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"I want to thank you, Aramis," the King said, rising from his throne. "For getting Her Majesty home safely. I know you sacrificed a lot."

Aramis bowed his head slightly. "I would happily do it again if I had to," he said, his voice laced with pain and exhaustion.

"Your Highness, I was thinking of letting Aramis stay at the Palace tonight, as a token of our gratitude," Anne said, not taking her eyes off of her savior.

"I think that is a wonderful idea!" Louis exclaimed, clapping his hand. Turning back to his Musketeer, he said, "You are welcome to stay here. Let this show our thanks."

"Thank you, Your Majesty," Aramis said, bowing again. Pain suddenly ripped through him, but he forced himself to hold it back. "Your kindness will never be forgotten."

In a few hours, everyone in the Palace was sound asleep.

Everyone except for Aramis.

He was tossing and turning, mumbling indistnictly, begging, moaning …

… and finally, he screamed.

He heard someone burst through the doors, a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Aramis," a familiar voice said. "Aramis, it is just a nightmare."

"You're Majesty, what is going on?" another familiar voice said; Aramis thought that it was the King who spoke.

"He is having a nightmare, Sire," a woman's voice replied. "He needs to wake up. Now … Aramis, come now, wake up. Everything is alright; you are safe."

Anne gasped when Aramis screamed again, his voice breaking.

"Please … no … don't!" he yelled. "Don't touch her!"

"Aramis!" Anne cried.

Finally, Aramis gasped awake. He whimpered, pushing himself as far away from the Queen as possible. He ended up falling off the bed, groaning from the impact and curling into himself.

Anne sighed. Looking at the King, she said, "Your Majesty, it will be okay. I just want to calm him down. You may leave."

Once Louis left, Anne rushed to Aramis' shaking body and gathered him in her arms. "It's alright," she whispered in his ear. "Everything is okay. This is Anne … I have you."

In a few minutes, Aramis finally managed to calm himself. He collapsed against Her Majesty, trying to take deep breaths. "A-Anne?" he asked, his voice shaking, his breathing labored.

"I'm right here," she replied, beginning to stroke his unruly hair. "It's alright."

"He's haunting me," Aramis said. "He will not leave me alone."

"He is gone. He cannot touch you. He will not touch you. You are safe."

Aramis lost it. He burst into tears, burying his head in her dress. His shoulders shook violently, and his body trembled. "He will not … leave me alone," he repeated. "Oh God, Anne…"

"Shhhh, stay calm," the Queen said, kissing the top of his head. "Just breathe … just breathe."

The man slumped against her, sighing, the tears streaming down his face.


Anne managed to get Aramis back on his bed and stayed with him all night.
She tried hard to keep him calm, but every once in a while, his nightmares came back, each one worse than the other. Soon enough, he couldn't take it anymore.

So Anne took him out to the garden, where she walked with him until he couldn't walk any further. She then brought him bakc to the Palace, and put him back to sleep.

When he woke up the next time, Anne was still with him.

And that continued for days.

Pretty soon, his wounds completely healed. But his mind … not as much.

He still suffered from the nightmares, and he still suffered from the God awful memories that plagued him every day.

But Anne and his friends were with him. He knew that they would never leave him. And he was grateful for it. No matter what, he knew that they would always be by his side, ready to help.

And Aramis would always be thankful.