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A man in blue spandex stood in a room, tapping is white boots. Combing is white gloves through his flame like hair in boredom. His other hand tapping on his leg. He stood up in the dome room and walked around against the white tiles.

Usually Vegeta loved the calmness, no annoying voices, yelling, machines, and mostly horrific cooking from Bulma.

But now it had been little over a week ago when Bulma had went on her business trip to America. There was no usual screeching that blasted his eardrums late in the afternoons; he was missing his Blue haired genius. 'Peace" is all he got, and now it annoyed him to death.

Trunks were at Kakarotts house doing whatever with Kakarott's youngest. Suspiciously Kakarott is watching the hell brats, which he doubted. That fool had the attention span of toddler.

Vegeta boredom he decides to walk all over Capsule Corp looking for something interesting. He lived there for 10 years, and never really looked around. He technically owned the premises since his recent marriage to Bulma.

Vegeta walked in the lab, now understanding the curiosity of boys when they always went in his wife's lab. Looking around there were, tools, undone remotes, huge batteries, healing tank that was in the works and etc. He never put his nose into his wife's inventions before but the expectation for the gravity room and drones that pertained to his training. Now looking at the lab with new eyes, it peeked his interest. One particular really caught his attention.

It had huge metal double doors and a Box like container, a very odd choice of design, for Bulma anyway. It towered over the prince by several feet; there were was a sign with big bold red letter embed into the front of the machine that read 'Cloning possessor". He looked to the table off to the side that had some reports pertaining to Machine. He read the info with a grin.

"This should be interesting" Vegeta said with a grin stretching to the corners of his lips. She's gonna be pissed but I'll deal that later... Vegeta was gonna touch the button to open the doors but the prince was stopped when he slammed into the ground.


"Ugh...what Th-DAMMIT KAKAROTT!" Vegeta screamed realizing who had landed on him. The damn idiot couldn't teleport anywhere else. The prince pushed orange clad warrior off of him.

"Sorry Vegeta, I didn't mean to land on you" Goku said his hands up in defense.

"Why are you here baka?" Vegeta he said slightly annoyed. He secretly was glad the younger had stopped by, as much as he wanted a quiet week, he really needed a spar. The prince stood to his feet dusting his armor off.

"That's not nice Vegeta, and I'm here because I'm bored. I was hoping that you like to spar or something. "Goku pouted as he stood to his feet.

"Later, I'm doing something right now." he growled.

The younger Saiyan laughed nervously scratching the back of his head, "Aww come on Vegeta, and if I wait any longer it'll be time for dinner about time we finish. Don't you think it'll be best if we start now?" he tried convince the prince.

"No. Now go away." he barked turning his back to the taller Saiyan. Goku and Labs didn't sound like a good combination not one bit but the Saiyan continued to press on. "Please Gets." he begged.

"Well you can join me in this cloning machine if you're that bored." Vegeta said sarcastically but instantly regretted it seeing Goku's reaction. Shit. Why did i say that out loud...?

"OH REALLY YAY!" Goku yelled extremely loud.

"Wait No! You do not. I was only joking now go away! "Vegeta said trying to change the subject.

Goku pouted with his lip out, he knew Vegeta was trying to lure him away," Don't lie Vegeta, I can read it on the machine it says cloning!"

Vegeta face palmed, maybe if i act like he's not here he'll leave...

Goku frowned as Vegeta didn't respond, "Vegeta but please..."


"Pretty please, please, please...?"


"Please, please, please please, please, please." the younger Saiyan pressed, he would get the prince to cave in he was determine. The prince gritted his teeth against each other,"" he heard the prince growl. The earthed raised Saiyan cupped his hands over his mouth, standing right behind the prince with a smirk.

"PLEASE! With a lot of sugar on top!" Goku yelled into his ear, the prince swatted the Goku away rubbing his ear. "FINE! Fine! Just be quiet!" Rubbing his temple's in iteration.

"Yay." he squealed quietly. Vegeta shook his head what the fuck have i done?

He sighed turning towards the Machine, he picked up the paper pertaining to the Machine. "I go first into the machine then you..." Goku grinned behind him, "I am fine with that."

"Before we begin this Kakarott, were the children of the corn?" Vegeta said eyeing Goku.

"You mean Goten and Trunks?"

"Yes those too? From what my harpy told me, you were supposedly watching them, but you're over here." he said glancing at the man as he turned the Machine on.

"Oh they're with Gohan and Videl... well they're spying on them." he admitted.

He raised a brow. "Spying?"

Goku nodded, "They called it 'Cock blocking' or something like that." he said causing the prince groan. He was sure it was his son's doing, he needed to talk to him. He clicked his tongue as he pushed the doors to be open.

"Never mind that Kakarott... I'm going to step into this Machine. I want you to press the right red button once I'm inside. Do not touch anything unless i say so, I repeat. DO. NOT. TOUCH ANYTHING. Got it? "He warned. Goku pouted, "Yeah I got it. Geez Vegeta has a little faith in me." Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"The day I do, it'll be a one hell of a day. "Vegeta scoffed stepping into the double doors. Goku stuck his tongue at the prince before pressing the right red button, like Vegeta had instructed.

The machine hummed to life, with a softy rumble. Inside the machine a bright blue line began to scan over Vegeta's body starting from the top of head to the bottom of his feet. The machine repeated this process over and over for about three minutes. The machine let out a soft ring before opening its double doors.

Vegeta steeped out the machine cautiously eyeing it curiously, "Hmph..." he was expecting more.

Goku titled his head," Did it work?" he asked. The flamed haired prince examined the Machine, walking around the Bulma's invention. Surly something was supposed to happen; he stood inside for about a good three minutes inside being scanned. He pursed his lips together "I don't know..." he admitted.

"Really, oh well Vegeta do you feel different?" Goku asked.

"I feel a bit tiresome, my Ki decrease slightly inside the Machine. Other than that I feel completely normal." he stated. He was slightly disappointed, he was eager to fight a clone of himself. "I don't know why it didn't work..." he murmured to himself.

"Well maybe it'll work on me."

The prince shrugged his shoulders; "It might... go inside and try." he told the younger Saiyan who grinned. The pure hearted Saiyan scurried inside like an eager child. Damn foo
Goku stepped out machine. Buffoon...

Vegeta crossed his arms over his chest after he pressed the button to the machine. The glasses on the double doors were dimmed but still viably see through. The same process was happening to Kakarott but instead of a bright blue light a scanning the taller Saiyan it was replaced with a red light. Vegeta narrowed his eyes. Its red... he noted.

Goku stepped out of the machine after the three minuets yawing, "You were right Vegeta... it does make you tired..." he said rubbing his eyes.

"Do you feel different Kakarott?" Vegeta questioned Goku.

"Besides feeling sleepy...Nope." he answered between yawns. Vegeta nodded checking the machine, he frowned to himself. Still nothing..."Damn" he cursed out loud.

"Still nothing... I guess its broken Vegeta."

The prince scoffed, "I doubt it, it's probably still in the works. The woman must have been in the middle of finishing it before her left." he assumed.

Goku scratched the back of his head, "I guess..." he said drowsily. He groaned, "Hmph...Vegeta I'm gonna have to rescheduled our spar for tomorrow. I'll fall asleep if go at it now."

"For once something you said i agreed with...," he joked holding back a yawn. The orange clothed hero pouted thinks of reply but deiced against it as he felt himself become more depleted of energy. "I doubt that, but whatever. I'll send Trunks over before i leave for today. "Goku said placing two fingers to his head lazily.

He just grunted to the younger Saiyan teleported, he had his energy taken before but it never left him this tired. He would have to speak to Bulma about it, she would be pissed that he and Goku were in her lab but I'm sure she like the info.

He would also have to ask his wife about the fact that there were no Clones being produced, he assumed that his wife was almost done. Well that doesn't making any sense; the report read that the machine was complete. He pursed his lips in slight frustration, something wasn't right.

"Hey Vegeta!" he heard Goku whisper loudly behind him. The taller Saiyan had teleported back in to the lab where he had Left Vegeta at. The prince had turned around to face the Saiyan; he instantly narrowed his eyes at the Saiyan. Trunks was passed out in the younger Saiyans arms, Goku handed Trunks to his father. Vegeta tossed his son over the shoulder, "Care to explain why my son is out like a light?" he demanded.

"Oh well Goten and Trunks... had a sugar rush apparently. I guess they crashed before I got back. "Goku explained.
Sugar rush..? "Where the hell did they get access to enough sugar to do this? I thought your harpy didn't give your brats candy?"

"It was Gohan and Videl; they took the boys to the candy store. It didn't end well to say the least... "

Vegeta rolled his eyes, "Tch, it's less babysitting for me." he said walking pass the taller Saiyan, towards the exit. Goku chuckled and waved as Vegeta began to walk off, "Bye Vegeta, I am back tomorrow to spar" Goku left again.

Vegeta placed Trunks into his bed, making sure not to wake the boy up. The prince sighed watching his son's calm features; he brushed a piece of hair away from his face. It's been 7 months since the Majin buu accident. Vegeta regretted everything he did that day thinking back to that day. He still found it hard to believe to see everyone forgive him so easy, he didn't question it though and took the opportunity as second chance.

Vegeta realized how his family was really important to him, and how important he was for Bulma and Trunks. Vegeta remembered losing future Trunks to at the cell games , he never felt so much so much rage in his life before mixed with grief, and when it happened again because of him , he vowed to never let it happened again. Vegeta was very glad he got a second chance; he didn't know what to do if Bulma never forgave him, and he'd be lost again.

He remembered a time before Bulma and Trunks, before all this. It was grim and dark back then when he was still a slave under Frieza boot; he was one of the top P.T.O. soldiers. Only one person kept him sane... then he had to mess it up and he was alone... Vegeta shook his head pushing his past regrets in the back of his head.

Don't think about her now... he scolded himself. He pulled his hand away from Trunks lavender hair.

Vegeta walked quietly out of Trunks room towards his bedroom he shared with Bulma. Vegeta walked into the room feeling the fatigue hit him. He yawned quietly, kicking off his boots. Fuck I'm tired... Vegeta didn't even bother to take a shower; he just stripped to his boxer's and jumped in the bed.

I miss my loud mouth woman... he smirked as he closed his eyes.


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