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Villain Naruto

Chapter 4!

After an arduous fucking which resulted in Naruto filling twenty condoms he laid on his back, breathing heavily. Sakura had passed out hours ago, blearily came to, then promptly passed out again. He knew she wouldn't be able to walk until night time and even then her gait would be funny. He looked at her face, the last remnants of the sunset giving her an angelic appearance as she lightly snored and heavily drooled on his bare and soaked chest.

"You really are the prettiest my Sakura." He purred into her ear but got no response, he hugged her tighter and, ignoring his gnawing stomach, welcomed sleep.

His last thoughts before falling asleep were: 'I wonder whether Kakashi's death means that we will be separated and rotated through other teams like we had so far or be given a new teacher. I hope the new teacher will be Anko… Though getting into Ino's team was fun too even if getting so blatantly monitored by Asuma is annoying… Wish Kurenai had accepted me, then I could have warmed up her wintery cunt… Ami's body had grown too, when we went to meet Sasuke and saw her all sweaty while doing her cool down stretches I almost felt regret for not fucking her in the academy… Wonder what happened to Mizuki…'

(Hokage Tower)

Hiruzen Sarutobi puffed his pipe as he stared into the crystal ball in front of him, showing a naked Naruto gently hugging the small and similarly naked Haruno girl to his chest protectively. Normally such a sight would have stirred his loins, warmed his heart, and made him avert his eyes, but right then and there he had no such reactions, because right now he wasn't watching Naruto as the slightly perverted grandfatherly persona he showed to everyone, right now he was a Hokage watching a potential threat to Konoha, a murderer, a rapist, a traitor, a thief that had the power to become very troublesome if he didn't get nipped in the bud…

Or grow to become another one of Konoha's pride and joy, capable of far beyond anything other villages had put out in a very long time.

Yet the said person was also Naruto, the sad little boy that Konoha had failed. Hiruzen himself failed. He had time and time again avoided hurting the once child now young man…

"Are you going to sulk there all night?" He asked suddenly looking up at the shadowy corner of his office.

"And are you going to peek on their sex lives any longer?" shot back the one-eyed old man with an X shaped scar on his chin as he hobbled out of the shadows.

He smiled at the jab: "Depends, I haven't made up my mind ye-

"What is there to think about Hiruzen?! The boy took Hatake's Sharingan and then somehow pushed him to take his own life! That's was an S-Rank ninja and the only Sharingan we have to show to people! That boy was the one who used Mizuki, the one ninja that was actually father-like to him as a patsy! That is the boy that turned three valuable kunoichis into his sex slaves! Two of which are the heiresses of their clans! The boy ruined the reputations of so many of our ninja! JUST WHAT IS THERE TO THINK ABOUT HIRUZEN?!" yelled Danzo as he walked forwards and slammed his hands on the desk in fury.

Hiruzen stared Danzo in the eye, and the silence stretched on until Danzo lifted his hands and sat on the chair, still staring Hiruzen in the eye.

Hiruzen took a huff of his cancer stick before saying the bits about Naruto that made him hesitate on coming to a rushed and harmful decision: "He has the potential to be greater than Hashirama-sensei. His many infiltrations into the various, highly protected, and supposedly infiltration proof buildings were all very beneficial in that the holes in our defenses were patched one after another, if not for the possibility of getting calling out on playing favorites then I would have given him B-rank wage for his help in securing what should have been secure but wasn't, for god's sake he even infiltrated this very tower and stole the scroll that contains all the terrible and powerful jutsu we created, just think how the other Kage would react if they knew our securities had holes big enough for a child clothed in red and orange to slip through almost daily." He closed his eyes, took another huff, pushing down his aggravation.

He opened his eyes and stared hard at his old teammate: "Then there are the enemy ninjas he caught, the one poisoning our medicine could have killed and to be honest did kill so many of our people. He is the last Uzumaki in the village, unless you have a couple under the ground just waiting to pop out for an opportunity like this then we don't have anyone to seal the Kyuubi into." He took another huff and puffed it into Danzo's face, a small smirk appearing on his face when that visibly irritated his friend.

Then the smirk went away as he went to the last reason for his reservation: "The fact that I am afraid of what awaits me in the afterlife should I harm Naruto is another reason for me to hold my hand, but I doubt you care about that, considering who it was that leaked Naruto's status to the population…" Hiruzen's eyes were blank as they bored into Danzo's single one.

"Once again, you know as well as I do why I did that, Hiruzen." Danzo did not sneer, but his body language said it all, minuscule as it was: "Events were escalating too quickly, people needed a scapegoat to direct their anger and Uchiha fit the bill. At the time I deemed them worth it, that the need of the many loyal Uchiha overweighed the need of one Jinchuuriki whose loyalty you could gain, but it seems I was wrong on all occasions… And the less I say on my thoughts over the matters of what dead people said or wished the better." He clasped his hands over his cane, showing his confidence in his actions.

"Still lacking faith as always." Hiruzen muttered, ignoring the dig at his failure to reach out to the boy, before moving on after another drag of his herbal wonder: "So, Danzo… Do you have an Uzumaki available if we decide that Naruto Uzumaki is too great of a threat or loose cannon to let live?" He puffed the smoke in the general direction of Root's leader.

Said leader stiffened and after a long pause, when the smoke surrounding him dispersed, he nodded: "Not a royal one, but we could use Jinchuuriki's seed to birth a new generation of royal Uzumaki, of Konoha. You weren't the only one thinking it when you said he had the potential to be an incredible shinobi." Danzo's words were hesitant, yet confident.

Hiruzen closed his eyes and took another drag and held it in, before letting it out with his words: "You are getting delusional in your old age, Danzo. The boy is a Jinchuuriki. He is a seal master that can use his blood to make seals and has regeneration to not worry about the blood loss. He knows highly destructive elemental jutsu, according to Iruka's bit retelling of Naruto's admittance during the report of the fiasco, Naruto did not want me to know that and was visibly annoyed at Iruka… I don't even want to imagine what he learned from the forbidden scroll, and then combined with Kage Bunshin to basically spam suicide attacks. His apartment room is layered with so many traps that even Kakashi had trouble entering when he was picked as Naruto's teacher, and what's more, Naruto noticed that and placed even more traps. Is immune to Genjutsu, the fox's chakra would quickly render him immune to all forms of drugs, and all around too dangerous to ever attempt to keep under…" Hiruzen glared at his desk in quiet contemplation before coming to a decision.

"We either kill him, costing us a Jinchuuriki and the last of royal and loyal to Konoha Uzumaki, and the Arashi line, whose originators were all killed by us decades ago." He frowned as he remembered how troublesome they were in the first war, he was happy that they died, less so when he learnt that the Root ninja sent for that mission returned with babies. It was sad that they had to do that but just looking at 'Minato Namikaze's' achievements in the war was enough to say how much of an unfair advantage that clan had with their reaction time enhancing bloodline.

"Get a bullshit law that will make everyone and their mother yelling for blood saying that Naruto can marry multiple women to 'restart Uzumaki clan'." He closed his eyes, already his ears were feeling the drawback of trying to appear as the Nice Grandfather, it would be irritating, make him want to kill the council and many others, but if that got Konoha new bloodlines, and strengthened them then he would accept his suffering.

"Or we don't do anything and hope that he doesn't turn on us. Treat him like a half-trained wolf, keep him fed, give him space, and have his back when he gets in trouble." None of the options were nice, but out of all of them, if Naruto became loyal to Konoha in the end, then this was the best option.

Danzo's reaction to the last option was to grit his teeth and spit out a: "Like Orochimaru." And the moment that name left his mouth Killing Intent flooded the tower, but because it was focused at Danzo the ninja inside the tower just felt like they got punched in the gut from the intensity of the chakra in the air while the civilians, thanks to their blindness to the workings of chakra, didn't notice anything but goosebumps.

Hiruzen leaned forwards in his chair, teeth bared: "Yes. Danzo. Exactly like that business partner of yours." Hiruzen kept the snarl up for a moment longer before relaxing his anger and continuing.

Hiruzen straightened his posture: "That is what I, the Tree will do, anything Root does on this subject does not interest me… Until it does." Hokage stared at Elder Danzo before his eyes flickered to the door, Elder nodded and turned to leave when Hokage decided to add one last parting shot: "Do make sure we don't lose another line Danzo, with the death of Uchiha infants and now the Hatake, I don't think our reputation should sink lower than this and scare even more clans from coming to Konoha in search of safety."

Danzo whirled back with a dark snarl: "Hiruzen." He said simply, seconds later the door banged loudly behind him.

Third Hokage took another puff of his pipe: "I am not the only one who suffered idiots that didn't know the meaning of too much." before moving back to his paperwork, ignoring the stray thought of what it would have been like if Orochimaru had just come to him with his groundbreaking yet under-resourced and understaffed research into what many would consider better not known, or if Itachi hadn't killed the Uchiha infants.

Could have Orochimaru become successor for Danzo? Would the new Uchiha be as clan focused as the old one? Could have Itachi become the face of the tree, taking his post?

None of that mattered, right now deciding on what to do about Team 7's teaching was more important.

(Naruto's Apartment)

Sakura Haruno woke up slowly. Her crotch, pelvis, legs, and vagina ached painfully. And her stomach felt like it was hungry enough to try eating her internal organs.

Then her nose picked a familiar musky discomforting smell, her nose curled. She tried to get up but there were two muscular arms on her sides locking her in place, she wiggled before gasping voicelessly as her wiggling caused something familiar and scary, and the cause of her aches, to rise. She licked her dry lips before trying to lower herself without impaling herself, but it was like it had a mind of its own and followed her movements.

She winced as her roughed up pussy was penetrated once again, her heart began to beat faster as her mind worked on overdrive: 'If I don't get up now and escape then He will wake up and rape me, and I will be unable to leave and then he will rape me again, and again. I'll be lucky if I can do anything during practice with the other teams, making them think I am useless, unable to do even a civilian's exercise and failing at everything, and, and, and, and-

Her mental freak out got cut off as a moan pushed itself out of her throat: 'Oh god, not again!'

She panicked and decided that, if down doesn't work, then she would get out of this hold by going above and pulled herself up, her nipples, unreasonably hardened because she wasn't getting off on this, rubbing on his giant muscular chest. Sadly it seemed like escape wasn't part of her destiny that day because the moment it was only the tip of his cock left inside her and she was chin to forehead with Naruto he took a breath and gave a throaty rumble that was probably a chuckle, all the while his hands moved down her back, giving her ass a rough painful squeeze before settling on her hips.

She looked up at his merciless eyes with sharp canines and demonic lust, and whimpered, before reddening as the giant rod that she worked hard to get off was shoved back in.

"This is what you wanted wasn't it, my pet?" he asked, all condescending and possessive…

He was so goddamn right.

(Training Ground 8)

Hinata Hyuuga was panting heavily… Still, she smiled, her eyes closed but Byakugan active, then at the last second she leaned back until her back was touching the grass and then kicked up with her right foot. The result of that action was Kiba's lunge changing direction to directly upwards, she straightened and dashed forwards, at Akamaru.

The poor dog's mobility was limited due to its body's size, and even if he had attacked or tried to evade he couldn't have escaped her touch. The giant dog lunched forwards, spinning, but her fingers caressed his paws as she sidestepped. Then she grabbed a kunai from her leg holster and slashed at the kunai Kiba had thrown at her back, there was a crash as Akamaru fell down, his paws not responding.

She opened her eyes and stared coldly as Kiba's feet touched the ground and he kicked forwards, the kunai in both hands spread wide to catch her should she try to evade him again.

So she didn't.

She threw the kunai in her hands at him, aiming for the chest at the crucial moment, thus forcing him to bring an arm close to block the deadly sharp, poisoned, metal. She smiled as she stepped forward and left, her right hand reaching out and grabbing his left elbow and then, after a light push of her right barefoot and kick, one of his arms and one of his foot was out of commission.

She paused as she surveyed both of them, down on the ground, one bucking towards her, while the other cursing loudly as he tried to get up. She decided to deal with the mutt and casually walked forwards, ignoring Akamaru's growling and stepping around his reaching muzzle, caressing his body as she completed her tour around him. The dog was whimpering in pain and fear by the end of it and her smile hadn't been that wide since the first time Neji broke down sobbing in front of her.

She looked at Kiba, he was glaring at her heatedly, yet also visibly aroused, even without the all-seeing eyes.

"How perverted, Kiba. What would Naruto-Kun do to you if he saw you all excited at the thought of getting crushed under my feet?" She sat on the giant disabled dog's muzzle, wiggled a bit until she was comfortable and lifted her feet to wiggle them at the blushing and raging perverted man-dog.

Said boy didn't answer but charged at her, like always: "Naruto-Kun is right, you are a worthless dog!" She yelled as she met his charge with one of her own and smiled when his strength, normally far greater than hers, lost the match and they landed with Kiba on his back, both of his arms restrained by hers and, oh, she had stabbed his stomach, she snarled into his face, still red from 'excitement'.

"You useless weak worm!" Then she socked his stupidly pathetic face, he whimpered and she felt her heart skip a beat, she smiled down at him and leaned down to the point their foreheads were just not touching: "You are very lucky you have me as your teammate, aren't you Kiba-Kun?" she asked lovingly, he whimpered.

She jumped off of him, her throbbing excitement pushing down on his large one and then settled on healing his wound, not healing the poison, it was a weak one made to get his body started on its training on resisting foreign chemicals, after all, the longer his chakra fought it the better for him.


She looked up at her teacher, Kurenai Yuuhi, the Genjutsu mistress of Konoha, the bisexual lesbian with a problem of mothering those around her. Thankfully Naruto had set her on the straights, mostly.

"I was perfect sensei, demoralizing the enemy and using each as cover from the other while keeping them apart by making use of their differences. True I got cocky at the end but I know Kiba enough to know when he is beaten and doesn't have anything to fight back with. When we get to fight a real battle I won't play around, I will go for the kill, or incapacitation if that is the mission requirement." She was being a bit of a bitch here by stuffing her words into Kurenai's mouth, she knew but she also knew that if she allowed her to talk then she grew emotional, and she did not want that.

She was Hyuuga Hinata after all, and Hinata wasn't someone that would allow weakness.

"I was going to ask whether you got hurt, fighting barefoot is ill-advised and dangerous for many varied reasons." She looked at her left foot.


Hinata also looked down and blinked, a senbon had pierced through the middle toe of her right foot and while it wasn't bleeding the small wound was still there, and her feet were dirty. She frowned and crouched down, her hand pulling moisture out of the grass and using it to wash her feet before she grabbed a band-aid put it on the wound after healing it. The skin would be raw for a while and she didn't want scratch it accidentally, it was good enough cover for a minuscule weak spot.

She looked back at her teacher with a timid smile and lifted her foot to her: "Is it good Kurenai-sensei?"


Hinata ignored her uneasy expression, and looked at Kiba and Akamaru, both of which were on their feet and licking their wounds, not literally of course. She skipped over to them, ignoring their stiffening: "Is your wound okay Kiba-Kun? Do you hate me for hurting you?" she asked hesitantly.

"No! No, Hinata! I would never hate you. Not in a million years!" The Inuzuka heir said determinedly… Ignoring his mutt's uneasiness.

"Thank you Kiba-Kun." She gave him a tight hug, making sure not to touch his shoulder.

She then turned to her teacher: "Should we continue with the exercise Kurenai-sensei?"

There was a long stare off in which Hinata blushed and squirmed under her teacher's gaze and jumped when the said teacher gave a suffering groan: "You are dismissed for the day, I will go relieve Shino from his mission as a hairstylist." Then she vanished.

"Hey, Hinata, wanna go to the Inuzuka compound for a nice meal? All this training sure made me hungry." Kiba tried to sound casual, he failed.

The said girl shook her head sadly: "I would love to Kiba, but I can't."

"He doesn't deserve you!" The Inuzuka growled before turning around to stalk off, Akamaru scampering after him.

"Maybe, but without him to give me an example I don't think I can be both strong and still be the kind me." She smiled sadly, knowing that he could hear her with his enhanced senses.

"Maybe in another life, we can be together, maybe in another world, I am not inherently weak, and am smart enough to know how to balance my life on my own, but not in this world. In this world I need Naruto, I need to be strong, and I decided that I owe my strength to Naruto, what kind of strength would that be if I disregarded its source just like that?" She shook her head and set off towards said boy's home, she needed intimacy with him to resuppress her disloyal body's attractions. She would be Naruto's, and that's that, nothing more, nothing less.

She ignored her mind's wonderings of 'Why' strength meaning 'Cruelty', and whether such a life deserved living. She was strong after all.

(Early Tomorrow Morning)

(Hokage Tower)

"Thus I have decided that you three would be enlisted under Anko Mitarashi, but at the same time, due to her status as a Special Jonin, your training will also be supervised by other rookie teams." Sarutobi Hiruzen said, smiling back at Naruto when he grinned at him and gave him a thumbs up.

He ignored Uchiha Sasuke's goggling at their interaction, face clearly showing disbelief and also clearly showing his thoughts on why they weren't, or at least Naruto wasn't, being punished.

Naruto grinned: "Thanks, Old Man! Anko is a great ninja, strong, hot, capable of many, and kinky as fuck! It will be interesting calling her sensei!" He laughed.

Sakura just blushed, the memories of her time split roasted between Anko and Naruto, with a naked Ino to the side watching them and biting her lips and a long finger going in and out of her gushing vagina, or drooling and kissing Anko with a double ended dildo in their throats and Hinata whipping her, or when Anko tied her upside down in the forest of death and blindfolded her and- and- and-

She was pulled out of her overheating by Naruto grabbing her arm and pulling her out with him, they were dismissed.

"So Sausage-Kun, whatcha wanna do today? Wanna learn what kind of person Anko is? Wanna learn about her ninja or bedroom skills? Huh?" Naruto was pretty energetic today, Sakura noted idly, her crotch was still aching so she wasn't that surprised, the day following sex marathons rarely failed to be full of smiles and joy.

Uchiha Sausage-Sasuke, Uchiha Sa-su-ke, Sakura blushed again as she called him with that mocking nickname Naruto bestowed upon him, just shook his head and backed away. He was always smart like that.

"Tch!" Naruto and Sakura watched the 'last' Uchiha go away before Naruto turned to her: "What do you want to do Sakura?" He asked, frowning and looking serious, and attentive.

Sakura squirmed on the inside, but she struggled to not show it, and she mostly managed it considering the aches in her nether region snapped her out of it the moment she thought those kinds of thoughts: "Date?" She asked shyly, she wanted a date with Naruto, it was rare for him to agree but when he did it was usually full o fun… On second thought maybe she shouldn't have said anything, she did not think her body could handle another marathon, and she needed another gallon of water from yesterday's, even if Hinata joined them midway and saved her from total exhaustion for a second time.

Naruto's frown deepened as he thought it, for a second she loved him even more, each and every expression he made was like a gift from heaven for her, she snuggled into his chest and pulled the arm on her shoulder closer to herself, smiling when his lips twitched upwards and he glanced down at her before pulling her along on a slow trot towards an all too familiar food stand. It might not be her taste but she knew he loved it, so she did too.

(Ichiraku Ramen Stand)

"Yo Ichiraku Old Man! I'm gonna need three beef to go!" Naruto said as he entered the stand and sat down, pulling Sakura onto the seat right, which was next to the wall so no one else could sit next to Sakura.

Sakura for her part was surprised, three was a little low for Naruto, and the beef wasn't one of her preferred flavors, even if it was his favorite, the 'to go' part clued into the fact that this was just a side stop on their date. As they waited, Naruto holding her hand and the chief's daughter Amane- or Ayame or something chattered with Naruto, her stomach growled, thankfully it wasn't loud enough for non-enhanced ears to catch on, which meant Naruto did.

He looked at her and told her to hold on for a little longer, she nodded.

She knew Naruto didn't like hunger, his own or others, so if he was telling her to hold on then she would, it wasn't like she would die from hunger or anything, it just made her a bit dizzy. Then their order was done and they were on the road once again, with three bowls of ramen in a bag on their hands.

(Hokage House Sushi)

Sakura smiled as they took their seats, she usually didn't have enough money for this restaurant, and neither did Naruto but he had something on the owner thus they were 'honored' guests, and were given discounts. She ordered her own meal while Naruto ate his takeout, which while extremely rude wasn't someone anyone was going to make a fuss about.

She remembered the time he got poisoned two years ago, he spent many hours on the toilet, with Kyuubi chakra filling his innards so making it impossible to heal him. As they were eating they were surprised to see Iruka there, with Ami.

They waved to each other and after asked her, and a small talk between all of them, Naruto invited them to their table, which wasn't something he did out of politeness, they all knew that, and so the other two accepted. Ami was her usual bitch-self and tried to be moody and bring everyone's mood down, she failed and was ignored.

Iruka and Sakura talked about their time in the Academy, advice on their future as a ninja, and in short, they laughed and had a fun conversation, with Naruto joining in from time to time and eventually even Ami's stubbornness breaking down enough for her to enter the conversation.

She had to say, this date felt far better than the time Naruto took her to the top of the Hokage monument to have sex.

The moment Iruka and Ami left though she was back to her disdainful snotty act. It didn't stay on for long as Naruto Shunshined them to his home where they would spend the remainder of the day, with Naruto punishing her for 'arrogance' and 'lying'.

(Umino's House)

Luna massaged her little sister's body as she moaned about how tiresome her day was, she smiled and nodded at the right places and gave commentary when necessary, though she did mentally roll her eyes at the amount of mentioning of her little sister's most 'hated person', the 'not even worth calling a rival', the 'blackmailing underhanded pranking bastard', the one and only Uzumaki Naruto, whom Ami had only had breakfast with at the start of the day before joining her team for a day of D-rank missions and team training.

'Good grief Ami, just go beg him to bed you if you are so obsessed with him!' is what she didn't say, Ami's pouting and brooding wasn't something Luna ever considered fun, instead she at times tried to defend the boy's(or his girlfriends') actions and at times bad mouthed him(them) by telling the gossip she herself heard about him(them), her sister was far more amusing when Luna acted obliviously and forced her to either defend the boy(his harem) or try to criticize him(his harem) by telling tales about his(their) outrageous acts with badly concealed awe.

She also wished Iruka could come home quicker from the Hokage tower, which is where he worked while the Academy was closed down for holidays.

All this talk about the meal with Naruto actually made her curious about what really was talked about on the table, she wanted to hear it from a person not trying so hard to act she wasn't excited about the memory, thus telling it unreliably.

Iruka was also good for messing with Ami, especially when he brought up events from inside and outside the classroom, the events that Ami would act like she wasn't hanging word for word, and embellished them at the right moments to make Ami react, then blush and deny listening to them talking about that 'blond idiot'…

She was such a tsundere!

(Hokage Tower)

"So you want to observe my memories of Mizuki, to find out if I missed anything… May I ask for why? I mean, Mizuki is already captured isn't he?" Iruka Umino asked uneasily, it wasn't that he was hiding something, it was just that he wasn't comfortable with allowing someone, anyone really, into his head to go through his memories, his intimate feelings and connections to people.

"Yes we did but we don't have everything at hand right now, and due to the inner workings of the Yamanaka clan's jutsu, we are hesitant to use it on mentally unstable persons. The more memories we have the better prepared we are when we do delve into the minds of those kinds of people, we have already looked into some of your coworkers' and Chunin Tsubaki's, Mizuki's fiancée's, mind and have enough information to form a profile but more data never could hurt." Inoichi Yamanaka said, not saying the bit about how the information on the target and the target's later actions contradicted each other.

Mizuki, when talking to Tsubaki, had regaled her with the tales of Naruto's pranks and acts and at various occasions had told her that Uzumaki Naruto would make a great ninja one day, yet if he was planning to betray Konoha and was planning to kill Uzumaki, then why did he do that? It couldn't have been in order to further his cover as a loyal ninja of Konoha, because he talked about Naruto only with Chunin Tsubaki, and in private places where only one that could hear was Tsubaki herself.

Mizuki every action, both on record and not, showed the act of an older brother, or even father. Why did he save the boy on so many occasions such as the time the retired Jonin Hakoda Kou attacked Uzumaki Naruto, where Mizuki protected the boy with his body and was near fatally wounded?

Iruka for his part only had two hesitancies in his mind, one was sharing the moments of intimacy with his lover Luna Kumo, older sister of Ami, and the other was the general idea of allowing someone else into your head, but as a Chunin of Konoha he knew his decision: "As long as any private moments you might witness doesn't leave this room I agree."

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