Chapter Ten

Newark, New Jersey

Danny's Hotel Room

Present Day

"Steven this is ridiculous." Danny said as he hobbled behind Steve, Stella, and Bridget as they all moved to get him out of the hotel.

"It is not ridiculous, Daniel it is common procedure." Steve said as he cleared the hallway for them to turn.

"Look, Caroline already proved that she was not scared to show her face... to you or anyone." Stella said, trailing behind Danny.

"I'm still confused." Stella interjected. "Is Caroline a good guy or a bad guy?

"And does Orlov suspect you or her or is he just plain dumb?" Bridget added.

"On top of that, how did Grace pretend to be dead? If she was still involved in the investigation, and helping you guys, then wouldn't the other mole in the department find out and tell Orlov?" Steve finished.

By now, the three of them were all in the elevator, Stella and Steve in front of Danny with Bridgett behind him. Danny looked around at the three of them in annoyance. "Look kids, next time you guys go on a top undercover investigation with the Russian mob in the early 2000s, I will critique your job performance."

The three of them put up defensive gestures and Steve scoffed. "Is there something you want to share with the class Steven?" Danny asked with a huff.

"It is just that, if you are going to tell your story, then don't leave plot holes or cliffhangers. We are leaving for court right now and we don't have the full story."

It was Danny's turn to scoff at him. "What kind of story teller would I be if I told you all of the spoilers right up front?"

The elevator dinged and after Steve quickly peeked out to make sure no one was there (earning an eye roll from Danny) the four of them started walking towards the car.

They all got situated with a sigh of relief and then Steve continued his argument as Bridgett drove. "I mean, is Caroline good or bad?"

Danny pondered the question for a second. "A little of both."

Steve furrowed his eyebrows. "How can she be both?"

"I don't know Steven how can you be both so dumb yet so smart at the same time?" Danny quipped back.

"Danny calm down you sound like one of my children." Bridgett commented as she drove.

Danny flopped his good arm and looked around the car, hoping that someone would back him up. After realising that no one would, he frowned and pouted. "Fine then. You guys just go ahead and bug the man who almost died."

"Really Danny? Man up." Stella said sitting next to Danny in the back.

"I did!" He argued.

"But you were also the one who insisted to testify." Stella pointed out.

"I never thought I would see the day when my own sisters turned against me."

"Love you!" Stella and Bridget said at the same time.

Steve grinned as he heard his partner mumble something about 'can't pick your family' and soon a peaceful quiet came upon the car. Soon, Danny and Stella had fallen asleep on each other in the back of the car, the events of the past few days finally catching up with them. Bridgett casted a worry look to the both of them and then looked at Steve.

"Do you think he is up for this?" She asked quietly.

Steve snuck his own glance at the back of the car and smiled at the site of the brother and sister. "Yeah. If anyone can, it's Danno."