Firstly, I have to apologise for coming back after a hiatus only to cancel this story. Secondly, I have to explain why.

Whilst I was away, due to both life and health, VRAINS progressed a lot, and I began seriously thinking about the direction that this story should go in. After reading reviews and PM's, I though that the outcome I wanted wasn't really deserved for our main character. So I tried finding a different direction for his character to go in as the anime progressed, but other complications arose in the fact that I thought that things would feel too forced, or it would be a complete break of development or waste of time.

On top of that, the reason I introduced the WISP archetype was because I felt I had ruined the Deliete archetype to a degree. I filled it up with arbitrary effects when the main focus should have been self-destruction, advantage and swarming. But now, I feel like the WISP archetype is too unfocused and I feel like now I could use the Deliete archetype more comfortably, but again, another change would be too quick. It's my own fault of indecision and poor planning. Writing alongside the anime is tricky after all, since you don't know what's gonna happen next for you to follow, yet I understand that's not an excuse.

In the end, I just didn't feel happy with any direction I decided for the future, which was both frustrating and sad. Perhaps I got a bit big-headed after the success of Arc-VOC, which I even look back on certain chapters with disappointment still. And all of this has come at a point where VRAINS is drawing to a close very soon.

I cannot comfortably continue Cross-VRAINS, and I doubt I can give a satisfying conclusion at this point. So, it is better to stop the train before it crashes, so to speak. I deeply apologise to everyone who has followed this story for this long only to have it end so disappointingly. If you wish to know how I was going to end this story, you can PM me and ask for details, and you can judge for yourself. Again, I am sorry for how this turned out. I was near-sighted and messed up characters and motivations.

From this, I feel like I must do a reset of sorts. I still like Fullcross and Mimi, and want them to be featured, and now that VRAINS has practically concluded, perhaps I can do better a second time around. I think I'll try again, or maybe try a different fanfiction, whatever feels comfortable. Because of this decision, I'll make the WISP, Arrowl and Mymimic archetypes public use, if you so wish.

All I can do now is try and do better, at SOMETHING I write. If you wish to discuss things with me about this story, anything at all, feel free to PM me, but keep in mind I do live in Britain, so time zones.

For your sakes, I hope I do better. Thank you for reading.