1 May 1993

Dear Diary;

This is the last month to do any sort of major revision before the end of year tests. I'm so nervous yet somewhat relieved that they are here. I can't believe how much has happened since September! I've made a bunch of friends and even gotten a boyfriend. I was gifted by said wonderful, huggable boyfriend with Nellie, my very own Crumple-horned Snorkack and I can't wait to begin discovering more about her to write up and publish.

I received word from Director Bones that Umbridge's trial will be taking place on Monday and that my attendance will be required. I've already informed Professor Lupin and Headmistress McGonagall.

4 May 1993, Courtroom Ten, Ministry for Magic: The People v. Delores Umbridge

The largest courtroom in the Ministry and yet it was still packed full. Every seat was taken and there were even some people parked on conjured stools on the main floor. From the moment, the case against Delores Umbridge hit the dockets; it quickly became a media frenzy.

Luna was requested to appear as the primary witness and aggrieved party. Accompanying her was Neville, Harry and Hermione. Harry was drawing his share of the media vultures for his role in the defeat of the Dark Lord. Hermione and Neville spoke briefly with a reporter who happened to be there and cover their respective latest articles to the trade journals, Magizoology Monthly and Herbology Today.

"Wow, it's crazy in here," exclaimed Neville as they headed towards their seats in the witness section of the stands, "I sure hope we can get through the testimonials quickly enough and get back to the castle." Luna quietly agreed.

Harry harrumphed, "Seeing all this makes me long for the 'Battle of the Two Idiots' from last year. At least there, when I put my foot down to quell the craziness, I know that it'll stop." The two Second years chuckled at the memories.

Minerva came up at that moment and chivvied them into their appropriate seats.

"Miss Lovegood? Director Bones told me that you would be called up first to give your testimony and also to verify your Visions. Once that is done and barring any cross-examination questions, you will be free to leave the Ministry and head back to the castle."

"Thank you Headmistress. I will want to stop by and say hello to my father first though." Minerva patted her hand and said that it would be no problem.

Finally, the Wizengamot walked into the courtroom and the reporters settled in their places. Director Bones stood up and approached the podium.

"Aurors, bring in the accused," she intoned.

The door from the holding cells opened and two burly Aurors escorted Delores into the courtroom. She had magic-inhibiting shackles on her wrists and ankles and it was apparent that she had been silenced if the noiseless ranting was any indication. She was forced to sit in the defendant's chair and a set of magical shackles rose up and bound her to the chair.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered today to witness the trial of Delores Umbridge. Madam Umbridge was arrested for a number of crimes including: illegal ownership of seven Blood Quills, witness tampering, falsification of documentation, outright destruction of Ministry property, misappropriation of Ministry funds and equipment, bribery, extortion, twice ordering the usage of Dementors upon an eleven year old pureblood girl, attempted Line Theft, and heading and supplying a muggleborn sex slave ring."

The last charge received the loudest of gasps and angry mutterings from the public.

She motioned with her wand to remove the Silencing charm, "Delores Umbridge, upon hearing those charges how do you plead?"


Amelia reapplied the Silencing charm, "Delores, let me make one thing very clear. You will either answer the questions given to you or we shall just lock you up until you're ready to do so. Now… how do you plead to the charges laid against you?" Once more the Silencing charm was removed.

"I plead not guilty!" Umbridge said in a huff.

Amelia called for Luna as the first witness to come up to the stand. Basic questions were asked to determine the validity of her Visions and her ability to See and Hear the Strings of magic itself. An Unspeakable from the Department of Mysteries was brought in to test Luna's abilities and declared her to be the genuine thing.

Luna was then asked to recount the Vision she had received first on the Hogwarts Express prior to the start of the new term.

"At first, all I had was a sensation of being cold and afraid. After I spoke with my friend Harry Potter who was sitting next to me and encouraged me to follow through with the warning sent to the Hogwarts staff, I concentrated on bringing the Vision back and it was almost like everything happy and warm was driven out of me, I could see my mother dying in my arms over and over again. I Heard screaming from the other passengers around me. There was this dead-looking shape that moved in close to me and then…nothing. I woke up at that moment."

Luna continued with, "The only other detail that I noticed when I concentrated on the Vision again was a sound. It sounded like a frog 'ribbiting' in the background. It almost sounded like the frog was talking to one of the Dementors. The Auror who questioned me at the time wondered out loud if instead of a frog, it might have been a toad. I was later told that Madam Umbridge resembled a toad not a frog."

Despite the seriousness of the event, everyone laughed out loud about the detail comparing Umbridge to a toad.

Luna also recounted what she Saw during the second Vision.

She was standing on a low hill overlooking a valley of miniature buildings and a castle in the background. She could hear the faint sounds of music coming from the valley as well as laughter, joy and life.

Just then there was the sound of the toad again. It was speaking to another, ordering an attack upon the castle and the surrounding town. The order was to attack with everything you have and leave no one alive.

She watched as a cloak of darkness spread over the valley. Everywhere it touched, the music died and silence reigned. She screamed for help but there was no one around to hear her plea.

There were sounds of sniffling and quiet sobs from both galleries.

Once both sides got done with questioning and the cross-examination, Luna was excused from the stand. After her, Neville then Hermione and finally Harry who gave their testimonies as to what happened on the train and during the second Vision.

There was a short recess called and Luna took that time to visit with her father.

"How are you holding up pumpkin?" asked Xeno.

"I'm okay daddy. Headmistress McGonagall said that after I visit with you, the others and I are going to head back to the castle. I'll be glad when this whole thing is over with."

The trial reconvened and other witnesses were called forward and gave their testimony against Umbridge's predations. Finally, it was time to question the defendant.

When the Director called for the Veritiserum to be brought forth, both Delores and her solicitor started objecting. Both were shot down in their demands as the charges against her warranted the usage of the potion.

The Healer administering the potion had to have the Auror force Delores' mouth open but she managed to get the requisite three drops on Umbridge's tongue. After a moment, her eyes went glassy and all traces of resistance disappeared. The Healer turned to the Director and nodded for her to proceed.

"What is your name and blood status?"

"Delores Jane Umbridge, half blood." There were murmurs of surprise from both the media gallery and the Wizengamot stands.

"Why do you hate the muggleborn?"

"They are an infestation upon the magical world. They bring in new ideas and methods and strive to tear down the ideals that have sustained the magical world for untold centuries."

"Why did you order the two attacks on Miss Luna Lovegood?"

"She is a disgrace to the traditions and proper ideals for a pureblood family. If she had had proper training and breeding from the beginning, then none of this would've happened."

"Did you not care that the Dementors might have attacked and Kissed other pureblood children on the Express?"

"I did not care. I hate children in general. That a pureblooded child might have gotten Kissed was immaterial to me and just collateral damage." That answer right there was enough to condemn her in the eyes of all of the Dark families. One way or another, Delores saw her last sunrise that morning.

"Why do you disagree with the musical and arts program that was instituted at Hogwarts?" inquired the Chief Warlock.

"It is an affront to what should the proper entertainment to our society. It causes otherwise properly bred and raised purebloods to cavort around in unseemly ways and to jump around like animals. It is too loud and suggestive to be in any civilized society."

More questions followed and covered things that made nearly everyone want to vomit from the sheer cold-bloodedness and cruelty. Ideas and thoughts of what she wished to inflict upon those of muggle birth and of the half bloods terrified and sickened everyone present. The final nail in her proverbial coffin was her admittance to being a disciple of Gellert Grindlewald and later of Lord Voldemort.

Pensieve memories were played for the court showing the contents of the secret room in Umbridge's now former office as well as the secret dungeons in her home. Images of her trophies and Dark collection on full display and recounted. The Auror whose memory this was; was giving a running commentary as he was moving from one display to the next. Torture devices that wouldn't have been out of place in a medieval museum. The Iron Maiden, a stretching rack, a Weeping Widow's Chair; all apparently lovingly maintained and ready for its next victim.

Records of her dealings with the slave trade indicated that she had been supplying muggleborn children for years for the purpose of depraved experiments done to see how magic was "stolen" from the purebloods and "given" to these animals amongst other inhuman treatments. She also gave names of some of the people with whom she dealt with directly or had similar tastes. Director Bones put out a hurried call to have Walden MacNair in the Department of Magical Creatures arrested and taken to the holding cells.

Unspeakable Croaker gave his testimony of the psychological methodology and treatments that could've been available if Umbridge were part of the muggle world. He explained the research trip that had been undertaken and lamented that it was no wonder why so many muggleborn and raised ended up leaving the magical world when it was clearly apparent as to just how backwards and out of touch Britain was compared to more modern countries.

In the end, there could only be one verdict applied to this case. The guilty verdict came through in record time; both sides of the political spectrum were unabashedly in agreement with what sort of punishment was required. Delores Jane Umbridge was sentenced to be sent through the Veil of Death immediately after.

Delores Umbridge Guilty of Horrendous Crimes!

By Connie Samson

Yesterday, Delores Umbridge (55) was tried and convicted of many horrendous crimes against the magical community. The former Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic was found guilty of numerous charges, many of which details we at the Prophet cannot print for their heinous nature. The ones we can tell you about: illegal ownership of seven Blood Quills, witness tampering, falsification of documentation, outright destruction of Ministry property, misappropriation of Ministry funds and equipment, bribery, extortion were enough to see Madam Umbridge life in Azkaban prison. It was the guilty verdicts of the more heinous crimes that got her sent through the legendary Veil of Death.

"It is good to see our Justice system in action," claims Lucius Malfoy (41), "I know that while many will rightly attest that my own views on the raising and care of our future generations is rather conservative, even I have my limits. Delores Umbridge not only crossed that line, she leapt right over it."

When this reporter asked Lord Malfoy what he had in mind for said future generations, he replied, "I'm putting forth a committee to go out into the non-magical world to investigate how they educate their children below the ages of eleven years. It has been made patently clear to me that if we demand high expectations of our children at Hogwarts then we should start their education earlier. It is my hope that within the next five years, we can overturn the corruption and degradation of our educational system that Dumbledore had allowed and encouraged to fester."

This reporter was invited to stop by Lord Malfoy's office later to see for herself the information that had already been assembled comparing non-magical and magical education statistics. What I found was disheartening and I for one hope that the Wizengamot will put forth the effort to fix the mistakes.

The May attendance of the Magical Musical Medley took place right after breakfast. The news of what happened to Umbridge on everyone's minds and tongues. A few knew of Luna's involvement and asked her some questions to find out more but were quietly asked by Professor Lupin to cease as the event was done, dealt with and to politely leave Luna alone.

"Welcome to the May 1993 Magical Musical Medley! For the next two months because of the approaching finals, we will be combining the selections for the staff and students and playing them today. We will continue to play season appropriate music in the halls and ask that you limit the noise level in your Common Rooms to allow the others to study in peace.

"Without further ado, for the Month of May our selected Teacher is Madam Hooch and her Song is by AC/DC, 'Shoot to Thrill." For the Month of June our selected Teacher is Aurora Sinistra and her Song is by Train, 'Drops of Jupiter."

"For our May students, we have:

Oliver Wood - Ray Charles 'Georgia On My Mind'

Percy Weasley - Charlie XCX 'Break The Rules'

Flora Carrow - Chordettes 'Lollipop'

Hestia Carrow- Bobby Day 'Rocking Robin'"

"For our June students, we have:

Sally-Anne Perks- Chubby Checker 'The Twist'

Sally Roper - Foo Fighters 'The Pretenders'

Myrtle Malone - Weezer 'Buddy Holly'

Christine Chambers – Ray Charles 'Hit The Road Jack'"

Oliver was thinking about the about the lyrics of his song. If you replaced the word 'Georgia' and replaced it with 'Quidditch' it would fit better.

Percy was getting chuckles and general ribbing for his song selection. If there were ever someone who would be unlikely to break the rules, it would be him. It didn't matter though, he was happy.

The selections for the Carrow Twins were a surprise as both girls were the two front runners to challenge Daphne Greengrass for the title of 'Slytherin Ice Queen.' A tiny smile teased the edges of Hestia's mouth as she internally danced to her song. There were no external indications on her sister's face that she too was enjoying the bubblegum pop song.

1 June 1993

Dear Diary;

This will be the last entry for the school year. The final exams are upon us and I just won't have the time. I have to spend my free time studying and preparing for those tests. I have no doubt I'll pass...

Fawkes tells me that his nestlings are all flight worthy and ready to head out into the world to find those who are in need of their services. He's been really helpful this past year and I am forever grateful for all of his support and help in dealing with the highs and lows that has occurred.

Neville and I are planning to spend our summer vacation researching ways to integrate our magical and non-magical education for our respective cards and futures. I think he mentioned about trying to find a way to intern at the London Arboretum and Conservatory. I plan on trying to find something similar at the London Zoo.

On a separate note, Nellie is growing up big and strong. She still has a strong sense of shyness when in the presence of strangers but when she becomes used to them, she's rather inquisitive and snuggly. She has her favorites and those she's sort of wary of. It's kind of funny; she loves to cuddle and be pet by the Twins but avoids Ronald like the plague! It turns out that she even has a bit of a mischievous side; I observed her purposely dropping a book or something she can carrying in her mouth and lying in wait for Ronald to pass by her and she'll cause whatever is near her to turn invisible. The results are that Ronald will trip over seemingly nothing to the amusement of others. Nellie will then reappear and hop over to me with the look of 'innocence' on her cute face. Silly Snorkack….

On the shores of Azkaban Prison…

Unspeakable Croaker and a team of cursebreakers, combat medics and specialists in Necromancy and Ritualistic Magics stood at the base of the prison looking a bit daunted but grimly determined at the task and journey ahead them. They were about to undertake the most perilous mission of their lives. The lives and souls of the world depended upon them to descend into the depths of the Dementor's stronghold. They must not fail…

Fin... maybe.