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-place Nanimori -time 6:35pm-

-Chise's pov-

Its been three days and Tsuna invited my family to stay with them at one his mother's house and the moment i meet Nana i look at Tsuna as i say calmly "i would take Nana home with me to meet Silkie however i wont take Nana away from Reborn like that" the boy looks at me curiously to which i sigh at his dense nature as i say "Tsuna look at the way they react around one another for a moment" if he see's what i do Tsuna should see a very dangerous man keeping the kind woman he wants to be his wife safe by pointing his gun at her ex-husbands head every time said man try's to get any where near Nana.

I smirk at Tsuna when he takes a sharp breath and i know instantly that he can see that his teacher is in love with his mother and i turn to look at the boy as i say gently "so you see it too now Tsuna, tell me would Reborn make a worse father to then that idiot over there did" he shakes his head slowly and i smile slightly as i push him towards the three adults as i say in his ear proudly "then go help your father with the blonde idiot Tsuna" i watch with a grin as Tsuna stands between Reborn's loaded gun and the idiot knowing the older man wont shot him while Tsuna glares hatefully at his sire while he grabs him by the front of his suit before dragging him out of the house and throwing him out the front door before locking the door and every window in the house.

Its three days after this when its finally time to go home and i smile at the new family of three in front me as i crushed by lots and lots of hugs from my whole family which i get annoyed by at some point so i use my bloodlust on them to force them to let me go, and then i almost laugh when i see Sly and Ace refusing to give Shiva to Karma who wants to go home but every time he try's to separate the three children one of the boys growl though bared fangs with Shiva try's to do with her human teeth but it only makes the scene even cuter then it already is and i have to bury my face in Elias's chest to keep from laughing and to my joy Ritsu takes a picture of the four of them.

Its soon after Nagisa and the twins leave for Russia when Silkie and Gale walk out Tsuna's house having just got done talking to Reborn and Nana its then that Shiva says tearfully "father i don't want to leave Ace or Sly there mine" the boys grin fanged smiles at the white hared girls words while Karma looks like he is going to have a heart attack and he faints when both Sly and Ace bite one of side of Shiva's neck-shoulder leaving a mating mark behind then mush to the other adults shock she bites them both in return making Karma who had just waken up faint again from pure shock, and i kick my brother wake just in time for him to be able to hear the boy say together softly "Shiva it is alright you and uncle Karma can go home and we wont really be apart because your our mate and the three of us share a mind link now we love you Shiva" Shiva hugs them both close as she says "i love you both too ill make father take me to your house to visit soon I'm going to miss you Sly, Ace" they hug Shiva close before kissing her cheek softly before Ace goes to Gale and Sly goes to Elias as they watch Shiva go to Karma who still looks faint as he shadow travels home.

When we all get home i see my papa and mama getting dragged away by my grandfather by his chains having just found the two of them Elias goes to say goodbye to Lindel who is going back to the land of dragons with his new mate a nest of eggs and a healthy teenage dragon who nuzzles me goodbye before following after Lindel, the boys are playing outside along with Grave while Silkie goes to make dinner form a few recipes that she and Nana traded earlier, Gale goes to make some potions and i lean against Elias as we sit under a tall tree and i think to myself [its finally over all the bull shit is over, now we can all get on with our lives, and i couldn't be happier to be home knowing my very large family is finally safe] Elias growls softly while he wraps a arm around my waist as i feel myself fall asleep enjoying the peace and safety of being home with my family.

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