A/N: I would like to acknowledge the passing of Mark Salling in this author's note. Now, I do not condone any of what Mark Salling did. It was an atrocious crime, and I feel incredibly sad for the victims and families involved. This being said, he was an important character in the Glee world and still is to this day. I realise that what he did was wrong, very wrong, but him committing suicide should not be celebrated, or laughed about. Suicide is a very serious topic, and should not be taken lightly by anyone. His family and friends must be devastated, having probably felt like they lost Mark twice, and we should not belittle their pain. I loved Puck. I always loved his character. So, I was in shock when I heard the allegations against him. Then, when I got home one evening to the news of his (suspected) suicide, I was also incredibly shocked. I probably stood there, stock still, for a good few minutes, staring at the TV. I understand that he had issues, big ones, unforgivable ones, but Glee lost another one of its cast members. When Corey passed away, the world was shocked, and when Mark passed away, it was almost celebrated. As someone who has suffered from depression and self-harm, I found this the most shocking part of the whole situation. I'm sad that those cast members who gave their condolences received backlash for their comments. We have to remember that Mark had a family who loved him, and they lost him too soon.

If you or anyone you know is thinking about suicide, please call your National Suicide prevention hotline (Australia: 131114, United Kingdom: 08457909090, USA: 18002738255, France: 0145394000, Canada: 5147234000 (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal). Know that people care. There is always someone you can talk to in order to get help.

I included Noah in this chapter, as a little dedication to the character so many loved. I apologise if this upsets anyone, but I wanted to do it.

Okay, I've said my bit. Now, I hope you enjoy this chapter, please review if you do, and I'll see you on the other side!

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Kurt's POV

"You're going where?" Kurt asked confusedly,

"To Cincinnati," Burt repeated patiently,

"Why...?" Kurt queried, for the second time,

Burt sighed, "Carole's aunt is very sick," He repeated, "We have to go and help look after her," He explained,

"But, it's Christmas," Kurt stated obviously, "You know, the fat man with a beard and a hat?" He added, pointing to his chin and the top of his head,

"I don't have a beard," Burt attempted to joke, but Kurt just glared at him, and he coughed awkwardly, "Right,"

"What's happening with Finn, Tana and I?" Kurt asked,

"We're spending Christmas with the Berry's," Santana explained as she walked into the room,

"Exactly," Burt affirmed, "The Berry's said the four of you could spend Christmas with them," He expanded,

"Four?" Kurt repeated,

"Yeah, they said Britt could come too," Santana explained, looking pointedly at Kurt,

"But what about-" Kurt started to object, but Tana walked up behind him,

"Smile and wave, Kurt, smile and wave," She whispered pointedly,

Kurt turned to his dad and smiled, a wide, fake smile, "Right, cool,"

"Good," Burt smiled, "Sorry Kiddo," He apologised, and made to walk out of the room,

Kurt kept his smile on until his dad was safely out of the room,

"What was that about?" He asked Tana when the coast was clear,

"Well, Carole's aunt is sick, so Britt, Finn and I are spending the holidays with the Berry's," Santana explained,

"And me?" He replied in a confused tone,

"You, are staying with the Anderson's," She told him,

"Who are the Anderson's?" Kurt asked,

Santana just stared back at him, then it hit him,

"The Anderson's?" He repeated, "As in Blaine Anderson? As in Blaine 'The guy I'm dating who may or may not be my teacher' Anderson?"

Now that he thought about it, it would be amazing to get to spend Christmas with Blaine. His family wouldn't even have to know that he was dating a student. All it would take is a couple of little white lies and nobody would suspect anything,

"Yep," Santana confirmed, "Come on, all you have to do is ask," She persuaded him, "What's the worst that can happen?",

Kurt hated that saying.

"No!" Blaine exclaimed, "No way!"

"What do you mean, no?!" Kurt cried incredulously,

"I mean, no! As in, you are not meeting my parents!" Blaine reiterated,

"Right," Kurt laughed humourlessly, "No, I get it, it's fine," He assured Blaine, gesturing with his hands to prove his point, "I'm okay with being your dirty little secret,"

He turned on his heel and walked out of Blaine's office, positively fuming,

"Wait!" He heard Blaine call out from behind him, but he didn't turn back,

A plan was slowly forming in his mind, he just needed some help to pull it off. He walked down the hallways until he found the person he was looking for,

"Finnn," He started in a sing-song voice, the one he used when he wanted something,

Finn turned around cautiously, "Yeah..?"

"I need some help..." Kurt told him, and relayed the situation to him,

By the end, Finn looked like he was about to kick a chair,

"I swear I'm gonna-" He threatened, turning to storm down the hallway, but Kurt grabbed his wrist and turned him around,

"No, you're not," Kurt told him firmly, "We stick to my plan,"

"But-" Finn objected, looking down the hallway helplessly, but Kurt cut him off again,

"No," He repeated, "Just help me with the guys.".

"You want us to sing what??" Noah asked in disbelief, "Really?"

"Yes," Kurt answered curtly, "It's important,"

Noah blinked, "This song?" He clarified,

Kurt just stared at him pointedly, "Please?" He added in a hopeful tone,

Noah gave in, "Only because it's you," He grumbled,

"Thank you!" Kurt squealed, and he ran and gave Noah a quick hug,

"Hold on," Sam interrupted, "Why are we doing this again?" He asked confusedly,

'Because I'm in a secret relationship with our glee coach and he doesn't want me to meet his family seeing as what we're doing isn't 100% legal?' Kurt thought to himself, deciding that it was probably best not to say that,

"Well, you guys remember It's My Life/Confessions, right? Sam, you've seen the videos from it," He checked, to which Sam nodded, and the other boys nodded in affirmation, "Well, I thought it would be cool to do another more Rock-ish boy band-ish song," He shrugged,

"We did nail that song," Mike pondered,

"Amen," Artie agreed, offering his fist to Mike,

"Come on, guys, it will be fun," Noah coaxed, looking pointedly at Kurt for a second, a look which he couldn't quite decipher,

"Right," He agreed with Noah, "So we can do it?" Kurt confirmed,

"Sounds good," Sam agreed,

"I'm in," Mike added,

"What the hell," Artie shrugged, "It will be fun,"

Kurt mentally cheered, "Awesome, okay, we'll do a couple of run-throughs after school, then perform it tomorrow in Glee," He decided, already thrilled with how his plan was going to turn out.

Blaine's POV

Blaine was sitting in the choir room, waiting for a performance from the guys in the team. He was also waiting for the opportunity to tell Kurt that he had changed his mind about Christmas and that he really did want him to come over and meet his family.

He had thought long and hard about it, and he had decided to tell his parents that he was seeing someone. He mentioned that he was a few years younger, but left out the other details. His parents, of course, were thrilled and very eager to meet Kurt. They had told Cooper as well, and now there was no getting out of it.

He did believe he had acted rashly when Kurt said he wanted to spend Christmas with him and his family. He was just stressed, and feeling like he was constantly on watch because of his relationship with Kurt was making him slightly paranoid.

Blaine couldn't wait to tell Kurt, and he was starting to wonder where he was when the band started playing the music, introducing the boys. He didn't recognise the beat but figured it would come to him soon.

Kurt strode into the room first, wearing a black leather jacket, black jeans and a white t-shirt, and holding a microphone. The other boys followed him, wearing similar outfits, and they stood in a line in front of the audience. Kurt lifted his head and started singing,

Kurt (New Directions Boys):

Let me know that I've done wrong

When I've known this all along

Oh, shit. Blaine recognised this song now. Kurt wasn't kidding when he stormed out of his office the day before. Though, Blaine did suspect that this was sung bitterly, sarcastically. The guys were singing back up, and Mike was at the front, doing some moves that Blaine couldn't even dream of.

I go around a time or two

Just to waste my time with you

Tell me all that you've thrown away

Find out games you don't wanna play

You are the only one that needs to know

Then, as Kurt went into the chorus, he faced Puckerman, who joined in with the lead vocals, singing with a smirk on his face. Blaine's eyes widened, that was definitely something he needed to find out about.

I'll keep you my dirty little secret

(Dirty little secret)

Don't tell anyone, or you'll be just another regret

(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)

My dirty little secret

And God, the way Kurt was singing. This was a song that you could make very, um, what's the word, sexual? Blaine didn't know, but it sure seemed like that. And what was up with that Puckerman kid?! Eyeing Kurt up like he was some piece of meat?! He definitely needed to give Puckerman a lesson on cheating, well, not making someone cheat. Okay, maybe it would need to be more than one lesson.

Who has to know

When we live such fragile lives?

It's the best way we survive

I go around a time or two

Just to waste my time with you

Tell me all that you've thrown away

Find out games you don't wanna play

You are the only one that needs to know

Blaine sat back in his chair, not sure how he was supposed to react to this. He knew he had been in the wrong. Or at least he felt like he had been in the wrong, and he knew that Kurt just wanted to feel a bit like a normal couple. Meeting the parents was a huge part of that. He was a little embarrassed because Kurt was effectively shaming him in front of the whole class.

I'll keep you my dirty little secret

(Dirty little secret)

Don't tell anyone, or you'll be just another regret

(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)

My dirty little secret

Who has to know

Two people definitely knew, because Santana had avoided him all day, and Finn kept on glaring at him throughout the performance. Blaine wondered how on earth Kurt managed to keep Finn from attacking him, but he was grateful for it. Finn might not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but he could be a very loyal, valuable friend, and he was fiercely protective of his family. Especially Kurt and Santana, but Santana could usually hold her own.

The way she feels inside (inside)?

Those thoughts I can't deny (deny)

These sleeping thoughts won't lie (won't lie)

And all I've tried to hide

It's eating me apart

Trace this life out

This bit was quieter, and Kurt started the lyrics, almost talking in a talking voice. Puck and the boys sang the 'echo'.

I'll keep you my dirty little secret

(Dirty little secret)

Don't tell anyone, or you'll be just another regret

(Just another regret)

He started singing loudly again and was jumping around in the front as the guys danced enthusiastically in the background. If Blaine didn't know any better, he would have guessed that they'd been taking Vitamin D again, because he'd watched those videos, and this was very similar.

I'll keep you my dirty little secret

(Dirty little secret)

Don't tell anyone, or you'll be just another regret

(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)

My dirty little secret

Dirty little secret

Dirty little secret

Who has to know?

Who has to know?

Kurt finished in front of the other guys, holding his mic by his side and breathing quickly,

The room clapped loudly, someone in the back row cheered,

Blaine clapped too, "Well done, guys, that was amazing," He congratulated, "So full of energy,"

"Yeah, this time we didn't take anything before," Puck bragged,

Kurt rolled his eyes fondly, and nudged Puck in the side,

"Okay," Blaine said quickly, "Kurt, could I speak with you outside, for a moment?" He requested, "It's about Regionals," He lied,

Kurt's eyes widened innocently, "Am I in trouble, sir?" He asked with a sweet smile,

Blaine tried to push that thought away, "No, Kurt," He answered simply, motioning for Kurt to walk out of the room and following behind,

"What's wrong, Blaine? Isn't that what you wanted?" Kurt asked mockingly, arms crossed in front of him,

Blaine sighed, "Kurt, if you'd just have come back to talk to me, instead of ignoring all my calls and texts, you would know that I changed my mind about Christmas," He explained patiently,

Kurt's entire demeanour changed, he instantly dropped his arms to his sides and his eyes widened hopefully, "You did?" He asked quietly,

"Yes," Blaine confirmed, "My parents really want to meet you, and I want you to meet them," He assured Kurt,

Kurt squealed and gave him a hug, "I love you!" He squeaked,

"I love you too," Blaine whispered into his hair,

Blaine remembered what had been bothering him, and pulled back from Kurt,

"What's up with you and Puckerman?" He asked confusedly,

Kurt shrugged, "He was my first kiss, he kind of has a thing for me," He shrugged again,

Blaine's eyes widened, "He- wha- huh?"

"I don't like him, trust me," Kurt assured, "He liked me, but I said I wasn't sure if I could trust him, you know his reputation, so he left me alone,"

"But he was still your first kiss...?" Blaine clarified,

"Yeah," Kurt nodded, "We're really good friends, but don't feel threatened by him, he's harmless, really,"

Blaine leant in for a kiss,

"Hey, Mr A?" A voice called, and he jumped back to a safe distance from Kurt,

"Yes, Puck?" He answered once he had seen who it was,

Puck stood there smirking, "We need you in the choir room, Rachel's going crazy without adult supervision and I think that Santana is about to hit her," He explained,

Blaine looked at Kurt, who nodded,

"Alright," He agreed, "Give me a minute," He requested, waiting until Puck was around the corner till he kissed Kurt.

Kurt's POV

"This was a bad idea," Kurt decided when they arrived at the front door, and he turned on his heel to walk back down the pathway,

"Don't even think about it," Blaine warned, grabbing Kurt's wrist and pulling him back towards him, "You bugged me a lot about this, it's too late to back out,"

Kurt was, what was that expression? Shitting himself? Why did he ever agree to this?

The one thing Kurt was grateful for, was having people around him that would cover for him. The Berry's had agreed to not disclose his whereabouts, as long as he showed up at their house later in the evening, which was good of them.

But, that didn't take away from the fact that he was about to meet his boyfriend's parents and brother for the first time,

"You'll be fine," Blaine assured him, "They are going to love you,"

Blaine took a deep breath and knocked on the door,

They waited a moment before the door swung open to reveal a woman with dark hair, a spitting image of Blaine, and she practically squealed,

"Honey!" She called over her shoulder, "They're here!" She shouted, and she turned back to face them, smiling warmly, "I'm Pam," She introduced,

Kurt held his hand out, "Lovely to meet you, Ma'am," He greeted,

"Don't be silly, Kurt!" She chided, and she walked up to him and gave him a warm hug, "And call me Pam," She reminded,

"Of course," He agreed,

She turned to Blaine and gave him a big hug,

"Henry!" She screeched over her shoulder, strangely reminding Kurt of Rachel,

"Coming, dear!" He called back, and a man popped into their view,

Both of Blaine's parents looked much younger than they were, and they looked like the kind of people who had had happy lives, the only lines on their face were the smile lines around their eyes,

"I'm Henry," He introduced warmly, wiping his hands on his apron before greeting Kurt with a firm handshake, and giving his son a hug,

"Come in, come in!" Mrs Anderson instructed after they had all greeted each other,

"We're still waiting for Cooper," Henry told them,

Blaine smiled fondly, "He'll be 'fashionably late'," He told Kurt, using quotation marks to emphasise the pointed,

"Right," Kurt nodded,

"Come on, let's start dinner!" Pam decided, "Cooper will get here when Cooper will get here,"

So, a few minutes later, they were sat at the dining table, in the Andersons' huge house, serving food and waiting for Cooper to arrive,

Suddenly, there was a rattling at the front door and a loud voice boomed through the house, "I'm home!" He called out,

Blaine grinned, "We're in the dining room!" He called to his brother,

Cooper burst into the room with a huge smile on his face, he walked straight over to Blaine and gave him a hug, "Hey, Squirt," He greeted,

Huh, Cooper looked oddly familiar to Kurt, but he couldn't quite place it. Actually, now Kurt thought about it, the name 'Cooper Anderson' also sounded quite familiar...

"Hey, Coop," Blaine greeted back,

Cooper pulled away and turned to look at Kurt, "Aren't you going to introduce us, Squirt?" He asked Blaine, grinning at Kurt,

"Cooper," Blaine started, "This is my boyfriend, Kurt, Kurt, this is my brother, Cooper," He introduced,

Kurt stood up to greet Cooper, holding his hand out, which, similarly to Pam, was ignored, and Cooper went straight for the hug,

"You better not be an asshole," Cooper whispered in Kurt's ear, before pulling back with a smile as if nothing had happened, but looked pointedly at Kurt,

"I'm not," Kurt assured him quietly,

Cooper nodded and turned to the rest of his family, who remained blissfully unaware of the interaction between Kurt and Cooper,

"Let's eat!" He declared, and took his place at the table, which was opposite Kurt's, next to his father,

"So, Kurt," Henry started after all of the food was served, "How old are you, again?" He queried,

Kurt took a deep breath, he and Blaine had rehearsed this,

"I'm 22, sir," He answered politely,

Cooper raised an eyebrow in disbelief, but said nothing,

Henry just made a noise in agreement, "So, you a junior or senior?" He asked, taking a bite of potato,

"Senior, sir," Kurt replied,

Well, it wasn't a complete lie,

Again, Cooper raised an eyebrow, but he covered it by taking a sip of his wine,

"How did you and Blaine meet?" Cooper asked innocently,

"Online, actually," Blaine answered with a smile,

"I've never understood online dating," Pam admitted, "But hey, if it works, it works, right?"

"Definitely worked," Cooper said under his breath, and Kurt saw Blaine shoot his brother a look,

"Exactly," Kurt agreed with Pam, "I'm very lucky to have met Blaine," He added,

Pam and Henry smiled at each other,

"He's a catch, our boy," Henry said proudly,

"Have you ever heard the story of how he came out to us?" Pam whispered as if she were telling a secret,

Blaine blushed, "Mom," He said warningly,

"Come on, it's a great story," Henry assured him,

"We were out one night, for dinner, Henry and I, so we left Blaine at home," Pam explained, "Of course, we came home earlier than we said we would check that he was doing what he should, or what not,"

"And he was making out with a boy on our couch," Henry finished,

"Dad!" Blaine groaned,

"Keep in mind, Kurt, that we'd known Blaine was gay for years at that point," Pam added,

"So, I cleared my throat and the boys jumped apart, Blaine looked so scared," Henry told, "Poor thing, thought we were going to be angry," He frowned, "Blaine just looked at us, so defiantly, and he said, 'Mom, Dad, I'm gay," and he was just daring us to something about it," Henry and Pam were laughing at this point, Blaine still red as a tomato, "Pam and I just laughed, we couldn't help it, and Blaine looked so confused,"

"We just told him to meet us in the kitchen after he had said goodbye to his friend," Pam said,

"Friend," Cooper added exaggeratedly as if it weren't obvious,

"And you were fine with it?" Kurt asked curiously, "Just like that?"

"Of course," Henry told him, "He's our son, we love him no matter what," He explained, "We were just glad he was finally honest with us,"

Blaine choked on his water at that, and Kurt's eyes widened as he patted Blaine on the back.

Henry looked at them curiously, but dropped it, "It's one of my favourite stories," He admitted,

"There are many to come," Pam added, "Have you ever heard of the time-"

The rest of dinner went incredibly smoothly. Pam and Henry were both lovely people, and they had so many funny stories of Blaine and Cooper to share with them.

Henry stood up when everyone was finished, "Right, time to clear up!" He declared,

Kurt stood up to take his plate but a hand on his elbow stopped him,

"If it's alright, I'd like to take Kurt outside for a chat," Cooper declared,

Blaine looked at him funnily, "Why?"

"He's my baby brother's boyfriend, I want to talk to him," Cooper shrugged,

"Don't be too long, Cooper, it's freezing outside," Pam warned him,

"Oh, it'll be quick," Cooper affirmed,

Kurt got his coat, gloves, scarf and hat on and followed Cooper out of the house,

"Do I look familiar to you, Kurt?" Cooper asked once they were a safe distance from the Anderson house,

Kurt paused slightly, "Yes," He agreed, "I just can't put my finger on it," He admitted, "Why, do I look familiar to you?" He asked,

"Hmm, let me see," Cooper said, pretending to think, "Do I remember you from a certain production of the Rocky Horror picture show that I came to see when I was doing a work placement with the director of the show?" He asked rhetorically.

Shit, that was where Kurt knew him from.

"Cooper Anderson," Kurt said quietly, "You came to McKinley for a week to work with Mr Schue, mostly behind the scenes," He said in realisation,

Cooper hummed in agreement, "And if I recall, that was two years ago, in your Sophomore year of HIGH SCHOOL,"

Kurt froze slightly, "Was it?" He replied (as if that were going to help matters),

"I must admit, I was a little hurt you didn't recognise me," Cooper told him, "I was the one that taught you how to point!" He added, pointing when he spoke to 'prove his point',

"Cooper please don't say anything," Kurt pleaded, "Blaine doesn't want his parents to know,"

"Know what?!" Cooper exclaimed, before lowering his voice slightly, "The fact that he's dating a high schooler!"

Kurt winced, "Look, it's not illegal," Kurt assured him,

"No, just very, very frowned upon," Cooper replied sarcastically,

"We're not doing anything wrong!" Kurt whisper-shouted,

"Could Blaine get fired if you were caught?" Cooper asked rhetorically,

Kurt didn't answer,

"Then it's not that innocent, is it?" Cooper said pointedly,

"Do you think I like lying to everyone?!" Kurt shrieked, "My mom and dad don't know, my friends don't know, I have to lie to your parents! Do you think I enjoy it? No!" He practically shouted, "I don't! I hate it, but I love your brother more than anything in this world and I would do anything for him! Even if that means lying to the people that mean the most to me because he means more!" Kurt finished his little rant more than a little out of breath.

Cooper just smiled, "I know, kid," He agreed, "I know,"


"I know," He repeated, "I just wanted to make sure you were serious," He admitted.

"That was all a test?" Kurt checked.

"You passed with flying colours," Cooper told him, giving him a quick one-armed hug, "Let's go inside, it's bloody cold out here,"

Kurt smiled. He loved Blaine's family.

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