I don´t usually write love stories. Maybe that´s why I wrote these few words in English. Please, don´t stone me for this.

And Roxane says: „How much do you love me?"

Christian think for a moment. How much does he love her? But love cannot be measured. Love is a measure. You like, love, dislike or hate. You cannot love less or more. Only with your whole heart. He would place his whole body, his whole life in front of her and he will be waiting for what she will do with them. And because his whole heart has been already hers, he has been hers. So he can only tell her that he loves her. Those three words are the most valid arguments he can offer her. He was sure of it. He loves her.

But he isn´t sure how to reveal this to her. He isn´t good at words like Cyrano. His words often transform into nonsense. She will not understand him. He is nervous. Now, he realizes it. There for he says: „I love you. And I would be glad if you love me, too. Say that you love me, too." He yearns for knowing. He would give anything to know if she feels it the same way.