After Paul finished eating his nachos, he and Maya played all sorts of games. They did the bean bag throw,the water gun shooting game and ,also ,a hot dog eating contest (Paul Blart actually wanted to do it not Maya). Paul and Maya looked around to see if there were anymore activities. "Dad ,look over there!" shouted Maya. Paul looked over to see what Maya was pointing at. There , in front of them, was a giant black cat holding a little jack-o-lantern in his paws. "Isn't he cute?" asked Maya. "Nice,I want it for my bedroom." said Paul. He went over to the guy at the stand. "How much does the big black cat costs?" asked Paul."Well,if you want to know, you have to win it first." said the guy at the stand "Okay ,how do I win it?" asked Paul. "Well ,you have to throw the basketball into the hoop, piece of cake." said the guy at the stand. He gives Paul the basketball."Big black cat ,here I come!" said Paul Blart to himself. He throws the basketball into the hoop ,but suddenly it missed! So he had to try it again a few minutes later. He tried one more time but failed again. Maya was standing there watching the whole thing but what caught her eye was a little button on the wall that connected to the hoop."Dad can I have a turn for a sec?" asked Maya. She came close to the guy at the stand,"I'll take one basketball please." said Maya . The guy gave her the was focused on the hoop but instead of throwing it at the hoop ,she throws it at the guy in the stand ! While he was unconscious ,Maya yelled "Quick ,take the cat -run!" As Paul grabbed the cat and ran with Maya."Maya ,what did you do?" asked Paul. They from the fair."The game was a set up." Said Maya" How did you know?" asked Paul."He was using that button to make you miss the whole time."said Maya "Oh." Said Paul "You know what Dad even though we stole this cat this is the best Halloween ever." said Maya .Paul was silent for a minute then he said "Yeah." The End