That didn't stop Rowley, he continued to try and follow Patty. Patty didn't looked back at him is immediately. Rowley reached his arm out to touch her on the shoulder, just as soon as she was about to sit down in her seat

"What!?",squealed Patty as she spun around to face Rowley.

"I just wanna see if everything is okay!? Why did you storm off like that?",asked Rowley. "Everything's fine, Rowley! Why aren't you sitting with your friends!?", ,said Patty as she tried to sit down in her seat.

"I'm worried about you.",pleaded Rowley.

"Why are you so worried about me? Shouldn't you be sitting with YOU-"

Before Patty could say anything else, Rowley pulled Patty into a kiss. Patty was shocked but kissed him back. Then, they both looked at each other eye to eye.

"That's why I was so worried.",said Rowley as the both of them stared that is when Patty kissed Rowley on the lips quickly

"Don't ever do that again.",she said as she hugged him.

"Love you Patty.",said Rowley.

"I love you too, Rowley.",agreed Patty as she kisses him back.

A Few Months Later~

So after that Rowley and Patty became a happy couple. It quickly took Greg to a while to accept Patty. He was supportive of Rowley. Holly,because Patty learned to be nicer to other students qthanks to Rowley.

The End