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Authors note: This was an idea I threw around where a child dreamed of being like somebody else during an event that is considered the most magical event of the year, even if he didn't know it. Where, in an act of desperation, heightened levels of emotional of stress, and fear, he grasped onto something, an object or whatnot, and wished through too little use of words, but through his emotions, the need for something to help him escape the life he lived, and through that act, the deed would be done when his magic would sense what it is its wielder wanted and needed to survive, and went about granting the boy his wish.

This in turn would enable him to then escape his abusive guardians and would be puppeteers, so that he may set about making his own destiny, with a little bit of flare and critique we all know and love where it concerns our favorite Cajun Mutant. Now, Harry will not be Gambit, but will embody everything we know and love regarding Remy LeBeau.

I hope you enjoy.


There was the odor of tobacco smoke and stale beer within the establishment the four individuals had entered, the entire floor filled with many people crowding the entire club, music and loud voices filling the stagnant air. The new arrivals walking through the doors of the underground gaming club, gazed upon the business of which they just entered. They were there on a mission, to locate and retrieve a long sought after quarry whom had continuously out maneuvered and outran them at every turn for so many years since he disappeared from his unfit and abusive guardians, the tracking and monitoring charms long having been disabled, causing them to search the old fashioned way.

The room was somewhat darkened, allowing for very little light except as to add to the mystique of the business, for hanging over the many gambling tables of card play, most if not all, were glowing candles hanging from chandeliers. Servers and waitresses were dallying about, some with the trays they held filled with small shots of unknown and no doubt varied alcohol, held high upon their open palms so as to not bump into the customers, others returning to the bar in order to remove the uses glasses and gather their new orders, only to return to the floor and go about their jobs. The servers swerving about from table to table, were delivering the beverages to their places, which sat many players from all throughout the UK, and no doubt from various parts of the world.

It was noticeable that there appeared to be more than met the eyes within the establishment as the newly arrived individuals recognized many kinds of magical species out and about, some either dealing out the cards, were players, and or servers handing out drinks, and even some whom flirted with the players in of themselves. They were able to spot not just humans, but Vampires, Were-Wolves, Goblins, both normal and hybrids, and more. Some of whom scantily dressed females of differing species that served said alcoholic beverages.

At one of the bars within a left corner of the club room, sat a man in a raggedy and somewhat stitched form of suit-like clothing, with pale skin and scars upon his face, noticed them and waved them over with a hand as he sipped from a small glass of brown liquid.

Walking over to the man, one of the individuals, a man with long whitened hair and bi-spectacles with a twinkle within his eyes, walked ahead of the group.

"Remus, my good boy, it is terribly good to see you!" the elder of the group stated. Wearing an ordinary two piece suit that seemed out of the seventies muggle era had the man at the bar thinking he might have to have a talk with the old man about updating his muggle wardrobe attire in the near future.

"Moony." the man who had pulled up next to the mans right, spoke.

"The same to you, Albus. James." the man nodded as he acknowledged the one whom called him 'Moony' as he grasped James right hand that he stretched forth.

"Is he here Remus?" the red headed woman of the group asked desperately.

With a nudge of his head, he answered, "Behind me, to the left. The one throwing and tossing the cards around in the air and catching them in the other as if it was second nature to him. Long staff with a big damned jewel at the head lying against the arm of his chair."

The small group turned towards the table in which he described, seeing a somewhat stocky form wearing a rather stylishly dark top hat upon his head with a dark brown leather strap in the middle. Indeed the playing cards the identified individual had in hand were flying from one hand to the other in what most would consider naturally difficult, but to this young man, was easy as breathing.

"Just remember one thing, he goes by two names, Gambit, and Remy LeBeau." Remus said in a warning tone.

"Why Gambit?" Sirius asked.

"Because he's the luckiest bloke to ever play the game. Anyone who's ever played against him, has lost more times than they dared to count." the Were answered with a small smile that then turned into a frown. "But, he's also the fairest so long as you respect him and his, and doesn't go looking for trouble within his place of business."

"His place...?" the woman asked as she looked to her husbands longtime friend and a somewhat estranged family friend at that. If this was the one they had sought, then he was way too young to be in charge of such a business meant for adults.

"You'll see." was the Were-wolves only reply.

The young man of their discussion, then began tossing four cards into the air with one hand as if he was juggling them, the cards spinning in the air before returning to the same hand, and continuing the process of juggling them. They watched as the other players at the table were looking upon their own cards and sneaking nervous glances from the pile of paper and coined currency, poker chips on both their piles before them and in the middle pile, and the young lad before them.

"That's cool." Sirius Black said, as he watched as a single card was then thrown from the flying four cards, into his Godsons left hand, and if he didn't see it, he wouldn't have believe it, for in his Godsons hand, was a Royal Flush if his knowledge of Poker was correct.

"I fold." one of the players, a half Goblin/ half-humans said as he slammed his cards down.

"Me too." another player with an Irish accent, said.

"Read' em and weep." the last one said with a haughty laugh, his apparent rotten teeth showing in his smug grin as he laid his cards to bare before the others, showing a straight flush with black clubs. As he began to reach before him to scoop the pile before him, the small in stature lad before him, who had his head down while the cards then stopped flying within his hands, coughed as if to clear his throat.

The other players including the would be winner stopped to look to the kid who placed his cards down in a single stack, and spread them out, and with a single digit or index finger, revealed all of the cards with red diamonds. The young player looked up into the mans face, "I beg to differ sir, Royal Flush beats a Straight Flush every time."

With a 'come here' motion of the same finger, all of the gathered chips, coins, paper currency, even jewelry and watches began to flow towards him as if by an invisible force, swerving and navigating around the losers outstretched hands, that then fell into the hat that he had then removed from his head, an action that caused the small group to widen their eyes in shock, and even a couple to gasp with disbelief. With another wave of his hand, the chips flew towards his stacked chips, while the rest of the winnings and merchandise piled into his hat. He then pulled the jewelry and watches out, holding them out before him, only to admire them a moment before placing them back on the table and pushing them back to their former owners with another wave of his hand.

This did not go unnoticed by the new arrivals as they were being shocked by much of what they were learning either from word of mouth or by what they were seeing of the young man themselves. The woman knew her son was powerful when he had been born, but to see this 'Teen' using wandless magic at this age and with such control, it would make any parent proud, and most others very jealous. She just hoped he was whom she and everyone of her group had been searching for.

"Just because I won, doesn't mean I'm going to be a bad sport. You gentlemen all played very well, and deserve your property back. After all, what would your spouses and families say if they noticed the missing merchandise, eh?" he then even showed a bit of charity by giving them each smaller stacks of the wealth they had lost. He was a gentleman after all and wanted a professional image to maintain among his peers.

All but the thought to have won owner snorted as they stood and patted the young man on the shoulder as they took what was given out of courtesy, collecting what he had returned to them, then walking away. He looked at each one and nodded in respect before looking back to the last man.

"You cheated." the man growled as he eyed the boy with distaste and self-righteous anger, spittle flying from his lips as he spat the last syllable.

The now five individuals tensed as the room quieted down, most of the clubs senior patrons and even recently established players pausing to watch the losing accuser and the accused.

As if feigning pain within his chest, the teenager placed his right hand upon his left rib cage right over his heart, "Why Tucker Bailey, what an ugly thing to say."

"Don't try and play me a fool, LeBeau. You cheated, admit it."

"Tucker, you more than most should know, I never cheat sir. I own half this fine establishment, after all. It just wouldn't be professional of me."

This stunned James and the woman beside him even further as he said this, confirming their friends words with his own, as their jaws dropped while Remus only bore a small grin, but Sirius snorted in stunned fascination and nearly choked on the whiskey he was now sipping since it was offered, but he paid for as well when he tipped the female server with two gold coins. She smiled and winked at him at that when the young teen too got her attention when he was accused of cheating.

"So what. Just means you cheat us fair playing people even more."

"I beg to differ, sir. You see, I have a no cheaters policy with my partner where it concerns this fine establishment, even going so far as to have wards placed over this club to ensure that cheaters never prosper as it is bad for business, you see."

"That means you could bypass them." the man snarled, the veins upon his now pale forehead popping out.

"Alright Tucker, that enough." a new voice spoke up as he stepped over to the table. The man was rather tall, standing at almost seven foot tall, sandy blond hair, full of muscle that was covered in a white shirt with the sleeves open and rolled up near his elbows, an apron hung over his neck, and a white towel over his right shoulder.

"As Remy has stated, no cheaters. This is an honest business, and you lost fair and square." The tall man placed his fists on his hips, "Now, are we going to have a problem here?"

"Stay out of this, Redfield. You both are lousy, stinkin', cheaters." the now identified 'Tucker' nearly shouted with a raised arm, pointing dangerously at the man called Redfield.

"Are we cross, Tucker?" Remy asked with arms folded, a single finger tapping his bared left arm where not many knew rested a wand hidden within an invisible holster. Most of the clubs inhabitants knew he liked to keep his sleeves rolled up and his arms bared so that they would know he played fair. Being such a good sport, he'd loose on an occasion so as to give many a player a chance to earn back their losses, despite the luck he had when playing Poker and the other card games, but with Poker being his favorite.

Tucker Bailey eyed the arm, knowing what was hidden there. He'd seen many a time the boy being quicker than any normal wizard, and how fast he was in drawing the wand hidden from his sight.

"You don't scare me, LeBeau." he growled. "Without that quick drawing wand of yours, you ain't nothing but a lousy, stinking, skinny, cheating punk."

James bristled at this as his right hand twitched, ready to pull his wand at a moments notice while his left tightened into a fist. Remus and Sirius too stood straight as did many of the clubs inhabitants, some moving away to be safe, just in case an event happened that they didn't want no part of. Lily merely palmed her wand, hidden behind her left leg, ready to raise her wand and fire a stunner at a moments notice, as red magical energy could be seen somewhat by others behind her as the tip of her wand glowed red.

"Poor ugliness, does this mean we ain't friends no more, Tucker?" the teen asked in mock sadness.

His accuser spat to the side at the insinuation, as if they were ever friends, ha! He'd sooner kill the boy and take what was his if he thought he had half a chance.

"You know Tuck, if I thought you weren't my friend, I just don't think I can bare it."

Everyone watched as for a second or two with bated breaths, as both individuals looked at each other with a silent edge when Tucker Bailey made to move, until a wand was pointed right at him. None had seen the boy move so fast when he drew his wand from thin air, a red spark of magic emitting from its wooden tip. James was once again, stupified while Albus looked on in amazement at the speed of which the boy had drawn his magical focus. He looked at the wand, but could not recognize the substance of which it was made.

Tucker just stood there in trepidation and fear for a moment when the boy relaxed his oppressive magic that all within the club had felt, the red energy fading away as he twirled the wand in his fingers and then slowly laid it before him and everyone else, upon the table, then patted it before removing his hand from the wand, "There, now we can be friends again."

The sore, accusing lout sneered as if he won a prize as he jumped on the chance to attack when he was suddenly thrown back across the room, sailing right over a table that had stood behind him, whose players had to duck so as not to be hit by the flying man.

Remy LeBeau, with his arm and fingers now stretched out as if he had thrown something, slowly retracted his hand and arm, and got to his feet as a new card was seen twirling between each of the fingers of his right hand while in his left, his hand now gripped the metal jewel encrusted staff he had moments before leaning on the arm of his chair, was held tightly in his grip. He moved from around his table and cautiously walked past the other table Tucker had sailed over, in which the tables occupants moved to allow him to pass.

James made to move when Remus grabbed his arm. James turned back to his friend with a questioning glare.

"Just watch." he said.

James turned back and observed as his possible 'son' walked up to and stopped before the downed man who groaned on the carpeted flooring, rolling onto his back, moaning in pain as he grasped his chest in pain.

He couldn't see the teens face, but knew he was now pissed off as the teenager for a few seconds, looked down upon the man he just defended himself against. The man barely turned his head towards the angered teen whose eyes now glowed green when he gasped in fear as the young man suddenly twirled his staff in his hand with such skill and incredible speed, quickly brought his left arm towards his right breast, and with a swing, swung the jeweled staff hard and fast, knocking the fool out in a single blow, a slight 'PING' sound heard as jewel met human jaw.

Virgil Redfield lowered his head with a 'sigh' as he called for two 'Coolers', two big and burly caucasion men with identical brunette heads of hair, "Get this filthy piece of a sore loser out of my club, and make sure he knows he's not welcomed here ever again until 'after', and I do mean 'after', he gets himself some help with his Gambling and anger issues."

The men nodded as Remy made no attempt to move as the Coolers came and gathered the unconscious individual by either side, and began heading towards the 'Exit' of the establishment. Remy turned and looked at his partner and shrugged, causing Redfield to 'sigh' again with a shake of his head.

As Virgil made to return to his bar running responsibilities, Remy made to return to his table, placing his staff by his side once more, patting it as if it was sentimental to him. The rest of the clubs patrons returned to their own games and drinks as if nothing had happened, casually drinking, smoking, laughing, and being merry as Remy dropped down into his seat with a 'huff'.

While the club returned to what seemed the norm, James just stood, rooted to his spot and after a moment, said, "What just happened?"

A young woman with blonde a round, yet full tray of upended shot glasses, came up to the bar and stepped between James and Remus while passing the tray to the one half owner of the club, "Hey Virge, the norm at table four."

"Got it, Vanessa." the man said as he removed the glasses from the tray, gathered some fresh and clean ones, and began preparing, then pouring various concoctions into more glasses that he then placed upon the tray, much quicker than James and his friends had ever seen when in the Leaky Cauldron or Madam Rosmerta's, before they were handed over to the female server who then walked from the bar and over to another table.

"What can I get for you, Gentlemen and Ms.?" Virgil asked as he began cleaning the still up ended glasses with a fresh, clean cloth.

"They're here for Remy, Virgil." Remus answered in resignation.

The man known as Virgil was no fool, being a part of the Wizarding World, he was one among many business owners who had moles in high places with information being one of his specialities. Just looking upon the man with the mess ravens hair with brown eyes and glasses, and he swore he was looking at Remy LeBeau as if he was older, only Remys eyes were Green as the finest emeralds. The same eyes that matched the woman he knew was Lily Potter nee Evans. He guessed that the Potters never recognized him as he was a 'Hufflepuff' when he attended Hogwarts the same time as them.

So it didn't take a genius to figure out that he partner of three years was in fact their son. "Potter and Black, heard you and the old man are no longer on good terms with most of the Wizarding World after Rita ousted you folks."

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" James asked a bit heatedly.

"Virgil Redfield, Hufflepuff Class of 79'." Dumbledore said, allowing James to understand.

"This isn't Hogwarts, old man. What you four did to that boy, was unforgivable."

"It was for the Greater Good." Dumbledore stated as if that was all that mattered.

"Keep telling yourself that. Look, why are you here?" the man queried with a dark look in his eyes that showed just a hint of agitation as he paused in his cleaning of the cups and leaned against his own bar to look each of them in the eyes.

"We're here to retrieve Harry Potter." the old man answered.

"There is no Harry Potter here."

"They believe him to be Remy, Virgil." Remus said as he returned to his drink and a paper that laid before him.

"And it's as I said, there is no Harry Potter here, Lupin." the man shot back with venom in his tone.

"Please, can't we just speak to him?" Lily Potter asked, letting the plea in her tone and eyes to how she just wanted to know for herself. "Please?"

Tucker, not being fazed by the look in her eyes, but some how moved as if she really was remorseful for the actions she and the gathered group had perpetrated and was unveiled by none other than the woman with a poisonous quill known as Rita Skeeter. He looked down with a big exhaling 'sigh', looked back up and stood straight, eyeing them critically.

"You so much as go for your wands or twitch in a way I find not to my or my partners liking, and I'll have my guys stun ya' and leave you in meanest streets of London. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

"What have we done to deserve such animosity, Mr. Redfield?" Dumbledore asked with a tone like that of a Grandfather rebuking a child.

"Shove it you Manipulative ol' Goat. It's not just what you did, but what you didn't do. The lives of many of my friends and family have been lost because you wouldn't act or failed to do so in time because of your stinkin' plans." he spat to the side as if just speaking of his feelings to the old man was like speaking to a horses ass. "All for your so called 'Greater Good'. By the way, how's your boy toy Gellert? That was one of his favorite sayings, was it not?"

The people nearby and then some, stopped to watch as they heard this, and to hear someone call Albus Dumbledore out on his sexuality. And yet, the old man stood there, all silent, but could clearly see the anger in his eyes he tried to keep hidden under a Grandfather persona.

"I'll go." James said.

Lily made to speak, but her husband cut her off with a wave of his hands. "It has to be me. As his father, or so I hope, should he strike out at any of us with anger, at least I'll take the brunt of it because I deserve it. After all, I failed him. And it was all your fault."

"James dear boy, be reasonable." Dumbledore tried.

"Save it, the only reason I allowed you join us is because you would have followed us regardless. So sit down, get a drink, and just Shut. Your. Mouth!" James growled out, causing the old man to reel back in shock, only to do as the now failed Lord of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter demanded. Never has anyone spoken to him like this until recently, and after his plans being found out alongside the Potters apparent status being revealed. Many a family, including his closest supporters, upon learning the truth, distanced themselves from him for the actions he had undertaken with the Potter Heir and his family, and the problems it caused with the Potters now former allies.

As he made to move away from his group once the old man was sitting at the bar with the bartender looking on with amusement and some approval, he was stopped by his wife as she held onto his right arm, "James..."

"I'll be fine."

"Do you want me to watch the back in case he tries to rabbit?" Sirius asked.

"No need, he won't rabbit, not in his club." James replied as he removed Lilys arm from his own.

He then walked over to the table the young lad sat at, new players already having taken their places at the formerly vacated seats. The last chair not taken, James looked to take as it sat directly before the boy. Before he did so, he stopped beside him and watched the further display of card play as the lad was now shuffling the deck in ways James had never seen before. His eyes nearly went to his brows at the level of skill displayed.

It was as the cards were shuffled from the left side to the right in a very showy display, that James spoke, "You Remy LeBeau?"

Not seeing his eyes due to the hat on his head, James observed as the young man paused in casual shuffling of the cards, turning and moving his head in James direction as the older man made to sit in the empty seat, "Do I owe you money?"

"No, but uhh..."

"Then Remy LeBeau I am." the kid answered as he removed his hat, letting James get a real good look at him as the ki-, no young man could finally be identified. He was a spitting image of himself when he was younger, while possessing the eyes of his dear wife, Lily. His eyes seemed to speak volumes, as if they hid the pain of years of abuse and suffering before he disappeared from the Dursleys. James would always hate what he had done to his son on the wishes of the old man, and would curse himself for it.

But his eyes also showed strength that took years to gain, no doubt from surviving the hardships that was of the street life.

His son had grown up without him, and James began to feel an ache in his chest as he looked behind his son and gave a barely concealed nod to his wife and the rest of the group, not missing the look of warning the bartender was giving him.

His attention was snapped back to the teen as he then called out, "Large blinds a hundred, small blinds fifty. May I deal you in?"

Pulling out a small pouch from within his coat pocket, James extracted a small handful of gold coins, "What can I get for say...?" James asked as he dropped three coins on the table.

The boy only grinned as he grabbed a handful of chips in several stacks that he then passed to James. As the game started, the long lost Potter Heir decided to strike up a conversation, "What brings you to our fair business, sir?" The cards flying from his fingers as he passed them to his at then unknown father and the other card players.

"Lord Voldemort." James replied, causing the entire area within the immediate vicinity to go quiet and turn to look upon him. The lad barely slowed his handling of the cards within his hands as they went round about the table.

"And who's that?"

"A man who needs to die. Runs around with a group of murderous and sadistic bastards. And I need your help."

Remy licked his lips, the nervous tension around him so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Looking to his cards, Remy asked, "And why should I help you kill him?"

"Because I know who you are, Gambit. Or, as you were once known as Harry."

James observed as his sons calculating eyes looked to his hands after looking into his eyes. Remy spotted the ring James intentionally allowed to be seen.

Sitting back in his chair, Remy began to mentally curse himself for not paying attention to this man before him. He'd known the truth of who he was for many years. It taken many counselling sessions to overcome the traumatic experiences he underwent with his mothers relatives, only to learn that his parents were not dead, but had been in hiding while allowing a one Albus Dumbledore to take and use him as a pawn. It was through his hiding within their world and being taken in and home-schooled by the Redfield family that he was able to shed his Potter name and claim a new one for himself from a fictional comic book character of the Marvel Franchise. But of course, the biggest reason was because he had also somehow gained the fictional mutants ability to charge objects with telekinetic energy with just a touch, and watch as they blew up seconds later.

To this day, he still was unsure how he gained these abilities, or how his eyes changed, though he could guess how. As a small child growing within a cupboard under the stairs, when his cousin had lost his interest in his comics, Harry as he was known then, had learned he could summon things to himself with just a thought. And so, one day, when his cousin had left the house with his relatives, leaving the boy alone to do chores, Harry would read the said comics.

He was always mindful of the amount of time he had to read before his relatives returned, and in doing so, was quick to make sure his chores were done. He would discreetly hide a comic or two in his small living space when one night, he made a wish after receiving a beating for something his fat whale of a cousin did, and incidentally blamed him on. He prayed to the high heavens, crying and begging to know why he was forced to live in the manner he did, and if he could have the power to flee, not knowing or understanding that the prayer was spoken on a magical night when the veil between Magic and its wielders was at its strongest.

The next day would be the last and final day he would ever see his relatives ever again as when his Aunt tried to smack him for unintentionally over cooking the bacon after distracting him with her loud, horse-like voice, he flinched with his hands before him as her wrist connected with his hands that he held before him.

With her striking his hands, he felt his arms be pushed back just a bit, only to hear a loud scream as Petunia Dursley pulled back her hand that she struck him with, the said hand glowing with strange energy. Less than a second later, the hand blew up, chunks of bone, blood, and meat flying everywhere.

Harry had been stunned then, and when his fat arse of an Uncle roared out at him and got up, Harry instinctively raised his hands again, only to then notice they glowed a slightly darker tone of pink, causing his Uncle to pause. This was enough time for him to run as Dudley cried for his mother as she fell back from fainting and blood loss. Her bloody stump continuing to spurt out her lifes blood. Vernon did not know what to do as his nephew had somehow finally found his courage, the freakish power emanating from his small fingers, and slowly walked around the kitchen with his glowing hands held out in front of him daring Vernon to try anything. The Elder Dursley stood there with rage and a bit of fear at the power the freak wielded, on his now purple face as he watched his freak of a nephew slowly walk to his cupboard.

Dudley went to his mothers side, causing the obese of a man to take his eyes off of his nephew as he went to his wifes side. He barely turned as he heard the living room door open and the boy running.

He never saw the boy again, and neither did the boy ever return.

Harry, now known as Remy Lebeau, shook himself from those memories as he looked at the man before him and the ring he wore. He'd know that crest anywhere, it was one he'd seen many a time to remind himself of where he came from, and why he lived as he had.

"That's a mighty fine piece of of jewelry you have on there mister." Remy stated as he leaned back in his chair and focused on his other set of powers once more. "The man who made me what I am, wore a ring just like that, with that very crest upon it." he finished darkly.

James watched as his sons eyes changed from full emerald, to partial emerald as the iris's thinned out and the dark pupils grew, giving the teen a most sinister look. James saw the anger and the rage upon his sons face as the fingers of the hand that held a playing card glowed with a near red color, and it was then, that James knew he was fucked.

In an attempt at reasoning, he quickly raised both of his hands ina placating gesture that Remy neither heeded nor cared for as the teen once more lashed out with his hand, the playing card emitting the same colored glow as his finger tips just less than a second before.

"Now wai...ugh...!" was all he could get out as he was struck in the chest by the charged object. Chaos soon reigned as the boy jumped to his feet, knocking over his chair. The clubs many players began shrieking in alarm as they stopped what they were doing, and made a mad dash for the front and back exits of the club.

The many workers from the waitresses and coolers too began to react, but for the coolers, while the waitresses ran to the kitchen for their own safety, they surrounded James Potters group at Virgil Redifields insistence as the man quickly went on alert. He made to quickly dash from the bar to his partners side to calm him down when he paused suddenly as his young friends right hand flew high, the cards in his left flying diagonally into his higher hand where they levitated for half a second, only to fly from the very same hand that then gestured outward at a barely standing James Potter who struggled to catch his breath.

James barely saw the cards heading his way, and did not have enough time to raise his wand to defend himself when a barrier or shield of magical energy protected him from the flying projectiles. The cards were held at bay, but not for lack of trying as their caster was none other than Albus Dumbledore.

With wand in hand, the man was a master duelist who managed to aid his fellow man, or in this case, James Potter, as he found it rather easy to overpower the men within whom held him and his compatriots at bay rather quickly and efficiently.

He didn't take into affect how powerful the energy within the projectiles were when the shield began to crack and waver a bit, even with the constant stream of cards hitting it. James could only sigh in relief that the old man had reacted when he had when a loud bang was heard.

This caused Remy to pause in his assault as he palmed another glowing card with a snarl and turned to the one whom dared him to pause in his much deserved vengeance. His expression of rage calmed a bit at seeing the smoking tip of a wand that was held in the hands of his long time friend and adopted brother.

Virgil Redfield, seeing the trouble caused by the small group led by Potter and Dumbledore, managed to keep his friend from causing any damage by using the 'Cannon Charm'. His arm lowering, he looked from his petrified men, to the man whom cursed them, and then turned to Remy and the man who set him off.

"Virge..." Remy began as he came to his senses.

"Save it, Remy, don't need to apologize. I saw it coming." he said as he waved off his friends apology.

Looking back at the gathered group of Potters and Dumbledores supporters, he raised his wand in a threatening gesture, "Undo the curse on my men, or you'll have the fight of your life on your hands. Though I may lose, but I'll make damn sure to take you with me, old man."

"Harry." Lily called out in hopes of reaching through to her son.

Said son gradually turned to her and took a moment to take in her image as if seeing her for the first time. Turning away a moment later, he gathered his leather brown trench coat that hung from the back of his chair, put it on, then grabbed the hat from the table and placed it upon his head. He then gathered his winnings and placed them within his coat pockets as well as what little cards remained on the table that he slipped into an inner pocket within the coat. After he finally grabbed the jeweled staff, he turned and began heading towards the gathered group, stopping next to his friend, he pulled out some bills, "Make sure this takes care of the damage."

Redfield made to return the money, but his partner would not have it as he curled his friends hand as it held the money. With a relenting nod, Redfield lowered the hand that held the money as LeBeau made to take his leave.

Walking around the group without another glance, me just about made it to the main exit when Lily Potter called out to him again, using the name he had discarded years before. He paused before the doors, and barely turned his head without turning his body around, "Harry Potter is dead. You left him to rot in that Hell Hole for Seven years. Seven Years! Do you know what that does to a child? Do you want to know what it feels like?"

When none had dared to answer, despite Lily's tears flowing as she could only stammer in syllables before she had a loss for words, only remaining standing than to Sirius Black keeping her standing as she had leaned forward in his arms as if she could barely reach out and touch her first child, but fail to do so.

"The name's Gambit. Remember it." he said as he turned a bit further in their direction to let them all see at leat one of his eyes. With a evil smirk, he turned back to the doors and proceeded to take his leave, leaving a broken Lily Potter losing her ability to stand, causing Sirius to kneel with her. Remus went to James aid as Dumbledore could only watch as his only hope walked out of his visual range, and disappeared, the distinct soft 'crack' of apparation clearly being her from outside of the then closing doors.

"Told you, there was no Harry Potter here, old man. You saw to that. Now, get the hell out of my club, and don't come back." Redfield said as he aided his now de-petrified men to their feet.

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