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A white ceiling.

It was the first thing that Noctis noticed as he opened his blue eyes. The room, as he assessed it, was western style, much like the rest of the guest rooms he had been in his travels. White paint with a single cabinet and a sizable bed which can fit 2 people. A single desk with a lamp with a window facing the floral backyard.

A typical sized guest room.

What he didn't expect was a female teen with a familiar face sitting on a chair, her hands grasping his right hand tightly while her head rested on the side of the bed that he occupied. That familiar face was snoring lightly as her back heaved gently as she breathe in rhythm. The presence of a calm Maya Yotsuba sleeping somehow struck Noctis the idea that he was in the Yotsuba Family's residence.

"How did I end up here?" He asked softly to himself as his eyes went back to the sleeping Japanese girl.

If he remembered it correctly, he was at the capital of Dahan Guangzhou City, fighting an endless swarm of evil creatures brought forth by the black mud. Mowing down Lahmus and Hellbeasts, even stomping a Magatsu. It was supposed to be "a-not-so-hard" fight even if he wasn't in his perfect condition however the appearance of two reinforcements at the last moment somehow made him to expend all of his magical resources.

Fighting an extraterrestrial world annihilator was one thing. Fighting two existences of another universe, beyond that of even parallel worlds is another though.

He was still a bit appalled by it. To think that two higher dimensional life forms, Outer Gods, have managed to stepped on the World of Man in this World Line through the influence of the black mud meant that the situation was very precarious. His mind then drifted to the image of the black swirling tower at the heart of Guangzhou City. He was sure of himself that Ultima the Seraph managed to destroy the mud tower before the fight between gigantic forces could spill out beyond the battlefield.

But before he can see the end of it though, something pulled him out. He remembered his bloody and battered existence standing on the wreckage, and then a whisper humming on his ears akin to that of a "wish". And the next thing he knew, he was already lying on the very bed he was on. He only knew one person with such abilities and that person was the only one among those who were have the link to the "Origin" that could manifest such high level of conjecture.

Yet, he shook his head.

"I highly doubt that person is involved with this." Noctis uttered to himself. As far as he can remember, that person was just a passive observer within the organization and will only act only when certain impending scenarios or conditions are met or became apparent that cannot be ignored.

The 15 year old lad then took his surrounding in detail once again. This time however, he discerned numerous eyes watching him. He understood that and acknowledged that the room was littered with surveillance cameras, designated in specified locations hidden in plain sight solely for monitoring him. He knew that these people who took care of him while he was unconscious were already curious and puzzled by his existence due to his constitution.

While his body were wrapped with bandages, there was no need for such dressing. Underneath those wraps, his wounds and bruises were already healed and he concluded that the people who was assigned to his medical assistance already found out that ability of his, hence the need of surveillance cameras.

The lad, having almost an understanding on his current situation tried to sit up on the bed. His movement though made the sleeping black haired female teen beside him to be awakened from her slumber.

"...Uhh...Tatsuo-san...?" Maya Yotsuba weakly said as her jazzberry jam eyes fluttered.

"Uhh...Hi?" He replied softly with uncertainty. He still remember what he did to the young woman.

A punch to his chest was the response he got from Maya, though it didn't hurt him whatsoever.

"I can't believe that you did that to me!"

"Well you wanted the shortest route to your home, right?" Noctis replied while caressing his chest with his left hand, playing the act as if he got hurt from the girl's sudden jab. "I just granted your wish."

"But you didn't warn me!"

Noctis could tell that the girl in front of him wasn't angry at him. Rather, she was annoyed of being teleported away without any prior notice. Well, anyone experiencing such would be annoyed as well, he thought. He felt a tight squeeze on his right palm and with his bluish orbs, traced what was the cause of such sensation.

Her hands were clutching his.

"I-It's not what you think!" A blushing Maya blurted out as he reeled both of her hands behind her back, face darted immediately to the side. "I'm just co-concerned about you. Yes. I was just concerned about you."

The girl's reaction...was kinda cute, that Noctis had to fight off his chuckle. He was mentally thanking the girl, a girl that he just met a few days back, for her concerns. He could see it in her eyes that she was telling the truth.

"Don't worry about me." He weakly smiled. "I'm fine. And thank you for being by my side while I was unconscious."

"Um, well that's...umm..."

As the girl tried to make her words, the reunion between her and her savior were cut short when the door to the room opened. From there, 2 people came in. Immediately, Noctis turned his sights on the visitors. The moments his eyes laid on them, he had already have knowledge about them and also an understanding on how his current predicament came to be.

"So that's how it is." He thought as he looked at the two people walking closer to him.

The first one was a middle-aged man with black hair that have few strands of greyish hair on the sides, wearing a black kimono and gray yukata. His red eyes exemplifies a person that had been in many missions, mostly combat-oriented. Noctis knew this man as Genzou Yotsuba. Current head of the Yotsuba Family and a man with a powerful ability.

The second person however struck a cord on him. The girl had the same face as Maya Yotsuba except for her red eyes and a single mole underneath her right eye. Her black hair was tied in a bun and the way how she presented herself exudes an "ojou-sama" aura and "yamato nadeshiko" vibe despite her being young. This girl was Miya Yotsuba. Elder twin of Maya Yotsuba and the current heiress of the Yotsuba Family.

It wasn't her resemblance to her sister that struck on him. True Name Discernment is a skill where status information such as one's identity, Skills and Parameters are automatically revealed to the owner of this Skill and what he discovered about Miya Yotsuba reinforced his assessment about this World Line coming into a state of turbulence in the near future.

"Miya. Maya." The Yotsuba Head only said that single word as he stared at his eldest daughter then to his youngest.

"Yes, Otou-sama." Came the reply from both twins. Although Noctis could hear some reluctance from Maya's voice and when the girl gazed at him with her jazzberry jam eyes, Noctis only gave a nod in assurance of his well-being.

When both twins stepped out of the room, Genzou Yotsuba turned his attention towards him with his calculative gaze. While those look can induce nervousness and fear to some, to him it was just normal so there was nothing to flinch about.

"Now tell me boy..." Genzou said as he crossed his arms. "Who sent you?"

"To be honest, that is also a question I'm trying to answer myself." Noctis spoke expressively, his bluish eyes kept its place despite the intimidating aura that one Yotsuba Genzou in front of him was putting off.

The spiky black haired lad kept his gaze fixated at the man in front of him, as the latter was also doing the same with him. He could see the expression of the man's face; the one that shows utmost suspicion and wariness. The lad couldn't blame the man though. If the situation was reversed, he would also do the same. He noticed the middle-aged man's right hand were carefully placed above his left forearm where a garment-like clothing enveloped said limb. If Noctis had to analyze it, that thing on the Yotsuba Head's left arm was a magical artifact of sorts.

"A Mystic Code perhaps?" He thought as he kept staring at the black garment resting on Genzou's left arm.

A Mystic Code, also known as Formal Wear, is a support weapon that a magus or a wizard carries as a magical artifact. There are two general types of Mystic Codes; Amplifiers and Specialized.

Amplifier Mystic Code is the first type and functions as an amplifier for Magecraft. They are an orthodox Mystic Code for support, that can be used for magical energy amplification or storage, prepared to strengthen a spell. Specialized Mystic Code on the other hand, is the other type that have a predetermined usage. They are activated with the magus's magical energy and can perform a given mystery as long as it is supplied with energy, thus making it a spell in itself. Their usage is unique, so they aren't really generic, but this also means they can be tremendously efficient in what they do.

Noctis had seen numerous Mystic Codes, mostly from his friends back "home". People who manipulated various Mystic Codes during their lifetime were eligible of Sovereign of Magical Wands but there were also certain factors to be considered to achieve such gift.

Yet, he had never seen a Mystic Code like Yotsuba Genzou's.

At the other end, Yotsuba Genzou, in spite of giving off an intimidate ambience towards at the enigmatic lad "resting" on one of their sick beds, was in truth experiencing a tumultuous unrest mentally. He had been there when the clan's doctors were tending the injuries of the unexpected patient of their home, when his brother Yotsuba Eisaku tried to take a peek on the lad's Magic Calculation Area while the latter was unconscious and the conclusions of that event was still stuck in his mind.

A regenerative healing factor unlike he had ever encountered...

A negation ability that rendered magic useless...

At that point, a single thought then occurred on Genzou's mind; the boy was dangerous. It didn't help that his daughter Maya confirmed the mysterious person's identity as the sole person responsible for her rescue. And the events that had transpired in Dahan for 3 months now...it didn't take long enough for the Yotsuba Head to piece it all together.

The threat that this lad in front of him possessed increased very steeply at an astonishing and ridiculous rate in just a small amount of time. Something that he and the rest of the clan find preposterous, absurd even. But now that he was standing in front of this boy, there was something that Genzou find odd.

"This boy..." The man thought, "I couldn't detect any malice from him."

Instead of what was supposed an enmity, the emanation that the lad was giving off was more of benevolence. It was pleasant, as if it was telling Genzou "I won't harm you" or something very similar to that manner. It was this oddity that made Genzou somewhat uncomfortable. To think that a teenager lad was able to exude something that an adult like him would feel troubled about.

It was as if Genzou was standing in front of someone his mind couldn't comprehend.

The minutes of silence that laid around them was deafening until the Yotsuba Head decided to break it off.

"I know that this might be somewhat offensively impolite to you." Genzou spoke steely, "But it is something that I need to do for the sake of my family considering that we don't have anything about you."

What he said wasn't an understatement. The moment that the lad came in to their abode, Genzou ordered any information in regards to the boy from his subordinates and what they had gathered was outlandish to them. Rather, they could no find anything about the boy. It was as if he didn't exist in the first place, and it was something what Genzou bothered the most.

There were only two explanations for this.

Either the lad was an experimented magician being kept in a secret laboratory who knows where or that the kid was someone that wasn't registered in the world's data archives due to some unexpected yet familiar circumstance. Though the inclination of the said lad's abilities reaffirms most of the Yotsuba Elders suspicions that it was the first case.

"I understand." Noctis replied

Truthfully, such outcome was within his scope considering that he would appear "abnormal" in front of someone like Yotsuba Genzou in all available standards. He had two options how to settle this ordeal; lie his way through and escape with ease or spill out the truth but leaving some details out in the blue. But for someone like Noctis who was thought by his father about hospitality, choosing the first option was already a moot point.

So he chose the second option.

At the same time that he made a choice, the whole ambience of the room shifted.

A Bounded Field was then erected.

"What the...!" Genzou exclaimed as he adopted a battle stance, right fingers dashing hurriedly over his left forearm and pressing various combinations on said item.

Activation Sequence and Magic Sequence was inevitably conceived by the user's response motivated by his survival instinct. A magic spell materialized out in the open and went directly toward its target. However the lad wasn't affected by the spell neither flinched from the attack.

Having seen this Genzou resorted to use his unique magic: Grim Reaper.

It is an Outer-Systematic Mental Interference Magic unique to Genzou. It plants a specific image within the target's mind, usually one of death. After the target has been exposed, no form of protection, or distance, or time will stop the magic. As long as the victim recalls the image, the implanted suggestion will take physical form. Enemies who meet Genzou for a second time would kill themselves. The implantation process does not require a direct meeting, but the final kill does require it. The target has to be aware of the user and the user has to be aware of the target. The only way to survive is getting rid of the memory of the image.

"This is...!" The Yotsuba Head said in disbelief as he felt his magic wasn't able to penetrate the mind of its target.

He felt it. He felt himself pushing an immovable and fortified wall made of indestructible material, a mental shield that won't budge despite how many ounce of Psions he added to amplify the strength of his Grim Reaper magic.

"If I were you, you should stop this." Noctis said calmly as he saw Genzou struggling to materialize his magic. "Mental Interference Magic won't work on me, let alone any magic that you have knowledge of."

The Magic Sequence that formed Genzou's Grim Reaper shattered as Noctis expelled an ounce of his magical energy, enough for the Yotsuba Head to felt its strength and raised his arms on guard as he was pushed back a few inches from where he stood.

"What are you...?" The man grunted as he eyed the spiky haired lad on the bed.

"That is something I want to disclose to you personally, Yotsuba Genzou, hence the need for a barrier. I'm aware of the cameras hidden in this room." Explained Noctis without any intent of malice or ill-manners.

"You know me?"

"Let's just say that I have an ability to grasp a person's information just by looking at them." Seeing how the man was still on guard, Noctis added some explanations to subside the tension. "I apologized for my rudeness, but I can assure you that I mean no harm."

For a moment, Yotsuba Genzou was trying to contemplate the options he had in his mind until his build was somehow became relaxed a bit.

"Is it that important that you need to erect a barrier around this room?" The man gestured, "My clan overseeing this chamber will take it as an action against their Family Head."

Noctis only nodded his head as a response.

"Very well," Genzou spoke as he put away his hand from his device, yet kept a safe distance from the lad. "But don't make any lies, boy. I can discern any made-up stories very well."

"Then tell me, Genzou-san." Noctis began, "Do you know anything about Heroic Spirits?"

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Servant Class: Saver
True Name: Noctis Lucis Caelum
Alternate Name/s: Noct, Tatsuo, King of Light
Gender: Male
Type: Heroic Spirit, Divine Spirit
Alignment: Lawful Good
Hidden Attribute: Star
Talents: Fishing
Natural Enemy: Ardyn Izunia


Strength: A
Endurance: A
Agility: B
Mana: B
Luck: B
Noble Phantasm: EX

Class Skills

Charisma: A+
Counter Hero: B
True Name Discernment: B

Personal Skills

Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig: EX
Power of Kings: EX
Ring of Lucii: EX
Summoning: EX

Noble Phantasm

Armiger / Anti-Army: A+
Astrals / Anti-Planet~Anti-Country: EX