Today was back to school day for Rowley. He got his lucky flannel shirt on ,then, his backpack and he was ready to go. He ran out of his house to the bus stop. Rowley looked around to see the bus coming towards him . He smiled ,he couldn't wait to go back to school to see Greg. Rowley got on the bus when it stopped and took his seat . He looked out of the window. The bus would stop at the school next. He couldn't wait to just run right in to see Greg and ask about how was his last summer date with Holly. Rowley's smile turned into a frown ever since Greg and Holly started going out he was left wondering will he ever get a date? Who knows? The bus rolled on. Rowley looked out from the window again to see if he was getting closer to the school. Rowley sighed as he was moving away from the window. He moved away from the window . A person sat down with him "Who are you?" asked Rowley. "Don't you remember me ,Greg's loser friend!?" yells the person .Rowley stayed quiet ,listening to recognize that person's voice "Patty Farrell?" asked Rowley "Oh look ,you remember me now move!" states Patty. She stood over Rowley's seat and tried to push him."Stop!" shouts Rowely nervously wishing he could be anywhere but there. Somehow ,while Patty was pushing him so hard ,she accidentally fell on him they looked at each other and blushed as they got up they looked in different directions. While blushing ,Rowley will Patty be his future date? What will Greg think of him if he dates his enemy? As the bus stops at the school Rowley and Patty quickly got off of the bus pretending nothing had happened "You know what I'll just walk you to class okay?" asked Patty sweetly "Wow that's strangely nice of you Patty." said Rowley. "Yeah I'm nice." said Patty as Rowley did an awkward chuckle remembering how she always teased him and Greg as he quickly catches up to her into the school.