The Next Day At School~

During lunchtime, Rowley decided to sit alone at lunch to get away from everyone else. He had been through a lot this week. First, his best friend was getting into his private life, now, he had to end his "friendship" with Patty. He wanted to be alone for a while before he could decide on what to do next.

He sat down in the first empty seat he could find. He put his backbag down so he could take out his sandwich to eat it. He munched down on his sandwich with every single bite. He

looked up to see two familiar people that came towards was Holly and Greg. He was shocked to see Holly at first, but then, he was angry when he saw Greg.

"Greg. what do you want now!?",yelled Rowley.

Before Greg could say a word, Holly quickly interrupted.

"Before we all yell at one another, we need to reason with one another on how to make and say sorry.",said Holly.

"What!? So he could get more into my private life! You hear me -Greg, it's none of your business with me!", yelled Rowley.

"Rowley what did I say!",growled Holly.

That made Rowley immediately silent about Holly's rage.

"Sorry Holly." whispered Rowley

"Good now, Greg, what do you have to say to Rowley?",asked Holly.

Greg had an innocent smile. It made Greg nervous by seeing how his girlfriend yelled at Rowley.

"Rowley, I'm so sorry, what I did the other day. If I got in the way of anything ,then, blame me. I know I could be selfish, rude and,sometimes, stubborn. You already knew my home life. I had an older brother who annoyed me, and, my younger brother did things. I was the middle child, my Dad and Mom didnt understand me. The problem was mostly my dad. That's why I try to do things to get attention. I'm sorry." ,explained Greg.

Rowley was silent for a minute as he looked back

" It's okay forgive you, Greg.",said Rowley as Greg came over to hug him.

"I'm glad you forgave me, Rowley.",said Greg as the both of them released from their heg

So "Rowley how about you sit with us" Holly

"Sure."Rowley as he came to join Holly and Greg in a crowded table. He enjo himself at the table he could see Patty with a cafeteria plate she held in her hands looking glum that brought to Rowley's concern so he got up to see what is wrong with Patty but Patty walked in the other direction

"Patty what's wrong?" Asked Rowley

"Its nothing Rowley..." Said Patty

"Patty can you please tell me?" Asked Rowley once more

"Its nothing alright have fun with your stupid friends!" Yelled Patty as she walked off leaving Rowlsilent he didn't know what caused Patty to be mad at him.