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[Living room]

(Dean, having become very skilled from his service in Hell, has managed to loosen his knots, just enough to remove his left hand, which heightens his ability to get himself completely untied. Checking his apparel, he learns that his main gun has been removed from behind his back. He now checks his ankle, no back-up, either. With only one place left to look, Dean reluctantly checks his right side pants pocket. Bingo, his switchblade is still there. It will do under the right circumstances. So Dean goes to the wall where he hears the sound of a very young woman's voice. He follows that voice all the way to the corner, but he can go no further. Then another other voice sounds, he thinks it must be Paul's. He knows he must head for the door, and work his way back in that direction; back to Sam.)


Paul: To be or not to be, Sam. That is the question.

(Paul picks up the parchment paper he had been writing on, and places it in front of Sam. The ink at the bottom is barely dry. Sam reads the Early Modern English that Paul used, just like Shakespeare, and it doesn't take him long to realize that it's a confession. And even though Sam does feel responsible for Jessica's death; he doesn't want to read this aloud because if he does, he will have to abide by it, and if he understands this correctly, it's offering him the chance to commit suicide. But he and Dean had made a pact, one that keeps both of them alive; neither of them is allowed to sacrifice himself, not even for the greater good, without express permission of the other.)

Sam: Look; whatever you believe my implication in Jessica's death might be; this is not what she'd want! Jessica would never ask for vengeance! And she'd certainly never blame me; it wasn't my fault.

(Sam can feel his own lies, and he knew that Paul could tell. But he also knew he had to keep trying. In the meantime, Paul, looking somehow very regal now, was fondling a broadsword that is displayed upon the mantle above the fireplace. He turns back to Sam, with profound anger.)

Paul: Don't you dare!

Do you think that I am easier to be played on, than a pipe?

Don't you dare try to escape your role in this!


(Dean creeps along the walls; closing in on the one voice that beckons him; Sam. He can tell by his brother's tone that he is in some form of distress, even though it is loud and strong.)


(Paul slams his hand down hard on the table; it was so loud that it made Sam jump; but then he walks a circle around Sam, giving himself a chance to calm down.)

Paul: The police report labeled the fire as suspicious. The, the Coroner... said her death was unnatural. I hadn't a clue what he meant; I just assumed it was a chemical fire. But then about six months later, the arson investigator came to my house to interview me. I asked him which chemicals were used in the fire. He asked me; "what chemicals?" I said "the ones the Coroner mentioned; he said her death was unnatural;" The man looked at me with the widest eyes I've ever seen, and do you know what he said to me? He said, and I quote "That wasn't what the Coroner was trying to say... He meant not-of-this-world-Unnatural."

For a good long time, I still couldn't fathom what he said. I was stunned, shocked, and in total denial. But then, I found this book, (he holds up the copy of Hamlet) and suddenly, it all started to make sense to me. You, having left, never to be heard from again; virtually impossible to find or reach; started me thinking. So I hired a P.I. to check you out, then low and behold, unnatural death became far more like Unnatural Murder.

(Sam was breathing really hard, like he just ran a marathon. The look on his face was no longer sad or regretful, but pure rage.)

Sam: No! No! That's not true, that - that's not how it happened. I would never hurt Jess, I would never kill her; I loved her! I loved her.

Paul: Did you then, so why is she dead? (Paul has had just about enough of Sam's lies.)

Paul: You killed her, as sure as I'm standing here. There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Sam Winchester, than are dreamt in your philosophy,but because she didn't get the opportunity to go to confession, to cleanse her soul and repent, nor to receive last rites before she perished; she didn't get into Heaven. You, you, took that away from her, with your agnostic beliefs and pagan practices- shrouded behind a bogus standpoint of science versus faith. And for that Sir, - I cannot let you stand!

(With absolute purpose, Paul moves to the mantle, and picks up the sword. Dean, knowing very well, that a switchblade was no match for a saber, grabs his arm, as hard as he could, hard enough to fracture the bone. Paul, grunts in pain, but fights with all his might, to keep grasp of the hilt, Dean, however, is a master at disarmament; and he rips the blade away from Paul; then slices it deeply into Paul's neck before dropping it to the floor. Paul crumples and although he's bleeding heavily; begs his daughter's forgiveness.)


O cursed spite that ever I was born

To set it right upon my sword

'Tis now the very witching time of night,

When Churchyards yawn

And Hell itself breathes out

(Dean and Sam just look at each other. Dean is wondering how Paul can still be speaking, while Sam is trying to interpret the meaning of his words.)


This bad begins and worse remains behind.

Revisits thus the glimpses of the moon

Alas, Poor ghost!

To sleep, perchance to dream...

(Dean goes to Sam, and uses his switchblade, to start cutting the rope. But before he makes much headway, the real Ghost of Jessica, appears. Sam spots her just past Dean's shoulder. She's still in that white dress she was wearing when she died, and very slowly, the red blood from her wound is beginning to show.)

Sam: Dean, Dean, behind you!

(Dean turns quickly, but he has no proper defense against a Ghost. She screeches in fury and lunges at him, but Dean knew if he moved aside, she would attack Sam, so Dean stands his ground, and uses his tiny little knife, to try to break her form. It takes her by surprise, and she fades out for all of two seconds.)

Sam: Dean, the fireplace!

(Dean runs towards it at full speed; catching himself with the edge of the mantle; he grabs a poker, but he isn't quite fast enough. Jessica gets to Sam, and is proceeding to rip into his chest, probably in an attempt to remove his heart. Sam screams through gritted teeth. Dean swipes the poker through her torso, and she fades out again. Sam begins to breathe through the pain.)

Dean: How is she here? She was cremated.

Sam: I don't know. I don't know! (Dean searches frantically for something Paul has kept, but he finds nothing.)

Dean: Think, Sammy, think, do you see anything of hers, anything at all?

(Just then, she comes back, this time, her screeches are shorter and louder, she has been angered even more than her spiteful soul was at the start. Sam looks around, but nothing is hers. Dean attacks her with the poker, Sam, tries to get free of the lines, and in doing so, he feels the pinky ring; her ring; that he was wearing only today, in case he ran into anyone he knew from their days at Stanford. But Sam can't reach the ring to remove it.)

Sam: Dean, Dean! The ring, on my finger, it's hers!

(But Dean is busy; the iron poker is no longer working, because she has learned how to stay out of its way. Everytime Dean slashes at her; she turns, or twists her way around it.)

Dean: Take it off!

Sam: I-I can't, I can't reach it!

(Dean keeps trying to hit her with the poker, while backing up towards Sam, in an effort to help him get the ring off. But Dean knows, that he will need a few seconds away from her to accomplish that, without her getting her hands into Sam again, As soon as Dean deems himself close enough to Sam, he takes the poker, and stands it straight up, and with one great thrust, cuts her down from head to toe. She fades out. Then he finds the ring on Sam's hand, and pulls it off. Jessica returns, this time both hands are outstretched to kill each of them at the same time, but before she can, Dean throws the ring into the fire, and Sam watches, as the Spirit of his once beloved Jessica, burns up before him.)

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