Chapter 1: Behind the VRAINS!

This world is fake. A world filled with fake people wearing masks that hide their true natures.

Link VRAINS. An entire virtual world which people can freely access via avatars to Duel in. In this world exists Duelists who Duel for their own fame and fortune, and the entertainment of their audience, known as Charisma Duelists. A world filled with avatars.

In a server with nothing but tall, dark blue buildings, a figure fell onto his back with a cry of pain. He had spiky purple hair with red tribal flame tattoos over his body, of course completely different from his real world self. Bearing down on him were two men in white robes wearing metallic masks.

"Did you really think you had a chance against us?" One of the masked men chuckled.

"D-Damnit..." The injured one hissed.

"Anyone who messes with the Knights of Hanoi gets destroyed." The other one grinned darkly. "But of course, you'll know that once you're deleted."

"And soon, the rest of Link VRAINS will follow you." The other one laughed.

"Is that a fact?"

All three of them froze, their heads darting around at the sign of a new voice.

"Who's there?" One of the Knights yelled. "Show yourself!"

A figure suddenly jumped from the roof and landed in between the two knight and the injured teen. His face was obscured by a dark red mask over his face that covered his mouth, with diamond shaped eye holes revealing glaring red eyes, the top of the mask had three red diamonds sticking out of it like a crown, as purple hair shot out in spikes behind him. His outfit was a skin-tight suit with neon green slashes shooting erratically across the chest, waist, and crisscrossing over the arms and legs to form a diamond pattern. The right half of the suit was red with black diamonds on the arms, whilst the left half was reversed with a black body and red diamonds. He also wore dark green gloves and boots with white straps on them, and completing his look was a short dark green cloak that hung behind him from his shoulders.

"Who are you!?" One of the knights questioned.

"Wait!" The other knight gasped as the mysterious new player straightened himself to his full height. "That appearance...don't tell me...!"

The assailants red eyes narrowed at them behind his mask. "I am Fullcross."

"Fullcross!? S-Seriously!?" The injured one gasped. "I thought you were just some stupid myth!"

"Fullcross...the one who has defeated all those other members?" The second knight questioned.

"The same." The first knight was sweating. "This dangerous."

Fullcross continued glaring at them. "You Knights of Hanoi scum. How many more of you do I have to purge until you get it through those iron headed skulls of yours?"

"Y-You, thinking you're so tough!" The second knight activated his Duel Disk. "C'mon! I'll defeat you right now!"

Fullcross looked at him. "Duel you? I refuse. I don't Duel trash."

"How dare you! You're just scared! Do you have any idea who we are!?" He yelled.

"Yes. I know exactly who you proclaim yourselves to be." Fullcross began walking towards him, but the knight stubbornly refused to step back. "And I don't fear you in the slightest. You fear me."

Suddenly, Fullcross held his hand out, and a bolt of green lightning suddenly shot out from his palm and hit the knight.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The knight screamed in pain as he was electrocuted, his body glitching violently before he burst into 0's and 1's that instantly vanished, the other knight and the victim only staring at shock.

Fullcross then shifted his eyesight towards the other knight, who flinched and turned to run, but Fullcross snapped his fingers and caused another bolt to drop from the sky and hit him.

"Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The other knight screamed before he also violently exploded.

There was a horrible silence for a moment.

"...H-Hey..." The last one remaining shakily stood up. " r-really saved me there...hehehe...heh..."

Fullcross looked over his shoulder at him. "I'm here for you too, Enichi Orimo."

His smile instantly turned into a look of horror. "H...How do you know my name?"

Fullcross began walking towards him, making him step back out of fear. "I know." The menacing figure stated coldly. "I know that you've been calling other users ugly and fat to see them cry for your own sadistic pleasure. Hiyami Kiryu, Nurin Leri, Corrin Puin."

"Y-You can't know that! I deleted all my history!" Suddenly, his back was against the wall. "I-I mean, it didn't REALLY hurt anybody, right? was just for fun! I swear!"

"For FUN?" Fullcross punched him in the face, making him cry out in pain as he slumped to the ground clutching his bloody nose. "Well, I'm gonna have fun, then." He then kicked him violently in the stomach, making Enichi cough violently and nearly throw up, before Fullcross began kicking him again and again and again.

"P...Please..." Enichi sobbed. "I won't do it anymore! I sw-swear! Please, for the love of god!"

"...No." Fullcross held out his hand as it crackled with electricity. "You won't."

Another scream echoed out across the server.


Sholt Giro was the son of Dion Giro, and that was all anybody needed to know about him. He lived in a big white mansion near the center of Den City, because his father was a high-ranking representative of SOL Technologies, a real powerful guy. For whatever reason, Sholt went to Den Academy instead of a more prestigious school, truly baffling to his classmates, who never ceased to remind him of these facts.

For anybody that actually bothered to look past these bare bones facts, Sholt was actually a very timid and reserved young man. He was quiet, with his head hung low, who would sit at the back corner of the class, leaving and entering silently. He was average height, with pal skin and sky blue eyes. He had blonde hair that was combed back neatly at the sides and back, but had two prominent sweeping white wing-styles crossing over his forehead in an 'x', as two white cowslips formed a little shape like a leaf in the middle of the top of his head. He was wearing the standard Den Academy uniform as he sat in class.

He wasn't really listening to the teacher, but he would still look at her when she spoke up, or give a nod whenever she demonstrated a point. More importantly, he looked at his class. It was pretty mixed, and definitely not a bad group to be in...if you weren't Sholt, as he spotted several people he would usually have to avoid unless he wanted them to preach and/or complain to him some more. Naoki Shima wasn't exactly bad...just pretty hyperactive.

And then there was him. Yusaku Fujiki. He sat at the back of the class as well, unmoving, undeterred, always leaving as quick as possible. Sholt had sometimes wondered if they were the same, but Yusaku had a look of fierceness behind his staring eyes. He had rage, that was for sure, and Sholt didn't even want to go near someone like that, it was far too risky, and terrifying.

As the class ended Sholt hurriedly walked out of class as everyone dispersed. As he walked down the corridor, he overheard two female students talking.

"Did you hear about what happened to Enichi?" The first one said. "He was hospitalised! It's really serious!"

"What!? Don't tell me it was Fullcross!" The second one gasped.

"Yeah. He really did a number on Enichi, he's in critical condition, all of his nerves are frazzled apparently."

"What did he do to get on Fullcross' list?"

"Y'know Hiyami? He was calling her ugly on VRAINS Social. And I hear he was harassing a bunch of others as well."

"Jesus...well, nobody else does stuff like this. I think he's kinda heroic, Fullcross, beating up all the bad guys."

"What!? Are you kidding!? He's a monster who hurts practically anybody! He's a sadist!"

Sholt ignored the conversation after that. Fullcross was the main hot topic at the minute, a masked figure killing just about anybody he wants to. It was absolutely terrifying.

"Giro!" Unfortunately, he had problems closer to home then Fullcross to worry about. "Did you ask your dad yet?"

"No..." Sholt turned away from the voice, trying to ignore it.

"C'mon already!" A lanky figure with messy orange hair jumped in front of him with a sickeningly sweet smile. "Just tell your dad to send some cards over to my VRAINS Bank! Be a pal!"

"He won't, Biri." Sholt again turned away.

"Heyheyhey!" Biri grabbed his shoulder. "You looking down on me or something!? Just because your some fancy rich kid!? I sent you all those messages as well!"

"I didn't ask for them. And he won't do it." Sholt replied simply.

"Why you-!" Biri hissed.

"And what the hell do you think you're doing?" A gruff voice hissed as he grabbed Biri's shoulder very tightly, causing him to squeal.

Standing behind him was a tall figure with very messy dark red hair with lazy, glazed grey eyes and a gold nose piercing, along with diamond stud earrings and a disturbing crooked smile. His uniform was scruffy, and his tie was undone.

"K-Kris..." Biri whispered.

"Go on, please...continue." Kris practically threatened.

"N...Nothing!" Biri hurried along.

Sholt breathed a sigh of relief as Kris approached him. "Y'kay, Sholt?"

"Yes. Thank you, Kris." Sholt nodded.

"No prob. Can't believe these bastards are still at it." Kris growled.

Kris was what Sholt could call his only friend. Kris would always scare off any of the other students who would harass Sholt, and despite his appearance, he was quite friendly.

"Hey, you still up for our plans late t'day?" Kris asked.

"Y-Yes. I remember." Sholt nodded.

"Awesome. See ya in VRAINS." Kris chuckled as he walked off.

Sholt clutched his arm as he held up his Duel Disk on his left arm. It was a standard model, green in colour. "Mimi."

As he spoke, a dark pink pair of circular eyes appeared on the screen. "Hello Sholt!" A female voice greeted him very happily. "Good day at school?"

"Normal." Sholt confirmed. "I'm having a Duel with Kris later."

"I remember! Your big debut!" Mimi giggled. "Don't worry! I'll help you every step of the way!"

Mimi was Sholt's personal Dueling A.I. And as evidenced, she had a bit more personality then other ones.

"We'd better get ready then! Don't forget to go to the bathroom before you log on!" Mimi reminded him.

"I know." Sholt nodded, before walking down the corridor.


The server Sholt and Kris were logging onto was 'Amusement Land: 04159'. It was basically a giant pink amusement park with various balloons and rides, along with plenty of open spaces to Duel of course.

Sholt logged in, his body materialising through a dark blue portal. His avatar looked exactly the same as he did in real life, only now he was wearing his casual clothes, a buttoned-up white shirt with a dark pink tie under a baggy black unzipped jumper with a very tall green collar that hid his lower face, along with sharp, crisp black trousers and white slip-on shoes.

"Sholt! I didn't think it'd be this easy to find ya!" Sholt looked over to see Kris' avatar walking towards him. Kris in VRAINS looked vastly different to how he did in real life. His hair was now long, reaching to the small of his back, and a dark pink in colour, as his cold steel eyes now had a warm shine to them as his rings were gone from his face. He wore a soft brown coat with black star buttons and matching trousers that had golden edges all along the sleeves, collar and body, only the top two buttons done up to show the plain green sleeveless shirt he wore underneath. Completing his look was a pair of pointed laced up black shoes, and on his right wrist was his Duel Disk, which took the appearance of a silver watch with a star-shaped screen.

"Kris." Sholt spoke softly.

"Ah, Sholt! Remember!" Mimi spoke up. "In VRAINS, he's Taleweaver! Number 11 in the Top Charisma Duelists!"

"R-Right..." Sholt nodded awkwardly.

"Don't sweat it, Sholt." Kris assured him. "More importantly, you excited for this Duel? Any username you wanna go by?"

"Not really..." He mumbled.

"Ooh! Ooh! I thought up some cool names for him!" Mimi perked up. "How about 'Doomduel'? Or 'Starshine'? Or 'Captain Awesome?'

"...Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeah no." Kris dismissed her. "But still, you okay just being Sholt?"

"I am." He nodded unconvicncingly.

"If you say so." Kris shrugged. "Come on then, we got a whole stage set up for this."

The two of them began walking through the park, other Duelists glancing their way, making Sholt bury his head further and further into his jumper, until he heard a loud voice.

"Welcome everybody to today's exhibition Charisma Duel!" The MC cried. "Today folks we have a special Duel for you! The Number 11 Charisma Duelist, Taleweaver, is going up against the Number 10 Charisma Duelist, Superspy! We just might have a new Top 10 today folks! But that's not all! Taleweaver's bringing along a new style of Dueling! A partner! And his name is...uh...Sholt Giro? Wait, isn't that Dion Giro's son? He can Duel!?"

Sholt and Kris made their way round back and began waiting for the announcement, when suddenly, a new figure approached them. He looked like he'd just come from a secret agent movie with the typical black suit, tie and sunglasses, along with curly black hair.

"Taleweaver, come to take my title, have you?" He asked.

"Superspy, if I wasn't making an attempt, why would we be standing here?" Kris now spoke in a very elegant way, as if he was a handsome prince.

"Good point. I wish you luck today." Superspy nodded, before looking at Sholt. "So, Giro's kid is your partner, huh?"

"Indeed. He and I will amaze our spectators with a valiant tale." Kris nodded.

"I look forward to it." Superspy nodded.

"Quite. If you will excuse me, I must address our fanbases and announce my partner." Kris nodded. "Gentlemen." He then took his leave.

As soon as kris was gone, Superspy gained a nasty grin. "Idiot. Iu'm going to completely crush you in front of everybody. My Deck is the strongest Meta Deck there is. Nobody can stop me from getting to the top!" He then sneered at Sholt. "Especially not some bratty rich kid. I'll make extra sure to hit you as hard as possible."

Sholt didn't say a word, nor change his facial expression.

"What's the matter, pampered brat? Your ten cats got your tongue?" Superspy taunted. "Psshh, whatever. Both of you are going down." He then walked away.

"That big meanie! Why I oughta-!" Mimi fumed.

"Mimi, it's not worth it." Sholt told her simply. "Please just help me during our Duel."

"Okay then. Let's go kick his ass, Sholt!" Mimi cried as they walked up.

Sholt and Kris stood at one side of the stage whilst Superspy stood at the other side, as everybody watched them.

"As you heard from Taleweaver folks, this is how the Duel will play out." MC said. "Taleweaver and Giro will share LP, their field, and GY, and alternate taking their turns against Superspy. It should make this Duel extra interesting!"

All three of them activated their Duel Disks.

"Here we go, Sholt." Kris whispered to him.

"Yeah." Sholt replied.

"Good luck, both of you!" Mimi cheered.


Sholt and Taleweaver (4000 LP Shared) vs. Superspy (4000 LP)

As the Duel began, their hands of five holographic cards materialised in front of them, hovering suspended.

"I'm going first!" Superspy declared. "My mission begins immediately! First, I'll scope out the situation by Normal Summoning SPYRAL GEAR - Drone!" A small whirring machine with 100 ATK appeared on the field. "When Drone is Summoned, I check the top 3 cards of your deck, then place them back in any order! I'm checking your Deck, Taleweaver!"

Three holographic cards appeared in front of them. Raigeki, Back to the Front and Pre-Preperation of Rites.

"I see, quite troubling cards." Superspy admitted. "But with my tactical espionage and brilliance, I can outsmart all this easily. I place Back to the Front on top of your Deck, followed by Pre-Preperation of Rites, then Raigeki!" The cards faded away.

"Then I activate the effect of SPYRAL Super Agent in my hand." The card revealed itself. "By declaring a card type and checking the top of your Deck, if it is the same, I can Special Summon him! Obviously, I declare Trap! And since Back to the Front is on top of your Deck, I Special Summon him!" The super agent leapt onto the field with 1900 ATK.

"And as easily as that, my trump card is complete!" Superspy declared. "Appear! The circuit of stealth and espionage!" Above him appeared a giant square with arrows at each of its edges and centres.

"Arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are 2 SPYRAL monsters! I set SPYRAL GEAR - Drone and SPYRAL Super Agent on the Link Markers! Link Summon! Link 2! SPYRAL Double Helix!" Two monsters actually fell from the square as the previous two monsters turned into the red arrows, the new monsters standing back to back as one with 1900 ATK.

"Incredible! Superspy has Link Summoned his ace on the first turn!" MC announced.

"Already he Link Summoned. Well, he's not Number 10 for nothing I guess." Mimi commented spitefully.

"I activate Double Helix's effect!" Superspy pointed. "Again, I declare a card type and check the top of your deck, Taleweaver! If I'm correct, I Special Summon a SPYRAL from my Deck or GY to one of its points, or add it to my hand! Of course, I once again declare Trap, revealing your Back to the Front, so I Special Summon SPYRAL Master Plan to the bottom Link Point!" A female 'monster' with twisted hair sat in a chair behind Double Helix with 2800 DEF.

"Now I activate Master Plan's effect!" he continued. "Once per turn, I can add a SPYRAL Mission card from my Deck to my hand! I add SPYRAl Mission - Recapture to my hand! Then, I equip Double Helix with SPYRAL GEAR - Last Resort from my hand!" The smaller out of the duo was suddenly equipped with a powerful mecha body. "With it, Double Helix cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects, and you can't target it with card effect! Also, by sending another card I control to the GY, it can attack directly that turn!"

A holographic screen detailing the cards info appeared in front of Sholt and Taleweaver. "I can send Master Plan to the Graveyard, which will activate her effect to add 2 more SPYRAL cards to your hand."

"Correct. Try getting past these brilliant tactics!" Superspy challenged. "I set a card and end my turn!"

"Incredible! Superspy has set up a strong filed in just one turn!" Mc cried. "How will Taleweaver get out of this!?"

"Hmmmmmm..." Talewevaer pondered. "Ah yes, I see now. I see the story unfolding. Your secret agents have mounted a tactical assault on me and my friend, and now we must defend ourselves from your onslaught, for we are noble wizards who muast protect our holy grounds from your scheme of taking our forbidden knowledge for your own gain!"

"Aahhhhh! There it is!" Mimi squealed. "Taleweaver's Charisma Dueling Style of turning his Duels into epic stories! And we're part of it! I'm so excited!"

"Our counter begins! My turn!" Taleweaver drew. "First, I must bring to my memory a fallen comrade. I activate the Spell, Foolish Burial! I send Vendread Houndhorde from my Deck to the Graveyard! Then I shall call forth my old friends with a Normal Summon! Appear, Vendread Revenants!" The monster that appeared was one of the three on the card, the front one with the deformed left arm.

"We ask that you do not judge him by his appearance, for even in death, he is my great friend, who gave his life protecting all that we hold dear! And even in death, he stands stalwart against the evil that threatens us!" Taleweaver narrated dramatically.

'Kris really likes telling his stories.' Sholt thought. 'But he puts such passion and love into it, so much so that the audience roots for his deformed Zombie monsters to win like they're heroes. That's what makes him a true Charisma Duelist.'

"But he shall not face this alone! I shall bring back his stelwart companion that he stayed with on his deathbed, howling to the bright moon! With Book of Life, I will Special Summon Vendread Houndhorde from the Graveyard!" A demonic cerberus appeared on the field, snarling.

"Now, I shall awaken Revenants' memories of his true self!" He cried. "With the locket left to him by the one he truly loved! I activate the Ritual Spell, Revendread Origin!" A giant golden locket with a picture in it appeared. "I tribute Vendread Houndhorde and Revenants on my field to Ritual Summon a new monster!" The two Vendreads became red energy that flew into the locket before it closed.

"Ritual Summon! Appear, Level 6! Revendread Slayer!" A muscular figure with burning red eyes appeared with blades on its limbs and 2400 ATK.

"Now Taleweaver has brought out his hero! The tragic yet magnificent Revendread Slayer!" MC said.

"Revendread Slayer's power comes from its memories of its fallen allies!" Taleweaver cried. "Since Houndhorde on the field was used as a Ritual Material, Slayer gains the Quick Effect of being able to target and banish a Spell or Trap once per turn! I banish SPYRAL GEAR - Last Resort!" The mechanical body instantly vanished.

"My protection!" Superspy gasped.

"And with Revenants on the field as a Ritual Material, I can banish a monster as a Quick Effect as well!" Taleweaver went on. "I banish SPYRAL Master Plan!" the female agent also vanished.

"Clever! Since it was banished, its effect won't activate to get more SPYRAL cards!" Mimi pointed out.

"You..." Superspy clenched his fist.

"Behold! Slayer's power gifted to it by its allies! Our hope!" He narrated. "Battle! Revendread Slayer will attack SPYRAL Double Helix! And at this moment, Slayer will gain even more power! By banishing Vendread Revenants during damage calculation, Slayer gains 300 extra attack! Go, Revendread Slayer! Vengeance Cleave!" The monster sliced through the twin SPYRAL agents, making them cry out in pain as they burst into sparkles.

Superspy's LP: 3200

"I set a card and end my turn." Taleweaver ended. "The valiant warrior has successfully stopped your tactical invasion and protected us."

"Don't think you've won yet." Superspy spat. "I'm far from done! My turn! Draw!"

"During your Standby Phase, I activate Revendread Slayer's inherited Quick Effect to banish your face down card!" Taleweaver interrupted as the card vanished, revealing itself to be SPYRAL MISSION - Recapture.

"Yes, you anticipated it to be the card I added to my hand, and knew that with its effect I could take control of Slayer until the End Phase." Superspy smirked. "You are good. But, skill doesn't mean a single thing against my all powerful Meta deck! Let me show you! I Normal Summon SPYRAL Quik-Fix!" A scientist with swirly glasses appeared with 500 ATK. "When Quik-Fix is Summoned, I can add a SPYRAL GEAR from my Deck to my hand! I add SPYRAL GEAR - Big Red!"

"Now let me show you my full power! I activate the Spell, Machine Duplication! I Special Summon 2 more Quick-Fix's from my Deck!" Two more appeared on his field. "And their effects activate as well! I add SPYRAL GEAR - Fully Armed and SPYRAL GEAR - Utility Wire to my hand!"

"What powerful effects!" Mimi cried as the info appeared in front of Sholt.

"Now! Appear again! The circuit of stealth and espionage!" The giant square appeared once again. "The summoning conditions are 2 SPYRAL monsters! I set 2 Quik-Fix's!" The monsters once again became red arrows. "Link Summon! Link 2! SPYRAL Double Helix!" His ace reappeared.

"I won't let you!" Taleweaver declared. "Using Slayer's effect, I banish Double Helix!" The Link monster vanished as soon as it appeared.

"I thought you'd do that." Superspy nodded. "So now I activate SPYRAL GEAR - Big Red to bring back Quik-Fix and with its effect, add another SPYRAL GEAR - Fully Armed to my hand.

"Final Time! Appear! The circuit of stealth and espionage! The summoning conditions are 2 SPYRAL monsters! I set Double Helix and Quik-Fix! Link Summon! Reappear! Link 2! SPYRAl Double Helix!" His third copy appeared.

"I activate Double Helix's effect!" He continued. "Taleweaver! I declare the top of your deck to be a Spell, which it is, Pre-Preperation of Rites! Allowing me to Special Summon another SPYRAL - Master Plan to its Link Point in DEF Position! Then, I activate Master Plan's effect, to add SPYRAL MISSION - Assault to my hand, and activate it!" His combos played themselves out in succession.

"Then, I activate the effect of SPYRAL Sleeper in my hand!" He went on. "By banishing my 2 Quik-Fix's and Double Helix in my Graveyard, I Special Summon it from my hand!" A big burly agent appeared on the field with 2800 ATK.

"Now I activate SPYRAl GEAR - Drone's effect in the Graveyard, I banish itself and Quik-Fix to add SPYRAL Super Agent to my hand, and use its effect to once again declare Spell type, to Special Summon it!" The main agent appeared with 1900 ATK. "And when Super Agent is Special Summoned by a SPYRAL effect, I can destroy a Spell or Trap card my opponent controls!"

"Then I'll activate it now! Back to the Front! With it, I revive the loyal Vendread Houndhorde!" The demonic dog appeared with 2100 DEF.

"That won't help you now." Superspy grinned. "I equip both Double Helix and Sleeper with a SPYRAL GEAR - Fully Armed each!" The two monsters ATK's rose to 2900 and 3800 respectively.

"This is the end!" Superspy yelled. "Battle! Double Helix will attack Revendread Slayer!" The Link monster ran forward.

"I activate the other effect of Revendread Origin in my Graveyard!" Taleweaver pointed. "By banishing it, I prevent Slayer's destruction!" the card vanished and formed a shield around Slayer that protected it from the attack.

Sholt and Taleweaver's LP: 3800

"That won't save you! I activate Sleeper's Quick Effect!" He pointed. "By destroying a SPYRAL card, I destroy 2 cards my opponent controls! I destroy Master Plan to get rid of your two vendread's!" All three monsters exploded. "And Master Plan's effect activates, letting me add SPYRAL Resort and another SPYRAl GEAR - Last Resort to my hand."

"But Revendread Slayer's effect also activates when sent to the Graveyard!" Taleweaver pointed out. "I add a Ritual Spell from my Deck to my hand, then send a Vendread monster from my Deck to the Graveyard. I add another Revendread origin, then send Revendread Strix from my Deck to the Graveyard. Strix's effect then activates! By revealing Revendread Origin in my hand, I Special Summon it from the graveyard!" A demonic zombie crow appeared with a pained caw and 2000 DEF.

"You were even prepared for this?" Superspy grumbled. "How annoying! Sleeper will attack Revendread Strix!" The gigantic beater punched the bird, making it explode. "Then Super Agent will attack directly!" The spy jumpkicked Taleweaver in the chest, making him gasp in pain.

"Taleweaver!" Sholt cried.

Sholt and Taleweaver's LP: 1900

"Next turn, I'll definitely finish you." Superspy warned. "I activate the Field Spell, SPYRAL Resort! With it, my other SPYRAL cards cannot be targeted by card effects, and using its second effect, I add another SPYRAL Super Agent from my Deck to my hand! Finally, I equip Double Helix with SPYRAl GEAR - Last Resort from my hand! With this, my victory is assured! I set a card and end my turn!"

"Th-This is absolutely terrifying!" The MC admitted. "Superspy has built up such a powerful field! And now it's Giro's turn!? This looks like the end..."

'That Deck is incredibly powerful...what a strong field...' Sholt sweated. 'Can I really...?'

"Sholt." He looked down at Mimi, who was smiling. "Believe in your Deck, and we'll definitely win."

"Sholt..." He looked over at Kris. "It's your chapter them what you are capable of."

"...R-Right..." Sholt nodded. "It's my turn! I draw!"

"Poor little rich kid. Not even the son of Dion Giro can stand up to me!"

Sholt ignored him as he chose a card. "I Normal Summon Mymimic Curse."

The monster that appeared had a ghostly crimson red aura about it as a giant black rings with glowing purple runes appeared, the middle of the ring holding a spinning dark pink portal, out of which popped a red ghostly spirit with a surprisingly cute face with a simple half circle smile and black ovals foreyes,, wearing a dark red tattered cloak that fell on it heavily, whilst floating dark pink spikes spun around the ring.

Mymimic Curse, Level 3, Fiend, DARK, ATK: 1000 DEF: 1000

"Mymimic?" Superspy echoed.

"Then I activate the Spell, Monster Reborn. I revive Revendread Slayer." The monster returned to the field.

"Tch! Like that'll help you! I activate Sleeper's effect to destroy Super Agent, then destroy both of your monsters!" Superspy cried.

"Quick-Play Spell, Mymimic Surprise." The Spell showed Mymimic Curse shooting out of its ring pulling a 'scary' face, making several shadows with yellow eyes and mouths cower in terror.

"As we control a Mymimic monster, it negates the effect of your card." Mimi explained.

"What!?" Superspy growled. "I lost Super Agent for nothing. In that case, I activate my Trap, SPYRAL GEAR - Utility W-!"

"That won't work either." Mimi gleefully interrupted him. "All your other cards on the field can't activate their effect either, not even in the same Chain."

"Wh-What did you say!?" Superspy cried as his Trap failed to work.

"I activate Mymimic Curse's Quick Effect." Sholt continued.

"Once per turn, we can increase the attack of a monster by 1000 until the End Phase, and we're targeting Revendread Slayer." Ring giggled as it glowed, making a red symbol of an 'M' appear on Slayer's forehead, boosting its ATK to 3400.

"Appear! The circuit of truth!" Sholt said as the square appeared above him. "The summoning condition is 1 Mymimic monster. I set Mymimic Curse in the Link Arrow." Curse turned into a spinning red twister with an arrowhead that crashed into the bottom arrow and turned it red.

"Link Summon! Appear, Link 1! Mymimic Hexer!" The monster that appeared looked like a yound girl with two long red ponytails on her fiery hair, as she wore a black robe that had a cartoonish devil face on the hood with white horns, eyes and teeth. as her clothing consisted of a white blouse that had black diamonds on the chest, sleeves and knees. Her eyes opened revealing them to be red as her mouth was filled with fangs for teeth, as a heart-shaped gem with bat wings circled around her protectively.

Mymimic Hexer, Link 1, Fiend, DARK, ATK: 1200, Link Arrows: Down

"The monster that Hexer points to gains 1000 attack." Mimi chimed in as Slayer's power rose further to 4300 thanks to the bat gem glowing.

"Even so, its attack power is still not enough to defeat me!" Superspy pointed out.

"I then equip Revendread Slayer with United We Stand, increasing its attack power by 800 for each monster I control." Sholt went on.

"That means 1600." Mimi stated as its ATK rose further to 5900.

"I also equip Slayer with Mage Power, increasing its attack by 500 for every Spell and Trap I control." He continued.

"1000 right now." Mimi nodded, Slayer's power becoming 6900.

"N-No way!" Superspy gasped.

"Taleweaver." Sholt spoke.

He nodded. "Right! Time for our conclusion!"

"Battle! Revendread Slayer will attack SPYRAL Double Helix! Vengeance Cleave!" The monster lunged forward and bisected the monster cleanly in two with a slash from its blades before it exploded.

"N-No...this...can't...arrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh!" Superspy cried out as he crashed to the ground.

Superspy's LP: 0

Sholt and Taleweaver: WIN!

"...Th...That's it folks!" MC screamed. "What a miraculous turnabout! The winners are Taleweaver and Sholt! Let's give it up for our new Number 10 Charisma Duelists!"

"Yay! We won!" Mimi cheered.

"Well done, Sholt." Kris nodded. "You did excellently."

"Thanks..." Sholt nodded.

"You..." Superspy stood up with a horrible scowl. "You bastard! There's no way I could have lost! My Deck was the strongest! The best! It can't lose to anybody! Those cards you used...they were bullshit! You probably got them from your big bad dad, didn't you? Cheater!"

"Sholt didn't cheat! His cards are fine!" Mimi countered.

"Shut up! An A.I shouldn't talk back!" Superspy snarled.

"Don't insult Mimi." Sholt defended her.

"And what are you gonna do about it, daddy's boy?" Superspy hissed.

"That's enough." Kris stepped between them. "Accept your defeat graciously, Superspy."

"Tch. No way in hell I will." He hissed. "I'll get you both for this." He then logged out.

"That was unpleasant." Kris grumbled. "You alright, Sholt?"

"...Yeah..." He lied.

"...Come on. Let's have a look around here beforew we log off." Kris offered, making Sholt nod, before the two of them walked off.


The next day, Playmaker Dueled against a Knight of Hanoi, the Data Storm winds tearing through the server as they sped around in a Speed Duel.

"How interesting..." Fullcross commented, sitting on top of a building. "The Data Storm..."

"Uuur...urrgghhh..." He ignored the pained groans of a severely beaten Superspy behind him, who was crying from the pain of his arm, which was bent a very wrong way indeed.

"Enough out of you. You lost the Duel against me, so actually deal with it instead of that babyish tantrum you pulled earlier." Fullcross huffed, before he electrocuted Superspy, making him cry out in pain before he burst into pixels.

"Let me see..." Fullcross jumped down onto a lower building so that he was right above the Data Storm, then kneeled down next to it. "If you don't mind..."

He dipped his hand inside the data, as suddenly more and more began condensing itself into his hand, until it formed a cube of pure Data Storm, which he held up and admired.

"Looks like the game has changed." Fullcross smirked behind his mask, before he logged out.

Mymimic Curse: Once per turn (Quick Effect) you can increase the ATK of 1 monster you control by 1000 until the End Phase. This cards effects cannot be negated, you take no Battle Damage from battles involving this monster.

Mymimic Surprise: If your opponent activates a card or effect whilst you control a 'Mymimic' monster, negate that effect, also your opponent cannot activate cards or effects on their field until the End Phase. Your opponent cannot activate any cards in response to this cards activation.

Mymimic Hexer: 1 'Mymimic' monster. All monsters this card points to gain 1000 ATK. This cards effects cannot be negated, you take no Battle Damage from battles involving this monster.

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