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To Be, Or Not To Be

Chapter 1

Sam drives into the parking lot of his old college, Stanford, and gets out of the car that was bought for Jack Kline; the young nephilim son of the Archangel, Lucifer. Though still bound with the purity and innocence of the child his mother knew from the womb, his physical looks are those of a teen nearing adulthood. Sam and Dean "raised" him as best as two Hunters, who fight the supernatural, on a daily basis could since the death of his mother and the "banishment" of his father to the alternate Earth with their own mother; Mary Winchester. And although, they would prefer differently, they know this is a step the young man must take on his own; if he is to finally fit into human society. Jack goes around to the driver's side; to face the taller man.

Sam: You're all set up and registered online. You just pick up your keys, and head for the Dorm. And you can call me, okay, for anything, anything at all, day or night, I'm here for you! Okay? Oh, and one more thing, remember to take care of this classic Corvette; you don't want Dean to come down here and embarrass you; right?

Jack: Right. I, definitely don't want that! Hey, where is Dean, anyway? Shouldn't he be here by now?

Sam: Dean went to get supplies, which means, he also stopped to get a burger and…pie. (The look on Sam's face is one of inevitability, as he shrugs his shoulders.)

Jack: What is it with him and pie?

Sam: It's his favorite!

Jack: So, I gathered.

Jack slides into the front seat of the Corvette and fires up the engine. Sam smiles through the sadness and the regrets. He waves goodbye as Jack drives away. "It's his favorite" has been Sam's deflecting answer to anyone that decides to inquire about Dean's infamous food obsession. There was so much more that Sam wasn't saying; such as how he long ago concluded that pie was Dean's emotional crutch. It was his way of recreating the good feelings he had as a very young boy; when their Mom was still around, and their or rather Dean'slife was normal, and the life of being a Hunter wasn't even a spark in anyone's mind. Sam never really knew how much Dean missed her, till that day they died at the hands of two other hunters and they spent a short time in Heaven. But at least Dean once had that suburban lifestyle Sam had always craved while growing up. And although even he, at that time, never knew normalcy; he did see it in his brother's eyes in that far-away look, and in those half smiles Dean sometimes had; whilst raising his younger brother as best he could; most of the time without an adult. This was what made Sam love, and care for Dean so much, enough to put up with all his idiosyncrasies; his disdain for normal, his criticism of nearly anything supernatural, his "judgmentalism" and his inability to trust; more so than any sibling would.

Dean was Dean, and Sam had, somewhat, learned to accept his brother as he was; even if Dean could never do the same for Sam. But as he walks back to the curb, his brow furrows once again, and then he purses his lips, because it is just now occurring to Sam, that Dean had exhibited far less of those traits over the past year or so, and nowadays, they're just starting to come back again. What had changed, he wonders. He stops as something, finally hits him. The thing, in their lives, that had not been there for most of it.

Sam: Mom!

Yeah, he thinks; of all the people Amara could have brought back to Dean; Bobby, Jo, Dad. Why did she bring back Mom? Somehow, Amara knew that Dean was broken because his Mother was taken while he still needed her, and it upset Amara to see Dean in that way; knowing that he couldn't accept her or love her; so she gave Dean the most precious gift possible; she gave him back his heart. So much for "The Darkness", he chuckles. And at that moment, Dean pulls up to the curb in The Impala; more than fifty years old, but she still looks like a baby; because Dean keeps her in mint condition. But before Sam could open the door, he hears a voice calling his name.

Paul: Sam? Sam Winchester?

Sam turns towards the voice and sees a face, it's older than he remembered, but it was definitely a face he did not expect to see; not ever again. The man comes running over and stretches out his hand for a good strong shaking.

Sam looked like he would drop dead right there. So many emotions cross his face in one instant, fear, pain, grief, and more regret than any one man should suffer.

Dean's face fills with tension. He doesn't like the way this man seems so familiar with his brother, when Sam doesn't seem at all happy to see him. Dean goes into protective mode, and swiftly gets out of the car for a better position. Paul is not oblivious at all to Dean's actions, and steels himself. Dean recognizes his pose, and the hairs start to stand up on the back of his neck. But with a wry smile, Paul turns toward Dean now, and shakes his hand.

Paul: You must be Sam's brother, Dean, right? I don't believe we've ever met; I'm Paul Moore, Jessica's father.

Dean tried to get to Sam, in case he needed to be held up, and to try to help him look like anything other than he did right now. But Paul hadn't let go of Dean in time, and Sam just barely caught the top of the Impala to stop himself from collapsing. He was literally sick inside, as was obvious from his pale complexion. Finally, Dean breaks Paul's grasp, goes to Sam and takes his side.

Dean: (Whispers) Sam? Sam; you alright?

There was something about the Impala, its strength, its durability; its solid cold-hard-steel, and its warm loving shelter all at the same time; it's somehow giving Sam what he needs to recover; to stand, and to speak. In this moment, Sam feels something more than a car, he feels a past and a future; he feels Family.

Sam straightens his spine, and goes to Paul, to deal with the consequences of this chance meeting.

Sam: Dr. Moore, I wasn't expecting to see you here.

Paul: Nor I, you. What brings you back to Stanford?

Dean: We dropped someone off, no big deal.

It's becoming apparent to Sam, that Dean doesn't trust Paul as far as he can throw him, probably even less. But this is not what Sam wants, and surely not what Jessica would have wanted. Sam feels compelled to fix it.

Sam: Are you on the faculty, now?

Paul: No, as a matter of fact, I was just passing through, on my way from a meeting. I often walk these grounds; makes me feel closer to my Jessie-Lee, my little girl.

Dean could see Sam's facade starting to fall.

Dean: Well, it was nice to meet you, but we need to get going. Isn't that right, Sam?

Sam: Going, yes! We don't want to be late.

Paul: Well, wait! How can I keep in touch? I was so hoping to catch up with you and your family. I have so many questions I feel like I need to know the answers to. You know, to keep Jessie-Lee informed. I talk to her every Saturday…at the cemetery; Daddy-daughter time, just me and my baby-girl. Her mother goes on Sundays.

Paul's face was sad; his head tilted down, and his mouth, a frown. Sam's heart was breaking for the man. He felt he couldn't just leave him like this.

Sam: Well, we have one stop to make, then I don't see any reason why we couldn't get a room and stay the night; take some time to get reacquainted. Right, Dean?

Dean thinks Sam is out of his mind, but wouldn't begrudge him anything at this point.

Dean: Oh, absolutely. (Dean nods with a narrow smile.)

Paul: Wonderful! Well, can I ride with you? I'm done for the day, and I would appreciate not having to walk.

Sam: Um, sure Dr. Moore, yeah; no problem.

Paul: Please, call me Paul; we're all family, here.

Dean gives Sam the evil eye, but then reminds himself to be nice to his brother, who is hurting so badly.

Dean: Get in. (He says calmly, but through gritted teeth, though hardly noticeable, and Paul didn't pick up on it. He points to the, back, passenger side door, so that he could keep an eye on Paul in the rearview mirror. As they take their respective seats, Dean wonders where the hell it is he's driving to for their "one stop".


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