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Villain Naruto

Chapter 1!

Naruto strolled through the Hokage Tower and grabbed the Scroll of Seals, making sure not to trip the alarm seal on its pedestal. He stopped for three seconds in the room before stepping out and walking calmly through the halls of the tower, making stops here and there as he sensed the ninja moving in their patrols before finally hopping out of the window and closing it.

Then he stealthily and happily wandered towards the meeting spot.

He sat down cross-legged and opened the scroll, sensed the 'ping' it let out to signify that it was opened outside the tower, yet inside Konoha's wards, he knew it would have combusted it was opened outside of the wards.

He frowned before settling down to copying the techniques he wanted to learn, mainly the outrageous ones like the one to revive the fucking dead, the one to transform your body into elements, holy shit you can summon the reaper! Oh, so if you shaped your chakra like that you can create multiple shadow clones rather than a single one or two.

Before long he decided that he read enough for now and created two clones. He told one to make another copy, this time of lesser techniques with half as much information on it and sent it out to do its tasks while sending off the other one with the full copy to stash the copied scroll.

He settled down to read and learn the less dangerous techniques and learned the Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu before Iruka and Mizuki found him: "Guess you found me sensei!" he said with a large self-satisfied smirk.

"NARUTO! What The Hell Do You Think You Are Doing?!" Iruka roared in anger as he got closer, obviously wanting to grab Naruto's neck and squeeze until his rage subsided.

"What do you mean Iruka-sensei? I stole the scroll without getting caught like Mizuki-sensei said!" he retorted angrily, and that brought Iruka short.

Then, before Naruto could process it, Mizuki pulled out the giant shuriken on his back and threw it at him, his eyes widened the closer it came but his limbs were frozen from shock. Thankfully Iruka, the best goddamn sensor in the village, punched the projectile from Mizuki and redirected its force enough to avoid both of them.

"What is the meaning of this Mizuki?!" Iruka yelled, his voice clearly showing his shock.

Mizuki looked down, his long bangs shadowing his eyes, but not his wide demented grin: "Why are you protecting your parents' killer Iruka?" He asked quietly. There was a dangerous feel to his words.

"W-what do you mean?! I didn't kill nobody!" yelled Naruto, suppressing his overwhelming anger and letting fear tamper it down.

"So you say, demon, but didn't you ever wonder why everyone hates you? Why Everyone despises you? Why everyone deep down wants to get rid of you?!" he roared in rage, honestly scaring Naruto and making him jump.

"W-why?" Naruto followed along, he learnt about the Kyuubi ages ago but played along to the role of the idiot.

Iruka jumped forwards, kunais in his hands, but Mizuki was ready, he blocked it with the gauntlets he was wearing: "Stop this nonsense right fucking now, Mizuki, this is treason! You'll become a missing-nin!" Iruka grunted as they both struggled to push the other away.

"The treason here is everyone allowing that monster Live! It killed so many people, killed everyone we cared about Iruka! It is letting it live that is spitting on our lost ones, That, That is nothing short of Treason to everyone we held dear!" He suddenly kicked Iruka and threw his kunais while Iruka sailed through the air.

Iruka hit the tree with a loud thud and of the two kunais one hit his arm and the other was places just so that if he moved carelessly he would get cut mortally: "Mi-mizuki, stop, think of Tsubaki."

Naruto knew her, he knew that she was Mizuki's girlfriend, he saw Mizuki falter and his eyes go cloudy before the hatred returned, stronger than ever…

"It doesn't matter what that naïve fool does, she doesn't matter to me, always too soft and loving, hah! Don't Make Me Laugh! She is just another one of you demon lovers!" Mizuki snarled at Iruka.

"I am not a demon!" Naruto yelled to draw Mizuki's attention, after seeing that Mizuki might kill Iruka if nothing is done.

Now Naruto did not like Iruka. In Naruto's opinion, Iruka was a hypocrite dickhead with too many moral values to be a half competent ninja, but Naruto needed Iruka alive or else everything might go tits up.

"You think you aren't a demon, but you are, ever wonder why your birth and Kyuubi Festival is on the same day, Demon? HAH! Let me enlighten you to why! It is because you are the Kyuubi! The monster that nearly destroyed Konoha to the ground! The nine-tailed demon fox!" He snarled and charged at Naruto, only to falter mid-step, misstep and fall down, before bringing his hands together and yelling: "KAI!"

Mizuki turned around with a snarling smile: "So the little boy wonder, everyone's favorite Iruka Umino, wants to play, huh?" He looked over his shoulder at Naruto, eyes icy cold and overflowing with hate and controlled rage: "I'll start the fox hunt after taking down this overly excited dolphin."

"Naruto! Run! Take the scroll and find help!" Yelled Iruka, still pinned to the tree.

Naruto hesitated…

"NO!" He brought his hands together and yelled: "TAJUU KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!"


The whole forest was suddenly filled with yellow-haired, whisker marked, sky blue eyed, sharp-nailed, white wearing 18-year-olds…

The gang of- the swarm of- the gaggle of- the ARMY of Narutos all turned to each other and a smile started stretching their faces, all but one who swayed and fell down before being taken to safety by another clone. The one closest to Mizuki stepped forth: "So, Mizuki, how will you do anything when we are here to stop you? I suggest you run along with your tail between your legs, or we'll beat the crap outta ya!" The army at his back echoed his threat and jeered at the deranged Chunin.

Mizuki and Iruka looked around at the ridiculously large amount of clones surrounding them…

Usually, a good Academy Student was about 10 civilians' worth. A Genin was worth 10 to 30 Academy Students. A Chunin was worth 5 to 50 Genin worth. A Jonin was worth 5 to 30 Chunin. An Elite Jonin, which is generally a ninja with power level nearing that of a Kage, is worth at least 10 Jonin.

But that is a generalization where many real-life factors aren't counted, depending on the circumstances a Kage might take down villages or get killed by a single Jonin who was prepared or had a cheaty bloodline limit.

Mizuki was worth Jonin on the Taijutsu side of things, Naruto's was a Genin nearing Chunin due to his high durability and strength, his fighting style was of a grappling kind that took advantage of his natural durability. Kage Bunshin got popped in a single hit. Naruto never fought for real, for his life, before. Naruto didn't get ready himself to escape the supposed 'strongest' village of the elemental nations, which also unquestionably had the best trackers. Naruto never used the Multiple Kage Bunshin before. Naruto never fought with a team…

All these thoughts flashed through Mizuki's head, not the durability of the clones bit as he didn't know that but most clones were dispersed if you beheaded them, unless it is a Mud Clone and you are fighting in a muddy place that is. So Mizuki dived into the thick of it. Murdering the clones groups at a time, throwing shuriken and having the projectile pierce through clone after clone.

The clones weren't completely useless though, they bought together defenses, thought up plans on the go, and fought dirty, but there wasn't a contest. If each of them had Naruto's durability and stamina then they could have done it… But they didn't.

Until they started using Jutsus from the scroll.

Those who tried to transform into energy elements like fire and lightning popped explosively, the majority that tried to turn into elements that weren't solid, like wind and water, dissipated. Of the earth ones only some survived trying to turn into a statue, and then, when they popped too they slowly taught other clones how to use the technique. It was a cycle of nonstop learning, but with lives depending on tiring the one side enough for the reinforcements to take him down.

Iruka looked at Naruto using forbidden Jutsu like it was something as simple as breathing… It was breathtaking… The most troublesome student, the thug of the school, the lazy student that was unmotivated to do anything but trying to find loopholes or cheating… There were no words he could think to say as he witnessed Naruto fight a Chunin with the physical capability of a Jonin but was kept from advancing due to some sketchy mission reports and physiological evaluations.

He would have wanted to enter the fray, to do anything, like leading them into forming an orderly attack team to maximize their efforts to take down Mizuki, to increase their effectiveness in a fight but this wasn't a fight Naruto could win through skill or ability. That this was a Chaotic mess actually forced Mizuki to expend enough Chakra to take notice of the attacks, to keep up with the clones' locations, but it was also tiring his reserves, Iruka could sense it, and getting that mob into some resemblance of organization would only make Mizuki more effective. If he held back then a lucky strike could do him in and the last thing anyone would want in that kind of mob is giving any ground.

Naruto, the original glared into nothing as he tried to organize the mess that his brain had become with so many conflicting perspectives. He sighed: "Guess I'll have to reorganize from ground-up to make room for clones' memories from now on." Then he frowned as a new memory caught his sight.

The clone he sent with the full copy of the scroll had gone to find help after stashing the scroll but only to get shot down viciously before he could open his mouth: 'Damn those bastards!'

Mizuki was in a Zen mind state, block that punch, squeeze the hand until it pops, graze your elbow to the one charging from behind, move forward to avoid getting crushed by another Naruto statue, poke an eye out, crouch under the ones lunging, shift a little so the punch on his back ends up on the sharp end of the windmill shuriken, grab the shirt of the one above and change its trajectory to smash into a group of three…

Naruto clone general, a title many gave to him in their minds, nodded along to the ideas given to him by the 'council members' and then ordered the plans to be implemented. Mizuki was snapped out of his Zen when he noticed that there wasn't any clone around him, then he had to dodge kunai and rock as all around him the clones threw whatever they could at him. He charged into the midst of them and started using clones or the trees as cover, he was just about to reenter his Zen when he started hearing insults, to his mother, to his loved ones, to his girlfriend, to those he lost, to everything he held dear.

He let out an enraged roar and started attacking, not bothering to dodge this time, just moving clone to clone, taking delight in their final fearful expressions. Then things turned weird as Narutos started singing, and doing anything possible to make him think on their sanity and quality before he realized that they were trying to distract him and started ignoring them, but he was still far from Zen or bloodlust as possible. He was confused and too focused on ignoring Naruto's words yet there were also attack and defense plans getting shouted around, he also couldn't feel satisfied because he knew that these weren't the real Naruto.

Meanwhile Iruka formulated a plan to take Mizuki down, the difference in strength was still too much for him to win in a straight up fight but he was still a ninja: "Naruto I want you to gather a group on the trees and jump on Mizuki while using that rock elemental transformation when we start fighting, if you use your Henge variation and are sure of your Kawamiri enough to get me out of the blast zone then you may use lightning and fire transformations too. I am pretty sure you already figured it out but the fire transformation is a large-scale attack that doesn't do much damage unless Mizuki is near the origin, while the lightning explosion can be led by chaining it with other clones' usage of the jutsu. Are there any other techniques you know?" He didn't know, Naruto was a resourceful one, since his youth the Uzumaki terrorized people through many 'pranks', and blackmails. Iruka was sure he had some other techniques under his arms that he never showed off.

Naruto ignored the fact that he did not, in fact, remember that lightning could be conducted, that he could guide it to Mizuki even if it would be pretty hard to do so: "I suck at Genjutsu, clones can't use Fuuinjutsu due to not having real blood, and all Ninjutsu I know are large-scale ones that require little control, which would harm the clones meaning their dispersal regardless thus I am not using any jutsu other than the Kinjutsu I am learning. The reason I am using the elemental transformation Kinjutsu is because the clones all have equal chakra thus their transformations' and explosions' power could be calculated easily, besides the memory feedback works for me in honing them." Naruto clone replied after thinking on giving up how much of his capabilities while also getting reliable advice in this life or death situation.

Iruka mulled over that before asking another question: "How about traps?" Uzumaki was quite good at setting up humiliating traps for those unsuspecting ninja, or suspecting and cautious civilians. Catching a ninja actively searching for traps is nearly impossible, all ninja learn how to avoid them in the 10 years they spend in the Academy.

Naruto shook his head: "Don't got any of the materials. And of the things I can set up, I doubt I can get the bastard with 'em. I am already using my clones to make traps using the dispersing smoke and their bodies but I can't do much more than that."

Meanwhile the original Naruto who had been carried away by a clone before settling down to think up a way to instruct the clones on strategies against Mizuki, only to come up with two ideas that was discarded as they came up: 'Other than going out there and screaming my plans, creating a bunch of new clones, which would cause another bout of Chakra exhaustion, and then popping them to get the overwhelmingly same large and same idea to the clones, I really can't do anything.' He sighed and focused on other ideas.

'If I create new clones then Mizuki will know where I am and track me down, the fact that he hasn't attacked Iruka yet is a miracle in of itself. If I run then the ninja will kill me. If I use a Chakra dump technique that would kill Mizuki, then it will give me Chakra exhaustion, probably harm Iruka as he could get caught in the blast, and the ninja will know where I am… Not doing anything is no good either… What if I make a single clone and have it do some big technique?... Could work, but that will bring up questions on where I learned them, and I really can't answer every question with 'I have my ways' or 'From some guy who owed me a favor' what with how sketchy all this looks. Hmm…'


He got another idea. One so blindingly obvious that he should smack himself up the head for not getting it before. He opened the scroll and started reading for a right technique.

For example, the Uzumaki Adamantine Attacking Chains was a technique he could have used right now to great effect, especially if the very tiny amount of information given on Adamantine Sealing Chains was right, if so then for years he was using a bastardized version of the technique! He knew he could use it too, especially as the reason it was listed as a Kinjutsu was that of the amount of density one's Chakra had to have to safely use the technique, which he had plenty of. Oh, the Healing Bite one would see some kinky uses in the future after he got out of this mess.

A bunch of fire techniques not much better than the transformation technique. A large bunch of sealing techniques that had piqued his interest with a few lines. The too little information on certain bloodlines, nowhere near enough to copy their technique but enough to know their weaknesses, that piece of information was tinier on those clans that were from Konoha.

The Poison Cloud of the Aburame Clan was an interesting one, could he make that cloud too if he ingested enough poison to turn his blood poisonous? Something to think about later…

He stopped: 'Nearly all the clones are dead…' He did not know how to feel about that.

He saw Mizuki, someone he didn't hate, someone he considered an ally if not a friend, kill him so many times in such a short time. It was disorienting. He took a look at his feedback memories and noticed that the clones have gotten sloppier with each second he didn't sort through the memories…

He scowled, his plan was already decided then: "If I am fated to die, then I shall try my utmost to drag those that would harm me to the pits of agony." He got up and then made a single Shadow Clone, with half his Chakra, and handing scroll to it.

Then formed the seal for multiple shadow clones before joining them on the way towards Mizuki, making the army put some distance between each other and settling on the rear and leftmost side.

Mizuki, surprisingly enough, did not jump towards where we came from like Naruto had guessed he would have, after briefly wondering the reason Naruto shrugged it off as Mizuki being too focused on the enemies around to really think, and went to Iruka's side with a couple of clones: "I am the original Iruka-sensei, and I say we should leave while we still can, we can't beat Mizuki, but he sure can kill us." Seeing Iruka's contemplative look Naruto didn't wait for an answer and gave the go-ahead to the clone that had Henged into Iruka who used the Kawamiri on the trapped Iruka. For a second Naruto looked at Mizuki staring at him and clone-Iruka, latter of which was talking like he was giving strategies or planning another trap before Mizuki's attention shifted back to the clones around him.

Naruto's legs felt like jelly from relief, he quickly went behind the tree that Iruka had been stuck to find his clone hissing: "If you yell then I swear to God I will shove a rusty Kunai up your ass." His clone said, seriousness as possible, which was a very weird experience for Naruto: "There are many people that don't like me Iruka-sensei, and of those many, I am sure there are at least a few in the corps that would like to gut me while they have a chance like this. I already made one mistake by trusting Mizuki this morning, I don't want to make another today."

Then the clone looked towards its creator and nodded before charging at the brawl, Naruto crouched next to Iruka, his head was really starting to hurt by now: "We are going to the Hokage Tower?" He grunted out.

Iruka sighed but nodded: "I would have said you were exaggerating but after Mizuki? Someone I knew from childhood, someone that acted like he actually liked you so perfectly?" He sighed again: "…Yeah, I can see that. Let me take the lead, we need to make sure there aren't any misunderstandings and get ANBU sent after Mizuki as quick as possible." They stealthily made way towards the clone with the scroll and with a nod they took the pain in the butt, after creating another clone which Henged into a scroll lookalike, they took off towards the Hokage Tower.

They did meet a group of ninja that seemed a tad too eager to skewer him with knives and other sharp objects, Naruto made note of them to be the same people that dispersed his clone without allowing it to talk, and then made another note to track them down after this whole debacle was over with.

They made it to the Hokage and after a small talk, notification of Mizuki's capture, and some more talking Naruto became a Genin, and then sent home. He pushed his index finger's nail to the skin of his thumb and then spilled a drop of blood to the headboard, it glowed a dim amber light before a black book was pushed out.

Naruto gently paged through the various restricted jutsu before putting the book back into its seal and turned to the side, where on the nightstand a forehead protector reflected the moonlight…

'That thing is too shiny… I should get it to dull its shine or my stealth will be shot to shit.' That was his last thought before embracing the oblivion.

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