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Staring at his cute friend who gives him a cute yet questioning glance, Tatsuo then started explaining, "It's better for her to be with her family. Besides, I don't want Maya-san to be caught up in what we are getting in to." The lad paused for a minute as he invoked a spell around the phone he was holding.

A hand-sized sphere then appeared in his hand, cracks began to surface and as if like shattered glass, it broke into smaller pieces. What makes this interesting was that the reality encapsulated within the sphere was torn apart, allowing a small glimpse of a mini black hole brimming with red brilliance. The communication device trapped in that torn circular fabric began to shrink in size, pulling it towards its center point until it was reduce to nothing.

At an instant, the reality hovering above his palm returned to its former and standard state. As if nothing out of ordinary happened.

[Alterna] is a Space-Time magic that casts a spell that expels something or someone to the void. When it is invoked, a crystal sphere appears around the target which collapses upon itself - literally tearing the fabrics of reality - and sucking the target into a black hole that disappears.

What the lad had cast was a miniaturized version of [Alterna], something he had learned from his very peculiar teacher. Normally, the magic was an area of effect spell that encompasses a very large surroundings but after training under a mentor who specialized in controlling the spacetime continuum, Tatsuo became more adept in his magic than he ever was.

There was a reason why he ejected the phone to the 'other side'. It was barely noticeable, but the lad was able to take note about the odd and small magic flowing inside the device. He can tell that it was sending some faint signals while being activated and Tatsuo deduced it was silently delivering the location of the sender to its base of operations.

In this case, Dahan.

He was amused and surprised at the same time that these people had already reached a height of mixing magic and science together, to the point the two became indistinguishable from one another. But still, this world has a very long and winding road ahead of it.


"You missed her already?"

"Yip, Yip!"

"Wait, she did what?"


"…I can't react to that." The male teen spoke while his cheeks blush at what his cute little friend had told him.

To think that Maya-san would do that to him when he was asleep… if he's friend Prompto was here, surely that blonde will deck him for how lucky he was.

The thought however earned him a small frown.

"Good ol' times…" A small smile graze on his lips. "Anyway, we've been sidetracked from our true objective far too long."

"Yip!" The pale blue furred fennec fox on his shoulder yipped in agreement to his statement.

Ever since he was given a 'second chance in life', Tatsuo, better known as Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV, had been very busy doing some odd jobs. The 'jobs' have some semblance to his old life which he was happy about, even though most of it were beyond the imaginations of men.

Well, deflecting a giant hand was way beyond imagination too if he was to be honest to himself.

The present mission he had undertook, as far as he could remember, was very simple: infiltrate Dahan's magic research facility and destroy any trails that would led to an anomaly or even a 'worldwide' catastrophe.

Sure doing that was very easy for someone like Noctis but the moment he stepped into this World Line, he got sidetracked. Rather, he allowed himself to be sidetracked. Dahan's magic research facility were filled with nothing but suffering, debauchery, and inhumane experimentations.

Kulunfang Institute was a place full of torture. A place filled with evil and malicious intents, screaming, haunting, and creeping out from every corners of the forsaken and morbid place. Children ranging from 8 to 14 years of age of various nationalities were put into solitary confines; boys were being mentally tortured by metallic devices drilled through their skulls while girls were used as an 'outlet' for the facilitators' sexual needs while strapped to a BDSM styled bed chambers.

The reality of such cause Noctis to make some drastic measures. One by one, he raided all Kulunfang's magic research facility that span across Dahan, putting all of its operators; engineers, researchers, military officials, to death while saving the young souls from their hellish predicament.

All in all, he had already destroyed 27 research facilities, with the current one that was holding Maya Yotsuba being the 28th.

Yes, Noctis knew who Maya was. It only took him a glance at the 12 year old female to learn her true identity. It was something that he gained after being 'called' by the organization that he offered his services of. Or it could be a result of the 'stature' that he attained when he accepted the chance to relive again his life.

Nevertheless, it was a very useful skill and very helpful.

He could see why Dahan researchers sought someone like Maya Yotsuba. The Yotsuba family were regarded as a family of magicians that excels in Mental Interference magic; magic that cause some sort of effect on the target's mind. Though Noctis had to wonder how Dahan manage to acquire some information regarding with the secretive Yotusba, let alone Maya Yotsuba.

Did Dahan have some help from their Japanese counterparts? Did they exploit their current alliance with the Japanese government in order to gain an upperhand in developing their magic? Did the Magic Association had something to do with Maya's abduction?

Too many questions without any definite answers. But one thing was sure, Maya's abuction was perfectly planned and executed. And someone had helped them to do that.

Noctis couldn't help but to compare Maya with Gladio's sister Iris. There were so many similiarities between the two; both were bright and intelligent females. The moment he teleported at the 28th facility and saw the female Yotsuba strapped in an experimentation bed being soiled by men thrice her age, Noctis saw Iris in her.

It made him to burst in anger.

"Yip." The fox's voice made Noctis to be expelled from his internal thoughts.

"Yeah, you don't have to worry." He rubbed the creature's head in assurance. "I'm okay. I'm sure that they're fine back at Eos." Noctis then entered the military vehicle, his fingers began to dance around the vehicle's computerized console. "This may not be our world but for someone who became an existence that embodies the very hopes of mankind, this star called Earth needs my help."

From a screen panel glued to the vehicle's dashboard, a satellite image of Dahan's capital Guangzhou appeared. Though there were something odd about it since snippets of fogs and mists can be seen.

"Shall we?" Noctis glanced at his cute friend who only yipped at him with approval. "Well then, let the real mission start."

They both vanish in bluish specks of light.


Several hours earlier…

A Dahan soldier lit up his cigarette, all the while humming a tune for himself as he secluded himself inside a hidden chamber. He had sneaked out from work to have a small leisure of his own.

From the way he saw it, there was nothing wrong with that. For almost a week, he had been part of the security detail prioritizing the delivery of highly-classified cargo for Dahan's parliament building.

He didn't have any clue what was inside that precious cargo aside from it being somewhat related to magic. He didn't have any idea where did his country got that thing but from the rumors that he heard, it was given to them by a sponsor of Kulunfang Institute.

He scoffed at that.

Soldiers like him became nothing more than cannon fodders on this war. Ever since their introduction to the whole world, these so-called magicians became synonymous to VIPs in the way that the government was dealing with them.

Yeah, he was jealous about these people but hey, it wasn't his fault that his family wasn't part of any Harry Potter's witchcraft and sorcery line.

He huffed a cloud of smoke from his chest. This day was special. Their Excellency, the President would make his address in front of the Parliament members and even to magicians that offered their services to the government. He supposed that the country leader will present the cargo in front of his people.

The guy was quite arrogant, if he had to be honest to himself.

"Ack!" The man suddenly exclaimed in pain as he felt his feet being burned. "What the heck..!?"

As he laid his eyes below, he saw mud of the purest black gushing forth from the gaps of the door and tiles. The sight caused the man's hairs to stand out of fright and spookiness.

Another shot of pain invaded his body. It came from the sole of his feet, then slowly inching in every parts of his lower limb. The sensation rose up to his upper body, crawling to his abdomen up to his chest and arms like parasites.


The man screamed, his hands now already the same color as the mud, tried to clawed out whatever that was invading his body yet it won't come off. The black and murky stuff encroached his neck and climbed up to his mouth before forcing itself to enter from the orifice's sides.


He struggled to breathe as the fluid entered his nose then to through his eyes. It didn't take a while before the man's whole frame were covered by the mud. The now mud cocoon squirmed, mimicking a beating heart, as it pulsated. As seconds passed, a monstrous limb then burst out from the pulsating cocoon before another one came forth.

Several screams of men and women then can be heard around the entire Parliament while it was slowly swallowed by a cursed catastrophe.


Present time, Guangzhou City…

"Open fire!"

At those phrases, the sounds of firearms expelling their lethal rounds of lead echoed through out the chaotic streets of Guangzhou City.

These men in military uniforms were valiantly fighting against a horde of enemies that were by the very definition, not human.

"Fire! Fire at will! Contain them before they can turn our citizens into their kind. FIRE!"

A high-ranking military officer ordered on top of his lungs as he continued to pull the trigger on his assault rifle. Yet his valiant stand was shortlived when his head had found its way into the mouth of a giant dog.

The remaining part of his body jerked as it fell to the ground.


A soldier with a rank of a lieutenant exclaimed, his eyes were staring at the satanic beast as it munched the upper part of his senior officer's body. Fear became evident to his senses when the beast stared at him, saliva with fresh blood and innards drooling from its mouth.

"Help! Help me!"

"Mama! Mama!"


The man couldn't believe it.

He couldn't believe what was happening right now.

It happen so fast. A black mud had erupted from the parliament building and the next thing he knew there was chaos everywhere. Men and women, young and old were screaming both in pain and horror as they were being eaten alive. The others were transformed into unknown horrors when the curse liquid swallowed them.

It was the same case at the beast that was staring at him.

This montrosity was his best friend. A K9 that he give all his love and attention. He could remember the memories that they spent together. The times where he would scrub his fur everytime he took him to the tub. The times where he would took him to a vet to do a regular check-up.

All of that… all of those were gone like a wind.

He blamed the mud for corrupting his friend. For making a loyal and the best dog he had ever had into a monster like this.

He gritted his teeth, discarding the fact that he peed on his pants. "This is all those magicians fault! This is all of their fault!"

Their magicians, even with their supernatural powers, were decimated, melted, and demolished even by these things. It was ironic that the people with magic can't stand against something that can be called 'magical'.

It didn't even made sense to him.

Aiming at his rifle at his best friend turned monster, the lieutenant pulled the trigger on his firearm.

"Arrgghh! This is all their fault!"

He blamed all of this to those magicians. If they only secluded themselves to the world, then something like this won't happen. Something like this only happens in movies and fairy tails, and not in this reality where the laws of physics reign supreme.

Yes, those magicians brought these monsters the moment they revealed themselves to the populace.

That was his conclusion.

"Damn them, DAMN YOU ALL!"


Serrated teeth found its way to the lieutenant's torso, his arms being crushed and his mouth spurt a fountain of blood, as he was wagged from left to right by the giant dog as if he was a cardboard box.

The sound of crushed and creaking bones was the last thing he heard as his eyes greyed out.

The giant beast, on its four limbs, proceeded to tore every flesh from his former owner and friend, its demonic eyes radiating the intention to chomped anything that its eyes can glimpse on.




At the background, screams of horror and panic were prevalent at once busy streets of Guangzhou. It was still busy though, busy of Dahan citizens getting slaughtered by monsters corrupted by the black mud.

The black liquid continued its expansion, stretching outwards as if it has a mind of its own.

The once glorious city of Guangzhou was now already a city of monstrosity and nightmare.

A dire result from opening Pandora's Box.


A Skill that is bestowed to the Lucian bloodline by the Crystal. It is a composite skill of Projection Magecraft, Elemental Magecraft, Mana Burst, Spatial Transference, and Time Manipulation. At this rank, Noctis can conjure weapons from swords to guns and machinery from thin air, and execute a 'magecraft in the realm of magic/sorcery' that manipulates space-time. In addition, Noctis' Mana Burst is Light.