"Man is a social creature. Ha! Weak fucks maybe. Ten years or so of being on your own will teach you that. Hey! Don't die you fuck." He reached over and slapped the man across the face smearing the bloody froth he was breathing across the mans face and his hand. "Been a while since I took one of you fucks alive. You didn't think I did it because I was a weak fuck and needed company did you? Fucking dead, perfect."

He stood up from what an American had told him was a haji squat and walked across the room. He squatted again and got behind the scope of his rifle. He searched the cityscape in front of him with inquisitive eyes. "Fucking Mary Poppins. Goddamn coal smoke. Fucking wizards. Ho ho, what is this? Chim chiminy mother fucker." He steadied down and at the pause in respiration pulled the trigger. He didn't wait and with a whisper of rushing air he was gone.

He landed, ejected the cartridge and caught it, dropping it in a cargo pocket as he dropped to the floor, back to the wall and rifle on the chair already scanning.

Absolutely nothing moved. He waited two hours. His phone vibrated and he moved again, disappearing again. He arrived in a stone walled room. A room half full of plants and lit from the end they were in. He looked over the things on the table after running every scan he knew on them. It wasn't that he didn't trust the elf, but it would be snippy with him if he didn't. Winky could be a humorless little bitch about things that interfered with killing the bastards that killed Dobby. Like getting cursed by some booby trap from some idiot. She would have already checked everything as well.

He looked through the wallets, no not bill folds, wallets like tiny leather portfolios wizards kept in their robe pockets. The fuckers had no idea about sterilizing themselves, So a Selwyn and a Heckle? Who the fuck was Heckle? Two keys though, so some funds.

He looked at the walls and took in the mission pinned up there on sheets of parchment. Then he checked his watch and lay down on the single bed.

Winky nodded and took the, well, stuff, she had gathered from the two dead wizards and transported it away. Along with the trash.


Hermione looked at the things Winky had brought and sighed. She waved at the package and Winky nodded but squatted by her chair. Hermione turned to the elf "So."

"Master is physically fine, as always." Winky shrugged. She submitted to Hermione's questions. With poor grace, but she did answer.

Hermione nodded "So Master should come home."

Winky frowned "Master can get Malfoys."

Hermione scowled "He has been in for six months Winky. We talked about this. He raided the big camps and Azkaban. All the muggle born are extracted. He is coming home after the mission tomorrow, whether he got the Malfoys or not."

Winky frowned then looked at Hermione, her swollen belly really, "Fine."

Hermione smiled at her "Thank you Winky. Now any information from the elves?" Winky relayed what she had heard and Hermione wrote it all down and plotted it.


Winky was back in the stone room when Harry awoke "So how is Hermione?"

"Mistress is fine Master. Eat, last mission then home."

Harry nodded. It was the pattern of his life. He spent six months of the year inside the ICW embargo on Britain killing death eaters and the other six months with Hermione and the kids. With Winky being snippy if he didn't train hard enough. Hermione delivered, healed and he knocked her up again. Not too onerous a burden. Kelley Brook could double for her. Probably not in brains though. Christ she was a super fucking genius. Survival Island every day without the other fuck there.

Well her parents, and the kids, but he still got her three or four times a day and she was crippling randy pregnant.

The hardest thing he would have to do on the island would be to raise some more seabed for it. If the vent hadn't kept up. They had widened it enough it did a hectare a week all the time. There were less muggle born every year. Every new family got a hectare per person. Harry chuckled around the mouthful of excellent steak. Somebody had to notice eventually. Though, mid Atlantic, on the equator, out of shipping lanes, along a divergent boundary, meh, maybe not. two and a half million hectares was a spec in the ocean really. He could always let them use some of his until the normal process coughed up enough for them. Fifty four thousand people. Plenty for genetic diversity Hermione said. Mostly witches or female squibs. They got them by taking them. Fucking death eaters. Well, they had paid for their pleasure.

Raising more, if he had to, really pulling up lava, would light up the mundane because of the earth quakes but it really wasn't a problem. Earth quakes happen nearly continuously on the mid Atlantic ridge. As long as he did it slow enough it didn't cause a tsunami.

He picked up the mission brief and read it again. He smiled. A party at the Malfoys. Hahahaha. Close work then. He liked close.

Lucius had worked himself back up the ladder like a good little death eater. Harry paused. He may have actually helped the fuck, killing off the competition above him. No matter. There would be lots of keys at this party. Running a country was expensive. Even a small one.


"Potter. I know it's you. Take me with you." Harry froze and thought furiously. He had all the charms on his feet, sound, scent, noise suppression. The cloak did the rest. It got him past the wards too, like always. Death couldn't see through it, how could wards after all. Dumbledore had used sound and scent. The fuck. Astoria Malfoy nee Greengrass chuckled "Dead bodies stacked like cordwood and disappearing." Harry nodded. That would do it. Damn it. He should have waited until the elves emptying the dungeons of the entertainment were through but those guards had noticed. Then the ones guarding them had noticed. Then it was just a chain reaction. The elves had caught up, but by then he was on the first floor. He had paused then.

Of course that's when Astoria walked up to him. Wait a minute "Why are you here?"

Astoria looked at him, or where the voice had come from. He had moved one step. "You are too efficient Potter. They were going to have a revel. Finding the girls for it is hard now as you take them all, even the ones they could import."

Harry shrugged, though she couldn't see. "Not too hard to figure out. Had to be using muggle means to get around the ICW. Intermodal containers delivered to addresses with wards? I mean, come on."

Astoria nodded "Yes they aren't the brightest sparks. Now I need you to take me along or kill me. Daphne was right and I was an idiot. However I am not going to be passed around the death eaters ten years later for my sixteen year old idiocy." Harry had moved again. Astoria was talking to a clock.

"No problem I am killing them all." He blinked when Astoria stepped into him.

"These are the second tier of the younger generation Potter. All Lucius and Draco could manage. I am the youngest wife, so was going to 'fill out the roster'." Astoria was a bit upset, at least from the way she hissed that last. "I can make it worth your while."

Harry chuckled looking at her chest as she thrust it out proudly "Yeah well those are nice but you haven't seen Hermione in what twelve years? Plus I think I would rather keep my stones intact."

Astoria rolled her eyes "Money idiot. I know where it all is. I have no intention of ever having sex again. That may change in ten years or so, but I will find a witch or a mundane."

Harry nodded again "Yeah most of them say that. Actually they do that too. Doesn't stop Hermione from making them pregnant with myself, Neville, Fred, Oliver, and the other wizards she tested and determined were the top ten percent though. Plus all of you get one of those eggs we found in vaults every time too. She has a computer program of who can breed who for fifty generations."

Astoria nodded "Good. Now come on, this next room has three wizards in it I don't think you know. How long does it take you to reload your pistol?"

Harry, perforce, she had him by the belt buckle, followed along. "American, automatic pistol. The limiting factor is the magazine making ammunition."

Astoria looked over her shoulder "How in Circes name did you get that? Never mind, go do what you do. Don't try to run away. As a matter of fact. Harry blinked as she slipped in the cloak and got behind him. With her breast crushed into his back and her arms around his waist.

"What are you doing Astoria?"

"What? You didn't kill me so you are taking me. Come on, hurry up, now shhh. Open the door."

"I could still kill you." Harry tried to turn and look at her.

"Phhht. Granger would freak when she heard you wasted a baby maker." Astoria reached out and opened the door. Harry fired three silent shots from the rune worked subsonic weapon. The only sound was three meaty smacks. Astoria, peaking around his arm grunted, "Impressive. There are four in the next room. Is your tabloid ready?"

"Magazine Astoria."

"Look, just because you are getting me pregnant doesn't mean you can be familiar. Its …you know what, Astoria is fine, as long as I can call you Harry."

Harry chuckled "Yes fine. And it will be with switching spells."


Harry opened the next door and four meaty smacks snapped out. Astoria nodded "That is truly impressive. We have showers."


Astoria rolled her eyes "Cleaning charms are fine, but after a while you still, well, smell a bit. It's nothing bad, in fact I am quite liking it. Kind of oak forest after a soft rain. Still has to make it easier to find you. Especially if they track you with weres."

"I'm not stopping to take a shower."

"Duh, I meant after. We will have the weekend. Four in this one, in fact the rest on this floor are four. Draco is upstairs in the Heirs suite with Nott and Zabini and Lucius has Snape with him in the master."

Harry grinned fiercely. Astoria eeped as he picked up the pace and she had to work hard to stay with him in the strange dance they were doing.

Winky smiled hugely and hurried the other elves along. Revenge, finally!


Astoria looked at the tied up Snape and Malfoys. She turned to the elf and then looked at Harry. "This is so wrong."

Harry shrugged "More wrong than all of this? Than the last ten years? You go pack. Winky and I will be busy for a while."

Astoria shook her head "I want to get their vault information first. Lucius was back to running most of the money. Snape had all of Hogwarts at his fingertips. He has had the elves combing the forest for wand and potion ingredients for years. He must be filthy rich."

Half an hour later she fled with the keys and the instructions of how to get to the other keys hidden in the study and the vaults. Lucius no longer had a face. It was stuck above the fireplace. Harry was bad, that elf was insane.


Hermione blinked in surprise when Astoria Greengrass swirled elegantly to a halt in the portkey arrival point. She sighed and added her to the wards. The warehouse was full of the contents of twenty eight vaults already and the pile of coins was growing making an astounding racket. She motioned Astoria to her and when Harry swirled to a halt in a combat stance she darted forward and threw herself on him.

Susan Bones took Astoria's elbow and led her outside. Once clear of the noise she shrugged "Hormones."

Astoria looked at the pregnant magnificent redhead and arched a brow. Susan laughed "I'm not a repressed prude. Got my girls and a stick on exactly Harry's size don't I? Life model of him Luna Lovegood talked Hermione into actually. Thing has a mind of its own. Something Luna did. Turns out Lovegood isn't just a name. "

"So that's all true then. Harry only does Granger." Astoria asked.

Susan nodded "Yep. She will swell your belly up quick though. Some others of your year around. You will have to find a group. The second trimester is hell without a friend who knows how to drive. Or a Harry. Luna doesn't make them for everyone."

Astoria looked Susan up and down. A taller than she remembered, still busty, wide hipped, muscular, red haired, nut brown Susan Bones was certainly different from the wrecked, terrified, but keeping a stiff upper lip, girl who had disappeared halfway through her seventh year. Susan smiled "Long story. The other Hero took us all to a room in the castle, from there we left after it all went wrong. Took all the muggle born and Half-bloods with us remember? That was the first exodus. After Weasley came back to school and tried to make those Gryffindor third year muggle born into sex slaves, for their own good.

Harry and Hermione were already out there killing. They had seen their first camp. Harry was pulling out. We got everyone else, and Harry goes back for six months a year, and kills some more just to keep the population in check, while he does that we pull the muggle born out. He keeps them so busy they never notice us. McGonagall got us the book of names. We destroyed, or rather Croaker destroyed, the Ministries copy and then the ICW interdicted magical Britain when the ministry was ineffective at stopping muggle baiting. Too much risk of exposure. So you can get in but it's tough to get out. Unless of course you are the ICW monitor and his forces. Your sister and Andromeda Tonks pulled that off.

Between Longbottom, Black and Potter, plus all the rest of us, we have more land outside Britain than they have in. Pretty soon we will have more population. We got all our places in full production. Harry got us started picking up abandoned witches over the world, or was it Hermione? Doesn't matter." She shrugged.

Astoria huffed "I'm sure I will learn the whole history of the last ten years eventually."

Susan shrugged "Hermione has a book. You can read it on the beach. We are for making babies. After that if you want to get in shape and join an extraction team fine. Or your sister in the political team. We'll see what schedule Hermione puts you on. Oh you might have another job too. We will have to see what you are good at after your testing. Everybody works at something besides making babies."


Hermione rode Harry until the coins started piling up around him and then moaned as he filled her. She had already had four orgasms. He smiled, stood her up, and led her out. Winky snorted and waved clothes on her and fixed his.


Electra Granger looked at her daughter and chuckled. "She can pretend all she wants, she positively blooms when he is here."

Oreste's Granger, her husband looked up and then nodded "A mild affectation, as compared to some of the true psychosis we have around here. He loves her as well. I think they are getting better."

Electra grunted "Good thing they are immortal. Maybe they will tell each other they love the other some day."

Orestes shrugged "They haven't been proven to be immortal."

"Orestes, they haven't aged a day in ten years. Since he brought her home from banging her in that tent after that idiot left."

Orestes sighed "A relationship built on a, you know I don't even know what to call it. What is crying over one fellow while shagging the other?"

Electra huffed "Hormones. She should have been banging Harry since the troll incident. Glad her body finally overrode her brain actually. Wish it had happened six years earlier."

"They were a bit young Electra." Orestes defended the couple.


Astoria grunted as her friend from school, Euphoria Roget drove hard "Easy Euphy! Gods you still shag like we are fourteen!"

Euphy smacked her on the ass "You're skinny fat. We'll toughen you up soon. Still a great shag though, gut und tight."

Astoria's eyes rolled up for a minute and she grunted and writhed. She slowly came down and Euphy drug the now pulsing magical dildo back and forth in her as it spurted in her again and again. She groaned and collapsed on Astoria's back "Wow Harry jr loves that pussy. That should take care of your first. We'll have to go get a egg for you in an hour or so."

"You named your magical dildo?" Astoria asked as she grunted and rolled the densely muscled woman under her and got remounted.

Euphy nodded giggling "I test drove all the wizards. Harry's do it best. The damn things are nearly alive. And they are like him, they fill whoever they are in to just barely past comfortable and not near painful. I've shagged our whole class. I'm the go to Harry operator." Euphy smiled.

Astoria rolled her hips and blinked "How can they be different for everyone? I never saw that charm before?"

Euphy shrugged "Not a spell. Blood tied to him. The ejaculate is his too. Well, with some charms but you just got about a hundred thousand live ones straight from the flask. Granger samples him four or five times a day when he is here and she is ringed. So it collects him until she takes the rings out. Lucky cow. He is a metamorph. Plus somehow he reads witches. Harry Jr is perfect for you and me. Even if I want different that day. Or that hour. Its how I stay in shape. Great sex is hard work. I dropped a set weeks ago so you got my first time in six weeks. I'll get better now I am back in the saddle. Want a standing booking?" Astoria blinked "I'll put you down for one pm Sunday Tuesday Thursday then?" Astoria nodded shook her head blushed and nodded. Euphy smiled. "Saturdays are a free for all really. Everyone comes to my house and gangbangs me normally. Payback for what I am going to do to you during the week. I'll have you begging for cock again soon enough." Astoria locked on her and screamed silently.


Hermione woke with three Harrys in the bed trying to get in holes. She smiled and collected the three ready ones. They had obviously had enough time with Harry. It was a good thing. The young witches loved them. Usually their moms gave them to them at menarche. Sure they would trade around and test each others out but most girls kept their Harrys in the bed with them. Nothing else fit perfect or shagged just like you liked it every time. Hermione washed the three and boxed them up. twenty five galleons apiece. twenty of that pure profit. She left Harry sleeping and went to check on the kids and then went to her study.