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Chapter 3:

Beca slipped into the classroom while role call was going on, finding an empty seat in the front row. She took a second looking around the classroom. Instead of the teacher's desk in the front of the room it was in the back. Finding this a bit weird but ultimately thankful since Mrs. Beale wouldn't distract her.

"Who was it that just came in?" Beca looked behind her at the red-head and raised her hand, giving an awkward smile. Mrs. Beale smiled and nodded her head in conformation then put the paper in her hand down and got up from her desk.

Walking to the front of the room towards the white board, she picked up the marker writing in big letters "Mrs. Beale-Posen". The red-head turned around with a big smile on her face "Good Morning class and welcome to English 11. My name is Mrs. Beale-Posen, but you can call me Mrs. Beale."

At this point Beca wasn't even listening. To distracted by the stunning woman in front of her. She was staring at her lips but couldn't hear a single thing, too lost in her thoughts. Ugh those lips look good enough to kiss… Wait a second, what the fuck Mitchell get your head out of the gutter.. God… this is gonna be one long year.

Second, third, fourth and fifth period went by without incident. No one caught her eye expect an overweight blond Australian, presumably named Fat Amy in Art (Fifth period). Beca was on her way to sixth period, which was thankfully lunch, when she spotted a familiar tall brunette at her locker. Looking around she saw the hallway was almost cleared out. Stacie was still busy changing her books out when she felt a pair of hands grab her waist. "Hey beautiful, I haven't seen you here before. Are you new?" She spun around, knocking the guys hands off her waste, taking a step back. "I don't know who you think you are but never touch me again".

The guy was talk, dark skinned with short black hair. "Oh come on baby don't be like that. What's your name?" He leaned in putting one hand next to her head on the locker forcing Stacie flush against it. She looked around and spotted a familiar tiny brunette coming her way with rage filled eyes.

Before he could get any closer he was pulled away, stumbling back a few feet. "Don't fucking touch her!" The anger in Beca's voice was evident, getting louder with each word. Stepping in front of Stacie, she held out her hand behind her back for her to grab. Happily taking the offered hand, squeezing it for reassurance that she was all right. What little people were left in the hall turned to watch the scene unfold. The guy looked around at people staring, shooting the smaller brunette a nasty look he walked away.

Beca turned around when she felt a tug on her hand. She looked Stacie in the eyes and brought her free hand up, cupping her cheek, bringing her hand down to rest her forehead on hers. "Are you all right? Did he hurt you?"

She knew the smaller brunette was overall protective of her and couldn't help but smile. Usually she was the one protecting her. Don't get Stacie wrong, she loved protecting Beca and would do it in a heart-beat. But it was nice for her to return the same protective nature. A small smile tugged on the corners of her lips. "Yeah Becs, I'm okay. Thank you so much."

Beca would do anything for Stacie. She was her best friend, the only one that truly understood her. Running her thumb back and forth over her cheek bone she gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and pulled away, still holding her hand. "Always Stace, you know that". Beca smiled as Stacie turned and shut her locker. The pair then started to walk towards the lunch room.

After getting their food, they looked for an empty table to sit at. A few people who saw the altercation in the hall were staring and whispering to their friends. "Hey Shawshank, over here!" Beca looked to her right and saw the blond from her art class calling her over.

"Hey Amy, thanks a lot. This is Stacie." She took the seat next to Amy smiling at her as Stacie took the seat on the other side of Beca. The blond stuck out her hand for Stacie to take. "Nice to meet you Stacie, I'm Fat Amy." She looked at her with a confused expression. "Why do you call yourself Fat Amy?" Beca turned to Stacie. "It's so twig bitches like us don't do it behind her back" She busted out laughing, looking at Fat Amy with an amused smile. Beca turned to the rest of the table then back at Fat Amy. "Oh right, this is Cynthia Rose, CR for short. Lily, and Emily." Everyone waved at the two brunettes giving them big smiles.

As everyone was talking amongst themselves, Beca looked at the clock on the wall. Noticing the period was almost over she nudged Stacie with her elbow. "What class do you have next?" Stacie took her schedule out of her bag and passed it over. "Dammit, we don't have another class together until eighth and ninth." Fat Amy overheard their conversation and looked at Beca. "What do you have next?" Beca had a small frown on her face, she really wished Stacie was in all her classes. "I have Economics and she has Music." It wasn't a secret that she was anxious. You could see it by just looking at her. "It's okay Becs, we have Chem and Gym together." Beca looked over and gave her a small smile, handing the piece of paper back to the taller brunette.

CR looked over at Beca with a wide smile. "Yo I have Economics next too girl, we can walk together." This put Beca a little at ease, at least she would have someone in the class with her that she knew. At this point Emily looked over as well with a small piece of paper in her hand. "I have Music just like you Stacie." Everyone stood and walked to the trash cans to throw out their garbage just as the bell rung. They got their stuff and walked out to the hallway. Beca and Stacie gave each other another hug and kiss on the check then proceeded to walk to their separate classes.

All the girls saw this interaction, wanting to comment but decided against it. They didn't want to make them uncomfortable seeing at this was the first day.

By the time eighth period came around both girls were excited. Beca waked into the room looking around for her friend. Not seeing her she was about to continue walking through the room when she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Looking for someone?" Beca turned around looking at her best friend who was sporting a cheeky smile. "Not anymore." The bell rung and they went to sit town. Instead of regular chairs they were lab tables, fitting two per table.

Beca dragged Stacie to one of the back tables. The teacher still wasn't in yet so the students were talking amongst themselves. "Good Afternoon class." Both Beca and Stacie snapped their heads up to the front of the room looking at the drop dead gorgeous blond from this morning putting her stuff on the long table.

The blond stopped and looked around at the class, her green eyes landing on a pair of brunetts in the back row. A small smirk played across her lips. Beca's face was slowly turning red as she looked back down at the desk. Stacie was still watching the woman as she turned around to write on the white board. "My name is Mrs. Beale-Posen but you can call be Mrs. Posen" Wait… wasn't that Mrs. Beales name too? Beca thought.

Stacie looked over at her smaller friend seeing her head was still down and leaned over putting her hand on her thigh squeezing a little. "Are you okay?" She whispered next to her ear. A small shiver went straight through her body, turning to look at Stacie. Their faces were so close. She looked down at her lips then back up to her eyes, turning her head back down. "Yeah I'm okay" Stacie saw this and smirked a bit. "Conrad" She looked back up and saw Mrs. Posen looking at her. A small blush crept across her face. "Here"

Mrs. Posen looked at the two brunette's a second longer, then continued roll call. By the end of eighth period they were almost done going over the syllabus. "Okay since today in an "A" day we are going to have lab next. On "B" days you will have gym." With that the bell rung. "You guys can go to the bathroom but be back before the bell."

Everyone got up except the two brunette's. Stacie and Beca were talking to each other quietly in their seats. "I don't feel too good Stace, I think I'm starting to get a migraine." Stacie looked at her friend with sympathy. Beca frequently got migranes, she even had special pain medication to help control them. She watched as Beca started looking through her bag for what she assumed was her meds, "Fuck". Beca put her bag back down and put her head in her hands, "I forgot them." At hearing this Stacie grabbed her bag from the floor, pulling out a small plastic bag. She took out one of the pills and gave it to Beca, "What's this?". She also took her water bottle from her desk, handing it to her. "It's your pain medication. I started keeping some in case you forgot it."

Beca couldn't believe she would do this. No one ever cared about her as much as Stacie, and she loved it. She took what was offered and gave the bottle back to her. The taller brunette opened her arms and Beca scooted her chair until they were flush against each other. She leaned into her and wrapped her arms around Stacie. Beca looked up at her friend with a small smile, "Thanks Stace, you're the best." Stacie tightened her arms around her and kissed her forehead.

From the front of the room Mrs. Posen was watching their interactions. She couldn't help the small smile that appeared on her lips. I just want to wrap them in my arms. The blond shook her head, they are my students. I shouldn't be thinking this.

The bell rung and ninth period went by quickly. Soon the day was over and the two brunette's were waiting outside the main door for Stacie's mom to pick them up. After getting into the car Beca once again snuggled into Stacie's embrace. "What's wrong Beca?" Stacie looked at her mom through the rear-view window, she has a migraine. Grace looked at Beca with sympathy in her eyes. She knew of the smaller brunette's migraines.

The rest of the ride was silent, she dropped them back off at Beca's house. Opening the door, they kicked off their shoes and went to the kitchen to make a snack. "Why don't you go take a shower then lay down and I'll make you a snack?"

Beca smiled at her friend and nodded her head, heading up stairs. Stacie made her a peanut butter sandwich with a glass of milk. She headed up the stairs, opening the door and what she saw made her eyes go wide, dropping the glass of milk all over the floor.