SUPRISE! I've decided to make a 2nd chapter for this one-shot. Thank you Tear Droplet for reviewing this story. Now I want to make it more sadist. Let's just read the story, shall we?


MC POV Bad After Ending

It was raining. Seven's continuous scream fell on deaf ears. He was mourning while holding his twin's remainings. When he has finally calmed down, the RFA were giving their sympathy towards Seven. But in Seven's eyes, V and I were the one responsible for Ray's death. I did not know what V and I did wrong. It's his brother funeral day, Seven approached the both of us with a serious look. V and I've never seen him like that before. He was full of mixed anger and regret.

"This is all your fault!" Seven pointed his finger at me. "And yet," he was not finished. "It's my fault too from the beginning." He seemed to regret what he did to his brother.

"Enough, Luciel." V stood in front of me to guard me, in case Seven tried to lay his hands on me. Because he looked like he was out of control. Almost as if he just drank some wine. But his cheeks were not red, he was not drunk. "It's over now. There's nothing we can do."

"Lies! You know damn well!" Seven protested in tears. It felt like the Seven we knew that day was posessed. "You were there for him! I trusted you to take care of him!" Seven sobbed. He removed his glasses and wiped his tears with his jacket's sleeve.

"I am sorry." V apologized and tried to put his hand on Seven's shoulder. But Seven backed off.

"I think Rika was right. You are a hypocrite." He threw me a smart phone and left.

The cellphone looked familiar to me. Of course, it was Ray's phone. The screen was cracked, but the phone still worked. What could possibly made Seven hate us that way? Was there... something on Ray's phone? I unlocked the screen lock by typing "MintEye" and saw his wallpaper. His wallpapers and galleries are filled with my smiling photos. Until that day, I never knew he had a huge crush on me. Not even in a slightest thought. I don't think of him that way. I slided the screen to the left and I saw a bunch of labeled recordings. There were Day 1 until Day 10.

I glanced at V and he nodded. I pressed the Day 1 button. In a matter of seconds, came out a voice I'm pretty familiar with. It was Ray's voice.

"Day 1," Ray cleared his throat. "Her voice made my heart beat every seconds. When I met her, I'm afraid to fall in love. This is a job to get her to test out the game I made, nothing else's necessary. I should focus on my job."

We realized that it was Ray's diary in a recording. Then I tapped the Day 2 button.

"Day 2," Ray sounded a bit energetic and happy. "I cooked her my best dish and it turns out she loved it. I am so happy to be able to put a smile on her face. I feel a brighter future ahead of us. I just wished it would come true."

Ray... sorry I never noticed you felt that way. Then I tapped the Day 3 button.

"Day 3," Ray's voice showed anxiety. "I searched in every each of the rooms upstairs looking for her. I was so worried she might leave. So glad she didn't. The moment I found her by the window, she turned around and smiled at me, she said," Ray took another breath. "You caught me, aren't we playing hide and seek? She's cute but that act really triggered my attention."

I have no idea you were looking out for me. I touched the day 4 button.

"Day 4," Ray showed a tired kind of voice. "I am going to destroy V to pieces! The ceremony is ruined because of him! Curses!"

V gestured me to skip the day 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and just move on to day 9 recording. Because it's kind of disturbing, all he said was cursing V and Seven.

"Day 9," Ray's voice sounded kind of melancholy. "I am alone tonight... with no one beside me..." this recording was a bit different than the past recordings. Ray paused after every sentences. "This heart is empty... without you..." At this moment, his words felt so hard on me to take. "My love story is just like these withered flowers... they failed to grow..."

If only I was there for him. Would he change his mind? But what will happen to V in the hospital if I didn't look out for him too?

"Day 10," Ray's voice at this rate was full of disappointment. "Do you feel it...? The distance between us... because you chose him?"

Yes. I felt it. But... I thought you wouldn't mind...

"I don't believe it... you did this to me..." Ray continued. "I've never wanted our beautiful love to be over..."

I started to sob at my mistakes. V touched my back as I cried.

"Do you know how much you've hurt me...?" I can imagine Ray said the sentences with lots of tears. The weird lump on my throat appeared as my guilt's getting bigger. "You promised that you would stay with me forever... but you left... and never comeback..."

This part got a very long pause, I could hear the sound of Ray sobbing and was trying to catch his breath. Was I suffocating him?

"God... please erase these feelings..." he couldn't deal with the pain anymore. He was panting. "I also wanted to be happy... even if I must live... without her!" He screamed and broke into more tears.

The recording was still on, but Ray had stopped talking. All we could hear was his steps were going away. The last thing we heard was...

A blast.