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Blaine POV

After the worst break up he had ever experienced, Blaine decided he had to get out of New York. He packed his bags and gave the keys to his ex, then moved back to Lima, Ohio. Luckily for Blaine, his friends and family were predominantly situated in Lima, as that was where he grew up. So when he left New York, he was just leaving behind his ex-fiancé of 3 years and a whole heap of bad memories. That relationship had been toxic from the start; he was just too blind to see it. The break up wasn't awful, but it was bad enough that he wanted to get away from there.

"It's okay, only three wasted years of my life." He muttered to himself as he walked through the airport in Columbus. He hated airports and generally tried to avoid travelling through them alone. His thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice calling his name.

"Blaine Warbler!" Sebastian called, Blaine sped up and walked up to Sebastian to give him a one-armed hug.

"Christ, it's definitely been too long Seb." He determined.

They started towards the exit where Sebastian's car was, "Don't be so dramatic, I saw you at Christmas you curly haired hobbit." His fellow warbler pointed out.

"That was six months ago! That's a long time!" Blaine insisted.

"Whatever, come on Blainey-Days, we need to get you back on the market." Sebastian proclaimed,

"Uh, no we really don't, it's only been 2 months!" Blaine replied. They approached Sebastian's car and got it. Sebastian hummed non-committally and Blaine just decided to drop the subject for now.

"So, where's the new apartment Doofus?" Sebastian asked teasingly,

"I'll put the directions in the GPS for you," Blaine replied. Blaine was tired from his flight and getting up early the past few mornings so they came to an agreement to sit in silence on the trip to Blaine's new home. He was completely restarting his life, so he had to buy new furniture pretty promptly upon his arrival in Lima, but that was a task for another day. An hour and a half later, the car slowed to a stop outside of an apartment block. They sat in the car looking out. It was nothing fancy, an old brick building with 4 stories and around 15 apartments, but it was on a nice quiet street not too far from the high school he was teaching at in a couple of months, after the Summer holidays.

"Home sweet Home right?" Sebastian asked,

"Yep. God, I think it's finally setting in. I'm not in New York anymore, it's a completely new beginning." Blaine nervously stated.

"You'll be just fine," His friend reassured him, "You have plenty of friends and your parents here if you need anything. Plus, me, I mean seriously, what more could you need?" he added cockily.

"Yes, Sebastian, you are all I could ever need in a friend." Blaine deadpanned. "Let's do this." He said determinedly. They got out the car and entered the apartment building. "Oh, you are shitting me!" Blaine swore,

"What?" Sebastian asked, looking around confusedly,

"The freaking elevator is out of order!" Blaine pointed out, "I hope it's not going to be one of those buildings where the elevator is permanently out of order. You know? Like in the Big Bang Theory."

"Well, my endearingly nerdy friend looks like it's the stairs for us today. Here, let me take your suitcase." They climbed the stairs and once they reached the top they entered number 12 and shut the door behind them.

"Let's unpack and then we can order in for dinner," Blaine suggested to his friend. That's how they ended sitting on the living room floor at 7 in the evening, with Chinese food from a restaurant that Sebastian suggested.

"So, you are going to go on a date before the end of the holidays. You need to get laid." Sebastian stated with a smirk planted on his face.

"NO! Just because you can't go a week without sex doesn't mean I can't." Blaine protested,

"It is not natural to go that long without sex! Seriously, you might drop dead at any minute. Plus, I could go without sex, but why would I want to? I mean seriously, the last guy I slept with could do this amazing thing with his…."

"OK, Sebastian! That's enough, I don't want to know the details. If I agree to go on one date will you let me be?" Blaine begged, pulling his signature puppy eyes.

"Fine! But don't do those eyes with me, you know they won't work." Sebastian agreed, rolling his eyes. They finished dinner and put the rubbish in the bin. Then they sat back down to continue talking. "Get your phone out. We are going online dating! Yayyy sex!" he declared with a big grin.

"Urgghhh, really? Now? Can't we just chill and do this tomorrow or something?" Blaine asked, desperately trying to delay as long as possible.

"Nope, now. No getting out of it. This is the condition, then you get to only go on one date for now." Sebastian said, "Now get your phone out and open the dating app that I purposefully installed when you weren't looking earlier."

"You went through my phone?!" Blaine cried,

"You're really surprised? Really?" Sebastian questioned,

"I guess not; you're a cheeky bugger aren't you?" Blaine grumbled, pulling out his phone and logging into the dating app. He started scrolling through potential dates. Sebastian chimed in every now and then saying, "Ooh he looks like a good fuck!" and "He must be super kinky in bed…"

"Helpful Seb, really freaking helpful." Blaine murmured,

"Look, Blaine, you're not looking for a long-term boyfriend. You're looking for a coffee date, to see if you like the guy or not, then maybe a second date or you go for dinner then back to his place and fuck." Sebastian reminded Blaine with a knowing look on his face.

"Do you have to be so crude?' Blaine asked, having asked the question numerous times before and already kind of knowing the answer.

"Don't be so uptight Blaine, I'm just being realistic and honest. You don't need commitment; you need a one-night stand. You're 25, you just get a younger guy, they're the best, and go for it." Sebastian responded in an ever so slightly condescending voice.

Blaine continued scrolling, then stopped abruptly, his mouth dropped open.

"Blainers? What is it? Who died?" Sebastian asked, slightly concerned,

"What? Nobody, it's just, he's gorgeous!" Blaine exclaimed, clearly awed,

"Who? Let me see!" Sebastian demanded, anxious to see who made Blaine react the way he was.

Blaine handed the phone over, just remembering that his mouth was hanging open and shutting it, looking back to see if Sebastian had noticed, but Sebastian was distracted by the man on Blaine's phone screen.

"Wow, he is hot!" Sebastian said, "According to his profile he is 20 years old, is into fashion, Broadway and cheesy romance films." Sebastian continued, reading the guy's profile. "Jesus, he sounds like a corny teenager."

"No, he doesn't!" Blaine insisted, "He sounds perfect!" He commented, already daydreaming about this gorgeous stranger.

"Alright, you are going to arrange a date with him. How bad could he be, right?" Sebastian said logically,

"Yeah, exactly, what could go wrong?" He said as he pressed a button and typed a message to the mystery man, in an attempt to arrange a date.

Kurt POV

Meanwhile across town…

If you told Kurt Hummel 2 months and 1 day ago, that 2 months from then, he would be sitting in his basement bedroom laughing his pants off with Santana 'Satan' Lopez. He would have said you were a Neanderthal who had clearly taken too many knocks to the head during football practice. But, there he was, in his basement bedroom, laughing with Santana. He allowed his mind to drift back to the day not too long ago when their relationship changed drastically.

2 months ago… Sometime in April…

Kurt Hummel was sitting at his dresser, completing the final stages of his elaborate skin care routine when there were a series of loud knocks coming from the front door. He asked the age-old question, "Who the hell is coming by at this time of night?", even though it was only 10 o'clock at that point. It was even more bizarre as it was an uncharacteristically cold and rainy spring evening, and he suspected that not many people would be willing to traipse out in this weather. He climbed the stairs in a huff, annoyed that he got interrupted. With an annoyed "YES?", he flung open the door and was thoroughly surprised with what he saw. THE Santana Lopez was standing on his doorstep, panting as if she'd run all the way there and soaked from head to toe, wearing her Cheerio's uniform with mascara running down her face.

"Santana?!" Kurt finally gasped out, very concerned for the head cheerio,

"I'm sorry, you were the first person I thought of." she cried out,

"Come in, Jesus! You must be freezing! What in God's name happened to you?" he ranted as he ushered her into the hallway of his house and flicked the lights on. He was surprised when Santana just burst into tears and clung onto him like a lifeline.

"Hey, shhh, shhh, it's alright, you don't have to tell me anything yet. Let's go into my bedroom and get you warmed up first." Kurt soothed, rubbing her back in a feeble attempt to warm her up. There was a slight rustling and some movement upstairs and suddenly a clearly disgruntled Burt Hummel was standing at the top of the stairs. But his look changed from one of annoyance at being woken up, to concern as he came across his son comforting a familiar looking girl who was a complete mess.

"Kurt, is everything alright kiddo?" he asked, obviously worried, the pair downstairs broke apart and looked up at the voice, Santana still clutching Kurt's hand and sobbing even more when she saw Burt's look of concern.

Kurt wrapped one arm around her and rubbed her arm as he responded, "Yeah Dad, well no dad, umm actually I don't really know. This is Santana, remember from Glee? I think it's safe to say she needs a place to stay for the night." He tried to explain, still attempting to comfort Santana, whom he'd never seen so broken.

Carole appeared at the top of the stairs next to Burt, woken by the commotion and also incredibly concerned as she took in the scene.

"Sweetie," she addressed Kurt, "Is everything okay?", she asked,

"Yes Carole, remember Santana? From Glee club? She needs a place to stay, I think…" he responded, trying to explain to the best of his ability, reassured he had assumed correctly when a still quietly sobbing Santana nodded her head.

"Of course honey, Santana, sweetie, is there anything you need us to do for you? Can we call someone?" she queried,

Santana shook her head and started bawling louder than before as if suddenly reminded why she was upset.

"I think that's a no," a suddenly even more concerned Kurt replied on Santana's behalf,

"How about you two head downstairs and I'll bring down some hot chocolate for you in a minute?"

"Yeah, that sounds like a nice idea. I'll get her changed and warmed up." Kurt agreed,

Kurt led Santana downstairs, still holding her hand tightly.

"Let's get you changed into some warm pyjamas, we're about the same size right?" he suggested,

Santana nodded, wordlessly agreeing. Kurt grabbed some pyjamas out of his chest of drawers and looked at Santana who still hadn't moved and was staring into space. 'Looks like I'll have to help with this.' He thought to himself. He walked back over to Santana and tugged her Cheerio's jacket off, and pulled the top over her head. He grabbed a towel from his dresser and helped dry her off, gasping in shock as he saw, for the first time, a bruise forming on the girl's face but saying nothing, then he helped her slip on a warm comfy jumper, pulled off her skirt and helped her into a pair of black track pants. He laughed to himself, 'This is the closest I'm going to get to a female and its Santana Lopez.', but he kept that to himself as he was still incredibly concerned about his teammate and sort of friend.

"Thank you," Santana muttered so quietly that Kurt had to double check to see if he was imagining the voice, but Santana was looking at him gratefully so he just nodded in response.

There was a knock at the top of the stairs and Carole came down into the basement holding two mugs of hot chocolate on a tray with a plate of cookies.

"I'll leave you two, to it. If you need anything, your dad and I will be upstairs, oka?" She said as she placed the tray down next to his bed and walked out of the room, turning momentarily before she left to re-enforce her point.

Kurt led Santana over to his bed and handed her a mug of hot chocolate which she wrapped her hands around and gratefully took a sip of. Santana had stopped crying but continued to sit quietly for a few minutes as Kurt watched her, not quite sure what to do, worry for the teen etched all over his face. He then decided that they really should discuss the problem at hand, so chose to make the first move.

"So," he said, as he grabbed his own mug of hot chocolate, "I believe an explanation is in order."

Santana looked up at him, the sorrow in her eyes so strong, that it made Kurt uncomfortable enough to look away,

"I'm gay." She said looking down, as if in shame.

Kurt chuckled inwardly despite the seriousness of the situation and squeezed her hand as a gesture of support, "Santana, sweetie, two things. 1, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a lesbian. 2, the glee club and I kind of figured that there was something more to you and Britt's relationship than you let on." He said comfortingly, "Is that the problem? That you're just coming to terms with this? Just so you know, you are not alone. The glee club supports you and I personally understand what you're going through." He continued quietly,

"No, I've known for a fair while now, and I know the Glee club knew before me it's just…" she trailed off,

"It's just what sweetie?" Kurt encouraged,

"I came out to my parents." She whispered,

'Oh, dear Gaga.' Kurt thought to himself, 'This isn't good, if she's here then that means…' His train of thought was interrupted when Santana spoke again,

"He hit me." She said quietly, almost speaking to herself, "My dad, he hit me. They were screaming at me, saying how wrong this was, and that I was some freak of nature and my dad just blew up and slapped me, right here…" she explained, running her hand gently over the bruise on her right cheek.

"Oh honey, There is nothing wrong with you. You are a beautiful, smart and talented young woman. If they can't see that then they must be blind."

"They kicked me out." She continued. "They didn't even let me pick up my stuff, my mom just grabbed my hand and pushed me out the door, slamming it in my face." She took a deep breath, a tear running down her cheek, "I had nothing on me. I was bawling my eyes out and then I ran here. I mean, your place isn't the closest to mine but you understand this situation. I don't really even know why I came here. I wasn't thinking. Maybe I should go, I'm sorry to get in your way, Kurt." She ranted,

"Santana Lopez!" he reprimanded softly, but firmly, "You don't have to go anywhere." He said as he leant over to give her a hug. "You can stay here, with me, as long as you need or want. I would never kick you out. I'm just glad you came to me."

She burst into tears after that and they stayed there like that, hugging on Kurt's bed until Santana's breathing started to even out and Kurt realised that she had fallen asleep. 'She is staying with me, no question's asked.' He thought to himself as he manoeuvred them so they were lying down under the covers. It was late by now, he noticed, looking at the alarm clock and seeing that it was 2 in the morning. He laid awake for a long time that night. Too many thoughts rushing through his head, the last thought running through his head was how to explain the situation to his father come morning.

"Earth to Hummel!" a voice interrupted his thoughts,

"Huh, what? What did you say?" he asked Santana, who was obviously amused at the fact he zoned out,

"I was talking about you needing to get yourself out there! I called your name several times, you were super zoned out for a minute. What were you thinking about?" she inquired curiously,

"I was thinking about the night you came over, remember? And I was thinking about how grateful I am that you came to me, and how appreciative I am of my fabulous new best girl." He told her,

Santana blushed, still slightly embarrassed about that night, "I can't ever thank you, Burt, Carole and Finn enough for what you did for me. But you especially, you were there for me from day dot and I don't think I could have done it without you. And I appreciate my best gay too. More than you could ever know."

Kurt reached across the floor and squeezed her hand. "Of course you could have done it without me. You're Santana-Freaking-Lopez, but the important thing is, you didn't have to. You will never deal with this alone for as long as I'm around for you.' He reassured her,

"Thanks, Lady Lips." Santana teased. He'd gotten used to that term being an insult a long time ago, but now both friends knew it simply as a term of endearment. Just like 'Satan' was to Tana.

"Now, enough gushy emotional crap." She said, Kurt just rolled his eyes. He knew it was rare for Tana to let her walls down and show emotion, that first night in his house was a very rare occasion. She had felt slightly awkward the following week or so but quickly grew more and more comfortable with Kurt. And now they laughed and cried about everything together.

"We are going to get you a boyfriend, Kurt. Or at least a date with a gay guy or two." She informed him,

"I'm fine Tana really. I've come to the terms with the fact that I will be a very fashionably dressed virgin until at least college. There's nothing wrong with that." he groaned slightly, lying back on the floor.

"No. We are doing this. You said you would an age ago and you backed out of it. You are going to grab your phone, unlock it, and log into the dating app that I was so kind as to put on your phone for you when you weren't looking." She said as she chucked his phone onto his lap.

Kurt sat up with an exasperated huff and unlocked his iPhone. He scrolled through his phone and opened the app that Santana very caringly downloaded for him. He started scrolling through, rolling his eyes at Santana's knowing smirk until he suddenly stopped with a gasp,

"What? Who died?" Santana questioned, concerned with the look on Kurt's face,

"What? No, nobody died. It's just this guy…" he told her, shaking his head in disbelief at the screen,

"This guy…?" she prompted after he trailed off,

"Is freaking gorgeous. Absolutely stunning!" he said, awed.

"Ooooh, let me see, let me see!" she said excitedly making grabby hands for Kurt's phone, which he wordlessly handed to her.

"Wow, he kind of makes my lady parts tingle and I don't even swing that way.",

Kurt just nodded in response, still slightly star-struck.

"It's official. You are going to talk to this guy and arrange a date, pronto." She said,

The phone buzzed in her hands and a notification flashed on the screen.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here." She teased,

"What? What happened?" Kurt asked desperately,

"Seems like the attraction is not so one-sided." She explained with a smirk on her face, "Handsome hottie just sent you a message asking if you could meet up for coffee on Sunday."

"What?! That's like two days away! What am I going to wear? We are definitely going shopping tomorrow!" he panicked,

"Okay, okay one step at a time. You are going to send him a reply." She said, passing the phone back to Kurt, "Say, 'Sounds Good, 4 o'clock at the Lima Bean?', that way if things go well you can extend it into dinner or going back to his place." She explained thoroughly as he typed out what she said,

"We will go to the mall tomorrow morning and get you a hot day to night outfit, covering all our bases. Then, if handsome agrees to the date, we will BOTH, yes BOTH, go to the Lima bean and you will have your date, while I sit in the background to make sure he's not a psycho. That will also give a good cover for Burt and Carole. I won't be within hearing distance, I'll just put myself so I can see his face. If things go well, I'll leave as long as you text me where you're going and when to expect you back. If things don't go well, go to the bathroom, that's the sign, and I'll call you after you return to your seat with a family emergency, that's your excuse to leave and you will meet me outside the parking it?" She explained the plan to Kurt.

"Sounds good." He said, "Wait, how long have you had this planned? That was like, down to a tee…?"

"I prepare for all necessary situations." Now, we should get ready for bed now if we want to wake up early in the morning."

Kurt agreed and then his phone buzzed with a reply from the handsome stranger,

'Sounds good. See you at 4.'

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