4 – The Rainbow

Silence reigned again. It was a better ruler than Giratina themselves. Not that Giratina was much interested. They had left the human behind to rest for an indeterminate amount of time. If it was a permanent respite that would be well earned and well deserved.

However, that rest did not last long.

One of the portals started to ripple. There were so many that they had no clue which and honestly, they didn't want to search. Whatever it was would fall soon enough, so there was no need to hurry. They rather hoped that whoever it was would end up falling into the void rather than being fortunate enough to touch a landmass. Two 'alien' lifeforms in this prison was two too many.

It was decided. They would kill this one and be done with it.

They swam through space to find the portal. The current resident, whose punishment they still hadn't decided on, didn't look up. It wasn't the first time this had happened. They didn't look up to much. They didn't react to anything without prompting or the sound being very right close to its ears. Then they jumped and cowered without a single change of expression.

Dialga and Palkia would have gotten a kick out of it and tortured the human for their own amusement. At least, they would have the last time Giratina had gotten a glimpse of them.

Reaching the fluctuating portal, they reached out and saw… a second human.

This human however was not alone. There was a small, black and gold creature at her feet, sniffing nervously at the fabric of her clothes. It barely reached one of her knees. It must have existed after Giratina was sealed, or it was a pokemon that they had not run into in their rampages. And they had had many.

Giratina paused in their rush forward and watched, hovering in the shadows of the clouds. They watched and waited. If this was like the other human, then it would be all too easy to send a ball of shadows forward and watch it fly backwards like they were hit with a magnet. So they watched, ever patient. Ever silent. The human is female, they thought, basing it on snippets of conversation from mirror after mirror with many pronouns paraded over and over each other.

The woman looked around in wonder.

That alone almost made them consider going to speak with her. Wonder? Who looked upon such a dead place with wonder and not despair or disgust? Honestly, it was quite laughable.

Then her eyes reached where they floated, far up in the sky. She smiled, smiled brightly like they were just looking at another monster, and not the lowest, not the imprisoned and the prison guard.

"Oh," she said, eyes full of wonder as she looked up at them. It was almost like the first time Giratina had met the lake guardians. They had been so full of youth and wonder for the five minutes they'd been around them before being locked away. "You're the third, the one spoken of in legends. I thought it was you."

Her tone is reverent and honestly, that's disturbing. They have never been revered before, never been admired or regarded with anything more than distaste. This is just… it somehow feels unsanitary.

"You were trying to stop him, weren't you?" she continues, oblivious to Giratina's own discomfort. "Cyrus, I mean. He was trying to destroy the world, you know? It would have spread to here if you hadn't done anything. I'm grateful to you." She bowed and again came that creepy-crawly feeling in their gut.

So the human's name was Cyrus. Not too important, but calling it the human when it was going to suffer and die was rather impersonal. Which they supposed was the point. It didn't exactly make it more tolerable.

Giratina opened their mouth, then closed it with a metallic snap. "I… did not do it for you.""

The woman's smile only widened and Giratina swore it was going to give off something positive and delightful. Ugh. How foul.

"I didn't think you did, or would," she admitted.

"Aren't you supposed to be afraid?" they couldn't help but say. This was a much more normal human, much more expressive, alive, existing. They didn't want this one here, they threw off the aesthetic, as the kids called it.

She laughed, damn her. "I love the ancient things. I can't help myself."

She isn't even surprised about the telepathy either.

What was wrong with trainers these days?