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In any case, when we last saw our heroes, Polnareff once again proves his worth by managing to snatch up the assist trophy. However, in doing so, he has left himself vulnerable to attack from N'Doul. How will the Greatest Frenchman who ever lived get out of this one? Let's find out as we OPEN THE GAME!

Chapter 3: The Corpse Guide.

"Damn it!" Kakyoin swore, the former Crusader struggling against the Hamon-charged vines of [Hermit Purple] in a futile attempt to escape before the Joestars could reach him "N'Doul!" he called out to his partner "Forget about me! Kill Polnareff!"

"Dammit Kakyoin!" Jotaro swore, his teeth clenched tight as he counted the seconds before he touched down on the rooftop, cursing his inexperience with Time Stop, as unlike DIO, who'd had several months to develop his ability on top of having the life-force of a vampire, he couldn't just pull it off whenever he wanted.

Now to be fair, it was getting easier and easier for him to activate the technique, but doing so put tremendous strain on his body, so while it was entirely possible that [Star Platinum] could stop time for longer, Jotaro would need another few seconds to recover before he could fire it up again.

'Seconds that Polnareff doesn't have!' he cursed, glaring at the slithering form of [Geb] as the water Stand lunged through the air, intent on ripping Polnareff to pieces, the Frenchman unable to defend himself after sacrificing his blade to wound Kakyoin.

"Die, Polnareff!" N'Doul commanded, the blind Egyptian smirking coldly as he directed his stand to murder the prone Crusader, only to yelp as the door to the rooftop slammed open, sending him sprawling face-first onto the rooftop "What the hell-?!"

"Not so fast!" a vaguely familiar cockney accent yelled from within the enclosed stairwell, N'Doul whipping round to confront his assailant, only to cry out in agony as something hurtled out the doorway and buried itself into the blind Stand User's collar-bone with a sickening sound of metal grinding against bone.

"Hah! Cut you straight to the bone looks-like!" the newcomer cackled, stepping out onto the rooftop, revealing himself to be none other than the scarred, blonde Englishman from the airport, bereft of his bowler hat, which Jotaro dimly realized was the source of N'Doul's agony at the moment "I guess it's true what they say, you can take the man outta Ogre Street, but you can't take Ogre Street outta the interfering Speedwagon!"

"Speedwagon?" Jotaro repeated, frowning at the man in confusion alongside his allies even as Joseph used [Hermit Purple] to further bind a thrashing Kakyoin, both to keep him from escaping and to prevent him from recalling [Hierophant Green] to attack them again "Are you with the Speedwagon Foundation?"

Before the man could answer, he was forced to dodge an attack from [Geb], the Water Stand interposing itself between him and N'Doul, the blind Egyptian assassin cursing as he pulled the blonde's bowler hat out of his flesh, revealing the bloody razor-brim for all to see.

"Damn you-!" the blind assassin swore, leaning heavily on his walking stick for support as his body began to glow with the same ominous of light that had enveloped Avdol and Iggy prior to their vanishing act "I swore to devote myself to the Noble One…I cannot allow myself to be captured here!"

"Hold it!" Jotaro yelled, only to curse as the Egyptian vanished in a flash of light not unlike their former comrades before him "Damn it!" he swore, rounding on their remaining comrade, only to curse as Kakyoin likewise began to glow "Oh hell no, not you too!"

"Leave it to me, Jotaro!" Joseph assured his grandson, taking a deep breath as he prepared to send a wave of Hamon through Hermit Purple's vines "I'll knock him out with Hamon, then we can take our time figuring out what the hell's going on here!"

"Hold on a second there!" the blonde interloper called out, startling the Joestars as he strode forward, reaching into his pocket to pull out what appeared to be a glowing ball "Leave this to me, Mister Joestar! I'll bring your friend back to his senses, with the power of the [Holy Corpse]!"

'[Holy corpse]?' Jotaro repeated, wondering just what in the hell the man was on about but ultimately deciding to give him the benefit of the doubt, allowing him to draw closer, noting with interest how Kakyoin's struggles seemed to only intensify the closer he got to the strange, glowing orb in the man's hands, the cherry-haired teen's eyes rolling back into his skull as the warm light of the sphere seemed to overtake his body, the ominous light that had been emitting from him dissipating like steam into the night sky as he slumped bonelessly to his knees. "Oi! Kakyoin!"

"Jo...taro?" the cherry-haired teen mumbled blinking up at the teen in a daze "Mr. Joestar? Polnareff…?" he continued, as if waking from a long dream, only to stiffen, his eyes widening as clarity returned to them almost instantaneously "Ah! That's right! Everyone! I managed to figure out DIO's ability-!"

"Whoa there!" Joseph exclaimed, the Elder Joestar dashing forwards to help Jotaro support their revived comrade as he stumbled forwards, his legs having seemingly given out at that moment "Calm down there Kakyoin! The battle with DIO's already over!"

"It's…over?" Kakyoin repeated, the green-clad, cherry-haired teen blinking between the Joestars and a grinning, teary-eyed Polnareff disbelievingly, as if he could hardly believe his own ears "Then…that means…we won?"

"Yeah." Jotaro confirmed, a small smile adorning his lips as he watched his seemingly revived friend slump in relief at the confirmation, reaching out to clap him on the shoulder companionably "You did good, Kakyoin. Just take it easy for now."

"Jotaro's right, we'll have plenty of time to catch up later." Joseph assured the teen, patting him comfortingly on the shoulder before turning to glare at the mysterious blonde, who had walked over to retrieve his bladed bowler hat and was currently dusting it off "More importantly, just who the hell are you?" he demanded "How is it you know my name? What did you do to Kakyoin just now? Just what the hell is going on here?!"

"Whoa there, steady on now gents!" the blonde insisted, raising a hand defensively in the face of the Crusader's suspicious glares "I suppose I've been a mite remiss leaving the introductions so late, but let's keep things civil eh? After all, if I was your enemy, I wouldn't have snapped your friend out of his daydream, now would I?"

"True enough." Joseph conceded, though it was clear from his tone that while he was prepared to give the man the benefit of the doubt, that didn't automatically mean he trusted him "Well then, would you care to introduce yourself?" he pressed "You seem to know me, and I'll confess there's something about you that seems familiar, but damned if I can put a name to your face."

"Hoh? So I'm still running around in this time am I?" the blonde marveled, sounding oddly pleased with himself for some reason "Me father always said I'd die in a ditch without ever amounting to nothing, and yet here I am, still helping out the Joestars after all this time…"

'The hell is up with this weirdo?' Jotaro wondered, quirking a brow at his grandfather, only to receive and equally confused shrug from the elder Joestar 'He doesn't seem to be a threat, if anything he seems really eager to help us…almost too eager actually…' he noted as the man wiped his eyes.

"Ah, sorry about the display gents." The blonde chuckled as he wiped a tear from his eyes "This blasted humidity's getting to me, can't imagine why anyone would want to live out here...well maybe in winter but-!"

"Get on with it, would you?" Jotaro snapped, his patience rapidly running thin, the Crusaders tensing as one as the blonde tossed his bowler into the air, only to blink as the bladed chapeau plopped onto the back of the man's hand, spinning along his limbs and behind his neck like a top before being expertly flipped into the air and onto his head.

"My name is Speedwagon!" the scarred blonde proclaimed proudly whilst thumbing the brim of his bowler in a mock salute "Robert E. O. Speedwagon! And as for why I am here, I've come to make a request of you, Mister Joestar!"

"Speedwagon?" Jotaro repeated, glancing at his grandfather out the corner of his eye for confirmation, only to see the elder Joestar just as confused by this revelation as he was "You said your name was 'Speedwagon'?"

"I get it, you're an amateur Conman looking for an easy mark." Polnareff proclaimed, the Frenchman scoffing mockingly as he propped himself up against the stairwell with a little help from [Silver Chariot] "You're claiming to be the Founder of the Speedwagon Foundation? Sorry to break it to you, Monsieur, but even if you weren't half a century too young, you wouldn't be able to pull the wool over Monsieur Joestar!"

As if to emphasize his point, he gestured towards Joseph, who had been standing silently this whole time, his features shadowed ominously by his hat brim as his broad shoulders trembled with barely restrained energy "See? He's so angry at you he's trembling-!"

"OH! MY! GOD!" Joseph suddenly exclaimed, the younger Crusaders looking on in shock as the elder Joestar clapped his hands to his face, gaping at the scarred blonde in abject disbelief, his features a mix of shock, horror and, for some reason, hope.

"What's the matter now, Gramps?" Jotaro demanded, having grown more than used to his Grandfather's extreme overreactions due to the sheer amount of bizarre shit they'd had to put up with over the course of their journey "You're don't seriously expect me to believe this guy is the real deal?"

"C'est impossible, Jotaro!" Polnareff insisted, gesturing to the scarred blonde animatedly "Think about it; the Speedwagon Foundation's been around since before your Grandfather was born! Even if the founder were still alive, he'd make Monsieur Joestar look like a spring chicken by comparison!"

"No…you're wrong Polnareff…" Joseph countered, the elder Joestar having gotten a hold of himself, though he still continued to gape at the self-proclaimed Speedwagon in disbelief "I can hardly believe it myself, but it really is him!" he insisted, gesturing at the blonde for emphasis "I was wondering where I'd seen your face before! It was in a picture my Granny Erina showed me of Speedwagon, back when he was young!"

"Oh! You're Miss Erina's grandson?!" Speedwagon proclaimed, his features lighting up with joy at the revelation "Praise be! That means she and Mister Joestar managed to live happily after all!" he glanced to Jotaro with a smile "And I take it this must be your son then? He's almost the spit of Mister Joestar, built like brick shit-houses the lot of you!"

"Ah, no, this here's my Grandson, Jotaro." Joseph awkwardly corrected the ever-jubilant Speedwagon "My daughter, Holly, is his mother. She and my wife, Suzie-Q, are currently back in Japan."

"Blimey but you Joestars do get around." Speedwagon marveled, whistling in appreciation even as he reached into his pocket "Still, the fact you know me means I can cut to the chase, so to speak."

Jotaro frowned as Speedwagon withdrew the glowing orb from before and held it out for them to see. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was actually a mummified eyeball, not unlike the kind you' see leering at you in a jar of formaldehyde or from the corpses of some of DIO's more recent victims "So that's the [Holy Corpse]?"

"Indeed, or a part of it, rather." Speedwagon confessed, holding the glowing eyeball up for them to see "If what Master Tonpetty said is true, this is a genuine piece of a Saint's [Holy Corpse]!"

"Tonpetty was the Grand-Master of Hamon back during the days of my Grandfather, Jonathan Joestar." Joseph explained to the younger crusaders "I never met the man, but from what Speedwagon told me he was something else."

"Too right, taught Baron Zeppeli and Straizo everything he knew." Speedwagon confirmed with a nod, missing the grimace on the elder Joestar's face as he glanced back down at the eyeball "Now normally I wouldn't give such superstitions a second thought, but the world's become a much bigger place ever since I met Mister Joestar, and if Monsters like [Vampires] can exist, why not [Saints]?"

"It certainly possesses a bizarre power." Joseph concurred, eyeing the eyeball warily, shivering slightly as it seemed to rotate to look at him "Though that doesn't explain how you're here, Speedwagon." he pressed, opting to address the man out of time instead of look at the thing.

"Ah, now that's a tale in and of itself." Speedwagon confessed, his features turning grim as he tucked the eyeball back into his coat pocket, much to Joseph and Polnareff's relief "One I'd prefer to tell over a drink if you don't mind." He added, taking off his bowler hat to fan himself "I spent the entire day tracking you down, I could do with a drink to wet my whistle if we're to have a proper chin-wag."

"I'd also like to be brought up to speed, if you don't mind." Kakyoin professed while nodding his head towards the still bleeding Polnareff "Polnareff's injuries need to be treated as well, so we might as well wait until then."

"Agreed." Joseph conceded, sharing a nod with Jotaro before clapping a hand on Speedwagon's shoulder "C'mon then Speedwagon, I'll fill you in on the past few decades you've missed."

Cairo-Pandake Cafe...

"Shukran Lakum." Joseph offered to the bartender as he poured out five ice teas for the party. While normally the elder Joestar would've sprung for something a little stronger, he figured it'd be better to keep a clear head, given the importance of the situation "Drink up everyone, refills are on me."

"Blimey, if me mates from Ogre Street could see me now." Speedwagon marveled as he peered around the Cairo streets, taking in the wonders, the peoples, so inherently different from England even without considering the time difference "Mind you, I suppose you Joestars are more than used to Bizarre these days."

"Tell me about it." Joseph chuckled, recalling all the weird shit he'd encountered over the course of his life, his features growing grimmer as the memories of those he'd lost over the course of said adventures came back to him as well "So you were going to tell us how you got here, Speedwagon?"

"Ah, yes." Speedwagon acknowledged, his once jovial features turning decidedly grim as he set his iced tea down and sat forward in his seat, hands clasped together as he looked Joseph in the eye "Tell me, Mr. Joestar-"

"Just call me Joseph, Speedwagon." Joseph insisted, a small smile adorning his features "Aside from Granny Erina, you were the closest thing I had to family growing up, so hearing you call me 'Mr. Joestar' just doesn't sound right."

"Ah…right…" Speedwagon stammered, though it was clear to the younger Crusaders that the time-displaced blonde was moved by the elder Joestar's words despite his admirable attempt at maintaining his composure "A-as I was saying!" he continued after coughing into his fist "Joseph, did Lady Erina ever tell you about our fight against Dio Brando?"

"She did." Joseph confirmed, his features settling into a solemn mask at the mention of his venerable grandmother. To this day, he could still recall the look on her face when she finally recounted the tale of his late grandfather, Jonathan Joestar prior to moving to New York.

Were it anyone else who had told him the tale, Joseph probably would've laughed it off as a bedtime story, but Erina Joestar nee Pendleton was a very forthright woman, as adverse to deception as she was to rude behaviour. The very idea that she would tarnish the memory of her beloved husband with such falsehoods, even for the sake of her grandson, would have been abhorrent to her "She said you were the one who destroyed his Stone Mask, after all was said and done."

"Glad to hear it." Speedwagon confessed, staring into his iced tea with grim satisfaction, missing the look Jotaro sent his grandfather "That damned thing took so much from Mr. Joestar…I'm right glad to hear I had a hand in getting rid of it!"

"Wait, you mean you haven't destroyed it yet?" Joseph demanded, gaping at the blonde in surprise as he shook his head in denial "That…doesn't make any sense! I distinctly remember Granny Erina saying you smashed the damn thing to powder with a Sledgehammer!"

"And believe me, I fully intend to." Speedwagon vowed, his eyes burning at the very thought of destroying the catalyst behind the Bloody Destiny of the Joestar Family "But judging from your shock, it seems the events that led to my being here weren't passed on to you?"

"Of course not!" Joseph denied with an exaggerated wave of his hand "I think I'd remember Speedwagon, that is, your older self, warning me to expect a visit from his younger self, that is, you, sometime in the future!"

"Could it have something to do with the [Saint's Corpse]?" Kakyoin proposed, the cherry-haired teen having been sitting calmly between Jotaro and Polnareff, both to help the Frenchman into his seat and so Jotaro could keep an eye on him in case he relapsed "Joestar-san, did either Speedwagon or your grandmother mention a [Saint's Corpse] to you at any point in the past?"

"No." Joseph denied after wracking his brain for a bit "Granny Erina never liked talking about the past at all if she could help it, but she never left out any details when she finally got around to it." He nodded towards Speedwagon, who was listening just as intently "Same with Speedwagon, while he didn't tell Granny everything he was up to, if he'd gotten his hands on something like a [Saint's Corpse], he'd have at least kept it stored at the Speedwagon Foundation and informed me before he passed away."

"So I've already kicked the bucket, have I?" Speedwagon noted, chuckling shakily at Joseph's apologetic nod "Blimey…you've no idea how unsettling that sounds…" he confessed, his hands shaking as he took another drink to calm his nerves "I don't suppose I went down fighting?"

"You were older than I am now when you died." Joseph answered evasively, torn between wanting to avoid unnerving the man further and his desire to perhaps prevent the heart-attack that claimed the life of his favourite uncle "But none of that matters right now." He insisted, hardening his heart in order to press on with the conversation "Kakyoin's right, everything seems to revolve around this [Saint's Corpse]. Tell me, Speedwagon, how did you come across it?"

"Now that's a tale in and of itself…" Speedwagon confessed, peering into his tea once more as he regained his composure "It all started after Mr. Joestar's final fight with Dio…"

Dio's Mansion-Windknight's Lot-Dec 1 1888

"You had to be destroyed, Dio." Jonathan proclaimed, his voice somber, his eyes filled not with the satisfaction of a victory hard won, but with mournful regret as he watched Dio's body tumble over the balcony and into the night, Speedwagon once again feeling his heart moved by the compassion of the last Joestar, who despite losing everything due to Dio's machinations, still found it in his heart to shed a tear for the monster that had been his brother in all but blood.

However, it would appear that Dio did not share his step-brother's grief, as evidenced by Jonathan's sudden cry of alarm, the Joestar raising his hands just in time to protect his face from the monster's last-ditch attack, the high-pressure fluid piercing through his hands to carve a bloody swathe through those Zombies unfortunate enough to be in its path.

"It's over." Straizo intoned, his features solemn as he came up behind Speedwagon, the last of the Zombies having been dealt with "That was merely the death-throes of a demon clinging to life in this world."

"Far too close for my liking…" Speedwagon concurred, his features grim as he strode forward to kneel beside the collapsed Joestar, Jonathan's strength having finally given out "It's alright, Poco, he's just worn out." He assured the concerned youth "As well he should be, he's had to fight for his life more times tonight than any man should in a lifetime."

"But…why would he shed tears for a monster like that?" Poco wondered, his confusion more than justified, given the horrors Dio had unleashed upon his hometown that night. By all rights the death of Dio Brando was too long in coming, so the fact Jonathan Joestar still found it in him to mourn his loss was testament to the latter's nature.

"He weeps because they grew up together, Dio was like a brother to him." Speedwagon explained solemnly as he knelt to raise the gentle giant's head, tears forming in his eyes "But as for me, I couldn't be happier!" he proclaimed as he removed Baron Zeppeli's top hat, raising it towards the moon. "Were you watching, Baron Zeppeli?" he called out, tears of joy streaming down his face as he called out to their fallen friend "Mister Joestar did it! Dio is dead! I don't care what anyone says, Mister Joestar saved the world this night!"

"Get down, Speedwagon!" Tonpetty called out, snapping the man out of his reverie just in time to see Straizo deflect several blurred projectiles that had been aimed at Jonathan's prone form.

"This feeling-?!" the long-haired Hamon warrior exclaimed, his eyes wide with disbelief as he gazed at the back of his hand in shock, before turning to glare into the shadows "You there! Show yourself!"

"So you noticed me…" a cold voice intoned from the shadows, drawing Speedwagon's attention to a shadowy figure that hadn't been there a moment ago "I suppose I should have expected as much from you, Straizo."

"You bastard!" Speedwagon swore, clutching Jonathan's prone form to his chest whilst urging Poco and his sister to get behind him, glaring at the newcomer even as Straizo and Tonpetty interposed themselves between them "Are you another one of Dio's damned Zombies?!

"Me? A Zombie?" the figure sneered, the ever-observant Speedwagon frowning as he detected a hint of an Italian accent "Clearly youth was wasted on you, Signore Speedwagon. You were so much more intelligent in your old age."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Speedwagon demanded, only to curse as several more zombies shambled out of the darkness, arms outstretched "Who are you blighters? What do you want?!"

"We are here to send Jonathan Joestar to hell." The shadowy figure proclaimed, his eyes glaring coldly at the downed Joestar "However, out of deference to our past friendship, I shall allow the rest of you to leave with the woman and child Signore Speedwagon.."

"Bollocks to that!" Speedwagon spat, glaring defiantly at the figures as he tightened his grip on his sledgehammer, Straizo entering into a stance alongside him "If you want him you'll have to do it over my dead body!"

"That can be arranged," the figure assured them, the group tensing as he snapped his fingers, only for Straizo to scoff as several Zombies shambled out of the shadows before lumbering towards them on rotting limbs.

"After all that posturing, all you have to offer is more Zombies?" the Hamon Warrior mocked scornfully, his lip curling in disdain as he leapt into the fray without any trace of the fear that routed lesser men "Do you think that I, Straizo, would fall to a mere Zombie?!"

"No, wait Straizo!" Speedwagon countered, his eyes widening in alarm as the rotting corpses began to shift, their joints popping as their bodies twisted into new shapes "Those aren't ordinary Zombies!"

"What-?!" Straizo exclaimed, his eyes widening in shock as the slow, shambling zombies were suddenly replaced with fast, agile reptilian figures with mouths full of serrated teeth "What is this-?!"

"Straizo!" Speedwagon called out, looking on in horror as one of the creatures leapt atop the Hamon Master and took a bite out of his shoulder "Dammit! Get off of him!" he roared, attempting to ram his hammer into it's ribs, only for it to leap out of the way at the last second "Are you alright, Straizo!"

"Yes…for the most part." The long-haired Hamon Warrior assured him with a grimace, clutching at his shoulder where the beast had taken a chunk out of him "But what manner of creatures are these? I've never seen their like!"

"It matters not what form they take." Tonpetty countered, the Hamon Grand Master stepping forward to face the group, prompting two of the creatures to lunge towards him "In the end, they are still zombies," he elaborated, his fingers lightly brushing against the monsters' flanks as he passed between them, clapping his hands together in prayer as they exploded in a flash of blood and Ripple Energy "Which means they are still vulnerable to Hamon!"

'Amazing!' Speedwagon marveled, looking on in stunned wonderment as the rest of the monsters withdrew, hissing in agitation 'He managed to take them down with barely a touch! As expected of Baron Zeppeli's master!'

"As expected of the Great Master Tonpetty." The shadowy figure proclaimed, the level of reverence in his words earning a blink from Speedwagon "Truly, there was never any threat of Dio Brando living past this day with you here. If only William Anthonio Zeppeli had waited for you, he wouldn't have wasted his life."

"Oi! You watch your tongue!" Speedwagon spat, stepping forward at the mention of their deceased comrade only to be warned back by Tonpetty's outstretched arm, though that didn't stop him from glaring "Baron Zeppeli gave his life for Mr. Joestar! He entrusted everything to him!"

"He wouldn't have had to die at all if it weren't for the Joestars!" the figure spat venomously, the sheer loathing coming off his form forcing Speedwagon to take a step back as he broke out in a cold sweat "If it weren't for the Joestars, Dio would never have obtained the Stone Mask! Just how many good men must lose their lives to make up for your family's sins, Joestar?!"

"You speak of sins, yet are content to send monsters to kill a wounded man while you skulk in the shadows. I know not your quarrel with Jonathan Joestar, but if you seek to harm him, you will first need to get past me." Tonpetty intoned as he assumed a Martial Arts Stance "Mister Speedwagon, if you would be so kind as to escort young Joestar and the children to safety." Tonpetty instructed, never taking his eyes off the monsters before him "Straizo and I will be enough to handle these abominations-!"

"MASTER TONPETTY!" Speedwagon exclaimed, looking on in horror along with Poco and his sister as the long-haired Hamon Warrior suddenly grabbed the Grand Master from behind and buried his teeth in his neck "Straizo! Have you gone mad?!"

"Not yet." The shadowy figure countered as the younger Hamon Warrior dropped his wounded master and turned to hiss at them, his long hair parting to reveal a scaled face set with cold, reptilian eyes "Though in a moment, the matter will be moot." He proclaimed as he strode forwards, the shadows falling from his form to reveal a handsome young man, his wild blonde hair tamed by a headband sporting a familiar design and a feather on each side of his head.

"Jonathan Joestar!" the young blonde proclaimed authoratively "For your crimes against the Noble One and my family, I, Caesar Antonio Zeppeli, shall send you to hell!"

And we'll just leave off there.

This one isn't very heavy on the action, instead serving as a means to explain how Speedwagon got from 1888 England to 1988 Cairo, as well as demonstrate yet another difference between the original game and my story, namely precisely who was sent after the Crusaders.

I've also addressed the fact that Jotaro can't spam [Time Stop] whenever he damn well pleases. While he isn't as bad as he was in the beginning of part 4, he still needs a moment or two to recover.

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