And here is the epilogue. This is where the original premise of the story came from (found in chapter 44 of "101 Names We Could Have Used"). While I feel I could go on with Lord Bro's hilariously epic tales, some things are better left to the imagination. Adieu, my good readers, your support has meant the world to me.

September 1, 2017, King's Cross Station, Platform 9¾ (Nineteen Years Later)

The middle Potter child looks at his father. "What if I am in Slytherin?" Harry sighs. So many years of this and still people are biased about House stereotypes. Typical. It's the parents, no doubt, the boy caught him bad-mouthing people like Crabbe and Goyle all the time. But he doesn't have time to worry about that now, because his child needs him.

Harry kneels down. "Gilderoy Lockhart Potter. You were named after a man that taught me the most worthwhile skill I'll ever need to know. He was an idiot, and a Ravenclaw. He still is an idiot, even though he was supposed to be in the intelligent house. Your House doesn't define you. Go do good. I hear the Malfoy boy is actually quite nice."

Christmas 2017, Potter Home

Gilderoy Lockhart Potter took his father's advice and bonded quite nicely with the Malfoy boy, mainly over their odd names (Gilderoy Lockhart Potter and Scorpius Olbeck Malfoy). Everyone knew him as the son of Harry Potter, not as Gilderoy. But Harry would just recount the tale of how Gilderoy's lessons, though deemed useless at the time, proved to be the saving of the wizarding world.

"Dad?" Gilderoy Lockhart Potter asks after hearing the tale told again. Harry thinks about how glad he is he didn't name his second son something stupid like Albus Severus. "Your whole story behind my name, the one about you defeating Lord Voldemort with obliviate- is it all true?"

Harry sighs, recounting his brief adventure with Lord Bro and the whole gang. He still keeps in touch with Isaiah Clark, who became one of his mentors in the Auror office. The original Gilderoy Lockhart's memory continued to improve until they were eventually able to re-introduce him into the world as long as he had an aide with him at all times (still a danger to both himself and others). They all get together once a week to visit Lord Bob Ramon Olbeck who, in more than twenty-one years, still believed that his gang was called the Ramonettes and maintained his position on the names of all of his subordinates. His memory did not change one bit, and neither did his personality, and above all, neither did his love for his snake.

"Well," Harry says to his middle child. "While I can honestly say that I told you the truth, I may not have told you— all of it…"

Gilderoy Lockhart Potter smiles as his father begins the long and hilariously thrilling story of Lord Bob Ramon Olbeck, also known as Lord Bro, the previous Lord Voldemort. He thinks about how many were saved by his father's actions and the (albeit ignorant) actions of Gilderoy Lockhart- for in the end, the Dark Lord did not remember the darkness.