"Beaten wives' syndrome."

The blond looked across the bar at the messy black-haired patron who was on his fifth double of rum, neat. "Beg Pardon?"

"My life's story was written by a leftist western woman with beaten wives' syndrome."

The blond blinked "OK. Leslie Thomas."

The man looked around the bar "Harry, not Harrison, Harold, or anything else, Harry James Potter."

Leslie looked thoughtful then grinned "I read those books." Harry looked her up and down and she grinned some more. She was barefoot, behind the bar on the beach in a modest, by the tits hang out anal floss standards currently in use by young Hollywood, bikini. She turned a circle holding her arms up.

Harry laughed "Well your arse isn't eating your pants. So nice looking, great breast, nice ass, spectacular legs, can read and speak English, what the hell are you doing down here?"

Leslie laughed back "Same as you love. Going somewhere west and south from Blighty."

Harry nodded "So here we are. Two expats alone on a beach. What are we to do."

Leslie smiled "Well there is the ocean. That boat you sailed up here on. Some books travelers drop off. Gilly weed in the shallows. The good saltwater kind, not that one hour for a fist full freshwater stuff. Slipper Lobster all over the place, but that's more dawn and dusk. Conch though. Lots of them. Coconuts, and I got a garden out back and a barrel house full of aging rum. I'm going to stay right here. You do own the place though, so we are going to have to work something out I reckon."

Harry chuckled "Well here between Salt and Peter I'm not sure what that's going to be."

Leslie smiled and waved him off "The tourist will be by later. Do you cook?"

Harry shrugged "I do."

Leslie nodded "Well you can tend bar with me and be eye candy for the females, you are looking fairly spectacular in those board shorts and flip flops yourself, nice six pack by the way, or go back there into the kitchen and learn to make conch fritters, of which we will sell thousands starting about noon. The tourist don't get up and around until then. Well off their boats from doing boat yoga, shorthand for waving their tits and pussy round to see what sniffs it. Most don't come in here, get a cup of coffee a lobster, steak, and egg breakfast and five doubles neat by nine in the morning. The state your liver must be in."

Harry looked at her intently for a minute and then walked around the bar "The elves won't let me cook. They get all pouty about it."

Leslie looked at him and laughed "OK so let me show you the drink we are going to make a thousand of at lunch time. The Pain Killer."

Harry smiled "Familiar with that one."

Leslie nodded "I suspect you are."


A month later she was sitting in the warm ocean up to her neck astride Harry who was sitting on a rock, it was three in the morning, the bar was closed. "So, any more objections to me wearing a bikini to work?"

Harry smiled "No, none."

Leslie gave him a squeeze "Thought not."

Harry pulled her into his chest "I wasn't objecting. That guy was being a little forward. You didn't like it."

Leslie snorted "He was an ass. Not the first one that put his hand down my pants though. I can defend myself."

Harry hugged her "You had your hands full. It was one hit."

Leslie leaned back and looked in his green eyes "You punched him in the back of the neck. He is paralyzed."

Harry grinned "He'll be fine. Nerve tonic will fix him right up."

Leslie rolled her eyes "Good thing you fuck good maniac."

Harry laughed "I thought I carried cases of red stripe good."

Leslie nodded "That too. Take me to the boat." Harry twisted and they disappeared reappearing in the cockpit of the boat. He arched a brow. Leslie rolled her eyes "Rinse us off, take me to the cabin, and shag me. Do I have to tell you everything?"


In the morning Leslie lay smiling. She had just woken up to a muscle pulling orgasm with his head between her legs "So I don't have to tell you everything. So, who was she? I need to send her something nice."

Harry sat up and grinned "Hermione Granger, you'll meet her. She is bound to come looking for me sometime soon."

Leslie frowned "No one has come looking for you in a month."

Harry nodded "She was working on a project. She'll get randy, go to the house, find the note, and come find me."

Leslie blinked "Any others in this casual find and shag Harry club?"

Harry shrugged "Five or ten. The war was hard. We aren't really normal. Some of them were headed to normal though."

Leslie sighed "I better hear this story then."

Harry grunted "Breakfast. I'll tell you as we get set up for the lunch crowd."


Leslie was a bit flabbergasted. It was lunch though and they had a million spring break kids from the US to deal with. She would talk with Duke Idiot this afternoon after the kids were drunk and getting their spotty arses broiled shagging on the beach. Poor Edward would be raking crusty sand up for hours tonight.

Harry was being all polite and helpful too. She should smack him. Of course, the slappers were all over him like crabs on a dead fish. It was ridiculous. She didn't get handled that much by the brokers and lawyers. That one there was going to suck his cock before her food got there.

So the books had had the chronology right and that was pretty much all. Hermione freaking Granger had been an idiot about the life debt. Well, not her fault, she really couldn't have known, pures being the way they are weren't going to tell anyone anything, they expected you to find out on your own. Of course, Duke Idiot didn't know, so the reward 'kiss' had locked them and then because they were hormonal teens in a boarding school it had of course gotten away from them and the debts just kept piling up. At least Greengrass had handled the ones after Riddle was killed. Too late for the fourteen he had already loaded, but well, there it was.

Witches were crazy too. Just go ahead and have him knock them full and then move on. He would happily pay for the babies. Idiot that he was. Idiot trillionaire. His account managers saw to that. So, Hermione, the Patils, Greengrasses, Tonks, Bones and Brown, Lovegood and Li, Bell, Spinnet, Chang and last but not least Weasley. The reason the whole thing was a mess. She actually knew. This whole thing was her fault. Oh, and she was a slapper. Right there on the front page of witch weekly in another scandal. No wonder Mr. Idiot wouldn't fuck her.

Idiot! How had he not worn his willy to a nub?

She spun smiled and slapped the idiot who groped her off his barstool. She winced. Wow, spun his head three quarters of a circle! Fuck, the Aurors would be here again!


"You OK?" Harry asked quietly. They were sitting with a double, neat, fifteen years in sherry cask, apiece after the bar was closed. The Aurors had come and gone. She was in the clear, the groper was in the hospital on St Thomas. He would be fine in a week, Skelegrow, nerve tonic, bobs your uncle.

Leslie shrugged then nodded "I am actually. I know right, surprised me too. You know this is all Ginny's fault. You should have just banged her full."

Harry grimaced "Dumbledore is who I blamed and no, I wouldn't shag Ginny. She looks like my mom. Not her fault but there it is. I grew up with her too."

Leslie eyed him "You grew up with Hermione and these others as well. Oh! You always intended to bang Hermione." Harry blushed and Leslie laughed. "Dog. And you are an idiot of course, so never told her. Hermione is a Saint putting up with you being an idiot."

Harry grunted and finished his rum then poured himself another "That's what all the witches say."

Leslie snorted "So all worn out from catching blow jobs from uni slappers or good for a ride?"

Harry sighed "She caught me by surprise while you were dealing with the Aurors."

Leslie laughed "Because you are completely clueless. You apparating away and dragging her with you was hilarious. Where did you end up?"

Harry blushed "My house in London. Scared her off of me. I had to chase her down to bring her back."

Leslie looked at him and started laughing. He kept blushing.


Leslie laughed. The party had gotten pretty wild and Harry was seriously freaked. The waitresses they had hired in as it was the weekend were smiling. The tourist girls had the bit between their teeth and bellies full of good rum, were warm, and feeling frisky. They were also all nude. One of them trapped Harry every few minutes. That Asian had done it twice. Hmmm, she might make an example of that one. Take her back to the boat and get Harry to bang her. Nah he would never. He acted all casual until the bottoms came off. The college boys were being funny. Or had been until they got totally smashed. Daddies credit cards taking a beating all over the place tonight, every ball full, most of them with rafted boats. More anchored out and stern to. Thank the Gods she wasn't working at the Bight on Norman. You could probably walk across it on boats. A ten thousand galleon night. The bay was going to be rough from the boats rocking. It would be hilarious in the morning. The swim of shame. At least it washed the cum and pussy juice off.

The bar closed and the crowd drifted off leaving the staff. Jessica looked at Harry "So which ones tonight?" The others perked up. Leslie suppressed a grin.

Harry blinked "What?"

Jessica rolled her eyes like only a model supplementing her income as a waitress could "Which ones? We get a ride on the hot white owner if we want as a perk of the contract."

Harry jumped up and legged it. The women watched as he hit the water running and swam like he was headed to St Croix. They laughed and Leslie sighed "Witches. It will take me an hour to talk him down."

Jessica smiled "Want some help?"

Leslie rolled her eyes and put a half a bottle of rum on the table "Don't get too drunk to swim and rinse off on the swim platform. No restriction on fresh water. Food in the fridge but try not to be too noisy. Harry and I have to get up and do prep."

Jessica nodded as she rose "So we are calling it prep now. Good to know. I saw the prep this morning up against the bar. That would be hard work."

Leslie flipped her the bird and the others giggled as she walked down the beach.

Harry glared at her as she came in the cabin. She giggled pushed him flat and crawled up him then sat down "Oh I think I like angry sex. I hope the bitches aren't to hung over tomorrow and they can drive you crazy again." Harry gave up and went with it.

In the morning he woke up to the smell of bacon and a head of black hair rising and falling over him. He looked over and Leslie was awake watching "More determined than I thought. Go ahead." She looked at Harry's frown and smiled "I had to get used to the idea of others. You might as well have some fun."

The five servers were very smiley as they came in for lunch setup. Leslie was too. Harry looked mauled. "So, they trained you well."

Harry flushed "A lot of times it was all of them in a row. Girls do do everything together."

Leslie chuckled about that halfway through the lunch rush. The Auror team sitting in the shade kept the idiocy down. She only had to slap one and not even hard enough to call for a trip to the hospital. The breakfast they had put on at half ten had energized the slappers though. They were all over Harry. Their boys were laying in the ocean groaning.

The Asian from last night was back and Harry flicked a charm at her then put her in a chair and ran his hands over her with a blue glow leaking from them. He handed the scroll that had rolled out of his wand to the Aurors and they led the girl off. Leslie arched a brow when he came back behind the bar. Harry shrugged "She was abused by someone. I fixed it."

Leslie gave him a look "So you're a healer?"

Harry nodded "We didn't have many, you can only keep people in stasis so long, and Madam Pomphrey said I had a talent. She had some friends teach me. During and after the war."

Leslie nodded and then looked after the girl being led away "Probably paid for her time. The Aurors will figure it out. We might get to keep her a while. You rather. You know now if you go ahead and knock her full it won't stick right?"

Harry grimaced "I just healed her." Leslie shook her head; he was an idiot.


As it turned out it was a boat full of working girls sent to make money by their bosses. A big Leopard cat with six cabins. Twelve girls. Harry got Daphne on the phone and the leverage the boss had on the girls was taken from him. Along with the rest of the girls he had other places, and one night, when Harry was sure it had settled, all his money and his life. Along with his underbosses and their soldiers. All their property real and personal as well.

A week after that Leslie swam to the beach one morning as the sky just lightened in the east, walked out of the ocean, through the fresh water shower, up to the bar, and looked at Hermione Granger, Padma and Parvati Patil, Daphne and Astoria Greengrass, Nymphadora Tonks, Susan Bones, Lavender Brown, Luna Lovegood, Su Li, Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet and Cho Chang sitting at three tables they had pulled together eating breakfast. They were in the island uniform of bikini's but with wraps or pashminas. "Good morning."

Hermione looked at her "Good morning Leslie. You aren't surprised to see us?"

Leslie snorted "I would have come down here and snatched my kitty bald if I was you Hermione, so no. It's taken me the six months to understand. No that's a lie, I still don't understand, but you all weren't here, and he is a, well, I don't think he understands women. It took about a month for me to decide you weren't going to show up and do something really rude to me, then, well, it got to here."

Daphne arched a brow "And where exactly is here Leslie?"

Leslie sat between Daphne and Hermione "Waking up in his bed every morning thinking of it as ours."

Luna smiled "And giving him to your staff if they prove good enough."

Leslie blushed "That was a bit of a test for me really. Nearly had to beat him over the head with the hottest girls in the Virgin Islands."

Lavender laughed "So he is still himself. And you?"

Leslie blushed a bit "I was a bit jealous but nothing I couldn't handle. Now we have this boat full of erh-"

Luna grinned "Hookers. They're on a boat!" The others laughed and Jimmy, the head elf, brought Leslie her breakfast.

After Leslie finished eating while they talked, she looked up "I don't know what is taking Harry so long."

Hermione smiled "He is dawdling, letting us talk."

"Really? How does he know you are here?" Leslie asked.

Hermione smiled "He probably knows where you are and how you feel by now. So we will get the witches he saved in here, work out how they are going to pay him back, and then go from there. Meanwhile there are several islands we have to check down here, make sure they are straight. In the Bahamas as well, and we can base out of here. Why aren't you and Harry living in the house?"

Leslie smiled "I like the boat."

Hermione arched a brow and tilted her head receiving a kiss on the cheek from Harry as he walked up "Gunboat, it is very nice, who wouldn't like it. So, college girls Harry?"

Harry rolled his eyes "Not if I can dodge the fiends."

Katie laughed "Or apparate across the ocean and scare the crap out of them."

Harry grumbled and the girls chuckled. He went around sprinkling kisses. Leslie looked at Astoria "Aren't you married to Malfoy?"

Astoria groaned "Read those books then. No, Draco was a prick and died screaming when the Carrow's tried their takeover of Hogwarts. She, Hogwarts, didn't appreciate marked death eaters. I hadn't thought of that in years. That was the first year of the hot war. Still good times, before it got really bloody and hard. Anyway, we claimed all those houses by conquest and used all their money putting the British wizarding world right before we folded them into either Potter, Black, Greengrass, or one of our houses. If the idiots could be trusted to run themselves, we could let it go and lay around here drinking, and shagging Harry but they are still freaking sheep. All these years on, you would have thought they would be better."

Su shrugged "Multigenerational. We have to get the kids educated better. We knew that. We can do the drinking, shagging, and baby popping in ten years or so."

Leslie sat up suddenly "That's right, that was all nearly thirty years ago! How do you all look like you are still not even twenty?"

Parvati smiled "Potter injections. You are done for now too. Hope you like your body like it is. You are going to stop aging and start getting fitter."

Harry snorted "It's just magical people aging slower." Leslie looked at the witches and knew she had some more talking with and without Harry to do.