tatsuo a mouthful in regards to the dangers of doing such endeavors. The boy however could only scratch his head sheepishly in shame.

She then in return told Tatsuo about her supposedly exchange school program between Dahan and Japan and how she was ambushed and abducted by a group of men. Maya even detailed how at the last second she couldn't even cast a magic spell.

"They were using Antinite."

"Antinite?" Maya's eyebrow raised slightly at the unfamiliar term while trying to bite a piece of fish meat.

"It is an ore that has the ability to interfere a magician's spell." Tatsuo began as he throw the stick used to put his fish in place at the campfire. "Maybe that's the reason why you can't use your magic at that time. I've only known about it from one of the institutions that I've had raided a few weeks ago."

The relayed information caused some discomfort on Maya. Her homeland was still at war with the Great Asian Alliance and with Dahan's hidden agenda and silent betrayal on its allies especially Japan, Japanese Magicians will be put in a disadvantage when Dahan decides to launch a full scale invasion against the islands.

As a member of the Japanese Magician Community, the youngest Yotsuba twin decided to take action.

"You said you can teleport at great distances, right?"

"Technically yes. But it would be preferable to have a visual presentation of the place one wants to teleport to." Tatsuo spoke, his eyes glancing at Maya with curiosity. "What do you have in mind?"

"I was thinking if you could transport me to my home back in Japan." Sensing the gaze directed at her, Maya continued. "I just want to go home. I miss my family already."

"Then we need to get some sleep, Maya-san." Tatsuo spoke as he laid down another fur coat on the ground next to him. "Though it seems that we'll need to share a sleeping space unfortunately."

"Just to let you know, I already have a fiance."

"Oh. Well we can face our backs at each other." The boy with spiky hair yawned before lying at the ground covered with an extra fur, facing away at Maya. "And don't worry, I don't have any sort of malicious intention towards you."

At his response, Maya expressed a pout of disappointment. 'It was suppose to be a tease. Anyhow, I need to get my hands on a GPS, a computer, or a map of Japan tomorrow. I don't want to stay in this country any longer.'

Lying down with the cute fox snuggled close to her and her back pressed against Tatsuo-san's wide yet warm back, Maya close her eyes as the night envelops her knowing she was already in safe hands.


Maya had to admit: she'd slept pretty well. It wasn't because she had Tatsuo sleeping beside her, or because it was warm cuddling to a cute furball, or because the sound of nature was soothing and calming enough to send her tumbling into sleep without a moment's hesitation. It was just a good night's sleep. Such a good night, that the waking-up part had to up and ruin it all.

She was pressing her chest up against his back, her arms wrapped around his own. She twitched her fingers against his collarbone, hoping that the movements would get her hands back under her control. Her face was buried in his shoulder, and her eyes, though still sleepy, peered just over the ridge connecting his neck to his body, Tatsuo's thick, black hair tickling the left side of her face. She had to close her left eye against the dragon's hair just to be able to see properly—though it wasn't all bad, at least it smelled good. She turned her nose into its raven-colored cocoon, and inhaled deeply, exhaling against the side of his head. She was surprised when he didn't wake up.

He was still snoring lightly, his back rising and falling against her chest. Maya could feel his lungs filling, and emptying against her own, and sighed her breaths across his shoulder blades, hesitant to move at all. She could also feel his build; fine and firm, and toned muscles, under his clothing causing her cheeks to be dyed with red.

'He's more well-built than Kouichi-kun…' Maya thought before her earlier actions sank in her mind, cheeks becoming more redder. 'W-Wait! What am I doing!?'

Yet despite all of that, Maya Yotsuba didn't pull away or even moved an inch from her position.

She didn't exactly want to leave this comforting setting, or feeling of security, so she settled back down with a deep blush, lying her nose in his hair and inhaling once again, before closing her eyes and drifting in his scent, and presence, and strength, and warmth. It was almost like she was molded against him, like every line and curve of her body fit seamlessly into his. She couldn't move, she was so relaxed where she was that she didn't want to, even though she knew she had to. He'd wake up, and notice the situation.

It wasn't long after that that he shifted underneath her nose, and mouth, adjusting his position against her, before falling back into light, quiet snoring. She wondered if Tatsuo ever slept this well. She was sleeping better here than she did back at the mansion which shocked her, and didn't shock her at the same time.

He snored, yes, but it was much, much quieter than her father if she remembered it right. It was soothing, too. She didn't quite understand why she found it calming, but she was sleeping soundly beside him even though he was snoring.

'What happens here, stays here.'

She didn't want Kouichi to find out what happen in here. Even if her fiance was a capable magician, Maya was certain that he won't stand against someone like Tatsuo. She also doesn't want to tell her family about this particular incident. Her beloved mother would surely frown on her and her eldest twin sister would surely chide her for her unbecoming behavior. Her father would surely be furious, too.

'But I can't help being drawn to him…' She spoke internally as she felt Tatsuo's breath bouncing against and between her bosom and her neck. 'I wonder why?'

Yes, Maya had to wonder why she was feeling this way to a boy that she had just met yesterday. Certainly, Tatsuo was a stranger who saved her from wrong hands which Maya was grateful of. But there was something on this guy that pulls her closer to him, as if she was the negative end of a magnet being drawn by its opposite.

Is she attracted to Kouichi? Definitely.

Is she attracted to Tatsuo?

….Unfortunately yes.

At this ordeal, Maya was filled with uncertainty and confusion however there was one thing she was sure of, and that is to sort out the emotions swirling in her heart once she return to Japan.

She heard a sudden rustle coming from her behind and Maya slowly turned her head at the back only to see the blue furred fennec fox that was cuddling next to her earlier, already standing in all fours and its long ears twitching attentively.


"There's too many of them." Maya spoke in a whisper as her jazzberry jam eyes darted on the figures several meters away from her and Tatsuo's position.

She, Tatsuo, and her cute little fennec fox friend were crouching under a leafy bush located in a semi-highly elevated area. The fox was the one able to sense these people from afar, causing Maya to be on full alert and awaken Tatsuo from his deep slumber. Their eyes then presently gazed at the group of men in military uniforms below, armed with high-powered rifle weapons.

As a Yotsuba, Maya would need to use her expertise as a counter offensive against threats. She wanted retribution against these people for soiling her but this time, she couldn't even move a single muscle.

Rather she was shaking, the horrors that she suffered under these men had cast a hindrance on her psyche. Glancing at her shaking hands, Maya noticed a hand clasping on her palm. Her eyes then shifted to meet the owner of those reassurring limbs.

"Leave this one out." Tatsuo spoke to her with reassuring voice; calm and sincere, and Maya could only nod. "I'll take care of this. Carbuncle, I'll leave Maya-san to you."


"What do you intend to do?"

"I'll give them a surprise party that they won't expect."

Hearing the boy's confident words, the younger Yotsuba twin was certain that the boy would use his Warp Magic to disrupt the people below. He then could use either Freezing Magic to freeze them on their tracks or Flame Magic to roast them to a crisp.

Her speculations however was shove aside when she felt the pulse of fluctuating Psions and from Tatsuo's right hand, a magnificent Japanese blade came forth from thin air in a burst of bluish crystalline light.

"Conjuration Magic…?" She spoke with amazement as her orbs widened at the sight behold to her.

Maya's reaction was normal. In the current age where Magic and Magicians became recognized all over the world, there were types of magic that were questionable and unverified, labeling them as myths and legends. Conjuration Magic was one of them. The magic to procure things out of thin air was something that most Magicians tried to create in the modern era but something as materialization of objects using only Psions was impossible and unfeasible even. Even the existence of practitioners of such magic were dubious to most of people.

But the boy in front of her did the unthinkable and something impractical. Not only that, the Japanese blade that he conjured radiated a strong presence, something she haven't seen or encountered before.

As if it was a blade crafted by the divine.

Speaking of the boy, the lad adopted a quick draw stance similar to a samurai that Maya had seen in movies. Then as she picked up the brief and almost unnoticeable expulsion of Psion particles, she was left with only a trail of bursting crystal fragments and a hologram.

Without any passing a second, her ears discerned a painful cry from below. Tracing with impulse dictating on her senses, the female Yotsuba saw Tatsuo already below, the blade of the katana already unsheathed, and a shower of red spurt coming from one of the soldier's neck.

Then what Maya saw after that was something she could imprint in her memory as something phenomenal and over the top. She couldn't see Tatsuo's movements, only trails of his successive [Warp], guns blazing without any direction, decapitated forms of fallen Dahan soldiers and operatives, and the dirt being soaked with red streams of human vigor. Only Dahan's military vehicle, several light holograms of Tatsuo and Tatsuo himself, who was already sheathing his blade were left behind.

The fight...didn't even last for 10 seconds.