Summary: Uzumaki Naruto gets dumped in Earth 1, with superpowers. Find out how this pebble affects Earth 1 and of course the future of the Fastest Man Alive.




Chapter 1

"I can fight well, I'm infallible. But to you, I can't be affable" – Killer Bee

Kurama was not pleased. His moron of a container has really done it this time. The Bijuu had no idea why the blonde was so stupid. First he promises his useless teammate to save his other foolish teammate: a promise of a lifetime to a useless fangirl to save an Uchiha. Even after getting stabbed by his teammate; the monkey still called him friend. The airhead then decided to use his chakra to even the playing field and try to save him. If not for the seal Kurama would have strangled him for the insult. But of course given the monkey's luck his problems didn't end there.

'I thought Kushina was bad' thought Kurama 'this fool is far worse than his mother'

His chakra was mixing with the blonde's Uzumaki and Namikaze genes at an alarming rate. Naruto didn't have the training necessary to truly use the amount of chakra his body was absorbing. Then there was the Uchiha whom was so daft it infuriated the Bijuu. Dark chakra was not something Indra's reincarnate should be messing around with. Then of course came the kicker; the final clash. The Uchiha using an abnormal amount of dark chakra clashing with his moronic container's poorly mixed chakra.

"RASENGAN!" roared Naruto

"CHIDORI!" roared Sasuke

Kurama wasn't surprised when the dark ball surrounded them. The amount of dark matter and X elements being generated was massive. Kurama knew that one of three things could happen, depending on the action of the two boys. If they stayed their current course the dark matter will simply dissipate. If they tried to up the ante the dark matter will condense even further and implode; disintegrating them both. However if one upped the ante while the other suppressed his; the dark matter will be sent into the former.

'Just a few seconds more and the dark matter will dissipate' prayed Kurama 'Just a few more seconds'

But of course fate decided to screw with him. Sasuke noticed Naruto scratch his headband, something he had said would never happen, and it made him angry. That caused his dark chakra to spike even further. Kurama had seconds to decide his next course of action. He decided that he didn't want to die, especially not because of an Uchiha. He took a huge risk: he forced chakra into Naruto's coils. He felt Sasuke fall out of the orb just before it enveloped Naruto's body. He didn't know what happened next but the seal drained his chakra to do it. The loss of his chakra put the Bijuu to sleep with the hope that his container's luck will save them again.


When Naruto woke up the first thing he noticed was his whole body ached. The last thing he remembered was scratching Sasuke-teme's headband. As he opened his eyes he was greeted with a strange sight. He was lying in what seemed like a park. But the strange thing was the giant buildings around the park; not to mention the metal things people were…travelling in?

'Where the heck am I ttebayo?' thought Naruto

"You're awake good"

Naruto started; he knew that voice.

"Kyuubi?" asked Naruto "How can I hear you in my head?"

"Don't talk out loud moron" ground-out Kurama "We can communicate through thoughts and yes I can read all of your thoughts"

Naruto paled; the last thing he needed was Kyuubi pulling a Shukaku on him.

'I refuse to call you 'mother' ttebayo'

Kurama rolled his eyes

"Like I would have a fool for a son"

Naruto twitched

'Who are you calling a fool you giant plusy toy?!'

"Really that's the best you could come up with?" asked Kurama "How original"

'You're asking for it baka fox' gritted Naruto

Kurama sighed; they had better things to discuss. That is he had things to explain to the blonde dolt, oh joy.

"We don't have time for this" said Kurama

Naruto frowned; he didn't like it but he knew Kyuubi was right. One look around and he knew he wasn't in Konoha anymore. He got the feeling the Kyuubi knew more about the situation than he did.

'Where are we Kyuubi?' asked Naruto

"Another dimension" stated Kurama

Naruto blinked "How is that possible? Also why did we land here?"

"When you and the Uchiha clashed you created an orb filled with dark matter and X elements. As for why we landed here, I'm sensing something similar happened in this dimension about four months ago"

"So this orb was so unstable and chaotic it needed an anchor" said Naruto "but if this world's Orb formed four months ago it couldn't have connected with us. Sasuke and I clashed today, right?"

Kurama was stunned. It seems the brat did have his intelligent moments. Well that just made this much easier to handle. Perhaps he wouldn't need to cuddle the dolt in this new world after all.

"Dimensional travel is long and unpredictable. My theory is that we were stuck in the Time stream around this dimension before landing here. It explains your current body condition."

Naruto frowned "What do you mean by that?"

"Look at yourself" said Kurama

Naruto wasn't sure what he was expecting. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first but then he noticed it. He was far taller than he remembered being. Despite the ache in his body he stood and walked to the pond nearby. The face looking back at him was that of an 18 year old, not a 12 year old.

'Kyuubi what the hell happened?' asked a very stunned Naruto

"Like I said dimensional travel is unpredictable" said Kurama "Given the amount of dark matter you absorbed in your dimension and the one you absorbed in this one, be happy that's your only outward change."

Naruto gaped 'what do you mean 'my only outward change' ttebayo? Are you saying that I changed internally?'

Kurama blinked "The fact that you can follow this conversation is the first one"

Naruto growled 'Don't push me fuzzy I will pound you'

Kurama smirked "You wish dolt"

Naruto decided to take a deep breath. Fighting with Kyuubi right now was not important; he needed information.

'What other changes are there?'

Kurama chuckled; messing with Naruto was fun.

"Before the Orb was formed your body was already undergoing changes. The genes you inherited from your parents and the chakra you kept collecting from me was changing your chakra coils. When you absorbed the dark matter from your dimension it boosted your healing capacities; it's why you survived the trip here. The dark matter in this dimension however caused changes to the cells in your body. They are vibrating at an accelerated rate; far faster than any human cell should."

Naruto closed his eyes in thought. The first thing he realized was he was only alive thanks to the Bijuu. If the Kyuubi hadn't been sending chakra into his body Naruto was sure things would have gone very differently. The second thing he realized was going back home would be incredibly difficult. Firstly because he didn't have the strength to activate the portal, let alone survive the trip. Secondly because he had a feeling there were far more dimensions out there he didn't know about. If he risked a jump without knowing exactly where he was going, heavens knows where he would land.

'I will focus on going home when I have the chance' said Naruto 'Is there anything else I should know?'

Kurama sighed; advising Naruto against going home would be too much work. So long as the brat didn't do anything that could get him killed.

"Your chakra coils are gone" said Kurama "The chakra itself was somehow transformed into energy for your cells"

'So I don't have access to my ninjutsu' said Naruto

"You could most likely be able to generate your Rasengan if you train very hard" said Kurama "You still have access to my chakra, it can be purified to suit your needs"

'So I can still use ninjustu but only using your chakra?' asked Naruto 'Will you let me use your chakra?'

"Like I have a choice in the matter" grouched Kurama "Thanks to the damage done to the seal I don't have to give permission anymore"

'Then I would like you to train me in how to use your chakra' declared Naruto

Kurama blinked "Why would I?"

Naruto sighed; the Kyuubi had saved his life. He knew that the Bijuu only did that because if he died so did he. However if this experience had taught him anything it was that he had a great asset inside him. The Kyuubi was more than his chakra; he had a vast well of knowledge. He needed to start judging the Kyuubi on his own merits. They were both stuck in an unfamiliar dimension; working together was important. He was not naïve enough to believe he could adapt to this dimension while fighting with the Kyuubi. Especially since the Bijuu could now talk to him like Shukaku talks to Gaara.

'We need to work together' said Naruto 'I don't like you and you don't like me. But I want to give us a chance. I want to put the past behind us and work with you. Starting right now, my name is Uzumaki Naruto and you are? I know Kyuubi is not your real name'

Kurama knew what Naruto was thinking. He couldn't sense any deceit. The brat was right they needed to put the past behind them and work together. Kurama knew that he respected Naruto's will to never give up and Naruto respected his intelligence. So while they didn't like each other they respected each other. Heaving a sigh he said

"My name is Kurama"

'It is nice to meet you Kurama' said Naruto 'first things first we need information'

"You need to change clothes and eat" said Kurama "the trip drained the calories in your body; it's why you feel so weak"

'I may not know much about this dimension but something tells me that seeing a 18 year old wearing ripped 12 year old clothes will attract too much attention'

"I can see what looks like a clothing store over there" said Kurama "I suggest you go in there and help yourself. I can sense a forest area up north; you can hunt for food there"

'And so it begins'

Over the next few days Naruto focused on the basic amenities: food, clothing and shelter. The duo quickly found information gathering difficult. The new dimension spoke a language neither had ever heard of. Of course Naruto refused to quit, he believed there had to be someone who could understand them. Kurama didn't bother arguing with the Uzumaki; his gut had a way of always being right. As it turns out Naruto was right. After having breakfast, grilled fish, Naruto made his way into the city. Due to how large the city is they had not been able to map it out completely. So they focused on the north side of the city before moving to the centre.

"Ugh I really hate the smell of this place" said Kurama

Naruto couldn't help but agree. His own dimension didn't stink of metal, smoke and oil. The only reason he could agree with Kurama was thanks to his new ability. They had discovered that three of Naruto's senses had been enhanced: smell, hearing and sight-he could see in the dark. Though to be fair the city did have her good scents. Naruto loved standing close to where the people went to eat. Thinking about it made him start drooling and it also rendered him unfocused. This resulted in him bumming into someone.

"Oops sorry ttebayo I wasn't concentrating" said Naruto

"Oh it is fine I was lost in thought too"

It took Naruto a couple seconds before he realized that the person understood him. The person was an older female about 25 if he had to guess. She had long dark hair and dark eyes. The woman was hot; he blamed his fascination with her body on his perverted teachers. Kurama knew his container was enjoying the view. However they had more important matters to attend to. Although judging from her facial expression the lady found Naruto's behaviour amusing.

"Dolt you're staring" said Kurama; who may or may not be amused.

Naruto started; females he knew didn't take too kindly to perverts. He was about to beg for mercy when he heard her giggle. Judging from her body language she wasn't angry. Naruto felt so relieved; the last thing he needed was her mad at him. She was the first person he knew that could understand him. But with that knowledge, a complication arose: how was he supposed to approach this? He couldn't ask her to teach him this world's language because he was from different dimension. Unless…

'Kurama does she have any chakra coils?'

"None" said Kurama "Why do you ask?"

'Well if she isn't from our dimension then logic dictates that she learnt our language here' replied Naruto 'So all I have to do is pretend to be from that culture and say I'm new to this culture'

Kurama blinked "I still can't get used to you having brains"

'Oh shut up'

"Are you done staring?"

'Wow her voice is amazing'

"Focus dolt, you can stare at her later"

Naruto mentally shook his head. He smiled at her

"Sorry about that it is just, you're really beautiful"

She giggled "Well you're not so bad yourself. So are you from Japan?"

Naruto laughed nervously; time to gamble

"What makes you say that?"

"Well your Japanese is perfect" she said "You must be new here in Central City"

"Yes you got me" said Naruto; gamble worked

"Well I'm Japanese too but I moved to Central City when I was a child. I was born in Kyoto, what about you?"

'Oh shit'

Kurama knew he shouldn't be amused but he was. He couldn't wait to see how his container handled this one. Of course life as a prankster taught Naruto many things including: the art of spinning bullshit to get out of trouble. Putting on a petulant smile he said

"Well why don't you guess?" said Naruto "Here's a clue my name is Uzumaki Naruto"

"Bold move telling her your real name" said Kurama

'I don't have a choice. We don't know anything about this world. What happens if I give her a fake name that turns out to be well-known? At least if it's my real name no one should know about it here, I hope'

"Oh sorry my name is Hyodo Akira. Hmm, given your dress sense I'm guessing you grew up in Tokyo"

Naruto smirked "Got me"

Akira giggled "Well what brings you to Central City?"

"Well you know how it is"

"Let me guess you needed a break from home for a while"

Naruto laughed nervously "Yeah I did. I was actually going crazy for a while. You see, I'm an orphan and I don't have any money. I also don't know how to speak the language around here"

"Oh you didn't learn English in Tokyo?" asked Akira

"No, no, no I didn't" said Naruto "You know I never had to"

"Wow you really must have been going crazy. Not many people here can speak fluent Japanese"

"Which is why I am so happy I met you" said Naruto

Akira frowned; something about this guy's story was fishy. He dressed in new clothes yet he had no money. He spoke perfect Japanese and in a tone that spoke of an education. Yet for some reason he had never heard of English nor did he know the city he was in. If she didn't know any better she would say he had literally been dropped here from space. But that would be crazy; there were no such things as aliens. The real question is: was she willing to help him?

'His story may be full of holes but he seems like he could really use some help' thought Akira 'He also seems like a good kid, why not?'

Naruto knew he was on thin ice. The moment Akira frowned he knew his play had failed. He just didn't have enough information to generate a semi-real story. Not to mention Akira wasn't an idiot; she looked like a very sharp lady. If she could give him a chance then Naruto would be happy with her. She will help him adjust to this world faster. He saw her frown wade away and he felt hope blossom in his heart.

"Tell me this: do you know anything about living in a civilized society?"

"No I don't but I am a fast learner"

"Hmm, okay fine I suppose I could help you out"

Naruto sighed in relief;

"Thank you so much. So what's first?"

"Well first things first, you need to learn how to speak English" said Akira "While you do that and familiarize yourself with the city I will get you your papers"

"My papers?" asked Naruto

"Yes your birth certificate, social security number and other things like that"

"Oh well I was born October 10" said Naruto "What's a social security number?"

Akira shook her head; somehow she felt like she had adopted a grown baby. Well he looked intelligent, hopefully he will adapt quickly enough. Over the next few months Naruto focused on learning a new language and culture. When he told Akira he was a fast learner he wasn't joking. Somehow his brain absorbed information very quickly, something Kurama never ceased to tease him about. The Bijuu found it amusing how smart nearly dying made him. He had found out about the particle accelerator explosion in Star Labs. After doing some research Naruto was positive that the explosion is what pulled him to this dimension.

As it turns out the world was even bigger than he thought. It wasn't just this world either; there were seven other planets in their galaxy. To say Naruto was astonished by the size of this universe would be an understatement. And it wasn't just space that fascinated him; there were oceans, rainforests, mountains, deserts and rocky plains. Naruto was instantly in love with this universe; the potential and beauty it had was limitless. Akira said he acted like a fish excited to be out of water and he was. Central City itself was an amazing place; yes it had its dark corners but still.

After mastering English and getting his papers Naruto went job hunting. There were so many jobs to choose from but a few caught his eye. The sound of a bell was heard as he entered his first choice. The place smelled exactly like he hoped it would. He walked up to the counter in hopes of finding someone in charge. Thankfully it wasn't rush hour, Akira had taught him that, so the place was light in customers.

"Hello there, can I help you?"

Naruto turned to find a very hot babe talking to him. This is one the reasons he loved Central City; the landscape was beautiful. The lady was around Akira's age and boy did she look amazing. Kurama smiled; having three perverted teachers had its consequences. Thankfully Naruto recovered fast enough.

"Hi my name is Naruto I was wondering; are you guys hiring?"

"Oh uh well I will ask the manager and get back to you. My name is Iris by the way"

"Iris like the Goddess?" asked Naruto "That's pretty cool"

Iris smiled "Well thank you. Have a seat I will…oh my god"

Naruto turned to see someone walk in. He must be a dear friend of Iris because she basically ran into his arms. It may have given him a good view of her behind, but who knows? Of course he was about to excuse them, after staring discreetly of course, but then something strange happened. A girl carrying a tray suddenly tripped and he saw it in slow motion. Instinct took over and he caught her and the tray.

'What the heck was that Kurama?'

"Looks like your cells have fully adjusted" said Kurama "I was waiting for that"

"Wow nice save Naruto" said Iris

"Um Iris I gotta go I will see you later"

Naruto understood the look in Iris's friend's eyes: he saw it too. He and Kurama had theorized that he wasn't the only one affected by the particle accelerator explosion. As it turns out, they were right and that means that he and this guy were the same. The question is: can he trust him with the truth? Naruto knew logically Star Labs will be the best place for him. They created the particle accelerator so they had more information than he did. After discreetly asking Iris it seemed her friend, Barry, had been there recovering from a coma.

"Well how about I go see the manager" said Iris "Wait here okay?"

"Of course"

"You're thinking of going to Star Labs?" asked Kurama

'There is a limit to how much I can learn about these powers on my own'

"And what makes you think you can trust them?"

'Nothing that's why I'm going to shadow Barry for a while first' replied Naruto 'If I like what I see then I can approach Barry myself'

"If you're going to do that then you should leave now"

'And miss my shot at having a job here, no way'

Kurama groaned "please don't tell me you actually believe you can shuffle a job and this"

'I can and I will' declared Naruto 'besides I need to start making money, I can't keep living off Akira-chan forever'

Kurama refused to argue with the dolt. While he was smarter now, he was still as stubborn as ever. After seeing the manager Naruto was given a job which he spent the day learning how to do. Over the next few days he monitored Barry and Star Labs; he found a lot. He was there when Barry went after a guy he called Clyde Mardon. He was not fast enough to save the guy who died though. However when Barry ran off in the direction of Starling City Naruto decided to test his speed.

"Well this is interesting"

Naruto growled 'Shut up fuzzy'

Kurama chuckled; Naruto had run past his clothes limit. So the blonde was now stark naked in the forest. Thankfully there was no one around to see; well no one except a very amused fox. If he had any chance of truly testing his speed then he would need a friction proof suit. Times like this he missed his orange jumpsuit; there was a chance the material could withstand the friction and heat.

Kurama smirked "Or you could just run naked"

Naruto sighed; he knew Kurama will never let him hear the end of this. The test told him one thing though: he needed Star Labs. They were in the best position to make him a friction proof suit.

"Preferably one that isn't your birthday suit"

He decided to just ignore the comment. After going home to change he decided to head to Star Labs after his shift. Unfortunately when his shift ended something stopped him from going to Star Labs. He saw a storm gathering and he knew whom was responsible. His current clothes were sturdier than his former one so he headed straight there. Once he arrived he saw Mardon at the centre of a huge tornado and Barry running around it. It looked like he was trying to cancel it out but he didn't look fast enough.

'I hope this works'

"Well it's not like you have anything they don't"

'I am going to ignore that'

Kurama smirked "Do you think they will also ignore that if it shows"

Naruto ignored Kurama and focused. He started to run around the tornado along with Barry. Their combined speed was more than enough to cancel out Mardon's tornado. Mardon tried to take advantage of their exhaustion but thankfully Iris's dad shot him. Naruto was so thankful that his clothes didn't all burn up. As it stands he only lost his shoes, jacket and part of his shirt. He didn't stick around to answer any questions; he needed to go change, again.

"Look at this way: you are helping the clothing business a lot"

'Shut it'

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