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Summary: This story takes place post-War in 8th year. It is AU, there's sex involved, and it sharply diverts from canon.

Harry Potter entered Hogsmeade with a smile. He'd decided to pop up and surprise his best friend Hermione Granger for the first Hogsmeade visit of the Hogwarts year. She'd opted to return to school while he and Ron had begun auror training and he and Ron hadn't exactly been the best at writing letters. Ron hadn't wanted to come which made Harry worry about his friends' relationship. If Ron didn't put more effort in, how could his relationship with Hermione last? Harry looked around. Where would Hermione go? She usually just went wherever Harry and Ron wanted. He decided to head to the bookstore. She did love books.


Inside the bookstore it was almost creepily silent. Harry walked down one of the aisles toward the back of the store. "I can buy my own books you know," he heard Hermione say.

"Or you can let your wealthy, charming, and oh so sexy boyfriend do it for you," he heard a familiar male voice say on the opposite side of a shelf he was walking along. A male voice that did not belong to Ron. Hermione was cheating on Ron? Harry moved closer to the shelf to listen. He'd need evidence before breaking Ron's heart.

"I don't need anyone to take care of me," Hermione countered.

"I didn't say you did. I want to take care of you. I want to buy you things and take you out to dinner and show off my hot girlfriend," the man responded.

There was silence from Hermione and Harry wished he could see who she was talking to. He couldn't quite place the voice. Someone from his year? Finally she spoke, "Fine if it will soothe your fragile male ego you can buy them."

"Thank you," the male replied. "You're difficult, you know. Girls usually want boys to buy them things."

"I'm not like most girls," she teased in a flirty way Harry'd never heard her use before.

"That's one of the things I like about you," the man countered.

Hermione laughed, "I know a few of the other things."

"Oh really?"

"Mmhmm," Harry then heard what sounded like kissing. He frowned. How could Hermione do this to Ron? "How about we get these books and get out of here?"

"Only if we go somewhere private," the man said. "I want to get you out of those jeans."

"We could get a room in the inn."

"Or we can rush back to Hogwarts and make use of those private rooms we were granted as 'eighth' years," he said. "Don't really need these special trips to Hogsmeade when we're free to come and go whenever we want."

"No we don't," she answered, kissing him again. "I like your idea. Let's go do that."

"And I can pay for the books?"

"Yes," she sighed, "but I fully intend to repay you one way or another." The way she said 'another', with that sexy, suggestive tone, made Harry swallow. He'd never heard Hermione talk like that before. Even Harry could admit he was attracted to her at that moment.

The guy she was with growled, "Keep that up and we won't make it halfway before your clothes are off," he said.

"When motivated you're quite fast," she said.

"Yeah so are you," the man responded. "Less talk more action."

"Just these books," she said, "pay quickly."

"I will," Harry heard them kiss again and then he waited before moving down the aisle to try and see who Hermione's other boyfriend was. Carefully, making sure he couldn't be seen, he was able to get a look as they paid for her books and Harry froze in shock. Even from behind the platinum blonde hair was a dead giveaway. Hermione's other boyfriend was Draco Malfoy. Harry was completely stunned. He'd never thought Hermione would bed the enemy.


Once they were gone Harry left the store and immediately Apparated to Number 12 Grimmauld Place, which he was living in with Ron. "Ron? Ron! RON!"

Ron came running down the stairs, his shirt wrinkled like he'd just grabbed it off the floor, "What's wrong Harry?"

"I saw…Ron mate I'm so sorry," Harry ran his hand through his hair, upset that he had to break his best friend's heart like this. But Ron simply had to know. "I went to surprise Hermione and I saw her…I saw her with Malfoy. And they were obviously lovers. Mate I'm so sorry. I can't believe she'd do this to you."

Ron's expression didn't change, to Harry's surprise. Instead he rubbed the back of his neck, "Uh, Harry? Hermione and I aren't a couple."

Harry's head snapped up, "What? Since when?"

"Since forever, really," Ron answered. "Hermione's been with Malfoy since sixth year."

Harry looked at Ron stupidly, "She's been with Malfoy since before he let in Death Eaters into Hogwarts? And stayed with him too?"

Ron shrugged, "Hey, none of us liked the idea but it was the only way we could see and Dumbledore wasn't any help at all."

Harry blinked. "What the bloody hell are you talking about Ron?!"


Ron sighed. He and Hermione had been working out how to tell Harry about all of this since right before the Final Battle when Harry had supposedly caught them snogging. They'd been unable to find a solution. Still, you'd think Harry would be taking this better especially given how guilty he felt about his treatment of and constant doubt about Snape. Ron sat his best friend down, "Harry, sixth year during prefect patrols Hermione stumbled on Malfoy about to commit suicide. She talked him down off the ledge of the Astronomy Tower and he confessed everything to her. Dumbledore turned him away! Malfoy actually tried to do the right thing on his own and Dumbledore told him he couldn't help him. Apparently while Dumbledore thought Malfoy wasn't a killer he still wanted him to be a Death Eater. So Hermione talked to Snape and to me and I talked to my dad and he talked to Kingsley. Kingsley and Snape worked out a plan."

"A plan?" Harry asked.

Ron nodded, "Malfoy would go along with the so-called plot to kill Dumbledore. Once the school year was over, he would contact Hermione through a magical method she and Snape worked on. Then, during the war, he would send her messages. He told her about a lot of the information we used to win the war, like the horcrux in Bellatrix's vault."

Harry took this in, "When did she start sleeping with him?"

Ron rubbed the back of his neck, "I don't know. Hermione's never gone into detail about what they talked about when he was ready to jump off the Astronomy Tower, and I've never asked. Just seems wrong. Whatever happened that night, Malfoy didn't kill himself and they've been really close ever since."

Harry gazed at Ron, "And you're okay with them being a couple?"

"Yeah, of course," Ron said. "He makes her happy. Hermione loves him and Malfoy, for all his faults, loves her and would do anything for her. That's what I want for her."

"But you and her…"

"We were never a couple and we're never going to be a couple, Harry," Ron said. "Hermione and I just didn't know how to tell you about Malfoy and…" he fell silent and blushed.

"And what?" When Ron didn't respond Harry pressed, "And what, Ron?"

"Parkinson," Ron said. "I've been seeing Pansy Parkinson. Malfoy introduced us and we actually get along really well."

Harry stared at Ron, "You're shagging the bitch who wanted to hand me over to Voldemort?"

"Don't call her a bitch," Ron stood and glared at Harry, "She had to play her role too. Her father was trying to sell her to Borgin for crying out loud. Pansy was playing a role just like Malfoy did."

"I'm not liking Hermione being with Malfoy either," Harry frowned. "You two are supposed to be together!"

"No, Harry. We're not. I had a crush on Hermione, sure, and I was jealous of Krum. But that was fourth year! We've both changed since then and we want different things. She wants a bloke who's smart and can keep up with her mentally, even challenge her, and Malfoy can do all that. I want a girl who's not a know-it-all and who will cheer for me at quidditch, at least listen when I talk about a game."

"He's a Malfoy! He's a git who hates muggleborns! Parkinson too!"

Ron shook his head, "Harry, you had a bloody connection to Voldemort in your head. Did you really think we told you everything? You always saw what Voldemort needed to see. If he knew that the Slytherins weren't loyal to him, what do you think would have happened to Malfoy's mother while Lucius was locked up and Draco was at school?" Harry paled. Narcissa would have been killed and without anyone's help. Ron nodded, "Exactly. So maybe think about it from their perspective before you go off judging them for it."

Harry looked at Ron, "I still don't like you two seeing them. You're Gryffindors and they're Slytherins! It's not right! Especially Malfoy! He's been a git to us since we started Hogwarts!"

"Well she loves him, Harry. She's happy with him. You're going to have to accept that if you want Hermione in your life. Same with me and Pansy. I'm not saying I'll marry her or anything, but I really like her and we get along great." Ron then grinned, "Plus it's hilarious to double date and watch people think Hermione and I are a couple and Draco and Pansy are a couple. Love watching the looks on their faces when they're shown to be wrong."

"You go on double dates?"

"Yeah. This summer and then last week," Ron nodded. "It's fun. I never thought going on a double date with a Malfoy would be fun, but it is."

Harry just stared at Ron like he'd never seen him before. "I can't believe you've kept all of this from me. I thought you and Hermione were a couple!"

"We never thought you'd think that," Ron shrugged. "We've never even acted like a couple. Never kissed, held hands, any of that stuff."

"What about Malfoy standing there and watching Hermione be tortured?"

"Fake wand from Fred and George that looked identical to Bellatrix's. Lucius gave Kingsley a memory of Bellatrix using it so that Fred and George could make a replica. When we arrived at the manor, Narcissa switched them out. A few glamour charms cast subtly by the three Malfoys in the room and Hermione giving the acting performance of a lifetime sealed the deal for Bellatrix. When the knife came out Lucius cast some specialized shield charms. They kept Hermione scar-free but didn't impede the glamour charms. I played up my end screaming at them to not hurt her and the Malfoys did their bit. Then at the right time, Narcissa was able to save you and Malfoy was able to keep people away from the Room of Requirement long enough for us to find the horcrux. Actually, he was the one who worked out where it was and told Hermione about it."

"You two have been lying to me for over two years," Harry frowned. "I thought we were friends."

"Harry we are friends," Ron said. "But you had a piece of Voldemort in your head and you didn't learn Occlumency. We couldn't risk our lives or the Malfoys' just to appease your ego."

Harry glared at Ron, "And you couldn't tell me in the four months since the Final Battle?"

"I lost a brother," Ron glared at Harry, "George lost his twin. Mum lost her son. Excuse me if my focus has been on them and not your sensitive self-esteem."

A noise on the stairs stopped the increasingly heated exchange. Pansy Parkinson stood there, "You're both about to say things you'll regret. Come on Ron, we'll go to my place for the night. You two need to cool off."

Harry opened his mouth to say something to the pug who dared to violate his home but Ron immediately walked over to Pansy and accepted the bag she was holding of his clothes. "Thanks Pans."

"You're welcome Ron," she kissed his cheek. "Let's go." They walked the short distance to the door and vanished, leaving Harry alone and furious at his supposed 'best friends'.


Hermione Granger slid up her lover's body to look him in the eye, "Do you feel repaid?"

"Definitely," Draco gasped, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close to him, "That was…I have no words for how amazing that was. Where did you learn that?"

"A book," she smirked before nuzzling his neck. "It was very informative."

"I want to thank the author," he breathed, beginning to gain control over his breathing again. She smiled and Draco rubbed her back. "Do you want me to return the favor? Or maybe we could take a shower or bath and then I can get you dirty again?"

Hermione weighed her choices before pushing herself up on his chest so that she could look him in the eye, "I want you now."

Draco gave her a predatory grin and she nearly shivered. The night she'd found him on the Astronomy Tower ready to jump she'd seen a man at the end of his rope. Terrified yet determined in his actions. To her grave, Hermione would take what she did to get him off the ledge. She had seduced him. She had slowly stripped for him, telling him he could have her if he got off the ledge. And Draco Malfoy being a teenage boy had guaranteed that he would agree. Who needed an Imperius curse when you could just show your breasts to get compliance? He'd climbed down and insisted they go into the tower for their encounter as he didn't want her to be cold or uncomfortable.

That he was thinking of her comfort assured her that suicide was the last thing on his mind in that moment. Once she had him in the tower which was heavily warded by her wand to prevent him fleeing and leaping off the tower she'd demanded he return the show. A grinning Draco had obeyed, removing his clothes layer by layer until they were both in their underwear. Then like the pull of gravity they were on each other, his kisses and touches rough and desperate while hers were gentle and soothing. Draco gained control of his urges, though, when he realized she was a virgin.

Draco wasn't stupid. As soon as he felt her hymen tear he knew what she'd just done. Offered herself to her enemy just to keep him alive for no other reason than Hermione was a good person. A compassionate person. He'd done his best to make sure that she enjoyed it as much as he did. Which he could say he'd certainly done as she'd climaxed twice during their encounter.

Afterwards he'd promised to tell her everything if she spent the night with him. Hermione had agreed, though she hesitated for a minute before doing so. In the Room of Requirement Draco had pulled her into the bathroom and let the tub fill with water before he helped her in, then climbed in himself. He just held her before he started to talk. About everything. About not actually believing the things he was saying but having to; about his mother being held hostage to keep his father and himself in line; about what awaited him if he failed; about going to Dumbledore out of desperation but being told no. Hermione had felt her heart break for Draco as he spoke. She'd vowed to help him and he'd looked at her like she was the most amazing being he'd ever seen.

He'd never met someone so willing to do something for no other reason than it was the right thing to do. They cleaned up in the bath and then headed to the bed, where he just held her and they talked. Eventually the talking led to some light kisses and then some snogging. Over the course of that evening, Draco had come to the realization that Hermione Granger wasn't just a know-it-all. She was gorgeous, passionate, and caring. And he didn't want anyone else to ever know her as he'd come to.


Hermione gasped as Draco's tongue hit a particular spot and her hips thrust up. She gazed at her boyfriend. She'd heard that some men hated performing oral sex on women. Draco was definitely not one of them. He always looked like he was suffering from dehydration and she was a fresh water spring in the middle of a desert. "Draco," she gasped, "oh yes. More."

He grinned. He loved it when she told him what to do when they were in bed together. Hermione dug her hand into his hair while the other squeezed her breast, Draco's hand played with her other one. He increased the pace and her hips again thrust upwards. He wrapped his arms under her to hold her still as he savored the taste of his lover, "Dra-AYCO!"

He growled as he felt her tremble and tighten around his tongue in the throes of her climax. Hermione's hand tightened in his hair painfully but he didn't complain. He loved watching her come undone around him. He continued to use his tongue on her, though he slowed his movements as she came down from her high. He reached down and stroked himself. He was definitely ready for her.

Once Hermione's orgasm had finished he sat up and wiped his mouth, gazing at her. He'd wondered what kind of lover she'd be, that first time. The answer was thrilling. Hermione was vocal, and certainly capable of rapid, multiple orgasms. And just as eager for their encounters as he was. Draco shifted to be above her, "I love you," he breathed.

"I love you," she responded, smiling as he leaned down to kiss her. She cupped his cheek and Draco leaned into the kiss. Hermione had learned early into their relationship that he craved the little touches of affection. He was a horny devil, true, and getting an erection was never a challenge for him; but Draco craved her holding his hand, cupping his cheek, leaning into him, and hugging him. At first his whole body would tense but that didn't last long. Soon he was pulling her into his lap as they worked on homework together or were just sitting and talking. It seemed that her actions that at first alarmed him had somehow given him permission to engage in such behaviors, at least in Draco's mind. And he certainly engaged in them quite often. He held her hand to walk to class, he'd wrap his arm around her when they were walking to dinner. She thought it was sweet how he craved those little reminders that she loved him.

He slid inside her and they both moaned, not breaking the kiss as he began to thrust. One of her hands moved over his torso and the other gripped his bicep as she began to move her hips against him. Hermione broke the kiss and pressed her forehead to his, gasping at how deep he was inside her. "Oh Draco. So good. Fuck! You're so big."

"You're a succubus," he grunted. Hermione flexed her muscles to tighten around him and he groaned, "Hermione…" Draco flipped them so that she was on top, "For that you get to be on top."

"Maybe that's what I wanted," she purred.

"You're dangerous," he gasped.

"I think you knew that already," she said, gripping his hands in hers as she leaned over him, "Oh you feel so good."

"Of course I do," he grunted as she used him for leverage to sit upright. "I love it when you do that."

"I know," she flexed her muscles around him again and his eyes rolled back, "don't cum yet."

"Don't do that thing where you practically milk me," he retorted, panting as he resisted the urge to climax.

His hands moved to her hips as she began to ride him. Hermione rotated her hips to elicit a growl and she smiled. It was nice to see the normally so composed Draco Malfoy come undone. It was even nicer to have him at her mercy. While she often enjoyed him dominating her, there was something particularly thrilling about her dominating him. Part of it was that Draco clearly enjoyed it when she did. Another part was prominent early in their relationship. Having seen him so close to suicide, she'd worried about him. Worried that she was the only reason he'd not killed himself and after every fight they had it crossed her mind that Draco might try to kill himself again. That was a major reason she dominated him in the early days of their relationship. If she was on top, he couldn't escape as easily.

Of course, he later told her that while her fears were understandable, once she, Snape, Ron, Arthur, and Kingsley had worked out their plan his own fears and reasons for suicide had gone out the window. She took comfort he'd never considered it again.


Ron sat on the sofa in Pansy's flat. "I really thought he'd be more understanding when he found out. Hermione and I are both in relationships, neither of us has feelings for each other, and we're all adults. After everything with Fred dying and the rest of the war I really thought he'd be okay with it. Figures Hermione's right again."

Pansy sat down on his lap and ran a hand through his hair, "Well, to be fair Draco and I both thought he'd freak out too." At Ron's distressed face she kissed him gently, "You weren't being stupid Ron. You were being hopeful. You thought your friend would be happy for you. There's nothing wrong with that. Draco and I are just used to being disappointed. If you anticipate it, you're not hurt as much when it happens."

"What about Hermione?"

"She's pragmatic," Pansy answered with a shrug. "Potter will come around."

"I don't know, Harry can be really stubborn," Ron sighed. He suddenly looked up at her, "Were you upset when you found out that Draco was with Hermione?"

Pansy thought about it, "I remember being surprised and I remember then thinking my parents would be devastated they can't get near the Malfoy vaults. And then I remember worrying about Lucius not accepting her and upsetting Draco as a result."

"But you weren't upset?" Ron asked. While Pansy hadn't known about the couple as long as he had, Pansy had actually dated Draco once upon a time so Ron reasoned if anyone would be disappointed, it would be her.

"No," Pansy shook her head, "I love Draco, I really do. But it's like how you love Hermione. It's familial love, not romantic love. And I've known that I don't love Draco romantically for a long time. I was happy for him. It was all over his face, how much he loved her. What she meant to him. My only fears were how his father would take it."

Ron nodded. Lucius Malfoy had seemed like a formidable obstacle to Hermione and Draco being happy together but the Malfoy patriarch had accepted it and welcomed Hermione. He'd even apologized to Ron's father for all the incidents between the two families over the years and Arthur had returned the sentiment as the feud was most certainly a two-way street. They had agreed to start things fresh. Actually, Ron was surprised to learn that Lucius knew a fair bit about the muggle world because he had hotels and did business with it. Arthur's fascination with muggles had made things easier between the two patriarchs, which relieved Ron as he'd not want to have to choose between supporting Hermione and her relationship and his family's reactions to her boyfriend. "Maybe Harry just need to cool off," he reasoned.

Pansy nodded and leaned into him, "I'm sure that's all he needs," she soothed. She nuzzled his neck, "Ron?"


"I really like you too," Pansy smiled. Ron grinned. He tilted her head and kissed her. When Harry had called for him, they'd been in bed. And Ron couldn't think of a better place to be with his girlfriend at the moment.


The force of Hermione's orgasm took Draco over the edge too and soon his girlfriend had slumped on top of him, "That was bloody amazing," he smiled.

Hermione smiled against his shoulder. "Thank you for the books."

"Thank you for letting me buy them for you," his hand ran over her smooth back, "you're very stubborn, you know."

"If I wasn't you'd be dead," she said, lifting her head to gaze into his eyes.

"That night was possibly the best night of my life," Draco mused. "Everything changed that night."

"I like things as they are," she agreed, shifting to rest in the bed next to him. Draco turned to face her, "After Hogwarts what do you want to do?"

"I thought we could have a summer holiday. Go to an island in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean and be crazy teenagers," he said. "Then when we come back I'll probably start working in the family business."

"Are you looking forward to that?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah, actually," he nodded. "What are you going to do?"

"I honestly don't know," Hermione answered. "Beyond being with you, I'm not sure what I want to do after Hogwarts. Maybe take a few months to gather my thoughts and just breathe."

"Well you can do that living with me in my penthouse," Draco smiled.

"You want to live together," Hermione lit up and leaned in to kiss him, "I'd love that."

"Good," he tugged her against him, "And you don't pay rent. I don't, so you don't."

"I guess I can live with that," Hermione mused.

Draco's hand moved down her arm, "But first we have to survive Christmas with two sets of parents, one muggle and one magical."

"That I'm looking forward to," Hermione giggled.

"Me too," Draco confessed with a chuckle. Lucius Malfoy sitting down to dinner with muggle dentists would be something else to see.


Harry, meanwhile, was outraged. But as the outrage started to fade, Harry realized that Ron had made many good points. And given his anger at learning the truth, could he really be upset his friends hadn't told him sooner? Four people, relieved to be free, were enjoying that freedom for a change and Harry had reacted the worst way to his friends' happiness. From what he'd overheard, Hermione and Malfoy clearly cared for one another. And being together for two years, part of which was during a war, certainly made it obvious how serious it was for them. And didn't Ron and Hermione deserve to be happy?

Of course, all that said, that didn't mean that Harry was going to find it easy to accept. His entire world was turned upside down. People who he'd thought were his enemy, weren't. That took some getting used to. And he certainly didn't want to make things worse by insulting Malfoy on reflex. He doubted Hermione would forgive that. So he would keep his head down, cool off, and then work on his friendships. He certainly didn't want to lose his friendships just because of his own stubbornness. It might take time, but he'd not give up on his friendships.