Sight and Sound

(AN: I am re-writing this story as I felt the first pass just got bogged down into a strange path. A reviewer to 'The Potioneer's Assistant erroneously convinced me that I should release the story each week instead of all at once. I did that and ended up hating the original story. So I went back and reworked it… as always, I do not own the Harry Potter franchise…


19 June 1992

Dear Diary;

It's been a little over a year since the passing of my mother and I dearly miss her! It makes me so sad that I will never hear her voice or feel her arms wrapped around me as she gives out one of her best hugs.

Interesting thing happened though while I was visiting her at her gravesite…

It was mid June when Fawkes flashed onto the scene in Ottery St. Catchpole; a sleepy little village on the outskirts of Devon. He was in search of a new human to be his bonded familiar. It's funny how the humans think we're the familiars when it reality it's the other way around. Through the Strings of magic, Fawkes detected someone who matched his criteria for someone to bond with. He determined it was a young female with as close to as a pure heart and soul that anyone could ever ask for.

He landed upon a granite stone protruding up from the ground and briefly observed that the girl was crying.

'I sense great sadness within you, young one. Why the tears?'

The girl gasped at the sudden intrusion to her misery. She looked up sharply and spotted Fawkes perched on her mother's gravestone, "My mother died recently from an experiment that went wrong," the girl quietly replied, "I miss her greatly. I wish she would come back."

'I'm sorry to hear that, young one. It is always sad to lose a cherished family member. Do you recognize what I am?'

"Yes, you're a phoenix. Are you here to give me a message from my mother?" she said hopefully with a snuffle of last tears.

'No, unfortunately not young one; that is not what phoenixes are known for. What we are known for is guiding those of the purest heart, minds and soul to their fullest potential. If you would allow me, I'd like to bond with you and help you on that path?'

"I think I would like that. You can help me find all the wondrous creatures that haven't been discovered yet. What's your name?" she pondered out loud.

'My name used to be Fawkes however I've had many names over the millennia. What name would you like to give me?'

"That name is fine with me. Oh, where are my manners? My name is Luna Lovegood."

'Hello, Luna Lovegood. I can sense that you love adventure and seeking out undiscovered creatures. Would you tell me about them?'

"Well let's see," Luna began with a final sniff as she wiped her red-rimmed eyes, "there's the Wrackspurt which feeds on conscious thought. They fly into your ears and make your brain turn all fuzzy. There's the Nargle, which are mischievous little creatures that like to steal your belongings. There's the Crumple-horned Snorkack, which is a very elusive and shy creature. No one is truly sure as to what it looks like or what its purpose is. It's rumored to be quite sweet and lovable and…"

Fawkes listened quietly as Luna waxed on about the mystical creatures that she and her father searched for during the summer months. He didn't have a clue as to the location of any of these creatures but he could understand the thrill and love that Luna shared with her father despite having never finding them. When he asked her about that, she replied it wasn't so much the actual discovery of the creature rather the joy of the companionship and journey with someone she loved.

'It is very brave and courageous of you to cast aside any derision from others in your quest to find the elusive and mythological, Luna. When you get to Hogwarts, I would not be surprised if you were sorted into Gryffindor because of that courage.'

"Really? I have a friend who lives on the other side of the valley that would swear that I'm destined for Ravenclaw because of how smart I am," Luna commented.

'It's also possible but remember, Ravenclaw students pride themselves on learning from what's in a book or a scroll. They have little patience for those who prefer to learn in an environment outside of the classroom.'

"That's not very smart to limit yourself to what's already published," she replied.

'A wise person once said, 'Logic and Magic cannot exist in the same space. To have one, you must give up the other.' Do you understand?'

"Mm-hmm. It means that those Ravenclaws must have an infestation of Wrackspurts in their dorms."

Fawkes paused then shook his head in bemused exasperation. He peered within her mind to see if she truly did understand or was merely humoring him. Her mindscape was chaotic to say the least but he could sense that she did understand, just in a very convoluted way.

"You know, it's rather rude to enter a person's mind without asking permission Fawkes," Luna dryly rebuked.

Fawkes was surprised! He didn't even realize that she'd detected his intrusion!

'My apologies young one, I was merely curious to know how your mind worked. I meant no harm. You are correct though; I should've asked you for permission. Is your mind always that…chaotic?'

"Chaotic? No, it just is this way. I see things others miss or ignore," she said, "I was told that I'm a natural Magesight. I can also Hear the Songs from the Strings of magic that connect people to the world."

Fawkes was intrigued, 'What sort of Songs? What do you hear when you look at me?'

"I don't know the name of it. It's a fast paced sort of song that…well, would fit perfectly if you were racing along a canyon path on a fast broom."

'Interesting, well while I'm your familiar, why don't I help you find out the names of these Songs you speak of? I know that in the muggle world, there are places to listen to all sorts of music. Perhaps you will find the names of these Songs there?'

"I'd appreciate that. Could we go now?"

So Fawkes flamed the two of them out of the field and into the Royal Conservatory in London. They were met by a young man in his thirties, Mr. Nicolas Tremmler.

"Good morning, young lady. Fawkes? What brings you by?"

'I bring you Miss Luna Lovegood. She's a natural Magesight and apparently can hear the Songs that are played by an individual's String of magic. I thought that the two of you might be able to put the names of the Songs she hears,' answered Fawkes.

"Fascinating! Well, Miss Lovegood. Do you have any questions before we begin?"

"You are a wizard? I can hear the String attached to you. It's a nice song."

"I am a wizard, muggleborn to be exact. I left the magical world because there really wasn't a place for my sort of musical talents," replied Nicolas.

"What sort of talents would that be?" asked Luna.

"I play the trombone, it's a brass wind instrument," he responded, "So let's start simple. Could you hum the notes that you hear when you look at Fawkes?"

Luna hummed the opening bars to the Song and Nicolas smiled.

"Fitting, very fitting that Fawkes would have the group AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck.' It's a genre known as 'Rock and Roll' and very appropriate. What Song do you hear when you look at my String?"

Luna Listened for a moment and hummed the opening bars.

"Ah, that's fun. The Andrew Sister's 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.' Written and played during the nineteen forties during the Second World War."

Luna spent the afternoon with Nicolas Tremmler learning how to identify the different genres of music as well as the names of some of the more popular Songs. There were sad Songs and happy Songs but she was diligent and learned a lot.

That evening while everyone else was asleep, Fawkes was awake and trying to comprehend what he had learned while inside Luna's mindscape. He knew that most people had their world neat and organized while Luna's seemed to follow a more…organic path. He had once come across a young Muggleborn who had told him about a story about a young girl who fell down a rabbit's hole into another world where clocks flew, animals dressed in Victorian Era clothing, flowers honked and other wondrous things.

It was that description that seemed to fit Luna's mind, Wonderland. Another thing he confirmed was that Luna was capable of Seeing and Hearing Magic in its true form. Luminous Strings that connected everyone and everything together were visible to the young girl's eyes. This led to her being perceived by others as 'flighty,' 'dreamy,' 'loony.' It angered him a little that the youngest son of the family to whom Luna's best friend belonged to would tease her mercilessly about her supposed 'loony' ways. He vowed that when she arrived to the school, he would do all he could to disabuse the redheaded menace and anyone else of that notion.

The Songs she was able to Hear were breathtaking and amusing. His own Song was particularly moving. Nicolas had played a recording of the muggle song and Fawkes had to agree that it fit his style of flight perfectly. The Song for Nicolas was a jazzy and quick tempo that got everyone tapping his or her foot in time with the music.

20 June 1992

Dear Diary;

I learned so much from Mr. Tremmler yesterday! There are so many Songs! I learned that there are groupings, or as they're called 'genres' for just about any kind of music one would care to learn about. For example, Mr. Tremmler's Song is called 'Swing; boogie-woogie; traditional pop; jazz.'

I discovered that the phoenix that claimed me as his familiar is called Fawkes. He has a Song. His genre is called, 'Hard Rock; Blues Rock; Rock and Roll.'

My own Song is a genre called, 'Alternative Rock; Power Pop; Pop Punk; Emo.'

I think today I'm going to finish up the East Wall. I'm just about done; I just want to add that swing on the tree.

The next morning, Fawkes rode Luna's shoulder down to the kitchen where she began preparing the morning meal for her and her father, Xenophilius. When he arrived and sat down, Xeno blinked owlishly at Fawkes.

"Um Luna, dear? Why is there a phoenix sitting here in our kitchen?"

"Oh Daddy, this is Fawkes. I'm his new familiar," she calmly replied.

"You're his? I thought it was the other way around?"

"That doesn't seem to be true as it is they who make the first approach as to whether or not a familiar is possible. Fawkes here has told me that people just aren't observant enough until the animal makes contact first." Luna observed her father's String and determined that the Song playing was something called 'eclectic Jazz.' It was a jumble of seemingly random sounds that just flowed together properly.

Xeno nodded thoughtfully, his mind not really processing what his daughter explained but went along with it anyway. He picked up the cup of morning tea that Luna placed in front of him and took a small sip while thinking of what was needed to be accomplished today.

"Any plans for what you wanted to do today, poppet?" he inquired of Luna.

"Mm-hmm, I was thinking of getting out my paints and finishing up the East Wall. After that, I was planning on heading out to the town and seeing if my traps for the Hornswallow Flies have netted any results."

"Just make sure that you're going to be home before sundown, sweetie."

"I promise Daddy."

Luna took Fawkes over to the East Wall after breakfast and showed him her latest mural. Even unfinished, he could see that it was shaping up to be a masterpiece. It showed a pastoral scene complete with cows grazing in a field, trees that appeared to be swaying in a non-existent gentle breeze. If he closed his eyes, he could almost smell the crisp air and scents of the plants.

'You are truly talented, Luna. How long have you been painting like this?'

"Since I was five years old. I started with the wall just outside the kitchen and just expanded from there."

'Have you ever been to the art galleries in the muggle world?'

Luna swung her rather protuberant eyes over to Fawkes and tilted her head questioningly, "The muggles have places where art is displayed for anyone? I had no idea."

'Yes, some of the greatest collections can be found in museums and art galleries in most of the major cities around the world. If you'd like, I can take you there?'

"I'll have to think about it. Today is too busy for me."

Luna began to paint and hum at the same time. The tune she was humming seemed awfully familiar to Fawkes. He listened to her for a while before asking her what the names were.

"I have no idea though the one I'm currently listening to sounds a lot like a similar version of the 'Rock and Roll' that Mr. Tremmler told me about. It's catchy and sounds nice."

21 June 1992

Dear Diary;

Today was my field trip with Fawkes to the London Museum of Art! Oh Merlin, was it exciting! There were all sorts of sculptures and paintings by some very talented artists. It was a shame that the portraits were made by muggles, none of them moved. I nearly got in trouble trying to prod one to shift position…oops.

I think next time, I ought to bring my camera so I can have proof that these places exist and I can also show Ginny…

Luna was taken by Fawkes down to the London Museum of Art where she spent the entire time gazing in rapturous delight at all of the different paintings and sculptures. Rembrandts, Degas, Michelangelo, Picasso… all of their works lined the walls and the sculptures stood on pedestals, each one more wondrous to the mind of the ten-year old girl. Details such as lighting angles, colors, brush strokes, the scenes and portraits themselves filled her eyes and sparked her imagination.

She brought her notebook and a pen to document her discoveries. One thing she wrote down that she knew that no one would believe her was that the muggle paintings didn't move! She nearly got in trouble with a security guard when she had reached out and tried to touch one of the portraits trying to 'wake it up.' Fortunately the guard accepted her apology and explanation that the painting was so life like, she thought that the woman was trying to reach out for her. The guard just chuckled, patted her on the shoulder and walked away.

While losing herself in a Rembrandt, she was also listening to the Songs that played around her. She watched as the patrons moved around her and marveled at the wide range of Songs from silly children's tunes to sad, mournful dirges.

'Quite the impressive collection is it not, Luna?'

"Oh, yes. It's amazing that there are so many Songs and Strings! The artwork is just simply astounding! I had no idea any of this was possible, there's nothing like it back home. The muggles are much more varied than the magical world. I'm almost overwhelmed by the variety. Maybe one day I could bring my paintings down and display them?"

"Excuse me, miss? Who are you speaking to?" asked a nearby security guard.

Luna turned her silvery eyes up to his face and gave a bright smile, "I was talking to my familiar. Can you not see him? He's sitting on the bench right next to me," the guard shook his head no and gave her a worried look, "That's a shame, he's quite a beautiful phoenix."

The security guard was getting worried now. A young girl, wandering around an art gallery in such strange clothing? She seemed lost and yet… not. But with the explanation that she was here with a… phoenix? Now there was enough alarm bells ringing in his mind that he thought she might have wandered away from one of those groups that took in abused children around town.

"Miss? I'm going to call for someone to escort you back to your group. Do you remember what your group leader looked like?"

Luna just gave an enigmatic smile, "I'm not crazy. I merely can see things that others miss. It's almost magical… I shall be fine but if it's that worrying for you then I shall leave. Fawkes?"

Just then there was a rush of 'Thunderstruck,' a burst of flame and Luna vanished from the guard's astonished sight.

11 July 1992

Dear Diary;

Today I got to see the beauty and grandeur of the Louvre in Paris! I took my camera, paints, pens and sketchpad so I could make renderings of whatever I saw. I got to see this famous painting made by Leonardo da Vinci, 'The Mona Lisa.' Very somber and rather sad looking expression on the girl and the overall coloring of the background is rather depressing.

While I was taking a lunch break, I sketched out the Eiffel Tower from my location. A passerby noticed and complimented me on my talent. That felt nice…

When Fawkes said he was going to take me to Paris, I wondered if the Songs of French people were different to those in Britain. It turns out that is not the case; I thought about it and I've determined that the Songs I hear are my interpretations. I spoke with a couple of other people and asked them the same questions I came up with for myself and they all had different selections of songs. Interesting, I'll need to study that in depth later…

The months leading up to the end of August flew by in Luna's opinion. She and Fawkes flame-traveled around the world, visiting art museums and free concerts in the various parks. At the end of each trip, she dutifully pulled out her journal and recorded each of her observations and experiences. She described the Strings that she saw and who they connected to, the Songs that she heard and spoke with everyone that interested her. She communicated with just about everyone in every level of society. She wrote down or sketched out the paintings and sculptures that caught her eye and her imagination for her own works.

Mr. Tremmler introduced her to muggle record shops and with the help of the Gringott's Goblins, converted some Galleons into British Pounds then bought a nice non-electric record player. The sales clerk had asked why she didn't want one that plugged into a wall and she calmly explained that the house that she lived in didn't have electricity. When pressed further, she said that the small farming community that she lived in wanted to remain as close to nature as possible and that only the leader of the town had a connection for emergency use only. The clerk had a puzzled look on her face but shrugged it off.

After the purchase of the player, she wandered around the tables that held the record collections. Pulling random records off the shelves, she headed to the booth that offered her a chance to hear the songs before purchasing the records. Luna ended up spending nearly all of her money in just that one store alone. The calm, serene look on her face clashed with the excited, nearly wild glistening in her eyes. She couldn't wait to share this with her father and Ginny!

23 August 1992

Dear Diary;

Today I think I'll go visit Ginny Weasley. It's been so long since I've seen her and I want to share my adventures with her. I'll be taking my 'Adventure Journal' with all of my pictures. I hope she likes it!

Fawkes said that he will be busy for the rest of the month and a little into September with something he calls, 'Nest Duties.' I think he's some kind of phoenix leader amongst his species…

The Sunday before the last week of August was upon her and she decided to go visit her friend Ginny Weasley. When she got to the Weasley home, The Burrow, she spotted her redheaded friend digging in the bushes trying to clear out the usual infestation of garden gnomes.

"Hello Ginny," Luna dreamily called out as she caught the young girl's Song, "Beautiful morning isn't it?"

Ginny huffed, "It would be if I didn't have to clear out these gnomes as a punishment."

Luna tilted her head puzzled, "Why did you get in trouble?"

"Mum caught me hitting Ronald after the twit pushed me into a wall as he was coming down the stairs," Ginny groused.

"Mmm, yes that would be a problem. Would you like some help?"

"Please? While we do this you can tell me where you've been for the past couple of weeks."

So the two young girls worked on clearing out the gnomes and discussed Luna's summer adventure. Ginny was shocked that Luna had become the familiar to Fawkes and rather jealous of the fun things that the two of them got to see and experience.

"Wish I could've gone with you, Luna. Those galleries and concerts sounded fun. Nothing exciting happens here unless you can get amused watching the chickens chase each other around," she grumped.

Luna pulled her adventure journal out of her pocket and shared with her best friend. Unfortunately, Ginny became upset. When asked why, the redhead just shrugged her shoulders and glared at the house for a moment. In order to change the mood of the conversation, Luna asked her which House Ginny hoped to get into.

"Ha! Luna, you know that Weasleys always go into Gryffindor."

Luna shrugged briefly, "There's no reason that you have to. I know that you're smart enough to go wherever you want. I'm hoping for Gryffindor myself."

"Why? I've always pegged you for Ravenclaw."

"Well, Fawkes and I discussed this as well and Ravenclaws tend to view the world through books alone and dislike anyone who tries to learn in a…'unconventional manner.' I want to be an explorer and locate the animals that my father has described in his magazine. That takes bravery and courage, hence Gryffindor."

The last weekend of August rolled around and Luna was preparing to head to Diagon Alley with the Weasley family to get their school supplies. She flooed over and waited patiently while the whirlwind that is that family scurried all over the house to get ready to go shopping. The matriarch, Molly Weasley was bellowing like an enraged bull elephant trying to get her recalcitrant brood into some semblance of order. She was so loud that Luna couldn't even hear the woman's Song.

"Fred! George! Get down here already!"

The Weasley Twins came thundering down the stairs, "Keep your hair on. We're here. Oh, hi Luna."

"Bloody hell, why is Loony coming with us?" complained Ron, the youngest male Weasley and most annoying according to Ginny.

"RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY! How DARE you use that disgusting language in this house! Luna is our guest and we shall be escorting her to Diagon Alley to do her shopping. If you can't handle it, then you can just stay here!" bellowed Molly.

"Uh… um, sorry Luna," stammered Ron though when Molly turned her back, he stuck his tongue out at her and sneered at Luna.

"Ron," Fred quietly whispered, "I'm warning you now. If you try to pull any sort of this crap while in school, you'll be our first and only test subject."

"What are you on about?" Ron muttered.

"We overheard Ginny and Luna talking the last time she was here and it's their strong belief that Luna will be sorted into Gryffindor. I'm warning you, pull this crap on a fellow Lion and you won't like the consequences."

Finally, everyone had been queued up and went through the floo to the Leaky Cauldron.

When they exited, Luna said that she wanted to get her trunk first. Molly, on the other hand, tutted and said that it would be best for all of them to stay together.

"Mrs. Weasley, I promise you that I'll be safe. At the very least, I need to stop in at Gringott's and you know that the Goblins are trustworthy."

"Oh, Luna… Fine," said Molly with a heavy sigh and waved her on.

Luna skipped up the steps and spoke to the guards in their own language of Gob'lineskru, "Greetings noble Guardians! May your time served be as boring and quiet as the thoughts running through the mind of the Minister of Magic."

The Goblin guards gave mirthful grins and replied in English, "May your shopping experiences be as bountiful and thrilling as the Fountain of Guernak."

She was waved through and proceeded to the nearest teller. The Goblin Songs were unfamiliar to her. They were rough and guttural but they seemed to fit. She gave another proper greeting and requested a trip to her family vault. Once down, she collected a hundred Galleons and then nodded to the vault runner that she was done.

A couple of hours and several shops later, Luna entered Ollivander's wand shop. The Strings of magic were thick and strong here. She smiled at the whispers of Songs that were floating throughout the room.

"Good morning my dear."

Luna turned and smiled happily at Garrick Ollivander, the shop owner. He gave a knowing smirk; this girl was the only one who didn't jump whenever he made his entrance.

"You're here for your first wand, right?" She nodded.

"I'm right-handed and I do believe that my wand is on the third shelf on the right, upstairs in the guest room."

Garrick's eyebrows rose in surprise, "You can Hear it my dear?"

"Yes, its Song is quite harmonious, it matches my own."

Garrick trekked upstairs and returned with a wand box. He opened it up and pulled out a beautiful Rowan wood wand with a Unicorn tail hair core. She took it in hand and a rainbow of glittery sparks filled the air. Just then Fawkes flamed into the room with a joyous trill.

'Quite a beautiful wand, Luna. I can feel the pure nature of the magic in this wand. It's power and purity matches your own. What Song do you Hear for yourself?'

"I believe it's called 'An Island in the Sun' by the band named Weezer."

"A phoenix familiar Miss Lovegood?" queried a shocked Garrick, "and what song are you referring to?"

"Hm-mm. This is Fawkes; he used to be Albus Dumbledore's familiar until his actions became too dark for him. I've become his new familiar. I can Hear Songs that are tied to a person's String of magic."

"A person's Song? Fascinating, what do you hear when you look at me?"

"I'm not sure of the name but it's by a muggle classical musician called Beethoven."

"Impressive. Well… that'll be seven Galleons."

'I must be getting back; I just wanted to be with you when you got your first wand. Special moment, that is…'

"Thank you Fawkes."

Luna's final stop before meeting up with the Weasley's was Flourish and Blott's, the bookstore. She collected the prepackaged group of First Year books and was wandering through the stacks trying to decide between getting a book on Runes or one on Magical Crafts. She could see through the shelves at the latest public attraction that was taking place on the other side of the store. It was a blonde-haired man with a sparkling set of teeth promoting his latest set of books. Despite the notoriety of the man and the popularity of his works, Luna had no desire to go anywhere near the crowd, especially since his Song was a popular children's Song called, 'Enter the Gladiators' by Julius Fucik. It sounded quite silly.