As Lincoln Loud head back upstairs to find Lisa's dimensional watch, Lexx Loud who was coming out of his bedroom and had the watch in his hands, said
while staring at It's cool features.

"Woah, Check out this sweet watch."

Suddenly, Lincoln who now see's Lexx with his watch quickly ran to retrieve it, But as he said the words. "Hey! That's Mine!"

Lexx with a evil smile on his face, said to his brother.

"Finders Keepers Loser!"

As evil Lexx was now running like hell and sliding down the rail, Lincoln then chased after him and saying "No! I Need That!" before falling down on the stairs, Lexx
who was now standing on the table and he threw the watch into Luke's hands, his other brother Loni shouted out.

"Keep Away From Uncle Lincoln's Watch!"

As Lincoln try to tell his brothers.

"Guys! This Is Serious!"

But all of a sudden, Lincoln who just couldn't take it anymore, And got really pissed Off! then kicked Lexx in his Balls!, as he went down in pain, and
as he saw Luke who then threw the watch to Loki, Lincoln who was now making a fist then gave Luke a giant punch in his Balls! As Lincoln also kicked Leif, Levi, Lars, Lane, and Loki who still had his watch and after Lincoln also kicked him in his balls and as he went down in pain the watch landed on the floor and Lincoln grabbed it in the nick of time.

Just then he see's baby Leon but who is too young to be kicked like that, Lincoln decided to flip his ear with his finger, and poor Leon begins to cry.

But right before he was about to go back to his dimension, Lynn Loud quickly ran upstairs and says to Lincoln.

"Hey Stinking, I almost for got something..."

And as Lynn was just about to knee groin Lincoln, He quickly knee groin Lynn so hard that he went down and started to Cry!

And now Lincoln jumped into another dimension.

The End.