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-place Home -time 10;50am-

-Chise's pov-

As i find myself in Elias's arms in a bridal style carry while blood flows from my lips down to my chin i can't help but to remember the dream i had this morning.

(place unknown time unknown)

(Chise's pov)

(The sound of crying cuts sharply into the air all around me coming from 28 others and myself however the sound of a voice cuts though the sound of crying, even as i sit on the chest of my most important person with my knife shaking in my hands however i calm almost instantly when I feel a gentle touch on my neck as the vioce says gently "don't kill me with anguish in your heart Chise, nice deep breath now give us a smile" i look into the beady black eyes of my teacher, my target, my adoptive father and i give him a smile as i say softly "G-Goodbye KoroSensei" he nods his head slowly as he says "Goodbye Chise".

There's nothing else that i can say with my voice and so i put my thoughts, my feelings, all of my emotions, my soul into my blade, then i do the only thing left that i know can do, i thank him with my knife.

All too soon Korosensei begins to fade away disappearing into yellow balls of light but before he fades away completely he give one final smile as if to us his previous students Congratulations on graduating from our assassination classroom, and as i watch the final yellow ball of light fly towards the forever crescent moon.

i think to myself [goodbye father] as i pick up Korosensei's crescent moon tie and hold it close to my chest as i start to cry again, while my 28 classmates as well as our 2 other teachers cry in their own ways at the loss of our previous teacher.)

-place home time 10;55am-

-Chise's pov-

I am ripped out of my thoughts as i start coughing harshly into my un-cursed right hand making Elias, Ruth and Silkie worry for me even more as blood flows through my fingers, and as my coughing continue's I notice that the upper left corner of the living room is much darker than usual, and i continue to stare even as Elias says that we should go to the witches to which i can only nod my head as a answer.

Then as we are about to leave for the witches a male voice rings out as he says calmly "Wait! Child of Thorns you must not go to the witches for it well only waste time, and i am afraid that the Child of Dragons simply does not have much time to waste on witches who can nether harm nor help, i however can do both of these things" the shadows in the upper left corner shift reveilng a kitsune-youkai male and who looks to be 30 years old in appearance.

i see that he has knee length wild black hair his kitsune ears are up right but relaxed, he is wearing a black hakama and haori, a silver sash around his waist with twin black and silver swords resting in it, and ten long black kitsune tails, but his right red eye and golden left eye which are also locked solely onto me as well as my shadow where Ruth is hidden.

I feel my cursed left arm pulse slightly when he looks at it with a curious look in his duel color eyes, and he smiles madly as he says calmly "my name is Iori and i am Chaos the one of two kings who rule the realms, greetings Child of Thorns, Child of graveyard Grims, Child of spirit Singers, and Child of Dragons or maybe i should call you by your other title -hmm- Child of Korosensei" my eyes grow ice cold at the king of youkai saying my father's name and in front of Elias and Silkie none the less, even though I haven't been able to tell them about ether of my past's.

However when Iori pulls out three items a certain tie, a Anti-sensei knife and a pendant of Korosensei colored in yellow and green stripes with a anti sensei knife and a anti rifle crossing behind him, i don't waste a single minute as i say to Ruth though our mind-link ["Ruth please your the only one outside of E-3 that knows what those items mean to me please get them back and please be careful"] i feel Ruth shift from shadow to shadow until he is able to find best spot to bite down hard into the hand in which is holding and Ruth takes the pendant, my father's tie and the hand of Iori into the safety of my shadow, however my anti sensei knife stays out in the open in my right hand as i glare at the one who unearthed them.

Iori begins to laugh gleefully as he says "hehehee aww did i piss you off hhmmm? Crimson Dragon of End-3, but even though that very interesting Grim of yours just ate my hand i shall still help you, infact there are two people with me who not only wish to see you but to help you as well" the fact that he not only knows the name given to me by E-3 but he also knows the true name for Class E-3 makes me want to let my bloodlust loose so i can show him just how pissed off i really am.

However I remember the lessons on controling one's bloodlust that my father made everyone in E-3 to undertake so that we could blend in better with normal humans and so that we were also able to take our targets by surprise, so i simply breath in and out calming my bloodlust.

Soon after my bloodlust is back under control i notice two people on each side of Iori the first is a dragon youkai female about 30 years old in appearance, she has long brown hair tied up in a pony tail by a strange pink/Purple band, warm black eyes she has long golden horns and her long silver scaled golden manned tail is twitching slightly, she is wearing a simple yet beautiful gray/Purple/white kimono, no sandal's on her clawed feet, i turn my gaze away from the female towards the dragon youkai male who looks to be 30 years old in appearance.

And I see that he has waist length dark green/blue/gray hair long tan/gold horns he is wearing a white kimono with puffy light blue trousers along with a purple sash around his waist, his long silver scaled light green/blue/gray manned tail is unmoveing and his green/gray eyes are looking at me with hope?, however before I can figure out why Iori begins to laugh teasingly as he says "i am surprised that you don't remember the two of them they did save you twice from spirits most of whom were trying eat you at the time, but if i remember correctly you were very young about 2 in human years, well seeing as you have forgotten i shall introduce you to your great-great-11-more-greats-grandparents Kohaku the god of rivers and chihiro the goddess of rain".

Iori looks at my grandparents as he says calmly "Kohaku, Chihiro you may know her name but you don't know her not anymore not after the hell she was forced to grow up in and very quickly as well, and it only got better when a certain teacher of her's did something truly special for her, so let me introduce you both to your many times great granddaughter Chise The Crimson Dragon of E-3, soul-partner to the very interesting Grim named Ruth, mate to be of the Child of Thorns Elias Ainsworth" if i wasn't so content to still be in Elias's arms i would have killed Iori for dropping hints about my extremely dark past before i was sent to middle school then straight into class E-3 at the age of 6 where i meet Korosensei at the age 7 only to be saved by him soon after meeting him that same year from my own personal hell.

I take another breath to calm my growing bloodlust i may be the youngest E-3 assassin however i am in the top three along with my adoptive older brothers Nagisa and Karma, so i know that i lose my cool now i well lose the element of surprise which is very important for any good assassin too have so in light of this fact i take another breath, soon i am taken out of my thoughts by Elias as i feel his hold on me tighten ever so slightly as Elias speaks for first time since all of this started as he says calmly "you said that you could help Chise, how?" at the tone of his question i know that Elias is close to being in a rage do to the words about me said by Iori, however i can tell that he is trying not to lose his own cool much like myself then though our link Ruth is trying not to lose both of our cools and hell even though Silkie has a blank face i can see fire raging in her eyes.

But as Iori begins to speak as he says "now now Thorn no need to go into a rage when i am more than happy to help your mate to be, and to answer your question is very simply infact that there are only two things that must be done in order save Chise from the fate of a normal Sleigh Beggy, however if Chise lets her grandparents blood adopt her thus turning her into a dragon youkai she would still cough up blood now and then because of her still being a Sleigh Beggy the first one to be a youkai but a Sleigh Beggy all the same yet different from others of her kind, and the second thing that must be done is you make Chise your mate by biting her where the neck and shoulder meet she must do the same to you, however instead of a normal youkai mating yours is a bit different as you aren't a youkai nor are you fully human, so instead of you becoming a dragon youkai like Chise she well live as long as you do which could be until the end of time,".

I look at Iori calmly as I say with a well trained calm "What is it that you want in return for such a intoxicating offer?, i am more then sure that you know as well as i do that nothing in this world or in any other world come's without a price, so i shall ask once again what is it that you want?" Iori laughs slightly at my words

Even as he says"hehhehehee i see that teacher of yours has trained you very well indeed isn't that right Crimson Dragon however the only thing i want is for you, Thorn, Ruth, Silver mistress and any children that any of you have i want all of you to be in crimson clan not as active members just some of the time but you well still be under our protection should you need it, also while none of you well be forced to live in the main house it would still be nice if you visit some time's so that we can see how you are doing, and you would also be allowed to use the Muchizuki name which is my last name as a second last name for you all, after all there may come a time when you are in need of such powerful name behind your own name, so what do you say Thorn?, Crimson? do we have ourselves a deal?".

At the new information Elias looks into my green eyes with his red and i know he is looking for any fear or hesitation from me however i know he only see's blazing determination burning in my eyes soon Elias nods his head slowly accepting my silent answer to his own silent question and i think to myself [i guess that it's settled then we are going to take the deal] as i give him a smile.

Then I turn my gaze back towards Iori as I say calmly "we accept your offer, however all i need to know now is when do we start?" Iori gives me a sharp fanged smile as he says happily "-right now-".

And I almost sweat-drop at his eagerness however I've had to deal with a man far more trouble-some, so compared to him Iori's got nothing on Korosensei after all my father had one hell of a sweet addiction.

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